Posted by: agidius | May 17, 2010

MYM 2.0: The moveset list

~~ The Moveset List ~~

Serious thanks to Agi, for kicking this list off. Now we can all stew ourselves in the grimey muck of prehistoric MYM


  1. Weird Al Yankovic by El Duderino
  2. Tauren by 6footninja
  3. Captain Douglas J. Falcon by Keykid19
  4. Zatch Bell and Kiyo by GreatClayMonkey
  5. Hollow Ichigo by RWB
  6. Squanto by Super Wec
  7. Quatripain by quatripain
  8. Gardevoir by Mario_and_Sonic_Guy
  9. Aqua Teen Hunger Force by El_Duderino
  10. F.L.U.D.D. by Sun-Wukong
  11. Eddie and Beat by Sun-Wukong
  12. Shaq by Super Wec
  13. YTMND Sean Connery by Sir Bedevere
  14. Battallion War Grunt by bowser king
  15. Phoenix Wright by Slickslicer
  16. Cammy White by PolarisJunkie
  17. Toph by RWB
  18. Gallade by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy
  19. Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta by Patchi
  20. Professor Layton by TMS
  21. Old School Mario by Sun-Wukong
  22. Yoshi by Norm
  23. Sakurai by BlueYoshiPinkShoes
  24. Karl Marx by Steck
  25. Skull Kid by Samurai Sushi
  26. Super Eraser by bivunit94
  27. Kefka by Sabrewulf238
  28. Ginny Weasley by cena_wolf
  29. Sora by BlueYoshiPinkShoes
  30. Pong Paddle by Velda
  31. Waluigi by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy
  32. Quatripaintha Brawler by quatripain
  33. Geno by Norm
  34. Shadow the Hedgehog by Sun-Wukong
  35. Magikarp by Odlanier
  36. Rocket by ph00tbag
  37. Chris and Ryann by Chris Lionheart
  38. Dry Bowser by dancingfrogman
  39. Jin Kazama by Dark Paladin X
  40. Cream by Dark Paladin X
  41. Daroach by Chrono Centaur
  42. Jak by Dark Paladin X
  43. Earthworm Jim by Travis Touchdown
  44. Duffman by Moon/Sun
  45. Paula Polestar by Kiki52
  46. Invader Zim by Sindel
  47. L Block by MarthTrinity
  48. Animal Crosser by firemario149
  49. Ryu by Vulcan55
  50. Cloak Draknitis by WarxePB
  51. Judy Nails by Moon/Sun
  52. Trace by Ramigigon
  53. Marcus Fenix by Rampaging Wang
  54. Naota Nandaba by neoREgen
  55. Frog by PKPower
  56. Bridget by quarzark
  57. Rosalina by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy
  58. The Black Knight by Chris Lionheart
  59. Steve Underhill by fly666monkey
  60. Blue Slime by Zook
  61. Kenny by Chris Lionheart
  62. Lemeza Kosugi by HeoandReo
  63. Altair by Chris Lionheart
  64. Ephraim by TVTMaster
  65. Bomberman by SirKibble
  66. Jade by TimeSmash
  67. Protoman by SirKibble
  68. Mag Launcher by firemario149
  69. Knuckle Joe by SirKibble
  70. Chain Chomp by gorgon.
  71. Hitmontop by gorgon.
  72. Juggernaut by dancingfrogman
  73. Ultimidget by anders157
  74. King K.Rool by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy
  75. Zero by Chris Lionheart
  76. Lemmings by Smashed11
  77. E102-Gamma by dancingfrogman
  78. Biospark by SirKibble
  79. Shy Guy by smashbot226
  80. Homer Simpson by dancingfrogman
  81. Ristar by Eternal Smasher
  82. Earthworm Jim by PKBoy89
  83. Nagato Yuki by Professional Idiot
  84. Sheena Fujibayashi by half_silver28
  85. The White Stripes by MajinNecro69
  86. Bowser Jr. by IvoYaridovich
  87. Dingodile by Commander Blitzkrieg
  88. Megaman (X) by Adapt
  89. Amna Warrior by llovell
  90. PitSnake by DeathNote
  91. The Thing by El_Duderino
  92. Ephraim by gorgon.
  93. Alucard by Shiek_pwns
  94. Zero (Megaman Zero) by Shadow5567
  95. Zero (Megaman Zero) by The_Great_Panda
  96. H.P. Lovecraft by El_Duderino
  97. Knuckles by Mario_And_Sonic_Guy
  98. Petey Piranha by Commander Blitzkrieg
  99. Lego Guy by cheap_josh
  100. Johnny Turbo by HeoandReo
  101. Primid by Commander Blitzkrieg
  102. Darth Vader by PKBoy89
  103. Stephen Colbert by IvoryFlame
  104. Isaac by The_Great_Panda
  105. Espeon by Sparkz
  106. Hitmonchan by PKSkyler
  107. Hitmonlee by PKSkyler
  108. Gengar by Dream Land Works
  109. Paper Mario by Vulcan55
  110. Shadow the Hedgehog by gorgon.
  111. Darth Vader by darth meanie
  112. Garchomp by -Slash-
  113. Crash Bandicoot by The Jalepeno
  114. Trogdor by Sonic the Baron
  115. Banjo-Kazooie by Eternal Smasher
  116. Seamus by Leprechaun_Drunk
  117. Metal Gear Awesome Snake by Sun-Wukong
  118. Mary Sue by HeoandReo
  119. Fred Fredburger by Commander Blitzkrieg
  120. Aiden by Chris Lionheart
  121. Spongebob by gorgon.
  122. Lyon by Chris Lionheart
  123. Ray 01 by SirKibble
  124. Felix by KiraNumber7
  125. Tom Nook by Demon_Parasite
  126. Baby Mario Bros. by SirKibble
  127. Megaman.EXE by SirKibble
  128. Hariyama by kitsuneko345
  129. Rorschach by IvoryFlame
  130. Ren and Stimpy by Commander Blitzkrieg
  131. Ryu/Akuma/Ken by peachfvl
  132. Travis Touchdown by MarthTrinity
  133. Maria by Kiki52
  134. Simon Belmont by fly666monkey
  135. Sephiroth by fly666monkey
  136. Hakafu Sonsaku by fly666monkey
  137. Pinstripe by Commander Blitzkrieg
  138. Scorpion by fly666monkey
  139. Grim Reaper by fly666monkey
  140. Princess Daisy by Falchion-
  141. Darkrai by smashbot226
  142. Tails Doll by dancingfrogman
  143. Empoleon by Commander Blitzkrieg
  144. Underhill and Marissa by fly666monkey
  145. Ray 01 by Umpadumpalump
  146. Heathcliff Flowen by tedward2000
  147. G-red by Umpadumpalump
  148. Karnov by HeoandReo
  149. Yungmie by HeoandReo
  150. Master Chief by quatripain
  151. Versus Prince by Black Waltz
  152. Ameratasu by ike is solid
  153. Miles “Tails” Prower by dancingfrogman
  154. Jaffar by Chris Lionheart
  155. Rayman by Starwarrior27
  156. Snoopy and Woodstocks by HeoandReo
  157. Emerl by CbGreiga
  158. Jimi Hendrix by Sonic The Baron
  159. Andy French by Sun-Wukong
  160. Deoxys by Ilex
  161. King Boo by dancingfrogman
  162. Salahuddin Ayyub by Kiki52
  163. Sir Kibble by SirKibble
  164. Cap’n Blubber by El_Duderino
  165. Ivan by SirKibble
  166. Dry Bones by HYPER-MAN
  167. Erutashi Orrandey by Iron Thorn
  168. ‘Real Life SSB’ Sonic & Tails by Sun-Wukong
  169. Erk by SirKibble
  170. Link Cable by Zook
  171. Riku by The_Great_Panda
  172. Nightmare by xX Boezy Xx
  173. Rundas by MetaRidleyX
  174. Paper Mario by Stroupes
  175. Lickylicky by Commander Blitzkrieg
  176. Carl Johnson by Kiki52
  177. Norm Abram by Commander Blitzkrieg
  178. Mr. Bill by peeup
  179. Dr. Octagonapus by BronzeBlade7
  180. Kumatora by RWB
  181. The Fonz by BronzeBlade7
  182. Dr. N. Brio by Commander Blitzkrieg
  183. Mr. Monopoly by Commander Blitzkrieg
  184. Sakura Kinomoto by Evilgidgit
  185. Dimentio by Kitsuneko345
  186. Levin by The_Great_Panda
  187. Magcargo/’Joke Pokemon Trainer’ by Illusive
  188. Samurai Goroh by Illusive
  189. Anubis by CbGreiga
  190. Dr. Doom by IvoryFlame
  191. Ripper Roo by Commander Blitzkrieg
  192. Syaoran Li by Evilgidgit
  193. Adeleine by SirKibble
  194. Erutashi Orrandey by Iron Thorn
  195. Bioshock Jack by smashbot226
  196. Wall-E by Sonic The Baron
  197. Samurai Jack by Sentey
  198. Cu Chaspel by Zook
  199. Deoxys by Adapt
  200. Lucy by MarthTrinity
  201. Soren by Joshuasdaman
  202. Black/White Mage by Arigon
  203. Tails by AbsoluteZero255
  204. Deoxys by Harkness
  205. Ridley by Commander Blitzkrieg
  206. Aka-Chan by Raging-Banebou
  207. Metal Sonic by dancingfrogman
  208. Haruko by MarthTrinity
  209. Ephraim by Fayt_0774_4133_6454
  210. Yoshimitsu by Commander Blitzkrieg
  211. Kat & Ana by Smasherk808
  212. Dark Samus by Sentey
  213. Typhlosion by Iron Thorn
  214. Chibi-Robo by MPH_G&W
  215. Jeff Andonuts by PKSkyler
  216. Stafy by Smasherk808
  217. Tingle by Smasherk808
  218. Soma Cruz by Daesik
  219. Paper Mario by Darkwashu
  220. Alphonse Elric by chubb-o-wub
  221. Tira by Commander Blitzkrieg
  222. Marina Liteyears by Raging-Banebou
  223. Dixie Kong by mantlecore77
  224. Poo by PKSkyler
  225. Sigma by mantlecore77
  226. King Suren by HeoandReo
  227. Birdo by mantlecore77
  228. Skarmory by kitsuneko345
  229. Metapod by TWILTHERO
  230. Kat & Ana by ginobeeto
  231. Zant by mantlecore77
  232. Magmar by the_Capt_Falcon_Master
  233. Chuck Norris by mantlecore77
  234. Vaati by Smasherk808
  235. Mallow by mantlecore77
  236. Chibi-Robo by the_Capt_Falcon_Master
  237. Lloyd Irving by half_silver28
  238. Colette Brunel by half_silver28
  239. Johnny Sasaki by hippochinfat!
  240. God by Sudsy86_
  241. Aang by Vrael
  242. Dr. Cox by the melon!!!!!
  243. Maestro Max by Darkurai
  244. Dr. Wily by mantlecore77
  245. Teen Ness by PKSkyler
  246. (American McGee’s) Alice by Evilgidgit
  247. Digital Ph33r Master Chief by bivunit94
  248. Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel by dancingfrogman
  249. Celes Chere by TimeSmash
  250. Donkey Kong by Veggi
  251. Sothe & Micaiah by Chris Lionheart
  252. Jack by Iron Thorn
  253. Roger Smith by MarthTrinity
  254. Vector the Crocodile by Smasherk808
  255. Toon Zelda by SirKibble
  256. Yusuke Urameshi by PKSkyler
  257. Espio the Chameleon by Smasherk808
  258. Fawful by IvoryFlame
  259. Yoshimitsu by sethpenguin
  260. Indiana Jones by sethpenguin
  261. Toad by veggi
  262. Tetra by SirKibble
  263. Duke Nukem by sethpenguin
  264. Colonel.EXE by MarthTrinity
  265. Hitmonchan by ginobeeto
  266. Stefan by smashbot226
  267. smashbro by smashbro29
  268. Serge by smasherk808
  269. Mask Link by Stroupes
  270. Leon Kennedy by ginobeeto
  271. Turnip by Smasherk808
  272. Dante by MarthTrinity
  273. Meme Man by smashbot226
  274. Agrias the Holy Knight by Newuser12345215
  275. The Joker by BronzeBlade7
  276. Barack Obama by cheap_josh
  277. Warioland Wario by dancingfrogman
  278. Weegee by Commander Blitzkrieg
  279. Tabuu by MarthTrinity
  280. Jeff Dunham by the melon!!!!!
  281. Nanoha Takamachi by Newuser12345215
  282. WALL-E by DEKUBOY
  283. Lego Darth Vader by IvoryFlame
  284. Sweeney Todd by Commander Blitzkrieg
  285. Vector by Shadow5567
  286. Stanley Yelnats by half_silver28
  287. Leon Palowski by smashbot226
  288. Billy Goat Caller by BronzeBlade7
  289. Bug by Zook
  290. Zack by BronzeBlade7
  291. Lip by Spadefox
  292. Dimentio by kitsuneko345
  293. Cervantes by smashbot226
  294. Fed & Shade by GreatClayMonkey
  295. Isaac by Harkness
  296. Gordon Freeman by Demp
  297. Gonzo by Evilgidgit
  298. Vent by The_Great_Panda
  299. Chibodee Crocket by Shadow5567
  300. Subaru Nakajim by Newuser12345215
  301. Hinata Hyuga by Evilgidgit
  302. The Penguin by Evilgidgit
  303. Katsumi Liqueur by Harkness
  304. Courage the Cowardly Dog by Mr.Victory07


  1. Good memories…good memories…

  2. Ah! I’m glad the Stadium saved this. Thanks for finishing it up, Kupa.

  3. ¬_¬ ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuu

    I meant to change that name to mine.

    Don’t credit Bkupa. He hasn’t touched this page. It just defaults to his name when an authorless page is published

  4. Zero (Megaman Zero) by Shadow5567
    Zero (Megaman Zero) by The_Great_Panda


  5. meanie had a MYM 2 set! My MYMer review is inaccurate! D=

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