Posted by: masterwarlord | May 20, 2010

MW Top 10s — MYM 5 sets

10 – Dark Gaia by Hyper_Ridley

Dark Gaia is among the first truly flowing defensive characters that doesn’t just run to keep setting up traps/hide behind said traps. While Dark Gaia doesn’t do anything particularly flashy, he’s a much more flowing set that’s aware of what he’s set out to do and never forgets it. So what –does- he do? Ultimately, he’s a camper. . .Far ahead of his time considering the trinity of campers from MYM 6 are a good ways off into the future. The main reason this set didn’t get that much positive publicity was simply due to it being hard to picture, which was no fault of HR’s – he shrunk down a gigantic screen filling character to be Bowser sized. Ridley is too small.

9 – Bubble Man by Agidius

Bubble Man. . .Is a set I just read today looking for potential sets I missed, and it’s something I rather wish I hadn’t passed up. While the flow is somewhat lacking, how a good portion of the moveset is dedicated entirely to giving Bubble Man movement options is quite impressive, and it’s not even a central strength like in your standard movement based set – it’s a weakness Bubble Man has to overcome. Used well, though, it can potentially be a boon to your game as you slide forward with a smash attack as the foe has to dodge either you or your projectiles. Of course, I don’t like it as much as Rooligan, what with the extremely condensed writing style that feels like it’s just so eager to get the moveset over with and that there’s not as much inter-connectivity as I’d like/expect from an Agi moveset outside the movement.

8 – The Kid by Agidius

Rool rather made a good point in his draft that I read which hasn’t been posted yet in that the Kid is a unique trap character to this day – he’s actually vulnerable to all of his own traps and thus can’t just mindlessly drench the stage in traps. You have to do daring stuff like guide L blocks into the enemy, as well as let yourself be hit by some traps such as the tree grab. Still definitely a set worth reading by today’s standards, and it was the set that got me to notice Agi back in the day, so yeah. The set essentially hasn’t budged much.

7 – Gwen by Chris Lionheart

Gwen is, as Junahu put it, the definitive mind fuck character. All of her attacks are counter based and they all have massive mind-game potential with all of those identical animations, and she has tools to punish the foe for doing just about anything – not that the foe will know their limitation (Barring that broken dtilt). Quite possibly one of the most underrated movesets on this list when MYM 5 was actually out and about, only barely scraping it’s way onto the top 50 via a pick. Lionheart was really gypped in this MYM, his best showing, with Mustang siphoning a good chunk of his votes away from his better sets and him getting locked out of the top 10 for the likes of sets cashing in on the success of others.

6 – Jumpluff by KingK.Rool

I’ve already gone over Jumpluff twice, but seeing we’re judging it against other MYM 5 sets. . .Firstly, it’s not that blatant of a trap character, barely one at all, really. Secondly, the focus of what Jumpluff is primairily going for, getting as high up into the air as possible, is significantly more unique, hitting foes on the ground with attacks from above. This hasn’t really been touched on that much until more recently, and it’s never really been as blatant of a focus as it’s been in Jumpluff. It’s a lot more unique of a playstyle concept then most of those few MYM 5 sets that truly have playstyle can boast.

5 – Acid Seaforce by Hyper_Ridley

Seaforce was a follow up to Dark Gaia and perfected his camping, but Seaforce has more to it with his poison damage, wanting to play defensively so that the poison damage has time to rack up. He’s capable of more then camping though with some good defensive moves at close range, most blatantly the fsmash. Once Seaforce  hits the foe with a couple projectiles to start up the poison, he doesn’t need to keep camping if he wants to fight at close range, nor does he have to approach. The foe has no choice but to come up at Seaforce to try to do something while their damage climbs up higher and higher, and HR shows this with a beautifully written playstyle section. Yes, HR made the majority of the moves and the entire playstyle write-up – the moves that Spadefox was known to create are generally the worse ones, so if anything he dragged this thing down. If he had any more influence on it you’d probably have a paragraph long playstyle summary or none at all.

4 – Father Time by KingK.Rool

. . .What?!? Indeed, this is the shocker of the list. I only looked back at this set recently and forgot it’s existence because. . .Well. . .Everybody else forgot this set existed too, hence why it’s not on the Rooligan top 11 like it ought to be. It’s very un-Rool-like with how unsmash it gets, which only makes me enjoy it all the more for showing Rool’s potential when he stops trying to design his sets to be feasible for a terrible game. The set was mainly disliked at the time for being “complicated”, though it’s far from difficult to understand today with how much we’ve progressed. The only real aging flaws this set has are all of the inputs that come off as sort of fillerish in that they only exist to interact and are entirely unsuable outside of said interactions, though most of it would be rectified anyway if the Timeline was just made into a mechanic.

So what’s good about him? He really has too many interactions to even begin to describe them all here, even by today’s standards. Absolutely top notch stuff here. Father Time’s two traps in the Sands of Time/dtilt are the main things Father Time manipulates with all of his time twisting crap and steal the show. They’re essentially time bombs waiting to go off, and you can pause their timers, fast forward them, or rewind them to renew them after they’ve exploded in a variety of ways, and that’s just scratching the surface of one of Father Time’s many concepts.

3 – Lemmy by Hyper_Ridley

Lemmy is hailed as the definitive trap character. While there were sets before him that did it, none were truly as successful in it or realized the potential of what they were doing save Jafar, and he never really managed to make things catch on (He placed below 20th. . .) nor did he emphasize the whole trap thing – he simply manipulated what he had very well. Lemmy on the other hand is chock full of traps, there being few moves he has that can’t alter the stage in some way. . .But this isn’t some mindless trap placing affair like many of the cheap knock offs of this set that followed. Lemmy has lots of interactions, but he doesn’t over-complicate things enough to alienate the pea-brained minds of MYM 5, which is what allowed him to catch on as much as he did. Lemmy popularized stage alteration/traps in general, and more importantly move interactions in general, which had been previously used just for creativity. Lemmy caused a revolution in MYMing with what followed him. He is the biggest face of the evolution that took place in MYM 5 – the source of the massive improvement from MYM 4 to 6 that made others feel like they had to step up their games. After Dracula, I’d say this is the most influential set in MYM history.

2 – Miracle Matter by KingK.Rool

Sooooooooo. . .Damn. It’s pretty hard to top that last set, much less have –two- sets top him. What do these sets have to offer? While Lemmy is indeed the most revolutionary and what ultimately caused the most people to change, I still feel there are sets better by today’s standards in MYM 5.

Among them is Miracle Matter, who’s basic concept of being forced to swap through several different movesets is a brilliantly unique one and one that gives him a unique playstyle as a whole nearly in and of itself – all of his forms specialize in something, but they can’t really do that much else outside their specialty what with their limited movesets. Still, what they do they indeed can do very well, so Miracle Matter is a character capable of doing everything. . .But he only has a limited window of time to do each of these things and is constantly on the rush. While this isn’t emphasized in the moveset, this makes Miracle Matter more of an offensive character in a way in that he has a timer ticking down before things become much harder for him. . .Sound familiar? Doppelori says hi.

1 – Arthas by Chris Lionheart

Did I say Jafar was the only successful trap character before Lemmy? I lied. Arthas was posted shockingly early in MYM 5 for his quality and thus can definitely claim some of the credit for the rise of traps – nevermind his quality.
However; again, Arthas isn’t really that much of a trap character. All of the stuff he builds is made in the background, being made by Acolytes on the main plane. Your job is to defend and heal the Acolytes long enough for them to make enough buildings, and then simply play defensively in general until those buildings make units to fight for you and/or speed up the process with more Acolytes. While Arthas has all the traps he could ever want, the mechanic largely handles itself, leaving Arthas to actually have an entire moveset to himself. . .But this moveset very much ties into the mechanic with how much interacting Arthas does with his units, healing them, using them to fuel his recovery, and animating reanimating their corpses after they die to have them come up and grab the enemy. This moveset even managed to garner praise from Spadefox with him immediately saying it would place highly and that it was worthy of SVs, what have you. While Spade’s opinion is less relevant then Plorf’s, he was one to lash out and tear apart anyone who said anything about sets in such a way, much less so early. . .This improvement in Lionheart’s movesetting was just too much to not acknowledge, the biggest and most blatant improvement from one set to another MYM has ever known and probably will never be surpassed. The fact this was robbed from the top 10 position it so blatantly deserves is one of the worst crimes ever in the abomination that is the MYM voting process.

Grand Champion – Wobbuffet by Junahu




  1. Pretty good list. I’m surprised to see Father Time on there, though, since you were one of its main detractors. Personally, I never felt like he had much of a playstyle beyond “abuse his gimmick ololololol!” and some trapish stuff.

    heheh, Lemmy being considered one of the most influenctial sets ever makes me warm and fuzzy inside. If I ever update my personal set rankings I was considering putting him over Mewthree for the #1 spot, but this settles it.

  2. Father Time was always a very Warlordian set, really. I still think I overdid it, of course, but there’s plenty to respect there.

    Most of this list is spot on – Lemmy (definitely one of HR’s best), Bubble Man, the wonderful Gwen, The Kid, and ARTHAS, of course. I agree with you on almost all of them. (SHOCK)

  3. I’m a little surprised to see Kid up there, especially above Bubble Man. He really hasn’t aged well with me… but hey, it’s your opinion, after all. (chew)

  4. Great to see Arthas at the top there, was a crime that he didn’t get top ten. Bowser Jr. obviously was just the better moveset. ._.

  5. Jesus Christ, I didn’t know that you guys hate me STILL and have to make biting remarks towards me.

  6. In our defense, this IS Warlord this is coming from here. I (and others) don’t agree with many of the things he has to say.

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