Posted by: masterwarlord | May 25, 2010

MW Top 14s – Mega Man sets

So here we are. A top 10 Megaman sets list. A top 10 list of sets that I used to pass up entirely because of character bias. Among the sets that I passed up was MM9 Megaman, whom I still haven’t read and yet still advocated to be disqualified way back when because everybody liked it so much and I was worried about competition. Joy. I’m confident that it’s not something I’d like, though, as MM9 Megaman isn’t breaking Smash mechanics for anything worthwhile other then. . .OHMYGODGETTHOSEXTRASAWAYFROMMEHOLDMEWHATTHEFUCK.

14 – Metal Man by Plorf – MYM 5


While Metal Man is on the lowest position on the list, he butted out the other competitors to get on the list at all quite cleanly. While Metal Man wasn’t one of the people who planned the trap party (Most of the credit goes to Lemmy, some to Jafar), he was one of the first people to actually make it to the party and he was still a fairly flowing trap character with lots of innovative interactions at the time – interactions that had yet to be explored in particular. Of course, the set isn’t perfect, what with there being some generic moves like a special or two. . .But that’s not the problem. The problem is that Plorf’s playstyle summary is atrocious (I even said that way back then) and that he gives far too much credit to those insignificant moves and barely touches on the obvious trapping playstyle that he seems to of created by accident. . .


In all my bias against Plorf though, this moveset he accidentally created still managed to turn out to be one of the better movesets of the time and helped get trapping off the ground. . .So we could say that it was the devil in MYM 6 with the Punch Out sets and call stuff like Sloth a trap character. That worked out so very well and got us so many spectacular movesets, yes? Hardly. Traps are a massive reason as to why we are where we are today. While setting up crap for the whole match is hardly exciting, various stage alterations in general open up entire new worlds of possibility.

. . .Did I mention that I somehow managed to forgot the existence of Wheel Gator and Vile when making this list? It’s so easy to fall into the mentality that the only MM sets that exist are Robot Masters. . .So yes. Metal Man –would’ve- gotten shoved out, but I already wrote this up so I just decided to make it a top 12. If I remember anything else, fuck it, I don’t want this to become a top 13 and make this look like a negative top 10, which it sort of already looks like with the Plorf bashing. I’m writing this super late to try to get it up in time and I probably won’t make it so this is rushed. Deal. Watch this be posted on Tuesday.

I forgot Seaforce. Fuck me. Good god this is stupid.


13 – Wheel Gator by Hyper_Ridley and goldwyvern – MYM 6


Wheel Gator centers around one trap and one trap only. He has moves to slowly inch the foe towards his goal. . .Which ISN’T off the stage where he can gimp them! *Gasp* Wheel Gator is specialized at getting the foe into the trap where he tears them to shreds for the KO (Yes, it’s still a knockback KO, not a pummel one). While Wheel Gator’s concept is very simple and down to earth, it’s a surprisingly unique set in a similar vein to Macho Man or Arbok. While not nearly on the levels of those masterpieces, it’s still a solid entry all in it’s own and didn’t deserve the bashing I initially gave it (Though it was a tad overrated).

12 – Bubbleman.EXE by Darth Meanie – MYM 6


Bubbleman.EXE was the main moveset which truly put DM on the map. He had a camperish/trappish max to avoid falling into either cliché, and had a lot of interesting stuff with his bubble fountain trapping foes and putting stuff into the bubbles with ftilt and utilt – not that he know what he put into it with all of the mindgamey animations. This is a pretty unique concept in and of itself, and he even mixes in something that’s become somewhat of a fad at this point – the bubbles can bring the foe off-stage where he can gimp them. Granted, the aerials aren’t all that geared for gimping (Not a balance problem), but all those concepts are still there for a giant mix of concepts that simply work well together without plagiarizing anyone’s work. Bubbleman.EXE does something all his own. Need more reason to justify the set’s placing? Smady SV’d it! Oh wait that’s not a good thing. . .

11 – Heat Man by SirKibble and Plorf – MYM 5


I hadn’t read Heat Man until just today, and I was pretty pleasantly surprised for a MYM 5 set that was pretty much unexposed to playstyle, (Plorf being one of the people on-board didn’t help) but this actually manages to have a decent bit of it while being very subtle about it and being unaware of it’s potential. . .Essentially, all of Heat Man’s fire attacks (95% of them) leave behind brief lingering weak fiery hitboxes of sorts, and Heat Man can absorb them with his Down Special to heal himself. . .Sound familiar? Our beloved Houndoom essentially has the same concept with his Flash Fire mechanic, just more offensively minded and a bit more focused. Granted, this set faded into obscurity a good deal, it’s primary purpose being Kibble doing a joint with Plorf so he could actually finish a set (Plorf had been a chat leech up to this point), so I severely doubt UserShadow intentionally took anything from this set, and Houndoom’s still all well and good. Heat Man is just a lost gem.

10 – Tomahawk Man by Plorf – MYM 6


Tomahawk Man is essentially a trappish character, but he has more to him then trapping and much more plentiful/clever interactions, mostly coming from his Down Special which goes on for entire pages in length (Though it still fails to defeat Dimentio’s fsmash). Indeed, that’s the set’s main flaw – aside from being the pinnacle of Plorf’s overdetail that only stopped with Maha, (And began Plorf’s downfall) the Down Special lists mass interactions before we’ve been introduced to the moves they interact with. Plorf can’t seem to find the right writing style, too long winded or too hurried trying to avoid telling you as much as possible about the most important functions of the moveset.

. . .Oh right I’m not doing a Plorf bottom 13, am I? Very sorry, it’s just so difficult to talk about Plorf positively with the few good sets he has made – Heat Man was easier what with Kibble’s involvement. This moveset is much like Metal Man in that some of the stuff in here was accidental on Plorf’s part – good old Rooligan managed to find interactions Plorf hadn’t even bothered to mention despite wanting to go on about insignificant trinkets. Plorf has good ideas welled up inside him – he just doesn’t like the ideas himself. He consideres Maha superior to Tomahawk Man, remember? I’m sure there are several more good movesets locked in Plorf’s mind that he’s thrown out, considering them garbage. Did I mention that MT did a lot of work on this set to the point of it practically being a joint?

9 – Strike Man by MarthTrinity – MYM 8


Strike Man is a camper who’s projectiles can be reflected by characters without reflecting moves. Terrible, right? No, because Strike Man is more then capable of reflecting himself, and why would you want to launch more projectiles when you can just send the same one at the foe over and over and over, it getting more powerful with each reflecting to boot? The foe can not reflect the projectiles, sure, but then they’ll have to dodge the flurry of projectiles. . .And get hit by curve balls that curve into the background to hit them when they attempt to dodge it. Fun! Strike Man’s also got an impressive amount of stuff going on for 2v2, enough so for it to be a large feature instead of something tacked on.

Strike Man’s concepts are well and sound, and he has some well done inputs. . .The reason why he’s not higher is that a lot of these inputs rip off each other and/or are just stuff to graze on to buff a move up. This is most prevalent in Strike Man’s moves which are only relevant because they’re yet another way to reflect projectiles he doesn’t really need and the aerials, which are all catch like moves meant to help allies to save them from getting blasted away/help them recover.

8 – Bubble Man by Agidius – MYM 5


I just went over Bubble Man 5 days ago. . .Do I have to again? Bah. Everyone in MYM has short term memory loss what with the sets posted later getting so much bias in voting time, so I may as well go over it again. Bubble Man is unique in that it’s a set that doesn’t build up a character’s strength, but it builds up how to account for a character’s weakness – his movement. Bubble Man has all sorts of ways to make up for what is normally absolutely zero movement, all of them flowing brilliantly in how he pushes himself along the stage/stops himself with his dtilt. It’s a mobility set for a character with no mobility rather then a character who’s constantly on top of the foe, humping them with mindless combos. While that definition in itself screams underpowered, it’s mostly just number crunching, so yeah. Great move on Agi’s part here.

7 – Acid Seaforce by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 5

What more can be said about Seaforce that I haven’t said many, many times before? Well, there is the fact that he’s a camper. . .Except that, y’know, he’s got more to him then just mass projectiles and a good deal of close range options, so calling him a camper is really reductive of him, hence why I emphasized Dark Gaia as being HR’s camper more-so then Seaforce in the MYM 5 top 10. It’s really hard to classify Seaforce’s uniqueness. Seaforce was voted into the number one spot in the only truly competitive voting period MYM has ever known – the landslides of the other contests in favor of the winners were stupidly telegraphed outside MYM 5, where things were so retardedly tight you couldn’t breathe and the soul of MYM was on the line – less Raiden, the devil himself, take home the prize and leave MYM with a mark of shame forevermore. Much like Dingodile, Seaforce is a very organic placing that was voted into his stupidly high position without much prompting.

6 – Burst Man by Koppakirby – MYM 8


Burst Man takes what Bubbleman.EXE did – trapping the foe in bubbles and putting traps in bubbles – and combines them spectacularly for something all the more impressive. When there are all sorts of projectiles bouncing around the bubble that the foe is in, the fact that you can put the traps in the bubbles becomes infinitely more relevant as it makes the bubble harder to escape. . .Why do you want them to not get out of the bubble? So it can float the foe off the top blast zone to their doom of course. Burst Man has all the more cool stuff in that he can raise up the stage closer to the top blast zone to makes his goals easier to accomplish for what are truly some of my favorite concepts ever. It’s a shame that the moveset has some shoddy execution in that there are a lot of reused/filler button inputs, holding back this otherwise spectacular moveset. No, KK, I don’t hate you. I don’t even hate PLORF, just everything he stands for. Unlike Plorf, you are learning. . .

5 – Bass.EXE by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 3


Bass is the first true camper ever made. . .And he was actually conscious of the fact that he was a camper. Get out of the goddamn way Cervantes, Donna, Horseman, Dracula. Cervantes just did some very basic manipulation of a mechanic. Donna was too long for any of us to read so we assumed it was good. Horseman had creativity and another mechanic. Dracula was simply the first Mendez said MW read and he said it should win, so it did. Bass had PLAYSTYLE, and was pretty much the only set in the contest to be particularly conscious of it. Camping didn’t really show up again until HR’s own Dark Gaia and the campers in MYM 6, and even then, Bass still has creativity on par with a MYM 4 set. Very overlooked MYM 3 set, this one.

. . .And no, Bass isn’t the best set in MYM 3, but he’s damn close. That spot’s reserved for Gecko Moria. Monkey D. AWESOME, read that set, now. You will cream yourself.

4 – Vile by Hyper_Ridley and Plorf – MYM 6


Projectile combo character. . .Good god projectile combo character. That’s so retardedly brilliant I don’t even need to tell you how awesome it is. Of course, it’s not just a ranged Melee character, no, Vile is much more clever with how he does his combos. They’re not histun based, he just fires projectiles in such a way that you can’t dodge them all, much like all of those bullet hell games. Why hasn’t this been more explored, really? Vile’s the only one who’s so much as touched on the concept. Forget Wheel Gator who’s good in his own right, and fucking forget that abomination SPADEFOX, this is the HR masterwork of MYM 5. I blame the occasional awkward move on Plorf, much as I blame any flaws I find in Seaforce on Spadefox.

No, I did NOT forget Bass and Treble like I did many, many sets at first. They were among the first I considered, but looking back at them they have a supreme lack of flow and emphasize versatility. . .No wonder Rooligan likes it so much. I apologize for bashing one of your most popular sets, HR, but me finally realizing how awesome Vile and Bass are makes up for it right? =”(

3 – Hornet Man by Agidius – MYM 6


Hornet Man is a similar case to Wheel Gator in that he centers around one trappish like object – his hornets. Rather then luring the foe into them, though, or simply making them in mass like a by the book trap character, Hornet Man has lots of moves to manipulate what he has well, having lots of moves to order around the hornets. The levels of micromanagement required provide for a very deep and thought provoking character, particularly when you add in the part for potential wars between hives. They can even potentially be used to your advantage if you can keep their populations up as a way to constantly keep the hornets on the attack and moving out of their comfort range without you babysitting them, unlike the supremely unconstructive ones found in Badman that doom him to garbage tier.

2 – Sheep Man by Agidius – MYM 7


Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back. It’s Tuesday morning now. If I’d remembered those sets in the first place this list probably would’ve been up yesterday. Bah. Baaaaaaaaaaaah. I’m so clever.

Sheep Man is the definitive example of making sets for Robot Masters and how little potential they have/how generic their characters are – Agidius made him before Megaman 9 was freaking out, and just knowing his basic elements of electricity/clouds it turned out in-character. . .And disturbingly good. The only other set that comes to mind made for a unreleased character is Rail by Spade, and we all know how well that turned out, yes?

Sheep Man is a trap character with an ammo bank mechanic, but he isn’t overly reliant on the ammo bank to the point of moves becoming “creative” because they utilize it in some form like Air Man. Indeed, if Sheep Man sets up his clouds correctly, they can zap each other to fuel each other then zap Sheep Man himself so he doesn’t have to perform any obligatory ammo collection moves. While Sheep Man doesn’t have that many moves that use the ammo from the bank, the ones that do are very sweet indeed, and because he doesn’t milk it the ones that do are all the better, in particular the glorious Down Special. Sheep Man is all the fun of a trap/ammo bank character without any tedious set-up or maintenance and an absolutely delicious meshing of the concepts.

1 – Videoman.EXE by Darth_Meanie – MYM 7


With this being Megaman sets and not Robot Masters, Videoman winning Warlord’s list was pretty inevitable. Why does MW like it? It’s pretty much a definitive Warlord fanservice set, being extremely unique very flowing/interlocked moveset, and completely uncaring about its’ unsmash status.

So what’s Videoman do? He only records the moves of the enemy, then edits down the video, removing all of the laggy frames from the enemy’s moves. He can then proceed to add more and more moves to potentially make them back to back for combos. . .Hitstun combos. Yes, Videoman somehow manages to make hitstun comboing interesting and makes Sandman cry in his grave. His moveset itself gives all manner of ways to manipulate the video and even stock footage of his own he can add in if he can’t bait the foe into getting their best moves on camera (Which he has plenty of tools for doing, not the least of which is the spotlight), and yes, he’s capable of keeping the foe at bay so that he has time to do all this. Also unlike many of the overdetailed sets on the list.

Apologies in advance to Plorf for being a dick.



  1. Lulz, I have as much sets on the list as Plorf himself. And 3 of my sets on the list are joints (smirk2).

    Epic list for the most part. I’m still not particularly sold on Videoman, but I made it clear how I felt about him when he was posted so I won’t harp on him.

    Bass&Treble weren’t versatality, they were stage control. Treble de-synching, remember? (smirk) But I forgive you for finally giving Bass.EXE and Vile their dues. Speaking of Bass.EXE, did you know he was actually better at on-stage edgeguarding than off-stage, like Mogenar? (h)

  2. Did you ever wind up reading Galaxy Man? I’m still absurdly proud of that set. My best playstyle of MYM 4, if you ask me; if you think Jafar was as far as I took traps back then, you need to give this guy a look.

    Top ten fourteen is solid, although, for the first half, it feels more like an “every good MM set” list.

  3. I’m quite pleased with this Top 1X list. And not just for my placings, either. It was nice to see all those forgotten sets being brought back… MYM 3.0? I hardly knew that Bass.EXE existed!

    …that said, it’s rather revealing that I’ve read almost every one of these sets despite not reading sets in general. Series bias, indeed. Still haven’t gotten around to reading VideoMan.EXE, but I’ll be making it a priority now.

    (Oh, and as a minor note, Sheep Man was in Mega Man 10, not 9.)

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