Posted by: masterwarlord | May 27, 2010

MW Top 12s — MYM 6 Sets

12 – Adeleine by SirKibble

It’s hard to judge whether Adeleine should be classified as a MYM 5 or 6 set, but considering it could potentially boot off Dark Gaia on the MYM 5 list and it’s officially a part of MYM 6 it’s included here. The fact that it’s lost in the void between MYM 5 and 6 should be duly noted, though, as Adeleine is still very much part of the series of trap characters from MYM 5. . .Though unlike the average trap/minion character, Adeleine has actual attacks available, what with her specials transforming her between four different versions of her moveset. While the playstyle might not seem particularly heavy, this was a rushed set lacking a playstyle summary, so Kibble didn’t have time to communicate a decent bit of the playstyle within. This set contains all the positive creativity that MYM 4 presented without the tacky effects pretending to be creative, while still managing to flow into a decent trappish character.

11 – King Hippo by KingK.Rool


And here begins a long transition into movesets I’ve already covered. The Punch Out Movement was a really blatant pissing on traps, the thing that brought us out of the dark ages of MYM 4 with all of the glorious “creativity” of extremely tacky move effects that are trying to be creative and just flailing about like Magikarps. Most Punch Out sets either did terribly because of going against the point or took it too far – Hippo was the perfect balance, flowing immensely with a impressively unique mechanic and very nice moves, squeezing out everything possible from the character.

10 – Arche by Junahu


Arche really isn’t really thought of as one of the main campers in MYM 6, though why this is quite the mystery, as she’s an absolutely spectacular set and has the creativity MYM 4 should’ve if they were to live up to their ridiculous reputations. I suppose it’s probably because it was a bit easy to get lost in the set with how uber creative all the attacks were. Sadly, there’s not that much inter-connectivity, though it’s partially due to Junahu hiding away all the potential and just referencing the possibilities with an extra special introduced at the end to combine all of the spells. Being very reductive, this set can be reduced to a bunch of MYM 4 ranged attacks put together and called a camper. . .But that doesn’t do the set the justice it deserves, and there is potential hidden within.

9 – Joe Calzaghe by Junahu


It’s really hard to give Joe Calzaghe any higher praise then it’s already been given, though you can never give this moveset enough praise. While at a glance it might look like it overdid the simplicity (Ironically) like Great Tiger, these moves are much more cleverly designed to work together for an offensive character then meets the eye. Junahu goes against nearly every last one of his principals in this moveset, and I enjoy every second of it – particularly when Junahu is actually entirely open to and enjoys telling us everything that makes Calzaghe great rather then hoarding the ideas to himself.

8 – Hornet Man by Agidius


Hornet Man is heavy on interaction over having strong individual concepts – he has no shortage of ways to manipulate his hornets and what-not. Of course, this isn’t some disjointed moveset with lots of things going on, oh no. All of these interactions are contributing towards the same goals, leaving Hornet Man as an inter-locked masterpiece, much like Sloth in a way. Hornet Man was one of those sets that got us to look at the big picture and not give a damn about how the moves were individually.

7 – Umbreon by KingK.Rool


Jolteon has a unique playstyle in hit and run, certainly, but the flow in his moves is so sparse it’s disturbing. Umbreon, however, could be somewhat classified as hit and run as he attacks the foe during the night then flees during the day. Indeed, Umbreon siphons what little that is good in Jolteon and Spadefox and channels it into himself, managing to make an actually competent moveset that not’s far more then just a mish-mash of concepts, but something entirely new. Nothing can truly be compared to Umbreon, and his flow is unquestionable. There’s a reason that Umbreon is essentially the most universally liked Eeveelution, what with how there’s really no flaw in here.

6 – Vile by Hyper_Ridley and Plorf


Most underrated moveset in MYM 6, hands down, even beating out Banette for the title. Vile only got 4 votes or so while Banette made it onto the top 50 of her own accord without being a pick. Plorf’s name being tacked on, the awkward readability in portions most probably due to him being on-board, and the time of the set’s posting were what did it in. All anyone gave a damn about when this was posted was Romero.

But as Junahu’s disgusting comments on Spartan and the Komodo Brothers can teach you, we’re not here for a contest based off making pretty word documents, we’re making movesets, remember? Fuck heavyweight comboing. Fuck camping. PROJECTILE COMBOING. What now? No stupid hitstun here either, just giving the foe too much to dodge. Bullet hell. It’s a concept that I’m shocked hasn’t been emulated yet, as there’s much more territory to be explored here then a one hit wonder like Macho Man’s shield breaking. Yes I am entirely aware this contradicts the list I just made with Vile above Hornet Man, but I was essentially drunk while making that list. So yes, this is my first MYM 6 SV, and Spadefox, Hades, Mewtwo, and Bubbles are nowhere in sight. Granted, Bubbles was actually considered for a low spot on the list, but didn’t make the cut.

5 – Raven by half_silver28


. . .So why was Raven thrown into the camper category over Arche again? Raven doesn’t even really have any true projectiles to camp through her wall with (Which she can attack through). If anything she more falls under a trapper status, what with her possessing actual trap moves. But no, she’s not really either. The traps are far from numerous and not all that effective on their own, the only really important factor being the wall, which she can use disjointed attacks through. Long range disjointed attacks are already a wall in themselves, but with an actual wall in addition? Damn. Nevermind Raven’s Soul Self special, which allows her to actually *gasp* APPROACH the foe while still staying perfectly safe behind the wall. A camper indeed. . .I’m more curious why we haven’t had more movesets that try to incorporate fully playable duplicates into a playstyle – outside Raven it’s mostly just random MYM 4 sets that don’t think twice about the potential it presents.

4 – Banette by Katapultar


I’m still baffled as to how this set managed to get onto the top 50 on it’s own when it seemed to be so universally disliked by the masses, then and now. Either way, this is what Hades and Von Kaiser wish they could be. ZOMG IT USES PROPS. Errr. . .Y’know, it’s a possessed voodoo doll, basically. What else do you want it to stab itself with? Magic syndrome? I’d say pins make a bit more sense. Banette is here for her incredibly unique playstyle and she still flows for the most part – while some moves are a bit redundant/outclassed. God knows how Katapultar could ever make a moveset so spectacular then go back to his old ways as if nothing happened. I have to keep telling myself DM made this set, seeing Katapultar doesn’t really seem to like it anyway and DM was the one who put it on the map – I was fully intending to ignore it before he preached the gospel of Banette’s greatness.

3 – Espeon by KingK.Rool


And here we arrive at a holy trinity of Rooligan sets. Espeon’s playstyle is so deliciously unique and there are so many mindgamey interactions all around that it’s supremely difficult for me to not love this set. I’ve already covered it twice, so. . .I’m really trying to figure out why this set isn’t universally loved more. It’s not hated by anyone, sure, but. . .Blah. The one flaw I can see in Espeon is that his Down Special makes it too easy to play him in that you don’t have to have any prediction skills and that there’s no build up to landing said move, but it’s not like the foe can’t just use their faster attacks that won’t be particularly telegraphed anyway.

2 – Romero by KingK.Rool


Because this and the above set are clearly not remotely telegraphed. Indeed, after Spadefox left, what remained of the big three absolutely dominated the contest, apologies for bias. . .Romero was a sequel to the Headless Horseman, posted on October 31st. That coupled with it being posted at the very end of the moveset storm gave it everyone’s un-divided attention, and it very much so deserved it. Looking at Adeleine and then Romero is a true example of how far we’ve progressed from MYM 5 to 6, as they’re both similar genres but Romero is so much more focused. Unlike Adeleine, he doesn’t splurge ten thousand traps in your face, but simply manipulates what he has very very well. The main brilliance of this set comes from his moves which affect zombies, but also affect the foe after Romero turns them into a zombie. I really tried to label this as just another trap character for quite some time, but it’s really grown on me. Adeleine herself is still a good moveset too – as I’ve just said – so using her as a negative comparison speaks volumes for Romero.

 Cookie to anybody who gets the image.

1 – Zant by KingK.Rool


It really would’ve been nice if I could’ve won MYM 5 with Ryuk (Probably by not posting my token trap character) so Rool could’ve won MYM 6 with Zant. MYM 4? Mendez’s, again. It’s okay for him to win 2 MYMs, he left anyway. Of course, Sloth should’ve been a bigger contender in MYM 6, and I still very much so love the Count and feel he hasn’t aged at all – remember, people, moveset making contest? GTFO Junahu.

Now that that obligatory rant is over, I’m going to go over my 8th set that I’ve already gone over – why I was bored enough to delay part of the list (Last 3 sets) for Thursday. Zant has the set-up phase of a trap character, but his moveset isn’t taken up with that disgusting trap for every other input syndrome, so he’s still very much capable of fighting. . .Not that it matters that he can fight while setting up, because he gets a truly complete moveset once he has set up. Even while he’s in the process of setting up he can play with this moveset if he can get the foe to come into the twilight, and it’s not like he has to abandon creating twilight while playing in this manner either – just use his (non-existent) dthrow to impale the foe on a spear and throw them outside your twilight to bleed all the more twilight. *Dodges shoe from HR*



  1. The picture is from KoJ’s Zombie moveset.

    Give me my goddamn cookie (H)

  2. *Gives cookie*

  3. I’m not that fond of Espeon since the opponent will be so afraid to do anything after a down-special is landed that the game just stops until the effect wears off. So it’s basically the pre-Ocon Sloth mechanic only for both sides (wary).

  4. Espeon likes it when the game stops, remember? Gives him time to plant Future Sights and Wishes and wait them out.

    Un-divided attention and no comments, that’s Romero in a nutshell. 😉

    It’s probably not good for my ego that you consider three of my sets the top three of the contest – and seeing Hades, Bubbles, and Spadefox disappear completely. I LOVE being right.

    On a less self-centered note, I’m really glad to see Raven on there (although you always liked her even more than I did anyway), and Adeleine, and Joe, of course.

  5. YAY, Banette’s on the list!

    I didn’t know that Banette was that disliked. It’s niceness like this that keeps my sprirts up. I really owe it to you, Warlord.

    These top lists are awesome.

  6. I still will never get over the whole Vile deal. I mean, I guess I’d have a different perspective if I didn’t help make the moveset, but I think the deadline made us rush work.

  7. But you know, rushing is not always bad. Look at Houndoom.

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