Posted by: masterwarlord | May 31, 2010

MW Top 10s — Most Important MYMers

Good god not including myself in this list is so very painful with my ego the size of 10 planets, which is entirely warranted with all I’ve done (See? There it goes again!). You don’t have to tell me how great I am, I am already more then well aware.

10 – SmashDaddy – MYM 3


Much like Agi, Smady didn’t particularly pick up steam until MYM 5, just posting a couple token movesets until then. In MYM 5 however he became a commenting machine, which ultimately culminated in Raiden. While Raiden is a horrendous set by today’s standards, it’s undeniably a great effort and we weren’t as smart as we are today. Raiden proved what a relatively unknown underdog was capable of doing. MYM 6 was another good one for Smady with the comment train only picking up more steam alongside another set in Von Kaiser. Everything was looking good for Smady until the train wreck that was MYM 7. . .In MYM 8 however Smady looks as if attempting to atone for his sins and seeking retribution, being the most active member in the bloody thread. Now, if only he’d get out another moveset. . .

9 – Agidius – MYM 3


Agidius was the one who got the idea of making chats for MYM, which instantly boosts his importance to huge levels. While Sundance was the one who ended up making THE chat, Agi was very instrumental in making it come about.

Barring that, Agi has been a very recurring member who’s given us a handful of quality sets each contest for a very, very long time, ever since MYM 3. . .Though the quality part mainly kicked in at MYM 5, which is when Agi truly put himself on the map. He only continues to improve in his set making as time goes on in MYM 6 and 7 with the ever upgrading technology in his factory robot master moveset production line, and shows no sign of slowing down. . .Albeit there is the occasional so-so set to accompany his primary sets, his all-star sets have always been present. The only thing that particularly bogs down Agi is his lack of commenting.

8 – Bkupa666 – MYM 2


BKupa arguably has a join date of MYM 3 (One he shares with most people on this list), considering he renounced the BiTF that was MYM 2. Kupa is much like Agidius in that he has a long, long history of lots and lots of sets, but rarely gets his own opinion out there to acknowledge the work of others. But still. . .Have you seen how many sets he has? He never bloody lets up. He had as many sets as bloody Spadefox in MYM 3. While he’s never really had any universally acclaimed set that’s aged well, he very rarely has sets that are just simply –bad-, and in MYM 3 his sets were at the standard anyway. His vote split killed him. So long as he keeps giving us more GMPs, Stanleys, and Zingers, which he shows no sign of stopping, he’s a very beneficial force for MYM.

7 – Darth Meanie – MYM 5


DM posted one moveset in MYM 2, but he hardly “joined” there, never looking back and entirely abandoning MYM until he came back at the very end of MYM 5 with Magmortar. While he spent most of MYM 6 improving to what he is now,  he left several movesets behind him in his wake which ended in Mewtwo. Things mainly heat up in MYM 7, though, where he essentially reaches the level of the top people on the list with constant commenting and massive quantities of amazing movesets, and he’s continuing into MYM 8 (Unlike some others, he has a viable excuse for some of his inactivity).  The only thing that holds him back is that he’s very new (His join date sticks out considerably on this list), and as Smady has taught us, we can’t always assume someone promising will fulfill said promise.

6 – MarthTrinity – MYM 2


While MT has only truly started commenting in MYM 6 with the recap, the recap is an upgraded form of commenting that functions as a weekly service to us all that he’s been shockingly good at keeping up with, and he’s had a handful of movesets in every MYM. . .While these movesets may not be as consistent in quality as Kupa, MT still does have exceptionally notable moments in his movesetting unlike Kupa, so it rather balances out. MT has more then just the recap to put him in his position, though, in that he’s just simply so insanely likable. Everybody is friends with MT without exception, and generally close friends too. Without said friends, god knows we wouldn’t still be in MYM.

5 – Hyper_Ridley – MYM 3

While HR was unjustifiably ignored in MYM 3, he became a massive name in MYM 4 alongside Spadefox with lots of sets that were simply phenomenal for the time, and he had a good commenting streak in both MYM 4 and 5 with occasional splotches of it in every other MYM. It became blatantly apparent he was leadership material in MYM 5 when he’d outdone half the leadership in 4, and he was the main reason we put up with Spadefox for so long due to them being a 2 in 1 package. In said MYM he went to make the second most influential set of all time (Lemmy Koopa), and he then proceeded to be a bloody OP. What more do you want? A SM? Oh wait, he has one of those, and he actually finished it, and it actually doesn’t suck donkey balls.

4 – SirKibble – MYM 2


SirKibble vanished at the end of MYM 5, but not of his own will. It’s quite the tragic tale, recently, and his captors even allow him to occasionally write letters to us from his prison. In his time here, Kibble was essentially MT+ in that he was friends with everybody, but he did far more commenting and had much more/better movesets. MYM 4 was his highlight and he’s the main thing that makes so many people remember said MYM with such fondness. Aside from that, Kibble acted as a peacekeeper, something we drastically lack today with MT not having the balls to stand up in the middle of two people fighting and actually accomplish much. Things would be very very different if Kibble was still around today, and the only reason he’s low as he is his being gone for MYM 6 and on, despite him having no control over it.

3 – Junahu – MYM 3


While Junahu may have not done much commenting or movesetting in MYM 3, he did all sorts of torturous manual labor no human should have to go through, such as manually making a proper moveset list because Blitzkrieg was too much of a lazy ass and making a bloody flash with MYM trophies. MYM 4 was Junahu’s weakest point as he generally didn’t do much of anything unorthodox like he did in MYM 3 or comment (Which he didn’t do in MYM 3 either), though he was obviously far too busy making a stupidly elaborate flash in Viola. In MYM 5 he began commenting regularly, and by MYM 6 he was essentially Kibble’s replacement as he made large quantities of quality sets.

2 – KingK.Rool – MYM 3

Rooligan has a perfect record on everything, really, and he goes back to MYM 3. He’s the main person who can reach across the chasm from Junahu to Warlord (AKA go to hell and then return back to sanity), as he fully understands both gameplay and presentation. His only real weak spot in his MYM 7 movesetting and that he’s quit MYM 8, being a prophet “predicting” doom and destruction that we already know about rather then, god forbid, helping us prevent it.

1 – Chief Mendez – MYM 3

And this is the person who beats Warlord out in terms of importance. Had Warlord not seen Dracula he would just probably be pumping out shit like the rest of the people in MYM 3 were at the time. Dracula showed Warlord the potential of where we had to go, and from there on out Warlord was just the one assish enough to yell at everybody that their movesets sucked and they were nothing compared to Mendez’s movesets that were gods among men. It’s not just Dracula, either, Dracula was just the Mendez moveset Warlord so happened to read. Mendez didn’t need somebody to set the standard – he was the one who bloody set it. Mendez is the only reason MYM is remotely anything like what it is today, as otherwise the competitive aspect would be non-existent and the quality of sets at an all time low, and what quality there would be would go ignored in favor of character bias.

Aside from this, Mendez invented the vast majority of the leadership, the Stadium, basically all the bloody staples MYM now takes for granted. While he haphazardly disappeared in MYM 4, he was far from absent in the contest and gave us what is quite possibly the best moveset ever made. Fitting to accompany the most influential set ever made, Mendez.



  1. Very good list. I like the positivity of it all – unlike what you originally planned with Plorf and Spadefox on the list. Eurgh.

    It’s pretty hard to argue about Mendez; the one cross against him is that, really, when he left, the gaping hole was never really filled and now much of what he made has fallen apart as a result. Never had any plans to actually sustain the shit when he left, he just ran off like a pussy. That Mendez. (ono)

    List seems pretty much perfect, though. My favourite of yours yet.

  2. At the risk of setting off your ego, MW, it was actually you who spurred MYM to be competitive, and this was before Dracula. I remember you argued and pleaded at length to get people to actually think about whether a moveset was good or bad.
    You and Rool were also the ones that set off the hype that made Dracula so influential in the first place.

    As much as our opinions are like night and day to eachother, I still greatly appreciate what you’ve done, and what you’re still doing for MYM.

    Also, thanks for that paragraph about me. It must have been torture to write it

  3. It was all heartwarming and nice until I read Kibble’s entry.

    “with MT not having the balls to stand up in the middle of two people fighting and actually accomplish much.”

    Mostly because when two people in MYM fight I think they’re both crazy and lol in private 😉

    Still, many thanks for the kind words. . .I’ve never really thought of myself as important to MYM. A fun guy to have around, maybe, but important? Naw. And being Kibble- is fine in my book (CHEW)

  4. “being a prophet “predicting” doom and destruction that we already know about rather then, god forbid, helping us prevent it.”

    What? Whaaaaaaat? XD

    I thought we said there was no quick fix!

    Anyway, this is a very nice and pleasant article, although I can’t believe that Mendez (:mad:) beat me out! I made detail and extras go away! I deserve a medal! 😉

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