Posted by: Junahu | June 1, 2010

Movesets of the Past [#5]

MYM8 is picking up the pace again, and still every single moveset is getting plenty of commentry. So I kind of feel remorseful at how little we commented movesets in earlier MYM’s. Maybe it was because we were still learning ourselves. Or perhaps we were just more competitive than communal in the past. Either way, the annals of MYM are a rich tapestry just bursting with hidden gems and forgotten abominations. I hope these short, weekly articles will inspire others to look back and see older sets in a new light

This week is a little special, and not just because BKupa actually posted and Smady made a moveset. This week I’m looking at one particularly landmark moveset from MYM3. We were obviously going to look at this set at one point or another, and most people are all too aware of why it is great and what it does that nothing since has achieved, so I’ll try not to bore everyone by singing its praises… too much

So without further ado, the moveset that needs no introduction. But, as quoted from the author himself;

  1. He doesn’t run
  2. He can travel from one end of Hyrule Temple to the other with one move
  3. He’s a giant douchebag
  4. He has the coolest B-air ever

 Count Dracula

Yeah, the MYM3.0 moveset that is constantly heralded as the true beginning of MYM as we know it. A perfect blend of creativity and practicality, shaken vigorously with plenty of character. Everyone around at the time took something different out of the experience of reading Mendez’s magnum opus.

As a fun aside, try comparing MasterWarlord’s Yoshimitsu to his Voldo, or KingK.Rool’s Pidgeot to his Grim Reaper. You can really see how two completely different MYMers each stepped up their respective games in different ways, after having seen the finished Dracula.

Hey guys, I’ve put a lot of work into this moveset. I’m hoping to compete with Mendez’s Dracula, I’ve gone all out on this one. On a side note, it’s my seventeenth birthday today, I completed it just in time so that I could go into the festivities. This moveset’s exceptionally good and very detailed in most moves, so I hope you enjoy it. ~ MasterWarlord

Whether through detail, creativity, writing or character, everyone tried that little bit harder after Dracula. But what really impresses me, as an outsider to early-mid MYM3, is how Dracula was initially posted with just a handful of attacks, and no real idea of where to take the moveset. Back in MYM3, if you posted an unfinished moveset, noone.. NOONE, would ever bother looking at it once you’ve finished. But thanks to Dracula’s promising start, Mendez’s established dominance over moveset making, and his unyieldingly helpful comments, people actually did go back to read the finished Dracula. And so everyone loved it, hyped it, voted it, and the rest is history.

Dracula… It’s the best moveset in the contest. Now I don’t like to brag, but I think some of my movesets are very good (Big Daddy/Little Sister, Dalek, Zombie). Your movesets, on the other hand, flat out destroy the competition. ~ KOJ

And if this article was just about the moveset itself, I’d end it here. But it isn’t, and I won’t. The story extends much beyond what Dracula is credited for. Just like the scion of darkness himself, Mendez’s legacy would arise again and again.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Alucard (MYM4)

Hey, you used MY ending quote as YOUR opening one! HOW DARE YOU!? ~ Chief Mendez

The subtextual implications of making an Alucard moveset should be obvious enough. Alucard is Dracula’s son, destined to oppose and defeat his father for eternity (or until Dracula gets trapped in a solar eclipse in the future 6_6). Tanookie crafted a good, fun moveset for this character all the way back in MYM4, and cast him as a versatile spacer, in contrast to Dracula’s role as a dedicated spacer. Tanookie took many cues from Dracula, but also established Alucard as his own character, seperate and unique.

Why’d you repost Dracula, Tanookie? Why is the down special the final smash? ~ MasterWarlord

Naturally it has a lot of the problems MYM4 sets picked up like bad habits. It drones, it has a page long introduction ripped directly from a wiki-page, and it obsessed over getting every attack into the moveset in some way (chief Mendez himself found this similar to the way Pokemon movesets are just a series of lazily adapted attacks). But as I said, those were pretty consistant problems throughout MYM4, and most people found them to be good points at the time, with Mendez being that guy with the “crazy” opinions.

And now it’s MYM8, and we still haven’t really caught up with Mendez. 9_9

“Finally… I clearly understand… everything. I am… Dracula”

Soma Cruz (MYM6)

Congrats, you got the Final Smash! For 20 seconds, Soma will become the grim reaper ~ OoC Final Smash

With Dracula being the poster child, symbol and very cause of modern MYMing, making a set for the reincarnation of Dracula carries with it a very heavy burden. You could succeed, take everything Dracula did and twist new purpose into it. You could create a shining beacon of rebirth, bursting with character and wit.

Or you could be Spadefox, seeking to give a rather backwards thinking moveset more hype than it could possibly deserve. This set was absolutely ravaged in the chat when it was initially posted, partly because it was Spadefox, but mostly because the set itself was lacking in luster and flow. And while I do enjoy most of Spadefox’s movesets, Soma strikes me as being suprisingly mediocre.

..this really shows your age as an MYM-er. Soma feels like an MYM4 set, to be completely honest ~ SkylerOcon

But that’s not the reason for me dedicating this part of the article to Warlordian levels of spite. It’s the special mechanic, in which Soma becomes the lord of darkness if he uses too much of his powers. Equating “turning into Dracula” with losing half his moveset is a terrible way to convey the surging well of unbridled power that Soma fears will consume him (Especially considering that power is what even lets him do half of his attacks in the first place). But more than being uncharacteristic and limp, there’s the subtext here; when Soma Cruz turns into Dracula, he loses half his moveset and becomes a serious liability. Anyone else read that as just a little bit arrogant?

Alucard (MYM7)

“The blood that flows through my veins is cursed. ‘Twould be best if I would disappear forever.”

And now my own set! And since this is my article, I have nothing but nice things to say about it. Hence I’ll spare readers the obvious self gratification and keep this brief (I’ll probably end up dedicating an article to it anyway)

Alucard takes massive cues from both Dracula, and Tanookie’s Alucard, while trying to put a more modern spin on the concepts.

But if none of that does it for you, take another outlook. Lay back, enjoy, and stop thinking in terms to playstyle as we largely accept it today. Imagine an MYM newcomer who gets swept away with this glorious vision of the most diverse, versatile, awesome moveset around. ~ KingK.Rool

Depending on your point of view, this is either a wonderful little nostalgia trip, or an insulting rip-off of two better movesets. And since MasterWarlord is convinced this set is firmly in the latter catagory… the correct answer must be the latter.

Actually, come to think of it, this moveset is probably better at showing the long lasting effects of Dracula than this article itself is. ho-hum.

Let’s wrap this up now, I’m starting to ramble.

It’s important to note, that Dracula was never the first to do.. anything. We’ve had in-character sets before, fun creative sets before, nice looking sets before. Hell, we even had an in-character, fun, nice looking castlevania moveset from Mendez before. What Dracula did do though, is solidify those concepts into our culture by representing every approach to movesetting with equal passion; Style, Substance, Character and Flow. It was truly a set everyone could appreciate, regardless of what they were looking for.

Rool worships it every day, MasterWalord truly dedicated himself (and therefore everyone else too) to improvement after reading it, and I made a freaking moveset in its memory. What else do you want? An Article about it? … oh, wait..

Jesus, I wasn’t even around when Dracula was posted. MY inspiration starting out was Shaman, and I STILL think Dracula is a highly influential moveset.



  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    It’s 18 months later, I’ve all but disappeared from MYM — I still look at the new sets and have some ideas, though I haven’t finished any of them except for one (and that one still needs a written playstyle) — and one of my sets is actually mentioned?!

    This is madness. How do people even still remember me?

  2. Who the hell are you?

  3. Tanookie! Good to see you, man!

    I DEFINITELY worship Dracula (Shaman would also be in my top ten of MYM 3, so that’s a good set to serve as an inspiration, too). Flawless set, and I’m absolutely dismayed at the poll results. Kawasaki, sure, but DRACULA? Respect your past, folks!

    You know, with everyone doing so much work around here, I really need to finish up my MYMer review. =/

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