Posted by: Smash Daddy | June 4, 2010

Smady's Top Five Most Significant Movesets

This Isn’t a MW Top 10

I wanted to create this list purely as a reference to where I’m coming from – it isn’t me rating these movesets against one another, or even really a perfectly accurate comparison either. Most of these don’t stand the test of time, yet still are hugely-important in any of my projects and I will usually reflect in my movesets on just how quirky one mechanic is in comparing to something from MYM4 or 5 – usually something on this list. In that stead, I thought it would be rather fun to collect together movesets from the past that have influenced me – the most significant ones that have shaped my own MYMing career and feelings. It’s shorter than the usual “top [noun],” but that’s because these are really the five best that fit to the collection – there is no repetition of MYMers, however this did not affect the list in any big way (I only had to cut back one set, Doppelori, funnily enough). So, let’s get right into it.

Number Five: Hades by BKupa666, MYM6

Notables: Grab, Damage Mechanic, Theme

When first posted, this moveset did have a rather strong impact – MW labelled it a front-runner and everyone was packing their bags to jump on the hype train, but then it de-railed as the contest progressed further. It’s a shame, as the mechanics Kupa uses are not only extremely unique for the time, fitting for Hades and exquisitely deposited into Smash with gracious execution, but the moveset flows together in a fashion that really piqued my interest in a big way. Personally, I did dismiss it in favour of other MYM6 movesets like Sloth and Hector – both which brought new ideas, but in rather obtuse fashions that I’ve grown to disregard over time.

Hades’ long-range grab, like the Joker, was always something that stuck with me and that can be seen in Weezing. As well, his damage mechanic that influenced his strength was probably a big part in my damage mechanic in Von Kaiser, which I only later on realised. Conversely, I tried to steer clear entirely of ones like Pain and Panic – two summoned sidekicks that appeared to fill in the inputs with their filthy, obligatory cameos that added nothing to the moveset. Though I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of random sidekick syndrome.

Number Four: Miracle Matter by KingK.Rool, MYM5

Notables: Changing Mechanic, Theme, Playstyle

A popular moveset in that contest and almost the winner alongside many others, Miracle Matter encapsulated the changing character archetype, which now seems like the natural progression of the insane multi-sets in MYM4. People liked how Miracle Matter forced the player to think and strategise about their next forced transformation, paying further attention to the moveset as a result. It was also one of my super votes – needless to say it’s very well-received and has aged beautifully.

What I personally took from the set was this idea of being involved with the moveset and the player on a more intricate level – with my MYM4 moveset, Yamazaki, I had failed in a big way to think about playstyle at all. It wasn’t this that let to that moveset’s failure in particular, but MM was a wake-up call that I had to make one of my main focuses to create a viable character rather than one I felt was ‘cool’ or that people would also find ‘cool’ through odd organisation or obfuscating inputs that were totally unintuitive and effortless on my part. I realised that, with a similar amount of effort and a little more thought – I could flow all of my moves into one interlinked smorgasbord.

Number Three: The Joker by MasterWarlord, MYM4

Notables: Grab, Balance, Theme

Yes, not all of these are particularly positive: in the original top ten I had, MW appeared multiple times with movesets like Cairne and Dingodile, but from all the way back in MYM4 up until around the beginning of MYM6, I still had this stigma of looking back to a moveset like Joker. This actually came second in MYM4 after  Kawasaki, with his extreme character bias and actually fairly meritless moveset, made clear by a rather ostensive grab playstyle that is practically the definition of “generic.” Nevertheless, for MYM4, it’s a really good moveset and was very popular around the time, gathering somewhat of a hype train. Of course, just look at MW’s early MYM5 work to see how much he regrets this period in his otherwise golden career.

Personally, as with about a hundred other movesets, I took quite a few things away from Joker – much more so than Dracula, though weirdly I seem to remember agreeing with Mendez a lot back then over MW. For one, that extremely laggy, instant-KO grab game was inspiration for my absolutely horrible lag estimations in Yamazaki, Raiden and sometimes even in Von Kaiser, but this was also somewhat of an early inspiration for Weezing’s neutral special as well. There is also something to be said about how Joker, along with Dracula, were some of the first movesets to actually use the character more than abuse them for bias in voting times, which was a large inspiration for my later wet beds with writing hundreds of references to MGS2 in Raiden. Really, though, this is one of those movesets probably high up on everyone’s lists, whether they realise it or not.

Number Two: Mr. Shine and Bright by SirKibble, MYM4

Notables: Recovery, Theme, Playstyle

MYM4 wasn’t all crap, though – SirKibble was around and had about ten good movesets – this being my favourite of his, perhaps ever. It’s just incredible how well he was able to adapt a very obtuse and specific mechanic into Brawl without completely breaking it, staying loyal to character while also taking advantage of that fandom to create a true-blue love letter to this tag team which performed well in MYM4. This movesets is largely why, when I came back into MYM4 after a massive break in MYM3-4, I decided to stay.

Where I gained much of my inspiration from S&B is that up special – so unique, loyal and viable. One character of the pair jumps up into the air and replaces the other as part of the background, while at the same time helping out by interacting with the character currently out. For the longest time, I tried making a similar concept, with no tagging mechanic, but was unable to create anything nearly as good and the set is now vapourware. It was this recovery, however, that came to define that area of my movesetting to be what I feel is a strong point of mine personally – with Vivi and Yamazaki, they had very weak and generic inputs that were easily-read, but later on with Von Kaiser, Raiden and Weezing, I was able to inspire some of that Kibble magic in me to create something unique, while also decent mind games or flowing.

Number One: Cutesy Beau by Junahu, MYM5

Notables: Mechanic, Theme, Playstyle

Cutesy Beau remains one of my favourite movesets to date and if I were to create a top ten of my favourites, this would be up there to say the least. What Cutesy did well was this amazingly long, detailed mechanic that was described to the letter by Junahu. Not only was it balanced for Brawl, but extremely in-character for this completely original character, symbolising her influence on the earthly bodies as the grim reaper. This mechanic is what mainly stuck with me and its ability to pull me in also eliminated one of my worst vices in MYM5 – skimming entire movesets. I can promise that I stopped that terrible habit with Cutesy, what with an incredibly entertaining part of it being a small effort to read.

Though this mechanic certainly helped me to wake up to extensive and crucial mechanics that could make movesets work entirely by themselves, Cutesy mainly helped me to balance my movesets. While I do love it, the set has serious issues with incredibly dull and boring inputs alongside that amazing mechanic, creating a front-ended reading experience that is difficult to read. It also had some odd organisational quirks, like linking to four separate posts and took itself a little too seriously. As with Viola, Junahu convinced I and everyone else that he was an eccentric genius, bordering on insane, so I have avoided creating such tapestries ever since. It’s sort of odd, but Cortex & Tiny, the ‘tl;dr’ moveset that wasn’t close to making the top ten, was a similar inspiration.

And so there you have it. Those are my top five most significant movesets in my own rather long and bumpy MYM career – few movesets after MYM6’s beginning have really affected me in such a big way as these five, but I am learning all the time. To any newcomers reading this, or people unsure of themselves, it is of note that I was a complete wreck in MYM3, MYM4 and probably MYM5 as well, so yeah, you shouldn’t worry or give up if you aren’t fulfilling your potential in a month’s worth of MYMing. Thanks for reading and expect some more articles from myself, hopefully not top lists, in the near future.



  1. Hades? I’ll never see the merit of that set, especially compared to some of Kupa’s other efforts of the time.

    MM? Awww, shucks.

    Joker? I REALLY didn’t like this set back then, and I don’t like it now. Its proud lack of flow and textbook overcreativity – it’s one of the worst offenders of the era – bother me a lot.

    Shine and Bright are among Kibble’s best, definitely. A gem of a set and one of my SVs at the time.

    And Cutesy? My opinion of the set has cooled a bit over time – it’s not engaging enough a read at times, which, funnily enough, means that Warlord should like it more than I do – but I still consider it one of the best of the contest, for sure. When it works, it’s magic.

    Good read.

  2. My opinion has not really changed on Miracle Matter. As much as I want to love what it is, the sheer annoyance of learning which inputs have any effect at any given time, is one of the main reasons why I occasonally state that a moveset shouldn’t force itself out into Smash inputs.

    yeah, Cutesy does take “needless detail” and dull inputs to extremes, it was very much my final moveset in my old superfluous writing style, so I hardly blame MW for hating to read through it so adamantly. Still, it was very much my intention to make a moveset that lived and breathed its special mechanic so much that the moveset itself could be considered an “extra”.

    I still think highly of Cutesy for the way everything in the entire set manages to be an extended metaphor on life. It’s truly my only moveset to use the moveset as an extension of the character itself, rather than simply an expression of it.
    Very much on my personal Top5 of my own movesets, even if it has my pre-Clefable writing style.

  3. My god, how many times can you use the phrase “very much” in a single post? 9_9

  4. ¬_¬ Very much, apparantly.

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