Posted by: masterwarlord | June 6, 2010

MW Top 10s — Story Modes

Story Modes have died a pretty horrible bloody death after MYM 4, with me just attempting to start up more SMs and failing beyond that point. Nobody else really wants to step up to the plate at this point beyond people who are incapable of making ones people actually want to read – and now even those have died out for the most part. Indeed, if there’s anything I can truly get nostalgic about in MYM 4, it’s these. Yes, I am glorifying myself for part of this list, but there’s hardly any alternative, and I’m far from nice to my SMs.

This list was delayed on account of Dark Bowser. Worthy cause, no?

10 – Sunday Recap Box Set by MarthTrinity – MYM 6


The validity of this being a SM is in question, but the fact remains that it still stands while MT deleted his other SM in favor of his game which he canceled. Fascinating stuff. Either way, though, while this is essentially the definition of an episodic SM with next to no continuity whatsoever, continuity occasionally sparks up, most obviously with the group of villains headed by Wily, and more importantly is actually a brief and –enjoyable- read with lots of lulz along the way. Some of my personal favorite segments involve anything Punch-Out related/Sandman.

9 – The Evil Council by Chris Lionheart – MYM 3


Ah MYM 3, back when SMs were on feasible enough scales to actually be finished. . .Indeed, that’s one of the high points of both of Lionheart’s SMs, they got finished. The bad, however, is the bias that is shown towards a handful of characters and how so few others get any form of characterization. . .Still, when Lionheart actually –does- choose to characterize his characters, he doesn’t absolutely butcher them many of the other terrible SMs at the time – what he does put on camera is decent enough.

8 – Armageddon by Chris Lionheart – MYM 4


This is essentially an upgraded form of the previous SM, sharing many of the same weaknesses. However; this one actually attempts to develop the main characters, god forbid, and actually gets a decent amount of characters on camera. This is mainly done by simply having everybody join up with the main group and never skipping away from it, which at least gets everybody playable time if nothing else despite a decent chunk of characters getting no lines. Either way, this Story Mode manages to have an ending which actually isn’t anti-climatic like many of them, and it, y’know, actually has one.

7 – The Immortal Eye by MasterWarlord – MYM 5


The Immortal Eye is the lowest of my SMs on the list, though it might be longer then my MYM 3 SM despite being “2 chapters” and is easily longer then my MYM 6 one. . .However; that ridiculous chapter 2 really kills it for me, what with it just being a copypasta of MGS2 with different characters edited in. It seems like a massive chunk of wasted effort, and I was almost entirely lost where to go after it, really, whereas I just lost interest in my other SMs. Most of the people who praised it either loved MGS2 and considered it fanservice or simply hadn’t played it and were introduced to the material through it.

6 – Scariligious Chaos by MasterWarlord – MYM 6


There was nothing wrong with what was actually done on this SM – looking solely at quality, I’d consider this one of my favorites. But it was a single bloody chapter. The concepts were brilliant in making a small roster that was meant for SSB4 and including other MYM sets as bosses, but it simply didn’t pan out. Also, the Punch Out section was made before I got into Punch Out and I now detest it as a PO fan. The main thing I –liked- was the whole plot with Giovanni/Mewtwo/Sabrina/The Master Ball and how I managed to work Ivysaur into the Trainer’s party. Still, the plans for chapter 2 weren’t looking particularly good. If I ever do another SM that’s not survivor, I’ll probably use the same format as I did in this SM. . .And this SM can barely even be classified as having a villian with how far it got along. Mewtwo is simply being foreshadowed to play a larger role in the future, and I imagine he would’ve shared the role with Ganondorf.

5 – The 13th Hour by Spadefox – MYM 4


The 13th Hour was one of the SMs that managed to get finished and had a respectable length, but the plot was impressively non existent for a SM that managed to go on for so long, with the main villain popping out of nowhere, getting a throw away cameo briefly before his reveal. The same goes for all the others villains, not being involved at all until the end, making the heroes just fight random monsters with no real continuity until the end. Spadefox also manages to lump characters together in a group and only use a handful, a common SM trap.

4 – Miserable Little Pile of Secrets by MasterWarlord – MYM 3


This SM looks pretty terrible today, but was leaps and bounds ahead of SM technology of the time. It was episodic, yes, but the bosses didn’t suck absolute monkey balls and all the characters got screen time in their own chapter. In the final chapter everybody shockingly managed to get screen time, quite rare, albeit it had the terrible syndrome of introduced lots of characters at the last second. Either way, though, this one was a standard setter and a glimmer of hope in a terrible time, and also helped Dracula’s hype train to keep on chuggin’. Choo choo!

3 – Master Hand’s Royal Flush by MasterWarlord – MYM 4


This is the SM with longest running time regardless of not being finished, clocking in at 10 chapters with 10+ levels per chapter. Everyone managed to get screen time in the chapters and all, the main problem was the huge lack of continuity – it only particularly coming together in chapter 7. From that point on there was slightly more continuity with the handful of characters who –weren’t- killed off, though it was still disturbingly lacking. This SM was attempting to use upwards of 150 characters and only included 75 or so, being among the most stupidly overly ambitious SM ever made, hands down, and the one I learned the most lessons from. Of course, the SM did still have it’s high moments what with it’s sheer length and the conversations that spawned the Halberd Crew.

2 – MYM Survivor by MasterWarlord – MYM 7


Hands down my best SM. It really is a shame that it died. . .It does border more on fan fiction then an actual SM, but either way, this SM has actual constant continuity by following the same, small, practical groups of characters constantly, and gets to actually *shudder* develop them to an extent. I am planning to reuse this SM format for my inevitable MYM 8 SM, once we get some more half decent characters for it – some of the characters that dragged down this SM are part of the reason it failed. Next time I’ll make sure to make the villain actually consistent and not suck so much that I have to replace him awkwardly. The only problem with this format is it’s hard to involve the villain, the “host”, without making the contestants constantly plot how to stop him/get out of the game. Of course, the real evil generally comes in conflicts with the contestants themselves.

1 – Playing God by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 4


This is the only –good- SM that ever got finished – it was so good that it forced HR to overcome the inevitable writer’s boredom and finish it. Screen time for everybody. Continuity. . .While this SM might seem to be somewhat episodic, beyond the first few chapters there are always recurring characters, giving the SM a good balance between constant continuity and being episodic. Furthermore, this SM had what every single other SM on this list lacked – good villains, quite shocking considering most of these SMs were made by MW of all people. Black Doom is an excellent recurring villain, particularly with his recurring allies in Robotnik and General Grevious. It gives the SM a very clear sense of who the enemy is and what the heroes are trying to do. While Black Doom is downplayed in favor of Spadefox who is introduced much later on, Spadefox manages to be an actually good villain despite this, and has actual connectivity to all of the events that have happened previously – there is actual foreshadowing in the earlier chapters pointing to him, as early as the first chapter. While Mewthree isn’t as good as Spadefox, it’s hard to beat him when he was so absolutely perfect, and Mewthree still had his own fair share of foreshadowing.



  1. ” and also helped Dracula’s hype train to keep on chuggin’. Choo choo!”

    You don’t know how much I laughed when I heard this.

    Anyways, nice to see SMs get some acknowledgment. And yay, Playing God is still #1 ❤

  2. Whoa, nice to see a SM top list. In my opinion, MT’s SM could have maybe gotten a little higher, but I respect your choices.

    MYM survivor was great, though it was a little slow in getting to the “goal”. Much existed in the way of twists however.

    I’d been wanting to make another SM over the absolutely shitty one I attempted in mym6, but I would have a few problems in doing so, such as who I would want to use, characterisation, and other such problems. There would also be a decent amount of bias, and obscure characters. To start a SM of my own was one of the reasons I joined MYM.

    Another great top 10, this one opened my eyes a little to such desired elements for a SM. I now know what episodic meansss.

    You want half-decent characters? Anything I {ever} post is either obscure or crap.

  3. ^I say go for it Kat; you seemed to enjoy thinking up stuff when Kaiser was making a story mode (whatever happened to him by the way I wonder o.o) so if you think you’d have fun writing one up, go for it =)

    Also, I should really continue the Box Set. I kinda forgot it existed >.>;

  4. You just can’t finish a Story Mode can you? That said, very good list, Playing God is a fantastic number 1. I hope when you get to your MYM8 story mode, you actually finish it.

  5. I once wrote an SM. Good thing that’s all gone now. (Y)

    This list seems fairly indisputable, although these have never really interested me too much.

  6. lol, I remember your SM Rool. You were like “I’m never gonna do one of these! Never ever ev- *posts SM* (wary)”

    I wonder what a Junahu SM would be like. Probably would be in graphic novel format.

  7. Somehow, I don’t think even Junahu would go to that much effort. =P

    I almost wrote a SM once, that ISM thing which is now on the back-burner. So difficult to not get bored writing that crap.

  8. I think SM writing gets boring so fast is because you have to spend time writing plot instead of just gameplay stuff (my favorite part of writing Playing God was easily the boss fights), and on top of that you have to worry about keeping all of the roster in-character when you may not be familiar with a lot of its participants.

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