Posted by: MarthTrinity | June 6, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 40

This is what happens when I forget to do the Recap...

Oh. Shit. Guess what day it is today guys? Yeah, it’s Sunday. Guess who forgot it was Sunday until 4:30 in the morning? Yeah. MT did. Guess who turned off his computer and was juuuuuuuuuust about to get ready to sleep literally ten minutes ago? Yeah, MT was. So yeah, I forgot that today we needed a Recap and, just my luck, it’s the busiest week we’ve had the entire contest. But whatever, it’s no big deal and it’s my duty, no, privledge to bring you all your daily dose of Sunday Recap for today.

Sooooooo…let’s get this over with with the minimal amount of suffering. First off we had Wiz and Kupa by SmashDaddy. Half joking, half serious, Wiz and Kupa combines the two MYM leaders into one powerhouse team using their combined strengths to their advantage…that or it’s just full of wacky moves like jet boots and inner tubes. Most people found the set fairly funny but felt it started to take itself too seriously halfway through, killing some of the humor.

Next up we had Kingdra by Plorf, which is, surprisingly, Plorf’s second moveset of the contest. Originally a part of the long dead 6-way joint set Lance, Plorf was pretty much the only one who did any work on his portion of the set and, with Lance scrapped, decided to post what he had as a solo set. Kingdra was, unfortunately, met with pretty bad reception. Smady ranked it two one stars, whereas TheSundanceKid actually commented it jokingly saying that “EVERYTHING IN KINGDRA = WATER GUN” due to many of the moves seeming similar.

Then some guy named thunder999 posted a moveset for Garchomp it was missing quite a few things and was lacking in detail but Wiz gave him a good constructive comment. Hopefully we’ll see more from thunder999.

We then had a page of discussion, the return of Frf , a newcomer, Fried Rice, as well as a great comment by wrkngclsshr. After all of -THAT-…we had Miles Edgeworth by TWILTHERO. Now you may remember an Edgeworth set by Spadefox a while back…but you probably don’t because it was removed due to legal issues. Anyway, Edgeworth is, more or less, a faithful recreation of the tried and true Phoenix Wright series gameplay translated to Smash. Edgeworth must gather bits of evidence with the help of his assistants in order to get a guilty verdict against his opponents in a court of law. Also I previewed the set and thought it was pretty cool. So did many others it seems; Smady ranked it a high three star rating while several others (including flyinfilipino and 32 Centigrade) claimed it to be very enjoyable as well.

Following Edgeworth came Weezing, once again by SmashDaddy. As Smady’s first serious solo entry in a while, Weezing is about spreading his poisonous gas around the stage before exploding; true to Weezing, no? Overall, Weezing was met with moderately good reception. The main complaints were mostly based around the writing style which a few people felt was a tad foggy or longwinded in bits (neither of those were meant to be gas puns by the way).

Next we have another long awaited MasterWarlord set; Dark Bowser. I hardly have to explain this set to you; you all read it and you all loved it. Smady gave it a perfect five stars, Junahu loves it, Rool loves it, HR loves it, everyone else and their uncle (but Zook) love it. YOU ALL LOVE THIS SET AND FOR DAMN GOOD REASONING; IT’S AWESOME.

Ahem. Sorry about that. Following Dark Bowser is Decoy Octopus by goldwyvern. While not exactly a full moveset, Decoy Octopus essentially acts as a stranger version of TAC. Most people found DO an enjoyable read but felt he didn’t really have all the pieces there to be a real moveset. He also got agi’s first comment of the contest.

Phew, only two more to go! Now we have Jack Spicer by flyinfilipino. Jack reminds me personally of the previously mentioned Edgeworth; both characters require the player to use different moves in order to get materials they need to fight the opponent properly. Unlike Edgeworth however, Jack is using his bits and pieces to build his trademark Jackbots to help him fight the opponent with. Alone, Jack is pretty much a wuss…but with his Jackbots, his moveset changes radically giving him new inventive ways to take on opponents. Overall reception for Jack was pretty good; Wiz claims it to be FF’s best.

And finally we have The Secret Apprentice by darth meanie from that one Star Wars game and Soulcalibur IV for no reason at all. Seekrit Apprentice also makes use of one of those rechargeable “ammo banks” the kids these days seem to love with his Force powers and whatnot. Overall reception for Seekrit Apprentice was non-existant as he’s gotten no comments as of the time I’m writing this up at…but I think he’s a pretty cool set so that’s good enough reception right?

Anyway! That’s all for this week, thank God I remembered right? It’s 5:30 so I’m gonna crash now. I wish I had some fun polls for y’all but I’m absolutely braindead at the moment, sorry! ;_;

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Actually, I’m not sure that wrk’s comment was so great. He basically said “Be more formal” when one of MYM’s problems is that it’s too formal, which we should all know.

    Granted, Plorf is extremely informal in his sets, so maybe we could stand to be a bit more formal than that, but I wouldn’t put a big stress on making sure the writing style is formal in all new sets.

  2. I did plenty of work on Dragonair that I didn’t post (crs)

    edit – Still a great recap =)

  3. And…

    still no reception.

  4. I had all of Salamence’s specials and tilts finished from Lance, and the joint verison with JOE! is nearly finished provided I ever get off my butt and finish the playstyle section (lol, joint set became a joint set).

    I voted for 4 days in for Survivor 2, as Richard will die on that day and everybody will be too depressed over such a great loss to continue.

    And wrk’s already said (in the chat at least) that his “be more formal” thing was mainly adressed to Kingdra, so we can put our pitchforks down (wary)

  5. I’m sad that with the 40th week we get nothing special – aw, well. I’m not sure what your poll means exactly, as I didn’t know MW was doing a SM.

    The only thing -moderately- good about Weezing was that the level three gas isn’t called fumblefeet. (H)

  6. ^Not my poll. T’was edited in by Warlord. The last line of the Recap even says I didn’t have time/brain power to include one at the time 😛


  7. ¬_¬ “fumblefeet” is an awesome name for a gas. I defy you to imagine a more descriptive, fun-sounding name for a gas that causes tripping (tripoxide? fallgone gas? Bah!)

  8. Fumblefeet? Why not just go with “stumblestep” while you’re at it?



  9. I also quite like bumbleleap.

  10. I like “Brawlminusganondtilt” myself.

  11. Who’s this Anonymous guy, anyway?

  12. actually, Stumblestep is pretty awesome too



  13. I’m also impartial to tumbletap.

  14. How about Level3ga-


  15. I don’t love DARK BOWSA

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