Posted by: masterwarlord | June 7, 2010

MW Top 10s — BKupa sets

As has been said many times, Kupa is pretty much the definition of a middle of the road when it comes to sets. Hades was the closest thing he ever had to a big time frontrunner in MYM 6, and that aged rather badly – though many other frontrunner sets did alongside him with only a few standing the test of time, to be fair. However; it’s exceedingly rare for Kupa to make sets that are outright –bad- having a consistent quality standard that is shown throughout his many, many movesets. Needless to say, I have high expectations of what he’ll give us in MYM 8 in hopes that he’ll finally break through, much less with how most of his better sets have been among his more recent.

10 – Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario – MYM 5


Oh, a small Koopa trap character who is one of Bowser’s children! Lemm-Eh, what? Bowser Jr.? Indeed, Bowser Jr. . .Bowser Jr. placed disturbingly high for being just another character cashing in on Lemmy’s sucesss, somehow managing to even surpass him. When combined with Shadow Mario, this moveset became a massive tl;dr and it was just the set people obligatorily voted for from Kupa due to it being considered his best of the time. And sure, it’s a decent knock off of Lemmy, but the placing of this set is just disturbing when it introduces nothing new to the genre, much less when Lemmy and Arthas are locked out of the top 10 because of him.

9 – Hades – MYM 4


If you didn’t notice, this is the MYM 4 version, not the MYM 6 version. . .And it actually introduced a fair few of the good moves that would later become staples of the MYM 6 version, including the helmet which lets him steal projectiles, a few odd inputs, and most importantly that wonderful grab which would be ripped off by many movesets to come. The playstyle of this set specifically is pretty foggy, but it’s bloody MYM 4 and this set laid down the ground work for a much better moveset. This was also one of the movesets with the sense to actually hold back from absolutely stupid extents of creativity, keeping it feasible.

8 – Voldemort – MYM 6


Voldemort’s playstyle isn’t as firmly rooted as Kupa’s other better MYM 6 works, but it’s still there and it’s actually trying to be, god forbid, somewhat unique in what it’s trying to do. Voldemort was actually the one who invented Reincarnation with his Horcrux, but it lacked the focus to be something the playstyle truly revolved around and thus was never spoken of again. Still, there are other things in here such as the grab-game which surprisingly –hasn’t- been tried again – a ranged grab that the foe can escape as you reel them in could provide an interesting spin on the typical pummel KO character, no? It was later used by the Count for one of his smashes, though this concept deserves more then that. Aside from the regular grab, the side grab is also a fairly interesting one, and the possibility of having more then one grab at all was something Kupa brought back from the distant past – Scar and Hyenas.

7 – Disco Kid – MYM 6


Disco Kid is pretty much a middle of the road Punch Out set in that it has actual legitimate flow and his concept isn’t terrible. Disco Kid manages to be a fairly versatile combo character with his teeth, and the fact he has to set-up before going on the offensive gives him more uniqueness then just being a rushdown character. His shiny teeth are the main thing that enable him to extend combos beyond his bleak options for true ones, though the fact it’s a set-up move on a timer means it’s not some casual generic move to throw into combos like King Hippo’s inflate.

6 – Hades – MYM 6


And we move on to the second Hades. This Hades brought some of the cool concepts form the MYM 4 version back while bringing in some traps and a self-damaging mechanic for a playstyle. While the moveset often didn’t know what it was talking about and irrelevant inputs abounded, there were still a decent handful of inputs that amounted to a cool playstyle. Hades was the first to make an actual playstyle out of a damage mechanic – Von Kaiser, Banette, Scarmiglione, Hariyama just improved on it. Of course, all four of those sets are terrific and generally executed it better then this one save arguably Kaiser, but Hades deserves the credit for making the concept.

5 – Zinger – MYM 7


Zinger looks like a mess as you read through it, but Kupa manages to bring it all together beautifully in the playstyle summary. A very strange approach – putting the playstyle in the playstyle? How outrageous! Spadefox 2.0 and Axel Gear took similar approaches and pulled them off successfully. Zinger’s playstyle isn’t that unique in that it involves stacking status effects then getting an aerial KO, but it flows impressively once you realize just how the puzzle pieces together – and yes, Zinger is actually focused on aerial combat. While we’ve been getting better at this recently, focusing on aerial combat was nearly unheard of in Zinger’s time, as most “focused” aerial games were essentially just about getting out of the air back then.

4 – Bleak – MYM 6


Bleak’s playstyle isn’t as unique as Zinger’s, but it leaps off the page and shoves it in your face, flowing into the epitome of the word camper. Bleak doesn’t have some random crystals falling from the sky to protect him at the start of the match, he’s just a raw camper. He’s fully aware of what he is and tells you very regularly, making Bleak a pioneer of the genre alongside Dingodile. Considering campers weren’t like trappers in MYM 5 in that there weren’t any shameless rip offs, Bleak is much more welcome then something like Bowser Jr., and he indeed helped make some of the groundwork. Bleak placing so low is a crime when he’s such a flowing set placed below an impressive amount of sets with none whatsoever.

3 – Fat Bastard – MYM 7


Fat Bastard is one of the most blatantly flowing sets ever made without being an outright flowchart, and it is indeed DELICIOUS. Fuck you Rooligan. Yes, Fat Bastard being in-character isn’t that important, but the fact that he flows so much and is so insanely in-character means it’d really be wrong for him to be something more unique, not that he really has the potential to. As far as what can be done with the character you’re given, this is among the top movesets ever made. It’s not like Fat Bastard has a generic playstyle anyway, as grabs actually –are- his game rather then just something that contains some strong moves, and he damage racks via various stunning moves.

2 – Great Mighty Poo – MYM 6


Bleak+. While the Great Mighty Poo came significantly later in MYM 6, the only other campers that had really risen up had been Raven and Arche, so it was still far from a trend, and Kupa wanted to take another crack at the concept that he had helped to set in place now that he saw what could be done with it. The result was Great Mighty Poo, who’s main thing to set him apart from the standard camper are his very interesting shit holes which enable him to pop up in another location on the battlefield. His KO move is also something unheard of in campers – it’s actually a close range one, thus on occasions the GMP will actually –want- the foe to approach and will simply be baiting them into it rather then constantly trying to repel them. Wiz is not 12 – Rool is for being grossed out by a moveset like this.

1 – Stanley – MYM 7


Stanley has Kupa’s most unique playstyle, hands down, in that he has an obscuring mist to mask his start-up lag and all of his projectiles inside of it, as well as the occasional trap he can make inside his mist. It’s essentially tapped into what Sandslash would do later, but is on a more practical level – one that doesn’t require you to remember everything less you end up killing yourself. It’s a very mind-game based playstyle that has lots of room for versatility while still having plenty of flow, which Kupa is indeed a master of.



  1. Hail Kupa! Always regarded as the leader holding the line with his quantity of movesets that never fail.

  2. “While we’ve been getting better at this recently, focusing on aerial combat was nearly unheard of in Zinger’s time”

    Zinger’s time? Dude, that was, like, two months ago! 9_9

    I rather liked Sebastian…

    I thought you hated Voldemort. -_-

    I’m holding onto my sanity here and at this point I refuse to read GMP out of principle. NO, I’m not going to read a bloody set about diarrhea. Let’s get serious here.

    Fat Bastard, flowing? You’re right, pulling out chicken legs and diapers every other attack is perfectly flowing as long as every attack “stuns while damage racking”. That’s deep, man.

    The set’s Aran Ryan, but less fun.

  3. I am aware of how recent Zinger was. We really haven’t done much with aerial based characters in the past.

    Voldemort is not the devil.

    Then I reserve my right to never read any sets about lightweight female protagonists.

    Madeleine flowing? You never cease to amuse me. Fat Bastard is among the most blatantly flowing sets ever.

  4. @Aerial Characters: MewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthreeMewthree

    Good list. I feel Bleak should be a bit higher and maybe Stanely could be a few spots down, but otherwise I agree.

  5. I wouldn’t usually read a list done for a MYMer, but Bkupa is an awesome MYMer in my eyes.

    I’d generally agree on most of this list, except for P))e))n))n))y))w))i))s))e not being there.

    Authur is also hilarious as hell (I started reading it from start to end today). But that’s for a Funniest top 10 list, not here.

  6. Ewwwww! I’m telling! >=(

  7. Pfft, if you can read Plorf’s recent masterpieces, you can read GMP.

  8. I didn’t read Plorf’s recent masterpieces. 😉

  9. “Stanley has Kupa’s most unique playstyle, hands down, in that he has an obscuring mist to mask his start-up lag and all of his projectiles inside of it, as well as the occasional trap he can make inside his mist.”

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