Posted by: MarthTrinity | June 14, 2010

Moveset Graveyard #1

Alrighty guys! This is just a random little concept I came up with and thought I’d check the reaction of it. So basically…I’m sure all of his here at one point have had a set we’re super excited about! A set that just has such awesome concepts it can’t possibly fail! So you write up some moves for it…and then think of another character; “Wow! That would make a really cool set too!” Soon, you’ve forgotten all about the exxcitement of the first moveset as ideas for the new chararcter flow into your brain. The poor moveset gets left on the shelves to rot; sometimes we go back and finish it but a lot of times, at least in my case, it becomes a dead project. A partially finished moveset left to rot forever in your documents folder. But not anymore! Taking a page from Warlord’s Gobjob moveset, I’ve decided, “What if people had a place to get these half-finished movesets out? A place where they could share their ideas regardless of how complete they are?”

Well here is your place! Every Monday, I’ll be posting a partially incomplete moveset made by myself or whoever is generous enough to send one in! This has several awesome benefits.

1. We get to see all of the cool concepts you had brewing up in your head!

2. It keeps that poor moveset and all of the great ideas in it from never seeing the light of day!

3. It could potentially help someone else; isn’t it better to help someone else with concepts than to keep them to yourself and have them never used?

4. It’ll probably be fun seeing what movesets couldn’t quite get finished!

So yeah, I’ve got a few unfinished movesets I can post, but this segment will really rely on viewer participation! If you have a dead set that’s just been sitting there for ages, please send it to me via PM for this article! I’ll be more than happy to give you full credit for your hard work; everyone will get to see what awesome ideas you had!

So…without further stalling, let’s get to the first set of this article, one I started a looooooooong, long time ago, probably in MYM5 or so. The Traveller from the very short (15 minutes!) long flash game “Tower of Heaven.”


Backstory: Traveller is the unnamed hero of the short flash game Tower of Heaven by Askiisoft. Never speaking once throughout the game, Traveller ascends the Tower of Heaven in order to meet the god of the world and cut the ties between the human world and the world of the gods. As he climbs the tower, the god confronts him several devious traps such as sawblades and spikes as well as the Book of Laws. Upon collecting the Book of Laws, Traveller is forced to obey the laws provided by the god…or face death from his vengeful wrath. Upon completion of the game, Traveller cuts the ties between the human world and the world of the gods allowing the human world to progress and advance…

Because the character is generic and has no name, I took the creative liberty of calling him Traveller as the closest thing to a name that the game gives him simply referring to him as a “traveller.”

Mechanic: The Book of Laws

The Book of Laws is the absolute “rulebook” in Tower of Heaven. In the game, the god of the tower creates rules for the player’s character to follow; if they don’t follow them, they’re instantly killed by the god’s wrath. This translates to Smash by physically giving Traveller the ability to use the Book of Laws in order to create new laws the opponent most obey. As the fight continues, the opponent will no doubt have several laws stacked upon them at once, severely limiting the way they can play…and that’s exactly how Traveller wants it! The more limited the opponent is, the easier it is for Traveller to win!

Neutral B: Left For Dead

One of the Book of Laws’ most powerful rules; “thou shalt not walk left.” In game, if Traveller walked left, he’d be struck down instantly via a bolt of lightning. In Smash, this acts very similarly. Traveller holds the Book of Laws above his head as the pages fly open. A large arrow pointing to the left forms above the book as an X crosses through it. Traveller then swings the book downward, swiping at the foe with the glowing symbol. Overall this move is about as laggy as a Falcon Punch with about the same range…oh, and it causes medium set knockback so your opponent can’t punish you immediately after its use.

Now…what happens when you actually hit a foe with this? Simple; if the opponent walks or runs to the left, a bolt of electricity will drop from the heavens with transcending priority, dealing 12% and good knockback that KO’s at about 90%. Broken right? Not quite; the opponent can’t walk or run left…but they can still jump to the left! Yes, just because a rule is in place doesn’t mean you can’t find a loophole around it! If hit with this attack, your movement to the left will have to consist entirely of jumps…unless you want to be punished. Anyway, this allows Traveller to easily predict opponents and greatly reduces the threat of say…chaingrabs?

Side B: Living Hell

Holding the Book of Laws before him, Traveller begins to shake from the sheer power of it! After about 1/4th of a second, the move can be unleashed, however, like Ike’s Quick Draw it can be held indefinitely. Anyway, once the command is released, a large, beast-like hand will reach out of the Book of Laws and attempt to snatch up an opponent before Traveller (up to one Battlefield platform away). If any opponent is grabbed, the hand will toss them away with medium set knockback…however…you guessed it, another rule has been applied to them!

This rule is even more intriguing than no walking to the left: “Thou shalt not touch living things.” Now…this one also seems broken, right? Not quite! You’re still perfectly free to attack Traveller whenever you please…the only part catch is, if you touch the center of Traveller with your character’s body (much like Jigglypuff’s Rest), a bolt of lightning will strike you down! Now, because you’re hit by lightning, it’s obviously going to hurt Traveller as well; the opponent will receive 10% and medium knockback (killing at 110%) whereas Traveller will receive 7% and medium knockback for being caught in the blast! So if you’re willing to, use yourself as essentially a human bomb; just be careful, Traveller can’t do this too often or he’ll end up taking himself out! Also, this doesn’t just work with Traveller, if the opponent affected by this rule touches -ANY- opponent in this way, they’ll get shocked just the same!

Also , keep in mind that this rule can also be affected by some of Traveller’s other moves…we’ll get to those later however…

Up B: Over the Edge


And…that’s realy as far as I got. I had more concepts though. His Up Special, which was hinted at but not started, would make it impossible for opponents to grab the edge without taking rapid, rapid damage. More of a way to gimp opponents than to save the Traveller himself. Some other moves were more trap based (this was around MYM5, remember); creating stuff such as butterflies for the opponent to touch…remember, they can’t touch living things!

Reason Behind The Dropping

Well, the real reason I dropped Traveller was that I decided to start on several other sets. That and it really didn’t help that the base material the character comes from is only a fifteen minute long flash game without much story. Still though, it was a fun little experiment based partially upon agi’s Thief Khee’bler set…Traveller just never saw the light of day in MYM which was a right shame.


So that’s it! First tombstone in the graveyard goes to Traveller; the heroic little guy from Tower of Heaven. Who will be next week? Well, that all depends on if people send me in stuff! Remember, this article is heavily based upon user participation! With the help of everyone else, we have the potential to get some really awesome ideas out here so please, send in your dead sets so then can be shown off for the world! Don’t worry about their quality; they’re dead sets for one reason or another, nobody can blame you for something you chose not to post in the real contest! Who knows, maybe someone will see your ideas, apply them to their own set and credit you (or at least get caught stealing from you!)



  1. This is a pretty cool idea. I think I’ll become a dead set specialist!

  2. Cool idea, but as I said in chat, the only sets I could reasonably post in here are so complete that if someone completed them it’d be pretty much my set posted under someone else, lol.

    And of course some of my ideas might be used in a joints or something, or perhaps I’ll actually finish them someday…

    I could post my unfinished Axel version .01 that was attempted in MYM6. (smirk2)

  3. I stopped not finishing sets somewhere around the time when I stopped announcing them, funnily enough. The only set, then, that is even close to recent enough to be worth reading, is the almost-finished Kecleon, but I kind of like his position as my “lost set”, hiding away just as Kecleon does best.

    That said, I’d be glad to see other people’s dead sets. Very logical idea for a feature that I’m surprised nobody thought of yet.

  4. I’ll TOTALLY contribute. Giving up on sets is my specialty 😀

  5. I can trump Tanookie on that.

  6. I had 40+ abandoned movesets during MYM7, but I don’t think most of them were very good anyway, and almost all have been deleted. (CHEW)

    Definitely an interesting feature, though. (Y)

  7. I reckon I have a set or 2 to offer up (one which in fact I might quit). I don’t really seem to delete mine.

    It would be better though if I were to, like, PM them to you cus then they’d be in color.

  8. Got ’em Kat! Thanks again!

    And many thanks to everyone who has submitted a set so far! I -CURRENTLY- have 20 sets already submitted, but I could always use more! Keep sending them this way if you want your dead ideas to get the respect and appreciation they deserve!

  9. SHOTZO? (smirk2)

  10. Oh God, 20 unfinished movesets. o_o

    I can probably send a few from like MYM4-5. Obviously I have a whole batch from MYM6-7, but I’m not giving up on those quite yet.

  11. dood. finish this.

    final smash: thou shalt not touch a living thing.

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