Posted by: MarthTrinity | June 28, 2010

Moveset Graveyard #3

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Moveset Graveyard; a place where all your unfinished thoughts can be put to rest once and for all. If you’ll remember last week, we had three movesets from Katapultar submitted to the graveyard and, while Kat does in fact have more for us, I’ll wait a little bit to post those, you know? Add some variety instead of the same person’s work every week. With that in mind, we have three relatively short movesets submitted to us by goldwyvern for you this week ranging from Mega Man to Pokemon to…someone I have no idea who the hell it is. So we’ll start with that guy!



What? You expected my next set to be a joint set that would be the only one of my sets any of you ungrateful jerks would vote instead of another quic kset made on a whim with an “experimental” premise? Yea, well I hav-WHATEVER TOMENA SANNER, MOFOS!

Mr. Susumu is from an amazingly win Wiiware title called Tomena Sanner where he just runs forward and JUMPS and INTERACTS WITH OBSTACLES just with the press of a single button. I dont own Tomena Sanner since Im saving Wii Points for Megaman 10, but I plan to get it eventually due to its sexywin.

Mr. Susumu doesnt actually attack his enemies directly. In fact he never means to do anything other than finish a level in his game, but he’s in Brawl and he didnt notice so poor him :'(. Anyway he makes some *****IN’ stuff on the stage that he just DESTROYS or something to own his enemy in AWESOME WAYS (H). Too bad he can only have one of each out at once. Not hardcore, man.


Susumu needs to get his exercise! He’s just a businessman (Yea he is I forgotted to mention)! If you use this move by itself, it simply causes Susumu to jump as if you inputted up. This can be used as a simpler and faster way to travel. Using this near one of Susumu’s random proptastic other moves though will cause him to interact with them in ways that will allow him to actually, Y’know, ATTACK the enemy. Those descriptions are somewhere in the moves I guess. Whatever. They’re jsut THERE and that is already win (H). Also I forgotted to mention that every time you interact your running speed increases by Bowser’s dash speed until you are just barely faster than Sonic. Getting hit with an attack that deals more than 10% though, will slow you down. So dont screw up, foolish fool.


Using THIS epic input will cause a freaking ASTRONAUT with 15 HP to appear a mere 3 stage builder blocks from Susumu’s current poistion. Using his Neutral Special within half a stage builder block of it will cause Susumu to turn around and do the moonwalk at the speed of BOWSER’S dash, which is an AWESOME speed to travel at, for 3 stage builder blocks in the direction he was facing. You cant let the enemy stop your amazing dance moves, though, can you? So out of SHEER WILL, Susumu will have Super Armor during the moonwalk. This move is dedicated to the Late Great Michael Jackson.


Pressing this ballin’ input will create a basketball hoop 2 Ganondorfs tall right next to Susumu, since he’s just that cool with all his extra win. He’s probably a businessman for the NBA or something. Whatever. I guess if you are within 2 stage builder blocks of the thingy-ma-bob and use your Neutral Special, Susumu will grab a basketball out of NOWHERE (just like in the game! =O) and jump STRAIGHT up to the backboard and DUNK that ball HARD. The ball is so strong and fast that it can deal 7% and a powerful downward spike to anyone who gets hit by it on its way down before DISSAPEARING! =O! Also I guess this is a sort of recovery.


Pressing this specific button combination will cause a rail of 4 stage builder blocks in length with 35 HP to appear in front of Susumu. This rail will somehow know when to curve up and down for hills. If Susumu decides to interact with this thing, just like with every other input he has (Rolleyes), then he will quickly hop into the air with a minimal start-up time and slide along the freakin’ thing with HIS HAND at the same speed no matter what sort of ups and downs it has. THAT is pure ******ery, friends. This move is so defiant of all physics that it defies the laws of added move effects as well. While sliding on the bar, Susumu can take knockback, but will recieve no damage from attacks. Cool I guess. Anyway it seems we’re out of Specials so its time to go to the next section…yea.


Yeaaaaaaaah…I wasn’t joking about that being a weird one. Oh well, from the videos of the game I’ve watched it seems very true to character…the game looks really off the wall and random for sure. Anyway, moving right along we have Hoppip!


We’re all just flowing in the wind… Aren’t we? ~ ~

H o P p I p ~ ~ ~

S t A t S

Weight ~ 1

Speed ~ 2

Size ~ 1

1st Jump ~ 9

2nd Jump ~ 8

Fall Speed ~ 1

Traction ~ 9.5

Woah, this kid really knows how to get high. He’s kind of slow, but hey, he’s just going with the flow, man. Going wherever the wind is. Cant take a punch though.

But hey, this kid aint no 1 trick Pony. He’s actually a 5 trick pony. He can use Splash, Cotton Spore, Tail Whip, and even Synthesis! Of course there’s a limit, even for the most ballin’ ******es. Any Splash-based attack can only be done 20 times, any Tail Whip 15 times, Any Synthesis 5 times, and Cotton Spore 20 times before all attacks based on that move cannot be used anymore by the guy. Sorta sad, seeing all his work being ripped away from him. Its the feds, I tell ya. Anyway, his suffering isnt pointless, at least not 100%. If all his moves have become unable to be used, then he can use his willpower to use the ultimate attack of the homeless, jobless, and the health care-less: Struggle! If he tries to do anything, he’ll do the crazy thing:

Any Input While out of PP: Struggle

The kid starts to move about in an animation identical to his Neutral Special Move or something. If any part of him lands on an enemy, both of them take 12% of damge and the guy that got hit takes a whollop that sends ’em flyin’ off blast zones at 95% or summat.

S p E c I a L s

N e u t r a l S p e c i a l ~ S p l a s h

Hoppip will, like, spaz out or something. I dont know, man. Little Dude’s crazy or something. He sort of flops around a little, making his leaf-things be spastic and all that, dealing roughly 2% everytime it hits you. Some crazy masochistic people might just get all 4 times over the full second Hoppip’s flippin’ out. The aint much to this spasm beyond the damage the kid gives to people. Not really the sort of guy you want to be around when he’s trippin’.

S i d e S p e c i a l ~ T a i l W h i p

This little guy loves dancin’, alright? Haha. Ha. Anyway, he sort of twirls straight forward real slow (about his dash speed) for about a quarter of Final Destination (that place is trippin’ ballz, by the way), his leaves doing somethin’ like 3 hits of 2% and make them flinch or something. He’s really sort of pitiful, but its his sort of easy-going but still damaging attitude that helps us stick it to the man! Or something. I sort of forgot what we were protesting the other day. Anyway, after using this, a small breeze will appear in the area where he spun around that doubles the kid’s movement speed and the speed of this attack.

U p S p e c i a l ~ S y n t h e s i s

Woah. What’s this guy been smoking? And why WITHOUT ME? Ive got to talk to him later. Anyway, this crazy little junkie focuses for about three quarters of a second and if nobody manages to hit him, he absorbs some sunlight and heals roughly 15%. There’s pretty small lag on this at the end, but of course though. This guy is SO good at sobering up.

D o w n S p e c i a l ~ C o t t o n S p o r e

F i n a l S m a s h ~ B o u n c e

Hoppip had more, which involved cotton spores slowing foes down and wind effects making Hoppip and his spores faster.


And finally, the last set of this week was actually a joint between GW and Kholdstare for a Mega Man 8/Mega Man & Bass Robot Master; Tengu Man!







Up Special: Flying South for the Tengu

Tengu Man raises his right hand straight upwards with barely any lag. Within a third of a second, a Ten-crow will fly towards Tengu Man from a random point offscreen, flying straight through solid objects. It will continue to fly towards Tengu Man’s general area as long as you hold the special button or until Tengu Man is hit but will stop when it reaches 2 and a half stage builder blocks away from the top of Tengu Man’s arm, making it roughly 3 stage builder blocks above Tengu Man’s idle stance. These Ten-crows, unless forced to move farther away, stay within a 2 stage builder block radius of the spot where they stopped moving, either by flying at the enemy at the speed of Dedede’s dash (contact with a Ten-crow deals 3% and flinching knockback), or by shooting a projectile identical to the one they shoot in Megaman 8, moving at Samus’s dash speed in the general direction of the enemy, dealing 5% and below average knockback. These arent really used to KO or even to damage rack, but to pressure the opponent into a corner.

Down Special: Tailwind

Tengu Man will open up one of the fans on his arms and make an elegant 360 degree degree turn that takes the majority of a second before swinging the fan forward in a quick motion to complete the animation, taking about 1.2 seconds to do so. There is no hitbox to this animation as it is not an attack and can be interupted if Tengu Man is attacked, but Tengu Man has Grab Armor during the animation. If the entire animation is completed, then the area where Tengu Man’s feet were at the time of the completion of the animation will appear to be distorted. If the opponent touches the distorted area (which is about the two-thirds the size of Kirby), then they will be rocketed 4 stage builder blocks in the direction Tengu Man was facing when the input for the move was pushed, the distorted area dissapearing. This attack deals no damage. There can be only one tailwind on the screen at once, the old one simply dissapearing when a new one is formed.

Dash Attack: Prepare For Takeoff

Tengu Man will swerve back slightly from his dash before continuing it at a slightly higher altitude, roughly one-third of a stage builder block farther from the ground. During this animation, Tengu Man has Super Armor. There is a noticable bit of lag during the animation. If Tengu Man can use 3 of these moves during a single dash, he will turn upwards and fly upwards 7 stage builder blocks and is then able to enter his glide, something he can only access this way, which can be worth it since it is highly manueverable.

Glide Attack: Come Fly With Me

This is the reason Tengu Man wants to get into his glide so much. Pressing A will immediately summon a Ten-crow in Tengu Man’s exact position. An alternative to doing this is to hold A, creating a Ten-crow that will follow Tengu man until you release the button, placing them in the location you were when it is released. If Tengu Man lands while holding A with this move, the Ten-crow will stay in a position 1 stage builder block above the ground.

Forward Tilt: Charge!

Tengu Man will point his right arm forward with little lag. This motion will deal 3% and a small bit of set knockback about half of a stage builder block. The attack isnt the draw of this move. after you use this attack, the closest Ten-crow to Tengu Man will start to close in and attack the closest enemy to Tengu Man, going up to 5 stage builder blocks from his comfort zone, using its projectile once every 3 seconds and trying to make contact with the enemy for 15 seconds. After that, the Ten-crow will return to the place it was summoned.

Up Tilt: Come!

Tengu Man will raise both arms up, beckoning the closest 2 Ten-crows to him. These Ten-crows float by Tengu Man’s shoulders, keeping their hitboxes, but not using projectiles. Also, these Ten-crows’ presense will increase Tengu Man’s jumping strength to 8/10, as they grab onto him when he jumps and flap their wings. These 2 crows will stay with Tengu Man for 30 seconds until they go back to their summoning area or if Tengu Man reinputs the move they will also return to their place.

Down Tilt: Assimilate!

Tengu Man will bring his arms together in a swift motion, dealing 2% and flinching knockback with a small set distance backwards. This, like all of Tengu Man’s tilts, is not the only poart of the attack however. The closest 3 Ten-crows to Tengu Man will group together exactly 2 Ganondorfs above him. This group will be henceforth known as “flock”. The flock can be controlled with any of Tengu Man’s Ten-crow controlling moves, except that it travels at half the speed of a normal Ten-crow, but fires projectiles at twice the rate and all of its attacks do 2x the damage and knockback as well as having 2x the regulat HP of a Ten-crow. Using this attack if there are less than 3 non-flocked Ten-crows on-screen, this attack has no effect other thaqn the weak animation.

Up Aerial: Help Me Up!

Tengu man will hold out his arms as the two closest Ten-crows fly to him. This is basically an aerial version of the UTilt, but the Ten-crows immediately return to their place after Tengu Man lands or is KO’d. This is really your only recovery move but the time it takes for your Ten-crows to get to you might offset the jump buff. Tengu Man might just be better off using his normal jumps in some situations, so this move is very dependant on situation.

Forward Aerial: No you idiot! Not -THERE-!

Tengu Man will swipe his arm forward in a large arc that covers 5/6 of Tengu Man’s height, but doesnt go very far out horizantally. This swipe has a bit of lag on both ends and lowish priority, but deals 7% and slightly above-average knockback. The thing is that this isnt to be used as an attack most of the time. If you hit a Ten-crow with the hitbox, then Tengu Man will grab it and throw it 5 stage builder blocks ahead of its his current position, making the spot it lands in its new stationary area. If the hitbox hits a flock, they will be dispersed back to the positions they were in when they were turned int oa flock in the first place.


And with Tengu Man done and dusted, that brings the third Moveset Graveyard to a close. I would however like to close with some closing notes…

-The Moveset Graveyard is made purely to show off ideas of others. This is the exact reason I don’t particularly discuss the sets or talk much outside of the intro. This isn’t my show, it’s for everyone who worked hard and submitted their stuff. I’m mostly just saying this so I don’t get a ton of “Commentary sucks” comments as it’s lackluster on purpose 😛

-More often than not, the presentation of the sets is better than what we have here…but WordPress -SUCKS- at code. Thus, I’m forced to use a way lamer organization than that of the actual movesets.

And…we’re done! Hope you enjoyed!



  1. For the record, that work on Tengu Man was all GW… I lost/abandoned everything else he had.


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