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Moveset Graveyard #4

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another installment of the Moveset Graveyard, number four to be exact. This time around we bring you a very nearly completed moveset; L by TWILTHERO and TheSundanceKid. That last bit was edited in because SOMEONE (TWILTHERO) forgot to tell me it was a joint set. You’ll probably remember back in the day when TWILT made Misa and Near…but you MAY not remember that he was also working on a moveset for L. Unfortunately, that one never came together in the end and has been rotting for quite a while…that is, until now! Finally the elusive L moveset sees the light of day; enjoy!


L is quite secretive and only communicates with the world through his assistant Watari. He never shows his face to the world, instead representing himself with a capital L. After meeting the Kira investigation team, he requests that the task force refer to him as Ryuzaki for discretion. The Kira investigation team never learns his true name. L’s disheveled and languid appearance masks his great powers of deduction and insight. He tends to second-guess everything he is presented with, and is extremely meticulous and analytical. He has several quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, eating only sweet foods like desserts and fruits, and holding items very delicately. L stayed in England for five years, and during that time he was the champion in tennis for the England Junior Cup. L also secretly assumes the identities of the world’s second and third best detectives, (Eraldo Coil and Deneuve respectively).

Size: 7/10

L is a tall fighter, rivaling the size of Captain Falcon.

Weight: 4/10

That’s right, L has a high stature and is one the lighter side (comparable to Marth). L is basically a very lean person.

Walk: 5/10

L walks average speed.

Running: 8/10

L runs quickly, letting his legs take long strides.

Traction: 8/10

L owes his great traction to the fact that he’s barefoot.

Power: 6/10

L has good strength and decent KO potential. L uses his legs and feet for most of his moves.

First jump: 6/10

L has an above average first jump.

Second jump: 8/10

L has a great second jump that takes advantage of his strong legs. L soars easily into the sky.

Crouch: 6/10

L has a decent crouch, lowering himself greatly.

Falling speed: 4/10

L falls fairly slowly due to his lean body.

Crawl: No

Wall Cling: No

Wall Jump: No

Glide: No


Standard Pose: L stands slightly hunched with his hands in his pockets. L gazes forward, concentrating on the opponent.

Idle Pose: L scratches his left leg with his right foot and flicks his hair up.

Walking: L walks forward with a slight hunch, hands still in pockets.

Running: L goes all out, he takes his hands out of his pockets and takes big strides with his legs.

Dashing: L jogs forward not too fast and not too slowly.

Crouching: L sits and does his famous crouch. He looks like a perched bird when doing this.

First Jump: L takes a good first jump, looking kind of like Snake as he does so.

Second Jump: L takes a huge second jump, flipping forward as he does so.

Shield: L holds his arms up to his face in order to protect himself, spawning the bubble shield.

Spot Dodge: L shifts his stance to face the camera. His hands are in his pockets and he watched the intended hit go past him with an emotionless face.

Roll: L either somersaults forward or does a small back flip depending on the direction.

Air dodge: L spins in place, evading the oncoming attack.

Asleep: L sits down just like when he crouches. As he sits down, his eyes begin to close. When he finally finishes crouching, his head droops a bit between his knees.

Dizzy: L staggers about while scratching his head, his eyes closed tightly as if in pain.


Sweet tooth

L only ate sweet foods in the anime and manga preferring them over normal foods. In Brawl, L carries over this trait. When he eats a sweet food (grapes, donuts, watermelon, ice cream, melons, bananas, oranges, cups of tea, strawberries, juice, apples, and chocolate), he recovers double the damage he normally would. Upon eating one of these treats, L’s portrait glows gold and L quickly exclaims, “Ah, real food!” Keep an eye out for these items after a party ball drop for maximum health.

Sweet Chin Music

L does this move in episode 17 and manga volume 5. If L is grabbed by the opponent, he has an opportunity to break out of the grab, but instead of just being free of the opponent, L can launch a counter attack. If L manages to predict where his opponent is going to throw him (e.g. The opponent is going to throw forward) and L’s controller shifts the control stick in the same direction, L will stop the throw, and launch a high flying kick to the opponent’s chin, breaking there throw, and causing them 10-11% damage, with ok knockback. This move is great for L as it can break him out of any chain grabs or anything.

Standard Combo — Kicking combination

L starts his standard combination by kicking with his right leg. L pivots his body to make the kick to the midsection, dealing 2% damage with little knockback. Another tap of the A button causes L to do another midsection kick with his left, dealing another 2% damage in the process. L finishes up his A combo with a spin kick using his right leg. L spins clockwise and jumps a little to deliver a high placed kick that looks somewhat like a reverse roundhouse and deals 4% damage with ok knockback and little ending lag.

Dash attack — Chair rush

As L runs, a roller chain will magically appear in front of him. He’ll then hop on the chair and fly forward with his momentum. L will then spin on his chair and eat a couple pieces of candy while he does so. The candy is just for animation and does not heal L. As L collides with opponents, the opponents are sucked into the chair and are carried along. The spinning chair is a multi hit attack and the earlier the enemies are hit, the more damage they receive. The move has great priority and is excellent for racking up damage or trying to thwart an approach. This move carries L forward about two stage builder blocks forward and deals about 10-11% damage with okay knockback. Enemies can also be hit by L jumping into the chair, which deals about 5% damage. This move has a bit of beginning lag, and little ending lag.

Side tilt — Capoeria kick

L quickly crouches down and plants his left hand a tiny bit in front of him, moving him a tiny bit forward while he does this. He then shifts all his weight forward, planting his right hand on the floor to gain some balance. He then brings both his legs over his head and, while his legs swing forward, L sticks out his right foot in a kicking manner and has his left leg slightly bent to keep his balance. After the kick (which does 7% damage with little knockback), L swings his body backwards, plants his feet, and resumes his standing animation. The whole animation of the move is very fluid, as L seems to be trained in martial arts. This move has little starting lag and a bit of ending lag.

Down tilt — Magnifying glass

Neutral aerial — Camera close up

L faces the camera and snaps his fingers to make the camera start to zoom into him. The camera zooms in so far that L becomes the main focus of the screen are nearly covers it entirely. Far away enemies will appear in the small bubble along with an arrow that roughly shows where they are and where they’re headed. This will last roughly about 3 seconds and will cause 1% damage for every second that enemies are not in the screen with L. This is meant to distract opponents and mindgame them, so that they can’t see where their character is. This move may seem useless against CPU characters, but it may still cause damage to them. It forces the opponent to try and guess where they are and try and find a path to L. It’s great for escaping enemies at high damage or confusing recovering foes. The move has basically no starting lag and can be used when short hopped, making it a very useful move indeed. The move also has very little ending lag. L has to wait ten seconds before using this move again.

Forward aerial — Watashi Wa L Desu

L will bring his head forward a bit and hold his hand over his mouth as if he’s going to tell a secret. L then, with a smile on his face, whispers, “I want to tell you I’m L!” If the opponent is within half a stage builder block range in front of L, the opponent will be shocked and begin to wonder, “Why would L reveal himself like that? He can’t be the real L, can he? ” This will cause opponents to fall helpless if they are in the air or be stunned for two seconds if they are on the ground. This requires L to say the entire sentence, which takes about two seconds. If L is interrupted while he says it, this move will not work out. It’s a good gimping move if used correctly, but be careful about using the move because of the amount of starting lag on it. L could possible kill himself by using this move too close to the blast line. This move has some beginning lag, and hardly any ending lag.

Neutral special — Lockdown

For the start of this move, L begins to taps his finger to his bottom lip several times. As he does this, he has a dazed look on his face, looking like he’s deep in thought. After about a quarter of a second, he begins to speak, “It would be wise to…” he then suddenly points the same finger forward towards his opponent as his eyes widen, “Keep you locked down.” Suddenly, a large wrought-iron bar cage materializes over the foe, no matter where they are on the field. They’re trapped in the cage for 5 seconds, and are then released. If L happens to catch a female character, a special scene takes place: The female yells in disgust, “Ugh! You pervert!” (Unless it’s Zelda…she just pouts) and L replies, “I’m…a pervert?” The move deals no damage, and has rather large startup lag. It can’t be used to kill, and is solely for keeping L’s foes in check, where he can see their every move. If caught in the air, the cage holds them aloft, exactly where they were first locked up. A caught foe can escape early by breaking his or her shield. L’s moves are permeable to the cage, yet ,if hit by a move, they just tumble around the cage.

Side Special — Rubik’s revenge

L quickly takes out a scrambled Rubik’s cube and holds it our in front of him, offering it to the opponent and holding it as though it were some sort of precious artifact. If an opponent is in range, mainly touching the cube and about a quarter of a dodge roll in front, he or she eagerly grabs the cube off L’s hands and tries to solve it. The opponent is fixated on the cube and immobile for one second, or they could button mash and reduce it to half a second; L, however, is free to move. While the opponent is solving the cube, L can use his side special again to detonate it, causing 14% damage with good knockback. If it misses, L is helpless for a second; stunned that no one wanted the cube. You can also use this move defensively and use the cube as a distraction and get out of the way when you’re vulnerable, like if you have eaten a Poison Mushroom. As a bonus animation, if you leave the opponent alone for the second, they will either solve the cube or fail and inconspicuously toss it into the background.

Up special — Watari to the rescue

L lets out a whistle, which will cause a helecopter from under the stage to come out, with Watari piloting it. L will hop into the helecopter within 2 seconds (by automatically doing his standard jump), and the helecopter will start bringing him up. If L is interrupted while he attempts to jump in, the helecopter will fly away, leaving L recoveryless, until he waits for 10 seconds. The helecopter will fly L for about 3 seconds (it moves similar to Pit’s recovery), and L will hop out of it after that. Going in a straight direction will move L about 4-5 stage builder blocks.

While L is in the airplane, you will temporary not be able to control L (however, pressing B up again while L is in the helecopter will cause L to hop out, and you will regain control over him.) Instead, you will control Watari. Moving the control stick around will cause the helecopter to go in any direction you want, though it moves slowly. As the helecopter moves up, pressing the A button will cause Watari snipe down opponents with his sniper (from Death Note episode 23). Watari will automatically aim at the opponent, but there are 2 catches. One is that L instructs Watari to NOT shoot to kill, so one shot from the sniper will cause the opponent to trip and cause about 10-11% damage. Secondly, the sniping shots can easily be avoided, because the sniper shots only move about as fast as Link’s boomerang and the hitbox is roughly the same size as Link’s arrow. So, the sniper shots can be avoidable. Watari can only shoot 2 sniper shots every time L’s in the helecopter.

The helecopter itself will not cause any damage even if it hits the opponent. If the opponent touches the helecopter, it will simply push the opponent forward half a stage builder block. Also, the opponent has the opportunity to destroy the helecopter by hitting it and causing 40% damage to it. The helecopter will be destroyed, go back behind the stage, and L will fall out of it. When L hops out of the helecopter, the helecopter will fly back behind the stage, waiting for L to call upon it.

Beat Down — Action figure bash

Forwards Throw — Watergun blast

Backwards Throw — Watergun backwards

Downwards Throw — Chains

You know when L decides to handcuff Light and him together? Well he uses that for this move too. L will quickly throw the opponent down to the ground. While the opponent is defenseless, and on the ground, L will quickly handcuff him and the opponent together. Before this happens, the opponent has suffered 5% damage.

What does handcuffing the opponent and L together do you ask? Well, there are a couple things to consider. If the opponent and L walk in opposite directions, the one with more weight will be the one to move, and it will drag the opponent on the ground. If they are both walking in the same direction, it should be fine. Secondly, let’s say L does a high knockback move. While it does cause the opponent to fly, unfortunately L will be forced to fly with them with the handcuffs. So basically, if one person gets KOed, they both get KOed. How is it possible to get rid of the hand cuffs you ask? Well, you can either get L to perform his down throw again (it will make him get rid of the hand cuffs) or you or the opponent can attack the chains themselves, until it gets 40% damage, at point it would break. That is all.


And that’s everything right down to the fancy headers. It’s a shame TWILT/Sundance lost the drive/concepts  so that L was left unfinished. It really seemed like he had some nifty ideas in there. You may also notice a little pre-Dark Bowser opponent caging in there. Overall, looks like a pretty good start TWILT/Sundance, sad to see it buried.



  1. FYI, half of those moves were made by Sundance. I forgot to mention him.

    I’m sorry Sundance.(CRYING)

  2. Dammit, this was a joint! D:

  3. This needs more polls about Death Note.(shifty)

  4. Those last two polls were made by Warlord by the way (CHEW)

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