Posted by: masterwarlord | July 5, 2010

The Great Depression

Being locked away from civilization on a deserted island for 10 days can do a lot of things for a man’s sanity. Yes, I am writing this on day 11/12, 2 days before you’ll hopefully see it. In any case, though, it gives a guy a lot of time to think – far too much time. More time than he would ever want or need. The subject of this rant isn’t anything new. . .Hardly. It’s been floating around since a bit before the start of MYM 8.

I’ll cut to the chase – Sakurai moves are far too acceptable by the community. Taking a (rough) quote from Rool, one half of the devil, on Colonol Sanders:

“Putting all the really creative moves in the Specials and leaving everything else to be Sakuraish is an underused yet excellent approach”.

Yes, Rool, Sakurai sets –are- the antichrist and should be treated as such. Why should I bother straining my brain so much when I can just throw in some sakurai inputs and make the moveset more accepted? Sakurai inputs show no sign of intelligent design and contribute nothing to how the character plays – they just make them play the same as everyone else in Brawl. What’s going to make our characters stand out from one another? The fact they have different skins? As a matter of fact, yes. Nobody gives a flying fuck about landing a Falcon Punch, Junahu, it’s merely the fact you’re motherfucking Captain Falcon falcon punching motherfucking Pikachu.

I still very much have the desire to make movesets and am making one as we speak – for myself and myself only. I wouldn’t dare insult my movesets by placing them in a contest where such terrible things are considered positives, and they’ll be punished for actually taking advantage of all of their inputs and not mindlessly throwing out filler moves – or god forbid, be rewarded by Junahu for being nothing BUT filler moves in the case of something like B. B. Hood or Shiki.

It’s not like these sorts of movesets are remotely difficult to make, Junahu. We could be pumping out these pieces of shit daily and it wouldn’t be remotely challenging. I now understand why Junahu wants to “lower” the quality standards in order to be less forboding and get more newcomers – he actually prefers shitty newcomer sets over movesets with any thought put into them with goals that consist of anything more then pushing random buttons. It was all just masking his real agenda.

Yes, I do not want to enter my heavyweight male antagonists in Junahu’s lightweight female protagonist competition. I do not want them to be judged by standards they’re not designed for – AKA where having less originality and flow is rewarded. “Standards” indeed. Writing being escalated to such god-like levels in importance was bad enough, but this just kills any motivation to post my movesets in the thread. As for organizational gimmicks, Dark Bowser, Huff’n’Puff, and Kel’Thuzad simply lent themselves to good organizations – nothing really sticks out for most characters, and you all damn well know how much organizations can’t really define most of my character choices. Not that Roonahu can ever uphold their own principles here – Rool finds Empoleon easier to read then Scarmiglione, and Junahu. . .Oh wow Junahu. . .Will and Freedan say hi.

What about Dark Bowser? Was he not practically universally accepted, even by the dreaded Roonahu combination whom eats away at my soul? Yes, but he was accepted by those people for reasons I don’t care about – I consider Dark Bowser my best moveset (Yes, I do indeed, I’ve decided it while during this time) because of how well he does 1v1 and 3v1 at the same time, and the 3v1 is the main thing that puts him over the top. Rool didn’t even read the boss moveset, and praised the moveset for it’s separation of in-smash (Something any sane person should avoid at all costs) and unsmash. Junahu liked it for even more retarded reasons – simply because it was a Warlord set a casual could button mash with and have some degree of success.

But those are just two people, Warlord! Yes, they are, but they still very blatantly outclass everybody else in MYM in importance outside myself. And besides. . .The rest of you are far from immune to their principles. Roonahu have done an excellent job of infected the feeble minds of MYM with their gospel, spreading it about like a plague – if a Sakuraiset is posted by somebody somewhat competent and polished enough, it can actually be accepted by people outside Roonahu. As an example, I point you no further than to Axel Gear. . .The following is an excerpt from a dead top 10 for HR about why he didn’t make the list.


I hardly have to tell you what’s good about this moveset. If anything I must justify this OUTRAGOUSLY low placing, yes? Especially after I said it was better then Mogenar? Blah. I was being rather obligated to like it after Rool told me not to, when in actuality he wanted me to all along. That, and y’know, it being the “last” set of one of my favorite MYMers ever.

So let’s talk about the moveset then. The meat of the moveset is a fairly generic rushdown character with a mechanic to limit how crazy he can get that only flow by being. . .Really fast attacks which flow into generic pressure automatically by being fast. To make up for not being up to par, Axel has some moving traps he can set-up to help his approach for 2 of his specials to help his approach/pressuring. And that’s it. Interactions are non existent, it’s just a toned down Meta Knight with 2 traps. No really. That’s it.

The Lightning Barrier? The one interesting part of the set? It works –against- his playstyle by preventing him from scoring horizontal KOs. So what advantages does it give him? The only use HR proposes for it (Which is rather a problem when the disadvantage is so crystal clear) is to keep foes from running away. . .But they still have the whole stage open to themselves. How many people actually run off-stage? They have to come back to the stage eventually anyway. All it really does is prevent planking, which simply shouldn’t exist in the first place. I’ll take my horizontal KO options, thank you.

This set isn’t the devil incarnate, but there’s certainly a reason you can’t sense any flow until you reach the playstyle summary which manages to sweep everything under the rug. It’s nice how HR managed to make a pressure character play slightly differently. . .But. . .This feels comparable to Disco Kid IMO, honestly. A fairly standard rushdown character who just has a bit of set-up first, and at least Disco Kid has the potential for some versatile comboing to actually set up slightly apart during the main phase of his game. Of course, you’re all (I am talking to Axel’s fans, not HR) leaning more and more towards in-smash shit a monkey on crack (AKA Sakurai) could’ve made so long as it’s presented well, so this is not surprising. I’ll just have to be sure to not only leave, but do everything in my power to tear down MYM when we get there. God knows it won’t be long with even DM claiming that “presentation makes a moveset”. -10 billion respect points, DM.


Axel Gear is pretty much the definition of the approach Rool described – creative specials, Sakurai inputs for everything else. The only thing Axel has over a set like Colonel Sanders is that his moves have some degree of automatic flow into generic offensive pressuring by being generic fast moves, and HR is, god forbid, actually aware of what he has created, as shown in the playstyle section. What of Macho Man and Arbok? Those two sets still very much fit my standards despite being in-smash (And them being in-smash is not why I like them), having incredibly unique playstyles. Arbok is pretty much the most underrated moveset ever and the definitive offensive character, one I’d rush to implement in an actual game. Axel Gear is praised over him despite just having a very small twist on the most generic playstyle in the book simply due to having a bit of polish.

Outside this, my disturbing lack of support whenever Junahu posts an abomination like his Will and Freedan post shows how little sanity the lot of you posses. Being neutral is not something that’s acceptable on such a dividing matter as this – there is no middle ground. All MYMers are not created equal, MT. Letting these Sakurai inputs be perfectly acceptable and even ENCOURAGED while actual thought is punished is completely unacceptable.

The solution? Aside from going to both Roonahu’s house and shooting them while they’re making love to each other (Which would please me more then you could ever even hope to attempt to fathom), I actually have very seriously considered the benefits of discontinuing the top 50, which would potentially give me reason to post movesets again considering they wouldn’t automatically be entered in a contest for the worst movesets ever. However; this would just make MT’s communism further infect MYM, as there would be little to separate Dark Bowser from our dear friend Jason Voorhees. Either way, I am very much considering withdrawing my movesets from the so called “contest”. Oh don’t worry, they’ll still be around for all sane people to appreciate, as well as any new movesets I make which I will continue to do. I’m not Spadefox. However; they’ll be hidden away in random SSB4 thread posts linked in my signature, far, far away from that abomination of a thread.

. . .Will I actually do that? Probably not, but the fact I can so seriously consider it speaks volumes. The main reason I’m probably –not- going to actually do that is because those devils known as Roonahu are out of power for whatever reason, and thus I will be free to fix all of the horrible mistakes that will come with the default “top” 50. Considering MT is such a communist, though, and how DM is very shaky, god knows what’ll happen with it. Kupa and Wiz will be obligated to go against me in order to remove their meme labels, of course. When the MYM 8 top 50 inevitably fails and the evidence is there that Roonahu have been completely successful with infecting MYM with their Sakurai plague, that’s when I’ll stop submitting my movesets to this “competition”. Considering MYM 9 is looking to be the death of MYM, I probably won’t be missing much. Roonahu are the biggest prophets of doom and destruction, and with good reason – they fully know why and are looking forward to a BiTF esque MYM. No, Junahu, I cannot except your way of thinking as an “opinion”. I can only accept it as a fucking mental disease.

While that would’ve been a great place to end it, I have way too much time on my hands at the moment as I’m barred from “civilization”. God knows why I even want to come back – I’m mainly waiting to get back on Warcraft 3 here. Either way, though, you really have no idea how much sleep Roonahu have caused me to lose as I roll about in my grave over here, thinking about what I could’ve done in the past to stop them from infecting my beloved MYM. Get a life? I have one and it’s far superior to yours – it’s called MYM. That’s why I’m the only one who actually cares about what Roonahu are doing here while you’re perfectly content to get on with your lives as MYM dies a horrible death at their hands. Do I expect support? Not particularly with how little you’ve all given me in the past. At most I will see more neutrality, which may as well be as bad as being entirely infected by the Roonahu virus.

You knew this was coming, Rool, MT. I talked to you both about it in private before, and you did nothing to prevent this from bottling up into the explosion you now see before you. Rather ironic on Rool’s part, really, as I’d think he’d want to prevent me from exposing the truth. Then again, it’s far too late now. Everybody is wearing a pair of Roonahu blinders but me at this point, some just have darker tinted lenses then others. Nobody will be able to see through what they’ve been so subtly indoctrinated into.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough from my bashing of Axel Gear, a set from HR of all people, whom I consider to be my closest friend in MYM, I feel entirely alone here. No allies. Nobody to help me stand against the Roonahu reigme, hence why I say -everybody- has the blinders. MT and HR have left me with Smady as the only thing that even resembles an ally, what with him being the only other one to speak out against Junahu’s reign of terror. I cannot even consider Smady an ally, though, when he makes such blasphemeous statements about Valozarg and Lunge. Why does he still like Dark Bowser’s boss set when he hated Valozarg so? God knows.

I have too much influence? Bahahhaahahahhaah. Indeed. Any resistance to the Roonahu regime is completely unacceptable to our supreme dictators. Happy motherfucking July 4th.



  1. very emotional piece, MW. Ill still read your sets, MYM or not. If MYM goes into the ground, Ill still frequent the chat, as Im sure most of MYM will still go to the chat to talk and shit. The writing makes me feel like Im the problem, but makes me want to fix that. (CHEW). I personally wouldnt want Rool and Juno goen completely, but their ideals are getting a bit out of whack and overspread.

    Also, Survivor will still actually happen, right? (THINK)

  2. Yes, Survivor will still happen and will probably be out tomorrow or the day after that, depending on how addicted I become to Warcraft 3. It just lacks one final scene I have to write in.

  3. I think it’d actually be “An MYMer”, if you’re pronouncing it “em-why-emer.”

    Either way, good to have you back, MW.

  4. ^ above comment made before I read the actual rant

    …you really get into this stuff, don’t you? Well, you’ll be pleased to know at least that Junahu hasn’t been seen in quite a while and Rool’s on vacation. So now’s the time to do whatever it is you think you need to do to get MYM back where you want it.

  5. *looks at rant over “sakurai” moves*

    *looks at a good chunk of DB’s inputs like dash attack Bair and ftilt*


  6. Because Sakurai’s Bowser can totally bounce around in a cage with his Up Special, impale foes then carry them to their doom with his BAir, and perfectly set his opponents up to be grabbed with a cashing FTilt. (rolleyes)

    The animations may be identical, but the purposes of the moves are totally, totally different.

  7. I can destroy half of your Axel rant just by quoting his own playstyle guide:

    “a lot of his pressure game depends on him spacing himself properly to take advantage of the fantastic range of his sword. If he uses something like Fair right in his opponent’s face they’ll be able to punish your end lag.”

    Yeah, his moves AREN’T super fast spammy attacks, and if you even attempt to play him like that you will be finding even Ganondorf destroying you. The entire basis of his moves being “safe” for pressure is on using their range (and in some cases shield pushback) to keep the enemy out of counter-attacking distance, then anticipating their next move and performing an appropriate follow-up to keep them from escaping. That’s also exactly where his projectiles come in, since it prevents the opponent from simply moving into punishing range while Axel approaches. Similarly, Lightning Barriers’ point is so that you can, you know, directly corner your opponent into a situation where if they take any damage at all, they eat even more and are launched upwards for Axel to use Uair/Usmash/Nair and pressure them even more without having to spend all day trying to edgeguard (which is risky with Axel when you consider his recovery relies on fuel). Lightning Barrier allowing for so much damage racking is one of the main reasons his KO moves get to KO range in the first place without having to constantly stop and wait for his opponent to come to the stage.

    Speaking of stage control, yes, I did relegate all his stage-control stuff to the specials and leave the A moves for simple sword attacks. I would rather have 3 diverse stage control moves that are all viable than have 10 “lololol projectile normals” that end up with only a few being viable while taking focus away from the primary phase of his gameplay, approaching and pressuring in MELEE combat. It’s not like his sword moves are a bunch of generic swings in different directions; I actually took into account how the HITBOX of a move directly plays into its uses, God forbid, and there are still creative mechanics in there. There are ZERO sets before Axel Gear that actually took advantage of dash-pivots, much less making it a viable part of their playstyle beyond “lol dash-dancing” (which funny enough would be a legit mindgame with Axel as JOE! once said to me).

    I mean, really, attacking Axel for not having a “unique” playstyle is just silly. First off, he DOES have a unique gameplay facet of having projectiles that AREN’T just for campy-camp-camper-camping. And even if he didn’t have it, SO WHAT if his pressure game isn’t incredibly original? Most “unique” playstyles we see these days are the same things we’ve been seeing since MYM3 just with an interesting twist or 100 gimmicks to make them seem more creative. Octillery? Gimping and projectile spamming, BUT HE MAKES YOU TRIP IN INK! Hariyama? Grabs and gimping, BUT HE HAS GOOD KNOCKDOWN PRESSURE AND HIS PUMMEL MAKES YOU DIZZY! Dionysus? He sets up something and spams broken grabs, BUT HE LIKES THE CENTER OF THE STAGE! Those are 3 of my favorite MYM8 sets btw, and I like them BECAUSE they went for a simple twist on their archetypes that was executed excellently rather than forcibly try to reinvent Smash Bros. The exact same goal Axel was designed with in mind.

    I hate it when I have to act like this, especially when it’s someone I share a mutual closeness to, but Axel Gear is the first set in a long, long time that made me feel love for game-design, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone harm it.

  8. Hahaha, you really got me with the title of this article – it was an interesting read nonetheless. I can definitely see the danger of being too accepting of generic inputs or influence from Sakurai; I do understand the logic, though. As long as you’re creating good movesets, ‘producing’ something that’s bad just to fill space and with a smaller amount of time both saves effort alongside making newcomers feel at home. I’m not a supporter of this and doubt this is the method used by those who are, but it’s the way I would go about making a serious Sakurai set, if I ever did.

    I think the chatroom has also created somewhat of a wormhole in terms of influence and power as well. It’s as if KRool and Junahu never left leadership, what with everyone bowing before their status as chat moderators. However, this is the way MT wants it – my only relevant complaint at the moment is there’s no written structure, it’s just emphasized like in MYM5-6. Still, the chatroom as well as the SBC matter, so not having policies on how to fairly divide power maybe is something MT should look into.

    Personally, I don’t see Sakurai sets like Salamence on the opposite end of a scale to super creative ones like Lunge or Valozarg… rather, I see these movesets at the same end, with ones like Dark Bowser and Axel Gear on the other. Generally, my dislike for a moveset full of generic inputs comes down to the bad execution inherit of the archetype and the abusive way in which the MYMer creates it. By design, a good Sakurai moveset is an oxymoron. But then again, a moveset like Lunge is the same thing, only within different boundaries.

    I think you assume too much that everyone will always like a certain kind of set: people are fickle, they’ll change their minds constantly. Dark Bowser was a hell of a lot better than Valozarg and executed the boss moveset probably better than any moveset ever made. Valozarg and Lunge, to me, are simply not well thought out. Similarly, Galaxy Man had a great writing style, but on top of having a great moveset. I suppose you could say that, in the end, what I dislike is putting gimmicks as the centre of the idea, when the idea should be at the centre.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t feel too bad about terrible movesets like caterpie making more impact than Lunge, as Dark Bowser is a genuine step forward from the murky depths of MYM7. Lunge and Valozarg seem more like practice at this point, while I’m not sure if caterpie or The Elves have any future or ways to progress beyond being pieces of shit.

    But yeah, I wouldn’t pit yourself against the stupidity as the anti-Christ, as it’s not really true. The opposite of horrible pieces like Will & Freedan is something underdetailed and with zero thought put into it like Kingdra or Solar Man, not epic, good movesets like Dark Bowser or Axel Gear. I think you’ll find most people actually agree with you on most of your points here.

    As GW said, with KRool and Jun not in leadership and away, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to change things through expressing your opinion more. That’s all it would take – as enjoyable as this article was to read and comment, it does feel a bit defeatist, when you really haven’t done all that much in battling what you dislike here. If you’re thinking that you’re going to lose before you even start the fight, you’re setting yourself up for it.

    But yeah, good piece, if a little depressing. I hope you don’t actually quit MYM, or we’re in for a Roonahu reboot of MYM with Sakurai-only sets allowed.

  9. With your ranting on MYM as a whole, I now know where you stand. You prefer complicated, yet witty Make Your Move standards sets over the more simple “Sakurai” sets. Perhaps it’s because you’ve worked so hard and have so much to lose, though this is my thought, I don’t have any right to judge your ideals.

  10. 9_9 what a lovely Warlord rant

    Shouting your opinion louder and more frequently, doesn’t make it any easier to empathise with, nor does it particularly invalidate any of my own preaching.
    I don’t appreciate being interpretted as some shallow monster, with you as some troubled visionary with a heart of steel. If anything, you’re the one telling us we can only do things your way.

    It reads as your own fantasy crisis for MYM, a little escapism that labels two people as the villains in the abstract hope that their defeat will magically heal all of MYM’s wounds.

    But if you’re so determined to play that game, then fine. I’m the shallow villain with the transparant scheme. Let’s see you defeat me.

  11. @hr Dash pivots? Now that you’ve said that, I think I’ll go read Axel Gear a bit more and see what you mean.

    @mw I am Sakurai’s mindless slave.


  12. Your “Great Depression” basically tells us all that you are completely biased against “Sakurai” sets and only care about “MYM” sets. You attack anybody who’s ideals involve accepting these “Sakurai” sets, because in your opinion, these sets apparently have no thought put into them.

    Now, as I said, I don’t have so much of a problem about your opinions. But what you mention later on after your Axel Gear flame seems to imply to us that you think MYM entirely revolves around you and the idea of making MYM sets, and not Sakurai sets. You ANGRILY claim that you’re the only sane man, and “discontinuation of the Top 50” just because you don’t agree with what people vote for. I guess that you worked up in the ranks to gain your peers respect, and saw it to the top. Is it from here now that you want to control what is in the Top 50? I don’t know. Im not you, I’ve never placed further than 33 in a competition, while you get at least 5 sets with a higher ranking than that per comp, which you, by human nature, would not appreciate due to the consistancy and repetition. For me, such honour would be delightful for one such who has never known it. That’s why Im trying to get there.

    Im being hypocritical by even posting this in terms of challenging your ideals. Regardless, the point Im trying to make out of all this is that the world is full of opinions. The Top 50 that you want for yourself is made up of many people’s different ideals, and not one man’s. People like different things. It’s the reason why the Top 50 is the way it is. We don’t all like the same thing; you’ve ranted before at the end of MYM7 about how you hated movesets like Dodongo, Bomber and Chucky, and granted, I felt that way too. But nobody else will agree with those desicions. Certain people actually like the sets you hate, for reasons that are solely their own. It’s their opinion by heart, and when the Top 50 is created, others can see that these sets were liked by somebody else. Most of us would want to take that Top 50 and alter it to our liking. But no, the Top 50 is absolute, the opinions of all whom particapated in voting, and not ONE man.

    Speaking of placings, if Jason Voorhees somehow does get to the Top 50, it’s the many opinions of MYMers that would cause it. That can easily be solved though by continually reffering to him in your messages about how bad he is, as Smady does. People will continue to realise that he is a bad set.

    With your opinions on MYM, you ultimately claim that Sakurai sets are bad, and MYM sets are good. The way I see it, MYM needs both in order to exist. A MYM where everyone was you would be like having a Supermarket where only quality, expensive foods existed and cheaper products were ruled out. Only the rich would survive, which in MYM, means rich in knowledge and understanding of the structure the MYM sets go by. Very similar to the concept of Light and Dark, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot ever have a MYM where only MYM sets were acceptable, as MYM cannot survive on Sakurai sets only. Speaking of such, you insist that “Roonahu” accepting Sakurai sets into MYM is threatening to you, and such claiming that they only want Sakurai sets.

    I need to remind you that this is not what they want. Because MYM is dying, and for the sake of newcomer-friendly activity, people like Junahu are SIMPLY trying to say that these Sakurai sets which were beforehand traditionally looked upon, should be accepted. Junahu and Rool are not saying that MYM sets should go. They understand that.

    It would make me wonder why you would even find such thing threatening. Simply enough, you think that since Jun and Rool are influential MYMers like yourself, people can follow their examples of accepting Sakurai sets, which results in them appearing in the Top 50. Since you hate these sets, you don’t want them “corrupting” your idea of a Top 50.

    Even if you’ve reached the top, got 1st place in MYM6, I guess I can understand that there’s still a lot to be done. It’s not all about winning. It’s also about getting ideas out, which is why you create such sets considered Unsmash – you enjoy it. I have no problem with that, and guess that I can sympathise with you.

    By all means you can keep doing what you think is your justice, against what you think is the threat that is making MYM die.

  13. Oy gevalt.

    *Goes and lies down*

  14. I don’t get it.
    Someone explain (as lucidly as possible) what MYMers consider the line between a “Sakurai” set and an “MYM” set.

    MYMers say generic moves are bad, but they go wild and make sets where each little move basically becomes a special. “Sakurai” sets may give too little at times, but MYM sets almost always give too much!

    Both Sakurai and MYM are wrong. One for being close-minded. the other for losing the point.

    Because I always see some MYMer making each Smash and tilt attack into a Special attack, I wonder “Would I enjoy playing a character as complex and superfluous as this? ” Not only do MYM movesets tend to be overcomplex, they sometimes don’t appear to belong in any kind of fighting game. Isn’t SSB a fighting game series? SSB NEEDS simplicity and speed, or else the game wouldn’t be what it’s meant to be. Want to complexify everything, thoughtful MYMer? Pick up Chess – and stick with it.

    Point is, most MYMers need to realize when to simplify their sets. Yes – Sakurai makes bland, straightforward, close-minded movesets. But sometimes bland sets are fitting for characters (like Mario, Ike, Olimar, Peach, Bowser, etc.). Only sorcerers, tricksters, whimsical characters like G&W, or psychic Pokemon should have overly unique attributes for each attack.

    Part of being an MYMer is making a set that captures a character’s character – I doubt every character in MYM should play as complexly as they should. Some character should make you think a lot, some shouldn’t.

    Mario is meant to be the average Joe type of character – brash and straightforward. Should HIS moves have all sorts of complex attributes and concepts to them?

    Just think about my deal for ONE SECOND. Imagine using some of these sets. SSB wouldn’t be a fighting game anymore, let alone an enjoyable game. We’d all be camping, setting up, remembering every little detail for every move, and exploding with headaches. You thought SSBB was an overly defensive campfest? Let some of these sets come to life!

    I’m not bashing this sacredly arcane community – it’s what let me realize I could make sets for characters, and just how awesomely creative I could get with them. I just want to let MYMers know once and for all that they need to simplify their sets more often.

    On average a set should be sprinkled with complex moves, say a 60:40 ratio? Again, figure out how to illustrate you character before each move becomes fluffed.

  15. […] cover those stadium articles. The first one posted was a rant by MasterWarlord which can be found here. Following shortly after that we had yet another post, this time by SmashDaddy. That article can be […]

  16. Old…but I agree.

    I do realize I’m new here, and as such i’m not “vital” to the MYM scene, but…I agree with you. Why should movesets be judged and put in some top 50? Each moveset has something special to it, and I beleive MYM should be something thats to be enjoyed by everyone instead of some heated contest between people who don’t even know each other! I’m done with my in-smash sets I’ve been making, from now on I’m focused on making things that have never been done before, and if they’re not recognized, fuck it. It’s my moveset. I think the standard should be “Creativity” instead of “What would Sakurai do”.

    Im with you 100 percent, MW.

  17. “I actually have very seriously considered the benefits of discontinuing the top 50, which would potentially give me reason to post movesets again considering they wouldn’t automatically be entered in a contest for the worst movesets ever”

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