Posted by: Smash Daddy | July 5, 2010

Smash Daddy's Red Button

Red Button

Smash Daddy's Red Button

While pontificating, I realised I hadn’t produced a stadium piece for a long time. There are two articles I had given up on in my time as a veteran of Make Your Move: my resignation as OP of MYM7, and this one I made in Wales while on holiday. The former has obvious connotations that I wouldn’t have liked to reveal unless completely necessary, while the latter is more complicated. This is a method within leadership of “pressing the red button” – a scheme to prevent our MYM from dying. As this was a long while ago, it may not be as relevant now, but I don’t see any reason to let it rot on my memory stick either. It was made in about mid-June, so consider that while reading it.

Perhaps what should be taken from this article is simply the concept put forward, as I’m not sure if I insult anyone directly [MT, I’m sorry if I do, as I think I may] and it’s an out-of-date article, so things may well have changed in that regard. I’ve made no changes to the article besides correcting the B coding [as it was originally going to be posted in the thread], so this is the unaltered, original version. I suppose my biggest reasons for posting it are the recent rants by Junahu and Master Warlord – why not have one of my own out there for all to see? So without further ado, here’s ‘Smady’s Red Button.’

Smash Daddy’s Red Button

So, I was thinking, after seeing the appallingly low activity through June 12th, how easily this problem is solved. There are loads – and by loads, I mean about a dozen – chat members who contribute nothing to MYM, obviously these people would prefer for the contest to just die out. They’ve had enough of it, they only come here for the chatroom, and that’s a stretch – I bet that many of these ‘members’ would gladly see the end of MYM and be done with it. That these people are constantly nay saying us as a community isn’t a sound prediction; MYM is very much salvageable and not dying whatsoever.

Look, what the thread really needs right now is strong, vindicated leadership. With five sandbags, we can achieve optimum thread activity through simple mathematics. Typically, any given MYM is going to need a moveset a day and a page a day of activity to achieve these optimum levels – a contest is generally three months long before it drags and we need around 100 movesets to sustain a competitive top fifty, so a moveset a day is adequate. I would also say that usually dragging contests do not gather momentum; they just pull the entire community down.

A moveset a day is perfectly achievable, if we need it. With five actual leaders – not joke or gimmicky ‘new’ leaders who have no place in a five-man team – we can expect them each to at least post one moveset a week. Every week in this, the deadest MYM, we’ve had about three non-leadership movesets at least, on average. If leadership is pushed, however, they can produce five movesets a week – five days covered, where the remaining two are easily covered by non-leadership movesets. This is a given, if leadership can accomplish it, as at least two non-MYMers are assured to post movesets. Even if leadership isn’t quite up to task, the non-MYMers can sometimes post upwards of three or four, so it’s not completely strict and does not have to stay to a schedule.

Aside from movesets, the other big activity is commenting or posting – the latter of which is so religiously protested by utter retards that even the spammers that plague the MYM chatroom don’t dare post in the sacred, holy temple that is the MYM8 thread. We need to post again, otherwise we won’t get the pages needed for the movesets and thus people won’t want to post movesets, and we’re back at square one again. Comments can, again, be relied upon by the five leaders, who should be commenting on everything anyway, so every moveset gets five guaranteed posts, and so does every page – if every leader even commented on 15 of the movesets each, combined they’d have about 30 more posts, but nope, leaders like Wiz and Kupa haven’t even commented on half of the sets in MYM8.

It may seem extreme, but it’s better than the thread dying like is being predicted by the flaming hooligan scourge in the MYM chat. If we’re really pushed and the rest of the contest is this dead, we need to consider measures like this to just keep MYM going. If we don’t, and just apply the laissez-faire, “f it” moniker, we actually are in serious trouble.

What’s also good to note is, simply being active influences others to be active. The leadership would not be the sole people posting in the thread if they bucked up their ideas – they’d have a rejuvenated MYM behind them.

I, for one, don’t want to see this magnificent series of threads and contests die and will be doing my part, as I have since the start of the contest, to boost activity. Looking back, my sixty-five-or-so posts have influenced about another page’s worth of posts directly from others, and probably activity in other places I can’t have noticed. I’m not going to claim to be a model student here, but, yeah, this wasn’t difficult. I’ve posted, at most, twice a day, and never off-topic. It’s painfully easy and takes up about ten minutes of my daily routine.

In conclusion, no, MYM won’t die – if it does, it will be because of the current joke of a leadership – the decaying position of OP, the apathy therein and the entire regime becoming an oligarch for the lazy chat leeches to get nice avatars. There is no real decay here, MYM is as magnificent in its diverse moveset-making and continuing of a trend in Smash fandom that’s been going for half a decade – we’re only getting better. Dark Bowser was posted a few pages ago, along with sets like Miles Edgeworth, Hariyama and Nurse Joy – sets which completely blow past efforts out of the water. I see the potential in these contests to go for years more, far longer in fact, if only we rid ourselves of the completely incompetent and ignorant boobs who have somehow gnawed their way into the heart of MYM, and are now sucking it dry.

Onward and upward, fellow MYMers.



  1. Pretty cool of you to have your say, in a serious light. I can see that you’re one who wants to save MYM.

    Im not quite sure what you mean by ‘non-MYMers’, probably the guys in the chat so I reckon.

    A good deal of this seems to be aimed at Leadership. I reckon it be true that the leaders should be showing good examples to others through dedication. This is the case where I kind of wonder why you’re not up there – you, who does such a good job keeping up with quality comments, is not a leader.

    If the leaders did comment on everything, that would mean that the others would follow on in their influence, creating that wonderful flow, which you mentioned.

    For me, I would never, ever have qualifications to be a leader, due to only really commenting or saying something about sets I actually like – which I realised. If I try to comment on something else, it would be difficult for me to do so due to not really paying 100% attention, and in the end I’ll usually try bringing out the most negative things I can find within my own opinion just for the sake of ‘hating’ the set and being the odd one out in comparisson to all those who liked it.

    Guess I can understand bout the commenting part – you mentioned this weeks ago in the thread.

  2. More activity would never be a bad thing. You’ve got that much right. I’m sure most of us can put a little more effort into commenting, posting movesets, and hell, just posting.

    Still, I feel the ‘moveset a week’ mandate for leaders to be a poor idea. It’s basically restricting the amount of development a set gets to no more than a week. That’s hardly undoable (I don’t think I’ve spent more than five hours on any of my sets), but I don’t think it would be very helpful, largely because forced activity <<<<<<<<<<< unforced activity.

    If we can't be enthusiastic and enjoy movesetting (Which is the whole point, remember? Having fun and excersing your creativity. And maybe getting to know some cool people along the way), we shouldn't be doing it. I know that if I was forced to make a moveset every week, they would suck, I wouldn't enjoy it, and I'd probably quit within a month.

    My two cents. (CHEW)

  3. Lulwat Chief Mendez?

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