Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 11, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 45

If I ever make a Xiaolin Showdown character....

Howdy all and welcome to the 45th episode of the Sunday Recap! Everytime I post one of these things I still find it funny that still after all this time I’m making these. But enough randomness, today was a pretty jam-packed week for a number of reasons. Hell, we had activity almost immediately after the previous Recap was posted! We not only had some Stadium articles posted but we had five sets this week; two by MasterWarlord, one by Junahu, another by TWILTHERO and yet another newcomer set.

First off, let’s cover those stadium articles. The first one posted was a rant by MasterWarlord which can be found here. Following shortly after that we had yet another post, this time by SmashDaddy. That article can be found here. So what’re they about? Read them yourself; if you care enough to ask you can actually take some time to read them, plus I doubt many people -HAVEN’T- read them yet. They’re important enough that you can read them yourself and get your own opinion.

After that we happened to have a non-rant related Stadium post, the very first day of MYM Survivor 2. The long awaited sequel to MasterWarlord’s MYM7 Story Mode that, unfortunately, was cancelled despite being considered the best SM since Playing God, MYM Survivor 2 starts with an entirely new cast of characters (and Richard). MYM Survivor 2 contains a large collection of villains (and the Elrics) from various MYM contests and even some characters who haven’t been made just yet. But why am I yammering on about it? You’ve all read it, you all love it, it’s the Warlordian event you’ve all been waiting for! Oh, and needless to say, Warlord also rejoined us this week after his abscence

And hey, let’s discuss some movesets too, shall we? I mean, that -IS- what we do in MYM, right? So yeah, not only did Warlord type up that massive rant and MYM Survivor 2 Day 1…but he also made a moveset for Hannibal Bean from Xiaolin Showdown. Keep in mind that Warlord did more or less all of this set without internet access so he was totally unable to look up more material for him…but that certainly didn’t stop him from coming up with some creative concepts for it! Hannibal’s a tiny lightweight male antagonist until he uses his Moby Morpher to make himself much larger. This however gives him two totally unique ways to take on the foe; a mini-sized fighter or an equal match? That combined with his various tricks and traps makes him a rather interesting take on both trap characters and movement based characters. Overall reception for Hannibal Bean was pretty good…in fact, the most common complaint seemed to be that it wasn’t Dark Bowser. To this Warlord said he had no real intention of surpassing Dark Bowser really…so maybe we should take it as is instead of comparing? Wink wink nudge nudge stab stab.

Following Warlord’s new set came Junahu’s, The Item Tree. The Item Tree is Junahu’s obligatory controversey set and cause controversey it has! The Item Tree, as its name clearly states, is a tree that grows items. I’ll give you a moment to let that soak in……..good now? Good. So yeah, it’s a character that makes items, items, the bane of every competitivefag’s existance. Needless to say this ruffled a few feathers, especially with JOE! who flat out loathes this moveset. It does however bring a bit more than just “ZOMG ITEMS” to the table. For instance, The Item Tree is solid; essentially a living wall. To add to that, her leaves and such take no flinch or knockback which is also pretty cool. Not only that but Junahu essentially attempted to balance items for competitivefag play. So yeah, he basically tried to make it so that not only casualfags would enjoy items. How successful that was is really up for grabs to be honest. Reception for The Item Tree ranges from pretty good (not really great though) to absolute hatred of the set and everything it stands for.

Despite the death of Trainer Blue, Pokemon Trainer sets are still around here and there…but none of them joints because that’s an instant kiss of death. Trainer Red came out this week however made entirely by TWILTHERO though making this TWILT’s second three-Poke trainer set. Trainer Red comes complete with three unique Pokemon; Pikachu, Lapras and Charizard. Pikachu is the first of the three and is based mostly around paralyzing the foe with his various electrical attacks and traps while attacking with his dangerous Thunderbolt attack. Overall though, Pikachu was probably met with the worst reception of the three Pokemon and was criticized for its lack of any real playstyle.

Lapras however was met with the best reception of all three of the Pokemon despite being the most random choice of the set. With her use of Perish Song, freezing based attacks and her nifty Shell Armor special mechanic (effectively protecting her from attacks from behind…but it also creates a platform for her opponents to attack the back of her head with. As previously mentioned, most felt Lapras to not only be the best set but to have the best interactions and the most creative/interesting aspects to it. A few also said Lapras would’ve performed much better as a solo set.

Finally for Red’s Pokemon is Charizard. Charizard had a much greater aerial focus than the other two (for obvious reasons) as well as the ability to inflict burns on his opponents or leave traps for the foes to burn themselves on too. Like Pikachu, Charizard’s reception was less than great with people complaining of a great number of filler attacks and a less than obvious playstyle. Overall, Trainer Red was met with fairly mixed but slightly negative reception. Lapras however was met with pretty good reception!

After Red came our newcomer set of the week; Sho Minamimoto by Kojow-Jebi. Sho is a fairly basic set really with some creativity here and there. That being said, it falls face first into several first timer mistakes/traps. Not a whole lot to say here; Kojow got a few helpful comments from people such as n88, TWILTHERO, Junahu and that MT chick.

And last for the week, yeah, Warlord just had to sneak a set in there at the final bell; Exeggutor by MasterWarlord. Unfortunately…I haven’t gotten a chance to read this set yet since I’ve been working on this Recap. That and it’s gotten zero comments…so uh..I’ll just tell you it’s there this week and give it a more detailed entry next week, sound good? Sounds good.

MYM’er Spotlight


You all probably know Plorf from his various and numerous comments in the thread. Or from the photoshops, either one. But all joking aside, Plorf hasn’t been around for -TOO- long but he made himself known rather quickly. As far as our experts know, Plorf has been lurking in MYM since early MYM3 and lurked throughout most of MYM4 before finally making his first posts in the very end of said contest. During the early stages of MYM5, Plorf made no sets and rarely commented in thread. The thing that set him apart from the typical MYM newcomer however was his absolutely massive list of planned movesets. For all I know, Plorf has planned to make nearly every single Robot Master in existance or close to it.

In MYM5 however, Plorf did manage to make two movesets; Metal Man and Heat Man. Heat Man was a joint moveset between Plorf and SirKibble and it’s generally believed (at least according to both Plorf and Kibble) that the two did equal work on the moveset. Heat Man was receieved fairly well though, placing in the mid-20’s if I’m not mistaken. Plorf’s first solo set however was Metal Man which was met with great success, placing 9th. Many now however feel it placed too high and was overhyped…but in all fairness it was a fairly good trap set back when trap sets weren’t so overdone.

In MYM6, Plorf’s list of potential movesets grew even larger but ultimate he only came out with three; Tomahawk Man, Maha and Vile (a joint with Hyper_Ridley). Tomahawk Man was in a way a “sequel” of sorts to Metal Man. Both require set up whereas Tomahawk Man is jammed with mover interactions. Vile was ultimately deemed a successful/popular joint set. Both of the previously mentioned sets placed…but Maha Ganeshariff is arguably one of Plorf’s more memorable sets but for bad reasons. Maha was the first of Plorf’s movesets to be attacked by Warlord who criticized it heavily for its lack of any playstyle or flow, feel that it was just a random conglomeration of moves.

MYM7 came along and Plorf had yet another incredibly controversial set come out. His first set of the contest however was Drifblim; the 4th gen balloon Pokemon who, instead of falling down, fell up, requiring him to manage his height without getting himself Star KO’d. Drifblim was received fairly well by most excluding Wizzerd. And then came Sandshrew. The single most controversial moveset Plorf has created. Sandshrew was posted back to back with Kholdstare’s Sandslash set and, while MasterWarlord and many others enjoyed one of the sets, it wasn’t Sandshrew. Sandshrew was heavily attacked for being a “Sakurai-set;” a moveset with boring imputs, no flow and no playstyle. Plorf however defended the set claiming it was intentional. To this day however most people remember Sandshrew as one of their most disliked sets. Giving the whole ground Pokemon thing another shot, Plorf then made Onix….full sized Onix as a normal set. Onix was received much better but ultimately deemed incredlibly broken.

And now the present. As of now, Plorf has made two movesets for MYM8; both of which have been received rather negatively. The first of which was Solar Man from MM10. Solar Man was given a one-star rating by SmashDaddy and mediocre to negative reception by most others. Then came Kingdra from the dead Lance joint set. Kingdra was met with even worse reception; also gaining only one star from SmashDaddy and negative reviews from others as well as the mini-meme “Everything in Kingdra is Water Gun.”

So overall, Plorf is a movesetter whose tastes have certainly changed over time. He’s also a MYMer with a lot of ideas; always thinking of the next awesome character he’d want to make a set for. What’s surprising is, despite all the shoops and overall flack he gets, Plorf has stayed pretty strong in MYM and continues to do stuff his own way despite what others may say.



  1. THREE people voted Sandshrew as their fave Plorf set. I know Junahu doesn’t hate the set, but I don’t think it’s his FAVORITE even then, so I guess those were 3 joke votes. (h)

    also, SHOTZO!

  2. I voted Sandshrew 1st

  3. SHOTZO? (smirk2)

  4. whoa, it’s a spotlight on me!

    alright MT, I actually think you got this description pretty accurate while remaining unbiased, and I appreciate that. there are a lot of people who, regardless of the in-joke of hating me, still hold something invisible against me.

    that aside, you are probably one of the more understanding MYMers out there, I think, so I’m glad you made that little spotlight– just hoping I can maybe get a little bit more respect from some of you guys, and maybe make some more movesets. there are always ideas floating around, but it’s the writing that gets me every time.



    I’m in a bit of an MYMing rut/hiatus/potato right now; any moveset suggestions I haven’t thought of? There ought to be ONE character I haven’t considered at some point, right? Suggest away, if you want. . . ^^

  6. How about Luxray?

  7. Make a moveset for a swordfish.

  8. R.L. Stine!

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