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MT's Sunday Recap Episode 46


Hey all and welcome to MT’s Sunday Recap…EPISODE 46! Hmm…where do I begin? Slow week is fairly slow sadly, we only had two sets (one by Kat and another newcomer set)..but fortunately we had plenty of time to catch up on our comments (I swear I will eventually). Plus we had some other nifty stuff happen this week which will be mentioned in full later…

So let’s get to the sets! First off this week we had Dio Brando by Katapultar. Now here’s a character that you all (or some of you) probaby know because of the image seen above. Admittedly I’ve never really known much about JJBA but this moveset was the final straw of me actually looking it up and looking into it. I even hunted down the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure arcade game  because of this sooooo, right off the bat know Kat that this moveset was indeed both fun and educational, even motivational. Soooo….what exactly does Dio do? Well, he’s a vampire! And he can turn his opponents into vampires as well as attack them with his summoned army of the undead. But what’s this? The undead can be used against him once the opponent has been made into a vampire?

Indeed, this moveset basically takes the concept presented in Jason of giving the opponent a new moveset (in this case not so much a new moveset as a bunch of benefits to their normal one with some setbacks) and refines it to the point that it’s done in quite a good way. That and, of course, Dio has ZA WARUDO…ahem, The World; his Stand that allows him to stop time. Combine this with his nifty minion summoning ideas and his massive amount of knife throwing and you’ve got a pretty cool set. Sadly though, despite it probably being one of Kat’s strongest sets, Dio got nearly no comments at all. The only (serious) comment it got was from HR who called it Kat’s best in his opinion. Oh and I missed flyinfilipino’s comment; he also said it was pretty good.

Following Dio came Paris and London Traves by the appropriately named MYM’er…..MYM’r. Now Paris and London are a moderately rare combination; a newcomer OC set. A pair of conjoined twins, Paris and London bring their pals Oiler; who is apparently a gangster toad and Shuffle; a dude who’s personality changes with the music he listens to.

It’s a fairly basic newcomer set really with some creative ideas here and there. The Side Special for instance can be used to combine items, effectively combining their effects (So a Super Mushroom combined with a Poison Mushroom would…wait a second…). Many of the other moves make use of the summoning of Oiler and Shuffle or of weird disembodied hands that  fly out of them or something to that extent. Paris and London didn’t get many comments either sadly but once again HR was there to save the day! Woo’t.

Also this week, Wiz came back! Yay! He also posted two fairly large comment walls in an attempt to catchup on what he’s missed; good for you dood! Oh and he’s apparently got a set all written up for us…quite literally; he has to transfer it from paper to his computer. Anyway, welcome back man!

MYM’er Spotlight

Say whaaaaaat? No MYM’er Spotlight? But you just started this segment MT! How could you have fucked up and gotten lazy already you stupid lazy fucker? Fuck you I fucking hate you!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down there MT. There’s a very logical reason as to why MT didn’t make a MYM’er Spotlight this week. A logical reason that isn’t simply that he’s just lazy.

As you may or may not know, the MYM8 Leadership had a big fancy meeting last Wednesday. There was discussed some serious matters, some less serious ones and MYM in general. SO…where am I going with all of this? Glad you asked!

We at the leadership felt as though the Stadium wasn’t getting enough sexy hot lovin’ as it should be. Therefore, we decided to add some new weekly articles to the fray so that people would have more interest in the Stadium and so that it’d actually have stuff to read throughout the week on it!

One of these new articles is actually a branch off of MYM’er Spotlight and will be written by our very own, very awesome, darth_meanie! Expect that coming within a while and, since I don’t want to be nabbing his article; expect not to see anymore MYM’er Spotlights in the Recap. It’s all good though, don’t be sad D:

Also keep on the lookout for some other new articles that may be popping up sooner or later. I’d reveal more details on that now but…I think keeping it as a surprise until it’s ready is a much more assholish fun way to go about it!


And so with that, Sunday Recap Episode 46 has come to a close. We laughed, we cried, we mourned the loss of our good pal MYM’er Spotlight…but like any good soap opera character, MYM’er Spotlight will survive this tragic accident and come back with a robotic arm or something crazy like that. Anyway, that’s all peeps! Later!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!




  1. I’ve been reading Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Manga on One, thanks to some motivational ZA WARUDO! I finished reading Part 3 last night, which is where Dio Brando is killed off for good by the almost as badass Jotaro Kujo (the guy in the GIF Dio is beating up) whom I think Meruki Master is ripped off of. Just in case you didn’t realise.

    JJBA is kinda bizzare, but it’s got a serious tone, and is graphic.

    Dio Brando is pretty much my favouritest set of mine, along with Heatran due to their fun ideas.

    Great recap.

  2. By the way, you added the third word for my little vocabulary of wisdom: MOTIVATIONAL

  3. Nice to know we’ll have some more content to look forward to every week. Can’t wait! =D

  4. Last poll option on last poll is (Y)

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