Posted by: bkupa666 | July 20, 2010

Kupa's Weekly Retrospective: 7/20

How’s it goin’, MYM?  As you probably know by now, each leader is going to be writing a weekly article to make sure we don’t have too many sets in the thread keep this place more active.  My personal series’ will take a look back at this date in MYM’s past.  I will write about how each set was received back when it was posted, and how it has aged.  Is good to teach the young’uns history, yes?  Without further ado…

Takamaru by Wizzerd: Takamaru was the first of Wizzerd’s series of retro sets in MYM6.  The generic protagonist of Nazo no Murasamejō was a fairly popular character back when Sakurai made Brawl polls that he ended up ignoring, and if I remember correctly, a good number of MYMers were curious to see how he would translate into a moveset, as he seemingly lacks much potential.

Initial Reception: Initially, MYMers seemed to be drawn to Takamaru’s organization (this came up in the majority of his comments).  Keep in mind Takamaru was posted back before nearly every comment was several paragraphs long.  Because of this, it’s difficult to pinpoint just why people enjoyed the set.  At the time, HR and I were both pleased that Takamaru was an interesting read, rather than (in HR’s words) the ‘border-line Marth clone’ he would be made by the creator of sets infinitely more ‘fun’ than ours, Sakurai (that was my addition there).  Junahu did address the issue of random props scattered throughout the set, which in my opinion, is what really made this set fall as far as it did over time.  One year ago, however, people were expecting Takamaru to place rather highly in the Top 50.  While he did manage to achieve a place in the mid-40’s, Takamaru has largely fallen by the wayside recently.

Current Reception: Takamaru is considered to be one of Wiz’s worst sets, largely because of minimal unique playstyle, excessive random props, and verbose paragraphs of detail.  In my opinion, while Takamaru is nowhere near as bad as certain pieces of tripe that followed it (I’m looking at you, Wart), every single Wiz set after Takamaru was better (Lucario is debatable).  In addition, because generic characters a-plenty made today trumps Sakurai’s without blinking an eye, the fact that a generic character in Takamaru did so two contests ago means next to nothing to us.

Anyways, Takamaru was posted two years ago on this date.  But what about two years ago on July 20th…way back in MYM2?  Although none of these sets placed in the rigged Top 50 of MYM2, the nostalgia that came from reading these sets was huge, if not just from the standards of the good old days, rather than the sets themselves.



Dr. Cox

Maestro Max

Dr. Wily

And that does it for Week #1 of Kupa’s Weekly Retrospective.  Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome.  Tune in next week another journey back in time to the MYMs of yore.



  1. Fairly good article, Kupa and I look forward to more! Takamaru was indeed heralded at the time as some masterpiece for not being a bunch of generic sword slashes, eventually succumbing to the opposite offence – not having enough generic sword slashes.

    At the time, everyone was really still enamoured by the idea of having all magic syndrome-y moves, or ones that, for no reason, broke Smash concepts. It was also when playstyle had just come in as the next big thing, thus Takamaru suffers from having a rather middling one.

    Still, for its time, it’s alright – I liked it more than any of Wizzerd’s other MYM6 sets. Honestly, that doesn’t say much with the likes of Slowpoke, Bubbles and poopoo like Sukapon.

  2. I remember this et. While it could use some more actual sword attacks looking back, I still appreciate the effort Wiz put into giving us more than just that despite it being such a simple character.

    *sees God moveset* (xd)

  3. Seems odd to have a feature that focuses on a specific day in history only once a week. Seems more like an article that should be published daily. Not saying you should, I just hink it comes across as a bit strange.

    Anywho, interesting article. (Y) God for God Tier (H)

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