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MW Top 9s — Hyper_Ridley Sets

And today begins the revival of the MW Top 10s. They died in the first place from lack of internet/computer access, so it wasn’t –entirely- slothfulness. . . – The top 10s will now only be on Wednesdays rather than Monday/Wednesday. While I could change the title of the top 10s to “Warlord Wednsedays”, I’m come a long way from the days of alliteration and I praised extras, and I’d like to stick with “MW Top 10s” for the sake of continuity anyway. Yes, I am aware that statement is rather an oxymoron when the number of sets in the lists is constantly changing, but it’s not like that’s intentional outside negative lists being top 13s.

Anyway, the first top 10 list since god knows when is for Hyper_Ridley. This list actually benefits from being so delayed – if you read the classic piece “The Great Depression”, it contains a rather ugly piece that was originally going to be included in the article. . .But now that ranting is done and can go die in a fire, and we can focus on HR’s greatness.

Apologies in advance to Spadefox Remix for just barely not making the cut. I could make this list a top 11, but you all hate me for not being consistent with the numbers anyway. Blame Helios. Apologies also for this list coming so late on this day – computer access was pulled before I could finish the list. In any case, over here in the Pacific Time Zone, I’m still getting this list out a whole 12 minutes before it’s Thursday. . .

9 – Dark Gaia by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 5

Dark Gaia is HR’s second shot at camping after Bass in MYM 3, and needless to say Dark Gaia is significantly more focused coming so much later – this moveset was very much a part of the rise of playstyle with it’s perfectly legitimate flow, even if it did go largely ignored because we were secretly all still looking for MYM 4 creativity when it was posted. A shame this one was passed up, he even has a concept that a member of the unholy trinity of camping who “invented” it used with his dtilt minion that he can send out while staying perfectly safe. Raven’s Soul Self, anyone? The other thing that resulted in this moveset being somewhat overlooked was how the character himself was awkward to picture, mainly due to having to be so downsized for Brawl. . .

8 – Black Doom – MYM 4

Black Doom is ultimately a stage controlling character – not a blatant one like the ones that made us conscious of the concept and it’s brilliance like in MYM 5, but one none the less. Hell, even HR was not really that aware of Doom’s stage control game at the time, and it was downplayed in favor of versatility. . .And combos are a part of his game. Good lord. Sound familiar? Thankfully, Black Doom has tools to make his combos work, mostly through the “customizable hitboxes” of many of his stage control-esque moves and his Holo Clone which lets him use multiple attacks at once essentially. Of course, he’s still got plenty of potential for defensive camperish stuff too. This set ages very well so long as you read between the lines, as while up there with Jafar it simply wasn’t aware of everything it was doing at the time.

7 – Acid Seaforce – MYM 5

Acid Seaforce won HR MYM 5 for good reason. He’s a camper, and while he doesn’t introduce camping like Dark Gaia or Bass, there’s more to Seaforce then that. . .Seaforce is the only moveset that’s had such a heavy focus on damage over time via poison damage, being a way to constantly threaten the enemy without doing anything. Seaforce wants to stall by playing defensively so the poison damage works its’ magic. . .So he pressure the enemy by playing defensively. Defensive pressure character. Hello? Every second that ticks by is damage on the enemy, so even if they’re another defensive character who doesn’t bother approaching, Seaforce is perfectly content to let the match drag on.

6 – Mogenar – MYM 7

One of the main playstyle pieces of Mogenar that is remembered is that he gimps from the safety of the stage with ranged attacks, being touched on before but never a large part of a moveset’s game. What you might not know is that this moveset also telegraphed a part of a playstyle that I thought everybody ripped off from Moe of the Komodo Brothers – he fights to push the foe to the edge of the stage so that he can gimp them. Aside from this, Mogenar has some interesting (And highly fitting) stuff with his orbs and how he restores them, mainly by grabbing orbs from far away with his energy hands. . .Or perhaps just having the energy hand swat at the foe along the way. Should he get daring, Mogenar can even take out an orb and use it as a KO method by exploding it.

5 – Helios – MYM 8

Dark Gaia’s fate is one I fear Helios may suffer, hence why I didn’t bother mentioning it in my comment. I was essentially just picturing this big blob with tentacles – the main thing that helps the visualization is the color coding system of the swarmbots. The various color codes system managed to make a very cool method of playing with “Priority” without overly focusing on it, which proved to be the downfall of certain sets.

Indeed, Helios isn’t particularly focused at all, being a more versatile character. That’s not to say he doesn’t have flow at all – he has 2 distinct styles that he can freely switch between or use in tandem, with no shortage of ways in order to mix, match, and separate them. Helios is a playground for creative players to mess with, having plenty of room to strategically place his swarmbots so that they fall into his attacks or protect various entities. I can only imagine how big of a hit Mogenar and Helios would’ve been if they were actually finished and posted Eeveelution style back in the day when they were in production, alongside an equally epic Omega Ridley moveset.

4 – Bass.EXE – MYM 3

While Bass isn’t as unique as Doom was, he was still the first camper ever, really. Unlike Doom, Bass was fully aware of what he was trying to do and was proud to show it in an actual legitimate playstyle summary section that was unheard of at the time. Even the lengthy ones by big shots like MasterWarlord were basically just re-stating everything about the set that had already been said, most commonly due to said sets lacking playstyle of any kind, but this playstyle summary was actually competent. Aside from this, Bass wasn’t entirely just projectile spamming either and also had an element of stage control to add to the game. It wasn’t huge, but you have to keep in mind that this is one of the biggest pioneers of movesetting ever. Spectacular Movesets like this are what allowed us to separate from MYM 2 and BiTF.

3 – Vile – MYM 6


Vile’s playstyle summarized into a couple words is interesting enough as is: “Projectile Combo Character”. But this isn’t true combo stuff. . .It just actually makes a point with being spammy with projectiles that seems rather obvious – so obvious that it’s quite surprising nobody else has done it. He simply fires so many projectiles so quickly that you can’t fire them all at once so that playing against him is like playing one of those bullet hell games. Indeed, Vile is Flandre Scarlet. Of course, there’s more to Vile then just mindlessly spamming – he has to use his projectiles strategically to surround the foe from all angles and what-not, meaning that there’s no way for fellow defensive characters (Read: Fellow MYM characters) to escape him.

2 – Arbok – MYM 7


Arbok takes one of the most painfully underutilized concepts that MYM has introduced and follows up on it – attacking the background to hit people who are dodging. With this moveset, HR gives us the definitive offensive character while still being entirely unique about it. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s significantly more difficult to make unique offensive playstyles – the problem with the flood of defensive characters is when they face off against each other. For the most part we’ve gotten around the problem with movesets that simply play more proactively against fellow defensive characters, but most movesets that attempt to be offensive either have to resort to combos or just be generally painfully generic. This is the true offensive moveset in MYM 7 that deserves recognition – it’s possibly the single most underrated moveset ever made. It’s a one day Pokeset? Who gives a damn? As we all know by now, the best movesets are made quickly and the best ideas are generated spontaneously.

1 – Super Macho Man – MYM 7

The reason Arbok was so painfully underrated was mainly because of this moveset stealing most of its’ glory – there’s just a bit of a gap between this at 5th and Arbok in the 30s, don’t you think? The movesets both have very similar appeal, having shockingly unique yet simple playstyles that could actually be implemented into a game in seconds. While Macho Man isn’t a blatantly offensive character like Arbok, his playstyle of breaking shields is arguably even more unique (One wouldn’t think that’s possible after reading Arbok) – you all apparently agree with me, hence why he got 5th. If you are Rool, then you simply do not care about unique playstyles and are perfectly content to see everything outside the Specials be entirely irrelevant to anything and everything.



  1. Yay! ❤

    Pretty much everybody I expected to see got a mention, though Helios was a pleasent surprise. And a certain Possum is missing (wary).

    Spadefox Remake would most likely be 11th if I ranked myself, so no worries. Though Dark Gaia is in trouble of dropping off when I inevitably complete the Leviathan Guardians with an Omega Ridley set (smirk).

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