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MYMer Interviews #1 — MarthTrinity

We all tackle Make Your Move differently. Some of us might value simplicity and feasibility, while others of us might challenge the foundations of what Smash is about. Some of us might see a moveset as an application of a character already is into Smash, while others of us might see it as an expansion of the character themselves. The only way to expand our views is to understand how our peers go about movesetting, as well as get to know them as people.

Interviews take place as PMs to be replied to on Smash World Forums. Don’t ask to be interviewed – I’ll ask you, and if you’re remotely well-known, I’ll probably ask you to be interviewed at some point or another. Every interview will include ten questions asked in every interview, as well as five specific to each interviewee. In addition, there’ll be a special question in each interview not made by me…

What do you consider your best moveset and why?
As I’ve said countless, countless times before, I still to this very day feel as though Shanoa in MYM4 is my best set and my personal favorite. Maybe it’s in part having to do with nostalgia but…yeah, everytime I read it I just go “****, this really should’ve placed higher.” Maybe it’s just bias but I never liked that it placed the same as Light and Ryuk of the previous contest.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
My favorite movesets not by myself? Uh…Sloth by MasterWarlord is an obvious one. Jumpluff by KingK.Rool, Super Macho Man by HR…uh..most Junahu sets. I don’t think there’s eer been a Junahu set I’ve disliked in recent memory.

What do you look for in a moveset?
I look for cool concepts and at least decent execution. Even if a moveset has an awesome concept but is done really poorly, I might not be a huge fan. To a lesser degree I look for balance and writing style. As you know I’ve been a critic of balance before, even going so far as to make two movesets openly mocking balance (especially Ultimate Chimera). As for writing style, if a set makes me WANT to read it then I’ll probably enjoy it more…but if I have to claw my way through awkward writing it really reduces the experience for me.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
Anywhere and everywhere! I’m the dude who made a moveset for a cow, remeber? Most of the sets I make are based off of games or stuff that I’m currently into (Silver, Hyatt, Shanoa) whereas other ones are totally random (Tauros, Negative Man, Swalot). Some are just for characters I find totally awesome (Steven, Henry, Odysseus).

How often do you cut movesets?
The fact that I’m the person who created the Moveset Graveyard says volumes about how many sets I’ve cut in the past. The fact that I have a ton left to add to the Graveyard says even more. Most of the time when I cut sets it’s because I think of a character I want to make more and ditch the other set with the mindset that I’ll go back to it eventually…sadly, I rarely do = \

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
I discovered MYM1 but never gave it much thought at all. I was one of those “Pre-Brawl” members who would post movesets for characters I hoped would be in Brawl, mostly super obscure characters. I actually signed up on SWF just for the sole purpose of showing off my ideas and opinions on Brawl characters. I eventually joined in MYM2 posting L Block on page 9 I believe. I didn’t post my first serious set (or actually, I didn’t post again at all) for another 20 pages or so.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?
 Me? Interesting? Hahahahaha. I’m pretty open with myself to MYM. I’m originally from England and moved to Minnesota at the age of two or three. I’ve spent most of my life there until August of last year where I was forced to move to Nevada with my family. As for quirks well..uh…I’m a slacker/procrastinator at heart which didn’t fare well for my high school years. I graduated though just fine and I’ve been taking college courses in Nevada and I have plans to eventually move back to Minnesota as it sucks in Nevada and there’s bugs that will eventualy kill me if the heat doesn’t.

What’s the inspiration for your username?
Marth is my Melee/Brawl main and my secondaries are Peach and Ness, thus, my team is the Marth Trinity. Yep…..

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
My closest friend in MYM…that’s a hard one especially considering I’m such good friends with a lot of MYMers and I think that they’re all really awesome. I hate to pick favorites but if I -MUST- chose a closest friend in MYM I’d probably have to say Shake~. He’s the first person in MYM who I would actually netplay stuff with as well as the first person in MYM who’s voice I’ve heard. Dunno, Shake’s always just been awesome.

And I don’t want anyone going, “But why wasn’t I your favoritest purson evor? D:” because I lurv all of my MYM friends (hug)

Who is your favorite Pokemon?
My favorite Pokemon has and probably always will be Hitmonlee. He’s a torso with eyes who can kick you in the head from across a room; how ****** is that? Runner ups would be Qwilfish, Misdreavus, Altaria, Tropius and Tangrowth.

What’s it like being the OP of MYM8?
It’s admittedly kinda sorta more stressful than I thought it would be. I was ready and open for the challenge though and even rewrote the entire OP in preperation for it. It’s a surprising amount of work but I’m trying my best what with trying to get stuff organized and planning out new stuff but I am grateful for my team.

You’re one of several MYMers who joined in MYM2. How does this feel and how do you think it differentiates you from other, later-joining MYMers, if at all?
If anything I think it helps me relate with newcomers more easily than some of the other members. I mean, while some people will look at a newcomer set and see the bad, I see a set that was easily better than my first efforts. I mean Christ, my first serious moveset was more or less Ike/Marth fused with Wario. Travis was -FULL- of simple moves and most of his Specials were really unoriginal. I guess if anything the “lower standards” of MYM2 have always left in my mind that everyone starts somewhere. My sets were complete rubbish but look at me, now; my sets are still rubbish but I’m the OP, funny world.

What was it like meeting emergency at the MN Anime Detour Con?
Meeting merge at Anime Detour was freakin’ awesome! T’was in the game room during the middle of a big Brawl tourney. I just walked into the room and yelled out “EL OH EL CHILLINZ” and this totally awesome dude comes up and is like “You’re Marf? =D” It was a pretty awesome experience to meet him. Unfortunately I came too late to sign up for the Brawl tourney and merge got knocked out first round due to his controller screwing up…but we got to hang out for a while and play Melee together which was awesome.

How did you feel about constantly placing 25th, and how do you feel now that you don’t do so anymore?
That **** 25th curse, bleck. While funny enough that it happened three times in a row, it was admittedly rather discouraging to me. I mean, two of my favorite movesets of all time (Hyatt and Shanoa) placed the same as one of my most hated sets that only placed because of a single taunt? Light and Ryuk is my single most disappointing placing and I admittedly feel bad that it beat out so many more deserving sets. I don’t really care that I don’t have the 25th spot “locked” anymore. I’d rather be placing well or placing where I deserve to place than continuing a silly “tradition.”

What moveset plans do you have to follow Strike Man with?
I have a few planned and a few that are more than half done. Belome (from SMRPG) is nearing completion and in case anyone’s been wondering why I’ve been posting Pokemon in each one of my posts well…let’s just say it’s leading up to Pokemon #80 on post #80.


If you could be any type of fabric, which would you be and why?
If I could be any type of fabric I would be velcro. How awesome would that be to be able to stick to various types of fabric related surface? Pretty awesome I think. Plus velcro makes that awesome noise when you pull it apart. It’s pretty much the king of all fabrics.



  1. MT WEEK 😀

  2. And just as a note, you might be wondering why this is an interview of MT when DM just made a feature of him yesterday. The answer is that I originally -WASN’T- going to interview MT, but the previous interviewee couldn’t reply to the PM in time so I did what I could.

    Hope you enjoy (chew)

  3. This article is quite easily the most interesting of all the people’ stuff. I am looking foward to when more are made.

  4. I would’ve picked underarmor for the fabric. It’s so smooth! =O

  5. Interview me next Wiz

  6. Pretty sweet article, I’d say. I like the amount of different types, rather than all being some kind of recap. It’ll be very funky if all the submitters can keep it up week-by-week.

    On the interview itself, I was -thinking- Shanoa when I read that moveset question. It’s probably also my favourite set of his, despite Negative Man being technically better in every way – Shanoa deserves more credit than it gets. Also, if Wesker was ever made, it would probably be my favourite moveset ever. ;D

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