Posted by: MarthTrinity | July 25, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 47

Picture totally not related.

Howdy all and welcome once again to the Sunday Recap! Well this week was certainly far, far more active than last week, what with several new articles, several movesets, a huge amount of comments and a ton of thread activity! Let me first and foremost say, awesome job guys! So yeah, what exactly did we have this week? Well we had some big name movesets including one by Hyper_Ridley so that right off the bat should tell you it’s a good week! Anyway, let’s get right into the sets!

First off we had a second moveset by MYM’r, this one being for the 4th gen cat Pokemon, Glameow. Now, I’m not a huge fan of the anime so I’m not really clear on this one but apparently this particular Glameow is based on a Glameow owned by some trainer in the anime. But whatever! It’s a Glameow and Glameow is pretty awesome. The set itself is fairly basic albeit an improvement over Paris and London. It did however generate quite a bit of controversy in the thread due to claims of Pokemon Syndrome against it and MYM’r arguing otherwise. Pokemon Syndrome claims aside, MasterWarlord mentioned that it also lacked any kind of flow or playstyle. Katapultar however praised it a fair bit in his comment.

Next up was a tad bit of a surprise; a Hyper_Ridley solo set! “But MT! HR said he was done with solo sets!” Indeed he did but take that up with him. On second thought, don’t because we actually WANT HR making more sets because they’re awesome and stuff! This moveset was actually the second member of his long lost Leviathan Guardian Trilogy; Helios. Now way back in the time of yesteryear, Hyper_Ridley had a massive project planned to post a series of three sets for the major bosses of Metroid Prime 3. This unfortunately fell through and Mogenar was posted solo, alone and sad. Many a year (about one MYM) later, Helios was recovered from near Graveyard status, finished up and posted. Only Omega Ridley remains untouched…as of now.

Onto the set itself; Helios is one of those nifty multipurpose characters, being able to freely flow between his basic melee attacks and his more stage-control oriented attacks. He also makes use of his swarms of…well, swarm bots in order to pester the foe as well as to use them in some of his more complicated attacks (such as his grab game). As for reception, Warlord ranked it #6 on his Top Ten Hyper_Ridley list whereas HR himself didn’t expect much from it considering it was nearly two MYM’s old. Kupa also marked it up there as one of the better sets so far.

And then we had a whole bunch of posts about random stuff; MDA ranting about MYM, arguements over Pokemon Syndrome, a TWILT set, more arguments over Pokemon Syndrome..wait, a TWILT set? Yes! TWILT posted his 4th set of the contest; Ventus. Ventus is a pretty cool character in the sense that he’s got quite a few unique little quirks about him. For instance, Ventus can fill up a special meter under his health percentage in order to access a few unique transformations and, more importantly, his KO moves. He also had a nifty level up system that now seems to be gone which makes me a tad bit sad but he, what can you do? It’s not my set. Ventus was, as previously mentioned, fairly ignored for the most part due to the MYM’r arguement over Pokemon Syndrome. Oddly enough that arguement brought out several MYMer’s who rarely post including Frf, john!, zook, cutter and Kris121. Hell, I was half expecting Spade to show up for that arguement. As for actual comments, wrk expressed disappointment over many of the attacks being dull Keyblade slashes and said he’d have liked to see more magic attacks. Kat also placed it below Edgeworth whereas Kupa placed it below Red.

Finally this week we had Black Cat by n88_2004. According to n88 himself, Black Cat was originally made a week after he posted his HK-47. For those of you with short term memory loss, that was MYM6. While he claims not exactly to like the set, n88 wanted to at least post it to get it out there considering it was too finished to submit to the Graveyard. Not a whole lot to say here really; it’s an old set posted for the sake of getting the ideas out of there. As Kat said, picking at it by today’s standards is hardly fair so remember to appreciate it for what it is. Especially for that picture.

And that’s it for this week really! Whole lotta everything really! Make sure you check out all of the new articles and all that good stuff! I’d link them but they’re all riiiiiiiiiiiiight there on that nice handy side bar to your right! So click and read if you haven’t already! Lots interesting new articles there covering a wide variety of stuff (like me! Srsly, this was like MT week on the Stadium).

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Great recap MT. I was cannot tell you much I was pissed at the Pokemon Syndrome argument >_>.

    Favorite new article is probably the top tens or MYMer interview.

    My personal favorite set of mine is Ventus so far, but only by a little. I figured that people would like Edgey the best, but I AM surprised people like Red the best (especially from the reception he got).

  2. My fave TWILT set from MYM8 would be Ventus, since he’s got a nice balance between crazy shit and simple stuff (y).

  3. I kinda thought that ‘The Fall of MYM’ was made by Plorf, who asked Smady to post it.

    Warlord’s Top 10 are cool, though Im not a huge fan of the ones dedicated to 1 person. None the less, they are education in a certain manner.

    Smady’s Saturday Storytime = awesome even though I thought it was made by Plorf.

    I just realised that MYM has been using ‘years’ for measuring the time between MYMs, though it does kinda feel that way in a sort of sense.

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