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Moveset Graveyard #7 Part 1

Hey everyone and welcome to the 7th edition of the Moveset Graveyard. You know what seven rhymes with? Pokemon. Okay so it doesn’t at all but too bad; that’s the topic of today’s Graveyard. Today we have four unique dead Pokemon, one from each generation…except 2nd because apparently 2nd gen Pokesets don’t die so we’re just going to pretend like the second Pokemon is actually a 2nd gen okay?

Awesome. So anyway, first off we have the first gen Pokemon of the bunch (remember, we’re considering the 2nd Pokemon today a 2nd genner in order to fill this out properly); Blastoise by TWILTHERO. Now, Blastoise was unfortunate enough to get cut from Trainer Red…and even more unfortunate that he did not get a completed set…but here he is now and it’s really the thought that counts isn’t it?


( Blastoise )

→ Level 16  → Level 36

Blastoise (カメックス, Kamekkusu?), known as the Shellfish Pokémon, is the final stage in Squirtle evolution. This Pokémon’s North American name is derived from “blast” and “tortoise” (though the “-toise” is pronounced “toys”). Blastoise helped introduce the world to the original 151 species of Pokémon by being featured on the box art of Pokemon Blue and Pokémon Stadium. Humorously, a visual comparison has been made between Blastoise and Nintendo character Bowser, King of the Koopas.

A Blastoise takes on an appearance radically different from its previous forms; the most obvious change is the addition of two retractable cannons on its shell. It is also a girthier and more imposing figure: the shape of its head is completely reformed; its limbs are now stout and segmented, bearing visible claws; and its once sought-after tail is short and somewhat stubby. The afore-mentioned cannon spouts are remarkable adaptations, allowing a Blastoise to shoot water with great power and accuracy. The jets of water it spouts from the rocket cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel,[42] while their bullets of water can precisely nail tin cans from a distance of over 160 feet.[43] The spouts also allow for high-speed tackles.[44] Despite being large and heavy, Blastoise can still move well on either two legs or all fours. Blastoise can be found living on island beaches near the ocean, but their preferred habitat seems to be freshwater ponds and lakes.

< Stats >

Size – 8/10

Blastoise is on the big size, having the near same size as Bowser, with only being a little shorter.

Weight – 8.5/10

Blastoise is one of the heaviest characters in the game, thanks to his shell.

Power – 4/10

While Blastoise is a heaviweight, he’s not exactly the strongest of them.

Ground Speed – 6/10

He’s above average in speed, thanks to the cannons blasting him forward.

Attack Speed – 7/10

Surprisingly, Blastoise has decent attack speed.

Traction – 10/10

He’s a heavyweight, and he can stop in place whereever the player chooses.

Jumps – 2/10

Unfortunately for Blastoise, his jumps are rather mediocore, thanks to the shell on his back.

Falling Speed – 6/10

Blastoise is an above average faller.

Range – 8/10

Probably the best far range fighter on Blue’s team, he has a great asset of far range attacks.

Priority – 7.5/10

Blastoise is decent here, thanks to him hiding in his very protective shell.

Recovery – 7/10

Despite his poor jumps, Blastoise can still pull of a decent recovery.

Crouch – 2/10

Blastoise…has short legs…how can he possibly crouch?

< Special Attacks >

Neutral Special – Protect

Blastoise starts hiding in his shell, and suddenly, a light green light starts glowing on it for 2 seconds. It takes barely any lag for this to be performed, and hardly any ending lag either. While in this state, it protects Blastoise from any attack for 2 seconds, even Final Smashes, making this a good defensive move. After that, Blastoise cannot use this 2 times in a row without waiting for 5 seconds. If he attempts to do so, Blastoise will instead be hurt by 1.5x the regular damage, and will still have to keep waiting.


Side Special – Aqua Ring

Blastoise starts concentrating for a second, and a water ring starts surrounding him. Note while he’s concentrating, he’ll suffer damage 1.5x times the regular amount. Now for every 3 seconds, Blastoise is healed about 3% damage for as long as he wants. For Blastoise’s Aqua Ring to disappear, the opponent must either must keep on continue hitting the him 5 times in a row, perform their normal special on him or KO him. This move can even be passed on to his teammates using his down special.

[ 0% ]

Up Special – Rocket Shell

Blastoise’s body parts hides into his shell, and depending on the direction you press, the cannons on Blastoise’s shoulders will blast in the opposite direction, propelling him into his desired path. It blasts him for 5 stage builder blocks, and not only that, Blastoise has super armor while blasting, making this recovery not interceptable. This does have a bit of startup lag though, and above average ending lag as well. If Blastoise rams into an opponent with this move, it’ll deal off 7% damage, with little knockback.

[ 7% ]

Down Special – Switch

Before Blastoise is called back to his master, he gets in his shell, and starts spinning around in one spot like crazy. Blastoise is not immediately called back to Blue, until he sends out his next Pokemon. After a whole second, Blastoise stops spinning and returns to Blue. This is a good way to stop frontal enimies from attack Blue’s next Pokemon. Anyone hit by Blue’s spinning Blastoise will suffer 5% damage with little knockback.

[ 5% ]

< Standard Attacks >

Neutral Attack – Tackle

Blastoise suddenly hides in his shell, and bashes forward, similar to his younger brother Squirtle’s forward smash. This moves a whole stage builder block forward. This deals off about 9-10% damage with okay knockback. This has very good priority, breaking through many attacks. However, while it has barely any beginning lag, the ending lag Blastoise suffers is above average, making it a not so great move to miss with. Overall, it’s basically used to go and break through attacks.


Forward Tilt – Water Gun

Blastoise aims one of his cannons forward and a ball of water shoots out from it. It travels forward a decent 2.5 stage builder blocks forward, with it being as big as Jigglypuff. Coming into contact with an opponent deals off 7-8% damage, with it always pushing the opponent 2 stage builder blocks forward. There is hardly any beginning lag, but above average resting lag. This also has rather low priority, so other attacks can easily break the projectile. This is good for mainly pushing opponents and stalling.

[ 7-8% ]

Down Tilt – Refresh

Blastoise’s cannons blast upwards, and suddenly, the water starts spraying on Blastoise, refreshing and reenergizing Blastoise 15% damage. The animation takes a whole second for it to be completed. This is a great way to annoy opponents, espicially considering Blastoise is heavy, and won’t be going down without a fight. However, opponents that keep on hitting will be able to stop smart Blastoise players to even think about using this move.

[ 0% ]

< Smash Attacks >

Forward Smash – Hydro Pump

Blastoise starts charging up his shoulder cannons. Then, he lets a huge blast of water from both cannons, dealing off 13-14% damage uncharged with nice knockback, and 18-20% damage with good knockback fully charged. It travels a great distance of 4 stage builder blocks forward. However, this has rather laggy beginning lag, comparable to Ike’s forward smash, but hardly any ending lag worth mentioning. The water blasts are streams of water that can push opponents away if it hits an opponent at the very end of the blast, similar to Link’s Gale Boomerang side special, but not nearly as effective.

[ 13 – 20% ]

Up Smash – Skull Bash

Blastoise starts tucking his head into his shell, which doesn’t take too long to execute. While he’s in this pose, any hit Blastoise takes will do zilch knockback, and are reduced by 5% damage (attacks will do at least 1% damage however). Blastoise then leaps up 1.5 stage builder blocks into the air, hitting anyone with his head dealing off 13-14% damage with nice knockback uncharged, with 17-18% damage with good knockback full charged with good priority to boot. As Blastoise lands back onto the ground, he suffers heavy ending lag.

[ 17% ]

< Throws >

+ Pummel – Bear Turtle Hug

Blastoise uses his strength to crush his opponents by hugging them, dealing off 3% damage a pummel at regular speed.

[ 3% ]

+ Forward Throw – Mega Punch

Blastoise starts charging his right arm for a powerful right hook punch, dealing off 12% with okay knockback.


And there’s our 1st Gen Pokemon Blastoise! Now four our stand-in 2nd Gen Pokemon; Muk by agidius. Yeah I know it’s not a 2nd Gen Pokemon but I’ve seriously gotten -NO- 2nd Gen submissions yet; just first and 4th…



~ Its body is made of a powerful poison.

Mini-Mechanic: Grimers

Muk is actually a bit more complex than a big pile of sludge… actually, he’s THREE piles of sludge! Through two of his moves (Up Special, USmash) he can manipulate these component pieces. The USmash is simple, comparatively. It simply destroys one of them. The Up Special, however, will actually dislodge one of these piles, creating a very low-AI Grimer if it lands on the ground. It’ll attempt to get back to you just like Nana after Popo, and when it reaches you it’s immediately reabsorbed into Muk’s main body.

Muk has three sets of stats for each number of Grimers in his body… but suffice it to say that he gets faster and can jump higher, and his weight, range, and power drops the fewer he has. Finally, if you use either your Up Special or USmash when you have nothing extra, it’s virtually a self-destruct.

Neutral Special: Sludge

A standard move for any poison-type Pokemon, Muk is no exception. With slight starting lag as he shedders slightly (it sounds like he’s clearing his throat), Muk shoots out a dark-purple glob of… well, I’m not sure what it is, exactly. Sundance thinks it might be some sort of pudding. It’s pretty gross, that’s for sure. Anyways, the goo ball is about the size of Mario’s head, for reference. It’ll travel about the length of a battlefield platform, making it pretty situational, and land on the ground with a squelch. You can slide over the ball to pick it up, but it won’t matter either way. You have a hint of ending lag after this move, like one of the Mario Bros’ fireballs.

Now, if the goo ball hits the opponent, that’s where the fun stuff starts to happen. They’ll take 6% damage, and be pulled along with it a bit slower than its trajectory. It’s impossible to actually force a KO with this, but it can be used rather effectively for gimping, considering its trajectory. If a foe is pulled to the ground with this, they are stuck in a psuedo-grab, with half the escape difficulty, although it’s always treated like they’re at 20% damage. Feel free to follow up with any move besides Sludge, Sludge Bomb or any other “retching” move… Muk’ll make a pathetic gasping noise if you try for another one within 1.5 seconds of the first use.

Side Special: Toxic

The startup animation for this move is exactly the same as the last… But its purpose is quite different. Instead of a semi-uniform glob, Muk shoots out a dense steam of a light-purple viscous liquid for about the same time as Mario would use a fully-charged FLUDD, but with half the range. It also has the same pushing properties as the FLUDD… hold on here, what’s the difference?

Any foe you hit with this move takes on a purplish sheen and outline, evidence that they have been poisoned. The poison affect lasts 10 seconds, and deals 1% of damage every 2/3 of a second. Put those calculators away; it averages out to 1.5% a second, meaning 15% from one use of this move. A bit high at first glance, but you’ll have to wait a while to reap the benefits. Once their ten seconds pass, the poison leaves their body and they return to normal.

However… this is Toxic, is it not? And all us Pokedorks know that Toxic doesn’t poison, it BADLY POISONS. Well, yes. In order to BADLY POISON them, however, you’ll need to give them a second dose of Toxic before the first leaves them. This will leave them BADLY POISONED until the timer runs out, and they take on a darker shade of purple as a reminder. While BADLY POISONED, the foe will take hits of 1% twice as often, meaning that in optimal conditions (they’d have to be under the affect of a Timer) you could deal a quite respectable 30%! It’s a bit doubtful, however, considering this move’s ending lag… using up this valuable slime will leave Muk vulnerable for some time, comparable to Dedede’s Front Smash. Also, note that you can BADLY POISON the foe even if the poison didn’t come from Toxic in the first place… you can use this to follow up your FTilt or USmash, if need be.

Down Special: Toxic Waste

Time to bring part of the ol’ homestead onto the battlefield. With a relaxed sigh, Muk closes his eyes and enters his crouch animation, all spread-out on the ground. After about the time it takes to execute a Falcon Punch, he slides back together, with a satisfied grin. Now, the area that he just was on… doesn’t exactly look healthy, if you catch my meaning. Any vegetation that was part of the background lies dead, and there’s a very visible black goopy substance where the ground once was. It’s really not much of a hindrance to opponents, although it does drastically reduce the height of their first jump, if they happen to try to jump off of it.

Now, while Muk stands here, he’ll start to absorb this goo into his body. This will half his starting and ending lag on any of his “retching” moves, as well as something a bit more important… If Muk has lost a Grimer or became one himself (we’ll get there, no worries), this is his only way to get back to normal. For every 8 seconds he manages to stay here, he’ll absorb enough goo to replace one Grimer. This, of course, doesn’t have to be done all in one go, but it’s very possible to do so, with his excellent close-range game and his incredible crouch. Use this as often as you can, for as much time as you can, and you’ll be able to throw around USmashes and Up Specials freely.

Up Special: Mitosis

Suddenly, a huge glop of sludge drops out from Muk’s body, and drops straight downwards. It’s a weak hitbox that deals 4% and a tiny little spike, but that’s not what you’re shooting for, here. The slimeball that just came off your body was actually one of your Grimers, and releasing it gives you just enough of a boost to give you another jump! Remember, this jump will also be higher than your previous one, as the fewer Grimers you have, the more agile you become…

Neutral A: Bubble

With absolutely no starting lag, Muk’s body begins to churn and bubble, while he remains completely still. His entire body is a low-priority hitbox that will deal multiple hits of 2% with flinching knockback as long as the opponent is in contact with Muk’s body. In addition to this, each hit that’s dealt to the opponent adds a second to their poison counter. There’s a bit of ending lag to this move, too, but no more than the average tilt.

This is best used after you’ve BADLY POISONED the foe, although it may be a bit difficult to land. Disable them with Sludge, and then mosey on up and hold A. This is also one of Muk’s best ways to deal damage once he’s down to a single Grimer.

Dash Attack: Engulf

Muk maintains his momentum as he stretches his mouth open, nearly doubling his height. After noticeable starting lag (say, Ike’s Dash Attack) he does a slight leap upwards, and attempts to swallow the opponent. This can be escaped as if from a grab, but it’s twice as hard to do so. Foes will take the normal poison damage as long as they’re trapped inside Muk, in addition to any poison effects they might have. He can move around freely with the foe inside of him, but only at a walking pace due to the extra weight. Likewise, Muk can only jump half his normal height as long as he’s carrying the foe around.

This can potentially be used as a set-up for a USmash, although the foe does have Superarmor while trapped inside… it’s a worthwhile risk at times. Oh, and the USmash is the only move you can use to attack them while inside you. Don’t think you’ll be able to rack up some easy damage with this.

If you use your Up Special in conjunction with this move, the foe will be jettisoned instead of one of your Grimers.

Front Tilt: Poison Jab

After pulling his arm back slightly, Muk will throw it back out in front of him, parallel to the ground, with 1.5x the range of Marth’s Neutral Special. The arm is quite close to the ground, about the right height to hit a Pikmin right through the eyes. Now, there’s nothing overly special about this move… it deals 7% and pushes the foe along the ground, with no KO potential whatsoever. While you want opponents close to you, there always comes a time where they’re too in-your-face, and this is one of your options to get them away. Oh, and they’re currently the perfect distance away to hit them with some Sludge. I know what I’d suggest.

Up Tilt: Absorb

There’s no real action in this attack, but Muk’s body seems to become goopier, if that’s even possible. He takes on a slightly darker shade of purple, too, as long as you hold your UTilt. This is Muk’s counter against aerial approaches, as anyone to land on him during this time will become trapped in Muk’s body, unable to attack as they attempt to balance themselves on their shifting footing. Muk has Superarmor in the opening frames of this move, making it slightly less useless. The foe will be dislodged once Muk launches (or charges) another attack. It’s best to follow this up with your Neutral A, as chances are you’ll be able to hit them 3-4 times before they get out, 2-3 if they have good DI.

If no opponent lands in you, you’ll have to release the UTilt and suffer some pretty bad ending lag… about the length of a Falcon Punch. There’s no lag whatsoever if they do land in you, though, so you’ll have to balance whether it’s worth using… and quickly! That BAir’s headed right towards you!

Down Tilt: Smog

With no starting lag, Muk begins to cough and wheeze, making quite a racket. He’ll continue to do so as long as you hold down A, creating an ever-expanding cloud of black dust. A small cloud forms quickly, a stagebuilder block in radius in half a second. It can become up to three SB blocks in radius, but it’ll take four seconds to do this, time you’re unlikely to have. Foes inside of this cloud take the normal poison damage in addition to any poison effects, but this doesn’t stack with any of your swallowing moves. Still, it’s an effective damage-racker when coupled with some other moves.

Regardless of its size, the cloud will blow away in around 6 seconds, starting when you let it go. Thus, several smaller clouds can be more affective than a single large one.

Front Smash: Sludge Bomb

Muk begins to make a gurgling noise in his throat as he charges this move, a bit of a warning to opponents. Thee animation upon release is nearly identical to his Neutral Special, but with a key distance… he shoots not one, but 6-8 globs of [Sundance]pudding[/Sundance] the exact same distance and speed. Each of these deals 3-4% with flinching knockback, making this a great mid-range damage-racker. This is probably the best followup move for your Neutral Special, but it has no KO potential, especially for a Smash.

Up Smash: Explosion

Alright, I’ve been building you up to this move throughout the whole moveset. Now’s the big moment.

As you charge this Smash, Muk begins to flash red and white, like the Electrode from the Pokeball does. I’m sure you know what happens next… when you release the charge, a powerful explosion that extends about half a battlefield platform in all directions is created. This is Muk’s near sure-fire KO move, having potential to kill at 40% fully charged, in addition to 28-35% damage. However, it has the side affect of destroying one of your Grimers… and, if you have none leftover, you’ll be the one to take the guaranteed KO, combusting into a pile of ashes.

Of course, since the charge animation is so radically different, any smart foe will stay away at all costs, and even if they realize just when you release the charge, they’ll still have time to react with its starting lag. You’ll, under most circumstances, find you have to use Sludge to make this land. Even then, the foe will probably escape before you’re able to land the attack… use it very carefully.

Down Smash: Group Hug

Muk crosses his arms in front of him while he charges this attack, waiting patiently. When the charge is released, he stretches his arms out to either side of him, reaching up to nearly a battlefield platform. As it sounds, this has a bit of starting lag, nothing too crippling, however. His arms snap back quickly after reaching their maximum range, dragging any opponents or items they may have hit on their way back to Muk.

This isn’t really much of a damage racker, 8% maximum is dealt, but it’s a great way to bring opponents next to you. It has no ending lag, while your opponent does have a bit of hitstun, so it’s very easy to follow up.

Neutral Aerial: Liquid Ooze

All self-induced motion stops instantly (no free DI for you), and Muk appears to lose all coherence, his body losing all shape as he begins to fall downwards. His body is an infinite-priority hitbox that will pull the foe down with him as he falls. You can move left or right oh-so-slightly to hit an evading foe, but you fall pretty slowly; they’ll probably be able to go over and around by the time you get to them.

If you hit a foe who’s already offstage with this move, it’s a guaranteed ‘cide. Be careful, though… you can’t grab ledges or deactivate this move, and you have heavy ending lag if you land. If you land with a foe, you’re put into the same position as you would be after a successful UTilt. Oh, and one final note… his body may be infinite priority, but any attacking Up Special will be able to pass right through you, not knocking you out of the falling animation. One of Muk’s more risky risk/reward moves, for sure.

Back Aerial: Gunk Shot

Muk’s face moves to the back of his body, creating a strange feeling that reminds you he’s

Up Aerial: Belch

Muk raises his head to face upwards, and after a bit of starting lag, releases a powerful burp that launches opponents upwards. The range is the same as that of Dedede’s Neutral Special, but aimed up of course. This deals powerful “gentle” knockback that cannot KO, but also deals 5%. A simple move, but quite effective at defending against aerial approaches. There’s also quite a bit of ending lag, such as Samus’s FAir.

Down Aerial: Vortex

Okay, this is probably Muk’s craziest move, so bear with me…

With no starting lag, Muk begins to spin around in midair, but in a crazy way… it almost looks like a dog chasing its tail. It takes half a second to reach top speed, until which point no damage is done. At max speed, Muk’s already slow fall speed is halved, bringing him to a near-hover in midair. Foes who enter this swirling pile of goo that was once Muk will take 4% and a slight spike. It sounds easy to avoid, and weak at that, but with all the area covered by this arrack coupled with its high priority, this is a gimping move to be feared, that can even deal multiple hits at low %’s.


And that’s all we have for Muk! And that’s also all for this part of the Moveset Graveyard! So now it’s time to explain why this is Moveset Graveyard #7 Part 1. Well basically, as you can already see, Blastoise and Muk are pretty lengthy reads on their own…but I -REALLY- want to have a Pokemon blowout for this edition…so I’m basically splitting this episode into two parts.

This not only keeps it from being a ridiculously long article, but it also gives you guys a nice break in between parts so that you can read the sets at your own pace and then come back later for Part 2. Polls for all four sets will be in Part 2!

See you then!



  1. If you needed a 2nd genner, you could’ve held onto Kingdra. (smirk2)

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