Posted by: bkupa666 | July 27, 2010

Kupa's Weekly Retrospective: 7/27

What’s crackin’, guys?  I’m back for week two of my retrospective series.  This week last year, we actually had no sets posted on this date.  Because of this, I’ll be looking back to the day before, 7/26, where we were fortunate enough to have two sets to review.  Let’s get this started, with…

Primeape was a “65% effort” set by Lusitania, who promised to try harder next time.  Unfortunately, next time never came; he has yet to return to Smashboards after posting this set.  Quite a shame, actually; Lusitania did much better with this set than most newcomers could dream of doing, at least organization-wise.

Initial Reception: Primeape received a grand total of one comment at the time, from Smady.  He criticized the set’s lack of detail in moves, which was not a groundless claim.  Most of the attacks were simple punches and kicks, described in one or two lines.  Considering Lusitania was simply testing the waters of MYM as a newcomer, this offense was forgivable.  He then proceeded to never return to Smashboards, possibly because of his lack of reception; this is why it is important to help newcomers along, rather than tearing into them.  Not only do we miss out on potential future gems (DM comes to mind), we expand our contest to people who actually care about joining.

Current Reception: Primeape has all but been forgotten nowadays.  The set didn’t come anywhere close to the Top 50, so this isn’t a crime against humanity.  Honestly, what should be remembered from this is the lesson on newcomers: if we plant the seed to make them interested and motivated, they’ll feel more inclined to come back and expand the contest.  Smady attempted to do this, but Lusitania seemingly dropped off the face of the earth regardless.  Anyways, just something to keep in mind.

I mentioned DM up there as a newcomer whose set quality rocketed not too long ago.  As he was just starting out, he gave us sets like Daroach, which while still decent for a newcomer, left a lot to be desired.  DM will agree with me when I say this is another one of these sets…

Saren was one of darth_meanie‘s earlier works, which we can all fondly look back on now, when we see how far DM has come from here.  Mass Effect had been sorely underrepresented in MYM at the time, so Saren was a welcome inclusion.  Reading back over the set, the set fit Saren to a ‘T’; many newcomer sets regard character portrayal in sets highly, rather than focusing on set flow.  Although Saren is nowhere near DM’s best (his ranking agrees with me), he did manage to combine a bit of both, which is rather impressive.

Initial Reception: Saren was welcomed warmly due to the lack of Mass Effect sets in MYM.  Several MYMers enjoyed the quotes accompanying each move, seemingly more than the moves themselves.  HR generated a little phenomenon at the time in his generic comment: Saren was a great read. I loved how you made the shotgun more powerful at close range like a real one. The up-special was also pretty clever.  Comments on Saren slowed down drastically after this point (aside from one from Smady) due to most people ripping off of HR’s comment, then Hades making his appearance.  DM didn’t seem to mind too much, as his future sets all improved on what he had proved himself capable of with Saren.

Current Reception: DM ranked Saren near the bottom of his set ranking for a good reason.  He denounced as another Spadefox, all based on random moves to shut down opponents, punctuated by projectiles scattered into the set.  Looking back, another problem that surfaced with Saren is his Mass Effect-syndrome, in which he simply takes most of the weapons available in the game and puts them to use, disrupting most of the flow the set had with its projectiles.  People didn’t really nitpick these details out at the time, but as with Hades, the flaws stick out like a sore thumb upon a re-read.  We can also bash the over-large images all we want, but I found it rather pointless to do so, considering how far DM has come since Saren.  In essence, Saren’s flaws just bury him under all of DM’s other sets, making him fairly forgotten nowadays.

Now, back in MYM2 this week, we actually had a few relevant sets.  Meme Man, by smashbot226 went on to place 4th in the contest (3rd, if you discount the Paper Mario rigging).  He pretty much set the ground for sets like Youtube Toilet and YTP Arthur, full of lasers, the King, and Sparta kicks.  Looking back at these sets that were the absolute polar opposite of flow and seeing how far we’ve progressed is almost comical to me.  These sets truly were caveman paintings that held a place in MYM History.

Other sets that may interest you:

Agrias the Holy Knight by Newuser12345215

The Joker by BronzeBlade7 (May or may not have been an inspiration for MW’s MYM4 runner-up set)

Barack Obama by cheap_josh

And that concludes Week #2 of my Weekly Retrospective.  Sit back, grab some chicken strips, and enjoy reminiscing on MYMs of the past (and vote for my series on the Weekly Recap poll). See ya next week!



  1. It’s hardly surprising that I commented on two MYM6 movesets. It would be easier to find sets I didn’t comment than otherwise in that contest.

    Anyway, another strong article. Particularly, good work on doing two sets this time.

  2. Obama was one of the few MYM2 sets I fully read. Should have placed top 10 (h).

  3. I agree Obama should have placed top 10

  4. I hate to be -THAT- guy, but Paper Mario actually won “fair and square” or at least as fair and square as you got in MYM2.

    Smashbro was the cheater who had his friends come in and vote for his shitty set (D)

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