Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 2, 2010

Moveset Graveyard #8

Hey all and welcome once again to the Moveset Graveyard; the first and only place where your dropped movesets can rest in peace. So as you’ll remember last week, we had a two part Pokemon blowout edition…but yeah, we’re never doing that again because that was confusing and sucky, my apologies for that one. To make up for it, today we have a Junahu set! Yes, even Junahu drops movesets sometimes which is even a bigger deal than most considering his sets are for the most part those fancy high quality image sets. Anyway, this one seemed to be a counterpart of a certain Warlordian set…perhaps you can guess who?



Well first and foremost I’d like to apologize for a few things with this entry. The font size was much more readable on SWF…but because WordPress squishes stuff (this is at the maximum size it can be), it’ a fair bit harder to read. It was also better quality when Junahu sent it to me; I had to convert it from .bmp to .png because stupid WordPress won’t upload fancy bitmap images. That is however everything I have for The Count…I just hope it’s not too hard to read.

That’s all for this week as I’m starting to run a tad bit low on movesets for the Graveyard…remember, if you have any more contributions to make to the Graveyard, they’re very much appreciated! Hope you enjoyed and see you next week!



  1. It’s hopefully obvious enough why I chose to drop this set in favour of Doppelori. Counting is hardly the most thrilling of concepts to base an entire set on…

  2. I would main him. (H) Even if he only had those four specials.

  3. Dude, this is the silliest yet epic moveset ever!

  4. The Count is FUN AND EDUCATIONAL.

  5. I take it you don’t know how to count, Kat?

  6. You owe me a new monitor Warlord as I just spat Coke all over my current one xD

  7. Please do not make fun of me I am still trying to comprahend how many more three is than four.

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