Posted by: bkupa666 | August 4, 2010

Kupa’s Weekly Retrospective: 8/3

Coming to you live from southwest Montana, it’s the third week of Kupa’s Weekly Retrospective!  Seeing as how five people voted that my articles could use some improvement, but never specified why or how, I’ll try to keep this one more professional and see if these individuals become more captivated with this recounting of MYM history.

This week, I’ll be covering a single set posted prior to this date (sets seemed to become spaced out more erratically last August, due to MYMers leaving to go on vacation).  This set happens to be none other than incarnation of Abomasnow, by darth_meanie.  Last week, I discussed how Saren came closer to playstyle than any of DM’s other sets up to that point, but didn’t quite crack it due to being too scattered and infected with syndrome.  Abomasnow is far from perfect, but was still a major step up to playstyle for DM, similarly to my Hades remake.

Initial Reception: Abomasnow’s reception was, to quote DM, lukewarm.  MYMers seemed to dismiss this incarnation of the set to Ludicolo, due to their shared trait of altering the stage.  The set also took some flak for various easy-fix stat issues, such as having excessive landing lag.  While DM was attached to the set enough to defend these complaints (justifiably, in my opinion) and remake the set a contest later, he realized how big a stepping stone Abomasnow was for him at the time, and proceeded to pump out a series of sets with just as much playstyle, while steadily improving these ‘short-comings’.

Current Reception: Abomasnow 1.0 seems to be DM’s equivalent to my Hades remake: a set that has much to complain about upon a re-read, but was a gigantic milestone both of our careers.  DM recognized the positive aspects of this set, and gave them a fresh coat of paint in Abomasnow’s MYM7 revamp (which also trimmed out much of the set’s fat).  Abomasnow sneaked into 46th place in this contest; looking back, the first Abomasnow would have been a much more understandable pick than many others on the MYM6 Top 50, but what’s been done is done.  Moving on…

Back in MYM2 on this date, we had no sets.  Instead…we can look back on something just as interesting: the primeordial voting methods used way back when.  Users would post the sets they intended to vote for straight into the thread, leading to individuals attempting to pimp their sets out in the thread (this was before the concept of advertisements came about).  Smashbro in particular, rounded up a group of IRL friends to ‘advertise’ his mediocre sets, leading to a 10th place finish and robbing Barack Obama from his rightful spot on the roster.  You can see the insanity that ensued, starting here

Well, this retrospective has officially come to a close.  That’s right, Kupa is doing his best to stay consistent with his articles, even when on vacation, and even when Shark Week is on television.  Sayonara until next week, folks.  Oh, and while you have a moment, give me suggestions as to what to improve on this series, as it received the second-most votes in MT’s recap poll, and yet no comments on what needs fixing.  Whatever it may be, I will attempt to appease you all, at least a little bit.  Unless it’s Kat wanting me to help him learn his numbers.



  1. Yeah, all the voting systems we’re so used to today were put into place in late MYM 3 – although you voted for 50 sets at once and tallying them was a bloody nightmare. I did some – but not all – of the legwork, even though I wasn’t even an authority. No idea why I volunteered for that one.

    And actually, that reminds me of something really unlikely – BLITZKRIEG actually had access to the SBC for a while. It feels so strange to even think it; he feels like a relic.

    But the real voting overhaul that resulted in the systems of picks-kicks-shifts and 30-votes (although weak votes weren’t instituted until last MYM) was part of the BIG rejiggering of MYM itself, which took place in early MYM 4 and was mostly pushed along by Mendez.

    I like these articles a lot. They always send me off on a nostalgia trip.

  2. Oh God, tell me about it @ crazy nostalgia blasts. I just reread part of MYM2…Paper Mario and ATHF actually tied for first; GCM chose the winner by himself xD

    And I placed -14th- with Tabuu who got -seven- votes. SEVEN. That being said, it was a good trip down memory lane…good times, good times..

  3. Hollow Ichigo was the true winner of MYM2 (WARY). and I had no need to click the link to the thread, I remember the insanity and the raging like it was yesterday… *cue dramatic flashback*

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