Posted by: darthmeanie | August 6, 2010

Darth Meanie's MYM'r Spotlight #3

This time, we will focus on a movesetter who has not been around for so long as the previous two. JOE! (spelled with all caps and an exclamation point, always) is one of my closest friends in MYM, and a valued member of our community. He joined MYM in contest number 5, with his utterly uncelebrated Spiderman moveset. It had terrible organization, and was more or less overlooked, but for a first time moveset, was surprisingly well written and well thought out. Perhaps it is a statement of the different levels of activity, but a moveset of similar quality from a newcomer here in MYM8 would have likely welcomed a much, much warmer response.

In MYM6, he produced three more movesets, Rival Trainer, Velociraptors, and Mewtwo, a moveset he and I completed together. Rival Trainer was a rather massive project, using Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Feraligatr. (t suffered from some very unremarkable standard attacks and little else redeeming it, but had a warm reception as a marked improvement over Spiderman. His next moveset helped define his traits as a movesetter though. Velociraptors was a completely different approach to minion movesets; Velociraptors wasn’t a minion character as much as it was an ally character, fighting as a horde. It still had some boring moves, but the sheer brilliance of the concept, something that has not been attempted since, helped counterbalance the fact that the individual moves were somewhat underwhelming.

In the chat, JOE! was chided a lot for his generally immature behavior. MasterWarlord, JOE!, and myself would often get into debates about his Deadliest Brawler competition, mainly about its stipulation that characters be stripped of abilities that could not exist in real life. I still insist that a competition in which Rayquaza cannot fly is complete bullshit. MW insisted that JOE! was twelve, and we were all surprised when we learned he was actually a college student, and one of the older memebers of the community. JOE! is an active chat member, and although he was less inclined to chat about movesets, we are  all pretty much able to agree that he was a fun, if slightly childish, guy to have on the chat. Although at first I thought he was a little off, we get along very well now, and he’s one of my best friends in the community.

Mewtwo is a set of course that I can truly express how it was created. JOE! was absolutely adamant on working on the moveset; any time I saw him on the chat, I knew that in a few moments I’d see a Private Chat window pop up for us to discuss the finer points of the Genetic Pokemon. And it was a blast to work on the moveset with JOE!, and it gave me quite a bit of insight into how he movesets. JOE! exuded confidence in our work, excited about the directions we were taking the moveset. Generally, I feel that I was stronger at the general picture, but he was good at focuing on individual parts. The end result was so blended though that I can’t say that any individual part was either his or my work alone. Mewtwo went on to clean up in late MYM6, and won 7th place in the Top 50.

I learned a lot about how JOE! operates as a MYM’r in that joint set. JOE! takes whatever ideas he has and runs with them, a tendancy that has its positive and negative qualities. Velociraptors, Spartan Warrior, Octillery, Samus Remix, and Forretress all take a concept and push it to its absolute limit, whether it be spikes damage, pack hunting, incredible defense, or even a simple ammo type mechanic. This is a strength of his, and he makes movesets that are usually breaking some sort of new ground. On the flip side though, it holds back his movesets as whatever doesn’t directly feed into the concept withers. Forretress had so many moves that were variations on spreading spikes, not out of laziness, but because he was singly pushing that point of the set.

While he was somewhat inactive in MYM7, he’s come back with a vengeance here in MYM8, with a high quantity of movesets, with Octillery being especially praised as a set of his. Spartan Warrior is, I feel, one of the strongest movesets in the contest right now, easily the moveset with his best execution, if not the most compelling concept. JOE! is good at making movesets, and makes interesting movesets as a point of character. He still retains some rough qualities, and his movesets generally lack a lot of polish. For someone with as marvelous at Photoshop as to hack up an image of Mewtwo tearing Battlefield apart, he has absolutely no sense of aesthetics when it comes to actually putting the headers, text, and images all together. He’s also a notorious non-commenter. When JOE! does comment, which is infrequent, it is rarely particularly in depth, and even more rarely not an unsubtle bump to get a new page. So allow me to scold you for infrequent commenting while having a massive commentary drought myself (WARY).

JOE! is a great member of our community though, and an all-around cool guy too. I’m always excited about whatever moveset he’s making, and am privileged to often be able to discuss and offer advice on his sets with him. He’s quite capable of making many more brilliant movesets if he puts his mind to it, and if he continues to improve and produce at the rate he has so far in this contest, there’s no doubt he’ll be one of the biggest names in the contest. Perhaps this time you’ll finally wrest that ‘Most Improved MYMer’ award from me.



  1. JOE is great! He was one of the first people I really looked up to in MYM when I entered (so what if it was for his Photoshop skills? Sue me :P). He’s funny, helpful, and a really creative moveset maker. “Most Improved MYMer” is in the bag for him, and he deserves it! GO, JOE!

  2. This is a message for my good friend Plorf…


  3. (h)




  4. (goo)

  5. (goo) Also, lolHR.

  6. (goo)

  7. (goo)

  8. (NO)

  9. Spiderman’s reception was a funny thing. JOE kept improving that set and asking for people to reread long after everybody had moved on; eventually, he got it to the point where everybody just gave him a sort of begrudging “Yes, okay, it’s good now.”

    Good spotlight. (Y)

  10. (i)I have banned n88 for 1 hour for no reason.

  11. (STAR)

    Also, because it’d be rude to comment solely to interrupt a Goo chain, I do feel as though this was a good Spotlight, and seemed a bit more in-depth than the past two.

  12. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to make them much better than this, but I’m going to try.

    I just had to get into the swing of it.

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