Posted by: The Stadium | August 7, 2010

MYMer Interviews #3 — Junahu

What do you consider your best moveset and why?
If we’re talking personal favourites, then that’s easy; Alucard. It’s elegant, professional and doesn’t pretend to know more than it actually does. Plus MasterWarlord hates it, which is always a good sign.

Whether Alucard is my “best moveset” is another kettle of fish entirely. It’s hard to imagine a more varied stock of movesets than my own, and each one has a different goal, so I don’t think I can single out one set as the very best.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
¬_¬ I could just point you to [these] [four] [articles] [here]. But that’d be hella lazy.
I’m particularly fond of Tirkaro’s MYM6-MYM7 work, especially the Robo-links and Mario Vs Capcom Mix. Since I tend to stay relatively grounded in my own movesets, regardless of how wacky their concepts are, I appreciate completely left-field sets like these.

What do you look for in a moveset?
My personal enjoyment of a moveset wavers quite a lot over time. I admit that my current emmotional state does affect my reading of a moveset, as unfair as that may seem. I can, when I’m in a good enough mood, appreciate a rather broad spectrum of moveset archetypes, from the educational, to the just plain hilarious. But mostly, I’m looking for a set that is solicits some sort of emotional response as I read it. Y’know, something I enjoyed reading.
In particular “Character” is the single most important part of a moveset in my book, and it should shine through in every part of the set, from the writing, to the way the set plays. Otherwise, there’s nothing seperating that moveset from some generic stickman.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
I can get a creative spark from seemingly nowhere. Typically, movesets come from games I’m been playing that I found have a unique approach to gameplay. From there I ask myself how best I can integrate that gameplay into Brawl. And if the answer is time efficient enough, I start planning out the set. It helps if the game in question has some good ‘choonz’ to inspire me.

OC’s (Original Characters) on the otherhand, are typically a more deliberate process. Either I pick a theme and craft a character around it (Cutesy, Item Tree, Aedi) or I choose a character from my own mental meanderings and apply their ‘themes’ into Brawl (Donna, Anne). Either way, it’s difficult to establish them to the reader, without using Cheap_Josh style stereotypes, hence why I don’t make as many OC sets as I’d like.

Oh yeah.. I made wispa because of a rivetting in-thread discussion of chocolate, I made Clefable because she’s totally better than Nidoking, and I made the Item Tree because of the lengthy arguements I had with everyone after posting “Movesets of the past [#6]”

How often do you cut movesets?
Constantly. And for every moveset I cut out halfway through, there are 3 or 4 movesets that barely reached the planning stage. The annoying thing is that most of what I cut, would actually be a fantastic moveset. It’s just a question of time and effort.
During the start of MYM7 for example, I was working on a Majoras Mask moveset, who’s main plan of attack was to get the foe to wear him. The themes, moves and visual look were all finished, so it was just a case of writing everything down in neat. But then of course my attention was sucked into making Doppelori, and by the time I was free to continue working on MM, not only had someone already gotten to the concept (Octillery) but I had already released a set that worked pacifistically better in 2v2 (Nurse Joy), so there was no longer anything unique to MM.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
Well, nearly two years ago, I was visiting relatives abroad for several, tedious months. I brought a copy of Smash Brothers with me to ease the boredom, though CPU opponents and Wifi with Anyone got dull, fast. So I visited SWF to use their “friend finder” service, which promptly stopped working after only a few days (Is it still offline? I gave up checking after a few months)
So I was on SWF, bored, and looking for something fun to do with Smash Brothers. MYM seemed to fill that void quite nicely.

As for why I’m still around… I’m not really sure. MYM seems to be like some sort of drug peddling black hole. It sucks in movesets, and I can’t stop feeding the habit.
But it feels nice that I’m relatively important around here

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?
No, I’m just a boring and stereotypical nostalgia nerd (laughs). I suppose I have pretty odd philosophical beliefs, but that all stems from some generic existential anxiety, so it’s not worth elaborating on. I’m “this” close to becoming a generic RPG villain in real life. All I need are some wings, and an extended monologue on how the flaws of life can only be corrected by killing everything

What’s the inspiration for your username?
I get this question almost all the time. I was looking for a username that wouldn’t have been taken. I threw together some syllables at random. That’s it. ¬_¬
Though, Junahu is actually written Diaphonetically “ju:ŋa:’hu:”. So it’s pronounced d’ewe nar who (silent “d”), or “do you know who” with a strong colloquial twang to it. What a crazy language English is!

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
This question just reminds me that KingK.Rool and Emergency aren’t around anymore.
I try to find peers around and above my own abilities to pal around with. People to inspire me to think outside of the box. So I have a good deal of respect for people like MW, Smady, Plorf, Katapultar (and while they were here; Rool, Emergency, Mendez and Pk-Ow!).
Of course, anyone who can join in a Simpson’s quote or two when I’m in the chat is automatically a friend of mine. Remember kids, always recycle… TO THE EXTREME!

Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Nidoking.. totally. No lie. (laughs)

You’re historically against “remakes” and “remixes” of previous sets by yourself or by Sakurai. Why?
“Historically”? (deadpan stare) Awesome, my intolerance is the stuff of legends now.
I oppose these things for several reasons, but chief among them is how much they disrespect the past, generally ignoring what makes it work in favour of shoving some new doodads in wherever they may fit.
The practice is also sensationally lazy; taking a finished product and altering it is borderline plagerism (if not of the moves, then certainly of the concepts and themes).
You guys can’t make me read a remake with an open mind. How can I take a moveset seriously, if it has to be iteratively designed to meet the author’s standards?

hmm, the best comparative example I could give would be Resident Evil 1, and its remake for the Gamecube. While the remake is technically superior in every apparant way to the original, it lost a lot of the original’s campy B-movie sense of fun in the transistion, and with it, the whole reason people enjoyed it in the first place. Remakes just aren’t as fun as the originals because they end up mismashing together old values with new ones. Or am I preaching to people who thought Super Mario64DS was better than Super Mario 64? *shudder*

Along with SkylerOcon, you are one of two MYMers known to stand for being “insmash.” How do you think this affects you as a moveset creator? Do you ever drop movesets and concepts after deciding they are too “unsmash”?
I understand that first and foremost, when I am making a moveset for Smash, those are the boundries I choose to stick to. It’s a self imposed restriction that I feel forces me to be even more creative than usual (and it’s really the point of this contest isn’t it?). It’s a real balancing act to do the character justice, without breaking Smash’s back in the process, but this is exactly the problem real designers face every day and I respect their efforts greatly.
It’s worth noting though, that “insmash” is only a goal. If I need to use a different control scheme, or contradict an established form of physics to achieve this goal, I’ll gladly do it. MM9:Megaman is testament enough of that.

You’ve been known for inventing “image sets” made in image-editing software instead of BB Code. Where did you get the idea to do this, and why do you continue to do it?
BBCode is still too restrictive for me, there are only so many choices you get for visual expression, and for certain things BBCode simply has no workaround. I’m a bit cynical when it comes to my audience, and making the correct first impression is always critical. Sight is the broadest of our five senses, and the best suited for taking in information subliminially.
Being able to simply draw out the moveset the way I want it to look to the reader is a luxury I simply cannot do without today. Ever since Clefable, I’ve been able to reduce the amount of writing I need to make, in favour of letting the set’s appearance tell half the story (I mean, everyone just KNOWS what Clefable plays like… just LOOK AT HER! All pink, and fat, and cutely random)
Believe it or not, making every set in image format actually saves time. Plus, everyone expects this of me nowadays… 😛
Whenever I go back to BBCode, it’s always a symbollic choice. It made Joe Calzaghe more gritty and down to earth, and it helped establish the background theme of “shacklement” that runs behind Regal.

You’ve been known not to back down in the face of adversity to criticize Make Your Movers or the general MYMing philosophy. How do you feel to be known as this?
Adversity begets progress, I’ve always been doing things against the grain, because the fundamental core of MYM is in its variety of opinions and ideas. When something becomes popular, I have to be the one to ask “why?”, otherwise we just end up with a meaningless bandwagon trend.
Hell, I remember way back when my only merit as a MYMer was that my commentry critcised stuff other MYMers hadn’t even thought about. It’s a case of personal identity for me to question overpoweringly singular opinions
and it worries me when newcomers are being ‘educated’ to believe that Kat’s Jason moveset is universally despised.

Why did you retire from the MYM leadership after MYM7?
(laughs) Being a leader may seem to be the most logical place for someone like myself, but really the best way to apply myself is outside of this circle. The leadership needs to operate in a fixed, collectively agreeable manner, and having a wierd opinion like mine around, was contradictory to that aim.
As much as Smash Daddy would say otherwise, having leaders bicker among themselves is not an enlightened way to operate.


If you could be any type of fabric, which would you be and why?
Fur. It’s the morbid, creepy uncle of the fabric world that noone invited to the party.. but he came anyway and passed out naked on the cake. The fact something has to be killed to create it, would make it grotesquely ironic that I suddenly became living fur.



  1. Just as a disclaimer, I won’t be posting three (former) leader interviews in a row in the future, probably not even two in a row. The reason I did three in a row is because of a mixup with who I was interviewing. This way there’ll be interviews with the leaders until the very end (chew) I also recycled a Sundance question by accident.

  2. “Hell, I remember way back when my only merit as a MYMer was that my commentry critcised stuff other MYMers hadn’t even thought about. It’s a case of personal identity for me to question overpoweringly singular opinions”

    I definitely remember this. Back in MYM5-6, Junahu would always be the one to provide a fresh take on the moveset, often with really practical advice on what’s done right and what’s not. Neat little interview.

  3. “This question just reminds me that KingK.Rool and Emergency aren’t around anymore.”

    Cough, cough, 5000-word review, cough, cough.


  4. Great interview. Though I was hoping for Junahu to finally spill the beans on what he actually does outside of the internet, it’s still nice to see all his thoughts and feelings in this interview with plenty of respect for the medium. Feels very truthful.

    On that leadership thing, I would disagree that having leaders with differing opinions is necessarily a bad thing. It’s more about who the head honcho is and how they handle these opposing forces – usually, having a diverse set of options makes for better decision making. Of course, this is assuming the opposing forces will listen to authority…

  5. Maybe I’m not dead…yet.

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