Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 9, 2010

Moveset Graveyard Cancelled Indefinitely

loljk. My computer may be dead but that doesn’t mean I can’t post  the Moveset Graveyard. Yep, I’m using the family computer for this so forgive me if it’s slightly shorter than usual due to certain timelimit constraints (mostly because my parents want me off since it’s more their computer than the family’s but…)

So yeah, we’re gonna have a fancy K.Rool moveset this week…so who is it? A long lost Zant concept? Orca? Father Time Remix? Of course not! I told you who the set was for from the get go; Rick Astley! Make sure you watch the video (H)


NOTE: Every single quote in this moveset (in the small text) are genuine comments pulled from Youtube videos. There has been absolutely no embellishment done. I’ve been compiling them for a while; these are the cream of the crop.

wtf this isnt skateboarding

whats this like 6th time i got rolled? T.T

F*** anon to hell.

how the hell did rick astley even become a joke

The internet is pathetic.

ahhh i got rick rolled noooooo

Crap, RICKROLLED! At least I know Rick is never give me up or let me down…





Rick Astley. I’m sure we’re all familiar with him. He’s a singer and all that, but more importantly – he’s the source of the infamous rickroll. His hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up”… well, I don’t even need to tell you, do I? Forget all his other songs, forget the man himself – he joins the Brawl to spread his fancy dance moves and sweet trenchcoat to a new target audience, an audience that thought themselves safe from him in their cozy video game bubble…

What the hell is the point of this, and people going “Lol wdf rick roll’d”??


The point is THIS. Whenever – and I mean always – Rick is chosen for a Brawl, he enters the fray singing his song. EVERY match is a rickroll! Yes, the unfortunate by-product is that he drowns out the background music completely, but who really cares about that?

When Rick is KO’d, his song stops. Frowny face. Goody, though – when he respawns, he starts up again! Hooray!

If he just naturally finishes the song – it’s not much over three minutes – you lose control as soon as you touch ground, and he claps and quickly says, “Here’s another song you might like.” Oh wait – it’s the same one! Sneaky Rick! How do you rickroll even the Brawl characters so effectively?

Now, you may be wondering why the song actually matters, aside from driving the opposition totally insane. Ahhh – Rick can use just about any attack at any time, but! If he uses a certain attack at a specific point in the song, the effects will leave you sort of stunned; it becomes much, much better. Just by listening to the beat, it’s easy enough to guess where these attacks go, but I’ll mention the specific timing for each as we go along. I’d keep that Youtube window open – we’re gonna need it! Onwards!

the more and more i watch this, the more jealous i feel of his moves. with his long jacket and all


Idle Stance
Rick is constantly boogying away as he fights, swaying his arms from side to side, in front of him, and, of course, singing.

Just a slow, rhythmic amble forward. Rick takes his time – he knows he’s the star of the show.

He… doesn’t, really. He does the same walk, just a bit quicker, swaying his arms as he goes. Hey, as the guy says… “NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND (AND DESERT YOU)!” I’m taking it literally.

Rick ducks down suddenly, reaching down, and comes back up just as suddenly. Looks like a quick dance move. Or maybe he dropped a contact and didn’t want anyone to notice. Ah, well.

Poor ol’ Rick, tired of spinning and dancing, simply keels over backwards, too weak to stand. On the bright side, he doesn’t stop singing!

Rick Astley sings in his sleep. HOW HARDCORE IS THAT??? He kinda sits himself down, putting on his shades to better rest, but he’s STILL singing. It just gets a bit quieter.


this is the whitest guy in reality,geezus





RUN) 2

Rick is WAY too smooth to trip. He has to be able to turn quickly to keep up his dance moves. He’s pretty heavy, which is pretty much thanks to his trenchcoat, that thing weighs a ton, which also accounts for how quick he plunges. The guy’s tall, too. He doesn’t really have too much power, though, although his range is better than most heavyweights, with those lanky limbs of his. He’s slow as sin, though, and is a horrendous jumper, unlike the bartender.


how did i get here o god im not good with computer










Down Special) Bring Out the Bartender
Rick claps suddenly, and this spastic fellow suddenly appears from behind him.

The bartender features prominently in the rick roll. He starts off annoyed by Rick’s random singing in his bar/dining hall, but then gets into it and starts pulling off all kinds of crazy acrobatics, flips, spins, bounces off fences, he even runs up a wall! Crazy guy. All this can be seen in the video.

In Brawl, what he does depends on what part of the song you’re on. If you summon him before about 0:57 in – or the first “Never gonna tell a lie!” – he’ll just kinda stand where you summoned, his arms folded, frowning. After that point, though, he starts following Rick around, dancing as he goes, and helping out with some select attacks. If you want to get the bartender in on the deal, however, you’ll have to either wait until 0:57 onwards to bring him out, or guard him until then, as he takes knockback like anyone and after taking 30% goes flying off the screen. Protect him while he’s mad at you, and he’ll reward you with many a stunt!

Using this takes about a second, so you need a good opening. The bartender is a vital part of Rick’s game, so use him to the fullest.

Neutral Special) Clap to the Beat
The name pretty much explains it all. Swaying from foot to foot, Rick starts clapping. You gotta match up to the beat of “Never Gonna Give You Up” – if you do, the pay-off is good, as there’s pretty much a smaller version of DK’s Final Smash. Each radiating sound wave deals 7% and firmly pushes foes away, but once you mess up, there’s some wind-down lag as Rick rubs the back of his head in shame. Not to mention that the foe can slip in between claps to interrupt, the song has a pretty slow beat.

Bartender bonus! With him hanging around, and into the song, he’ll be clapping too, evenly between Rick’s clapping, which means you have to tap twice as often to keep the attack going. The pay-off is huge, though, because he hops around while clapping, a bit this way and that, making the attack much more unpredictable and increasing its range. If he’s attacked, Rick snaps out of it, too.

Forward Special) Over there!
Rick suddenly and abruptly points off into the distance, not raising his arm too high. His finger is a sweetspot, but it’s not too strong, dealing only 7% and medium knockback. Nothing else happens. Awww, man; it looks like a random dance move more than anything.

Bartender bonus! With him behind you, he’ll pop one of his precious mugs out, clean it a bit with a rag, then toss it behind his back in the direction Rick is pointing, as seen at 0:56. The exact course and trajectory all depend on what part of the song you’re at; the later on you are, the farther he’ll chuck it and the more damage it’ll deal, anywhere from 5% to 13%. Where it hits a foe or the ground, glass shards are scattered about for ten seconds, dealing additional damage as one walks over them.

The perfect timing is riiight at 0:56 – the beginning of “never gonna tell a lie!” There, it’ll go at a fantastic speed and deal 15% on contact. This is Rick’s only real projectile, and makes a great case for protecting your local bartender.

Up Special) Fence Hopper
The legendary fence-hopping moment in the video! See 2:08. Yes, it’s the bartender pulling the stunt there, but Rick also knows the trick!

Wherever he is, this attack causes a short length of vertical fence to materialize next to Rick – on the side where his movement is directed towards. If he’s been hit towards the left, it appears to the left, and so on. This is essentially a wall that allows even Rick – who usually can’t – to wall jump off of it. It vanishes as soon as he bounces off. This is a pretty effective recovery that works great for horizontal range, but not much in the way of verticality. If you time it perfectly to a moment when the background singers say “…give you up…”, he actually goes TWICE as far, and gains a lot more vertical height, too. Bear that in mind.


normal attaks





Dash) Wall Runner
From his slow run, Rick suddenly breaks into a full-fledged dash, which lasts for one second. During this time, if he runs into a foe, he’ll basically outprioritize them or go right through their shield, actually running horizontally on them in slow motion. After two steps or so, he’ll kick off backwards, dealing 9% and decent straight horizontal knockback. If he runs into a wall while using this attack, he does basically the same thing, running partly up the wall before kicking off and travelling a ways back. Interesting, unpredictable attack.

If used at about 2:47, right before a “Never gonna make you cry”, Rick not only goes more quickly, but everything else briefly moves in slow motion, making it nigh impossible to prevent the guy from running all over you.

Bartender bonus! He’s the REAL ninja here. If he’s at your side as you use this, he’ll run a bit ahead of Rick, acting as a sort of meat shield and paralyzing the foe by running up them first, making it still easier for Rick to land his hit. On a wall, he jumps back quite a bit farther, so mind you don’t get separated from the guy.






Forward Tilt)

Up Tilt)

Down Tilt) The Shades
Rather than attacking, Rick reaches into his trenchcoat and smoothly puts on a pair of sunglasses. This takes a bit over half a second. Aside from making him look ******, these have the additional effect of reducing glare and therefore extending the reach of just about all of Rick’s attack by a small amount. Unfortunately, they also make the attacks that much more laggy; with the shades on, he’s so taken with singing that it takes him a bit longer to put it on hold for a second and actually attack.


And that’d be it! Rool however also added a little sidenote as to why he made this set and, more importantly, why he dropped it!


The idea for this set was formed back in the days when we had “moveset countdowns”, and people would post rapidly so that the person with a moveset could get a fresh page. My cunning plan was to announce that I’d finally finished Zant – which I had cancelled a few months earlier – get a new page, and then post Rick Astley instead and basically rickroll all of MYM in moveset form (the moveset would rickroll the opponent in-game, every game, too). I was pretty proud of the plan. Unfortunately, I quickly ran out of steam for a moveset that was very literally a flowchart with a set “best way to play” in every single game.

But who cares about that? It’s RICK ASTLEY. I even hosted those little dancing pictures on my own photobucket, that’s how excited I was about this moveset at one point. This was back during my “announce-all-my-movesets” phase, when I was famous for cancelling my plans and giving up on old ideas.


And that’s really it! Hope you guys enjoyed (especially being Rick Roll’d ;P). This’ll be my last Stadium post for a while considering I’m still going on vacation…so know that I’ll miss you guys lots (especially Sundance who’s going away for a while too; sorry I can’t make it to see you off (crying#)). Hope everyone has an awesome week!



  1. …For the 20th time…(twitch)

    Anyway, this is one of my favourite graveyard posts so far!(H)

  2. Epic Rickrool. And now I have an epic typo that I’ve decided not to fix, because it seems fitting. (H)

  3. LOL

  4. Best. Moveset. Ever.

    You know, he actually wouldn’t be that flowcharty, since if he always went for the song bonus he’d be predictable, so he’d want to mix it up with non-buffed moves to keep the opponennt guessing, then go for the souped-up moves once his opponent can’t figure him out.

    It’s like the mindgames involved with posting a Rickroll. It’s only effective when it genuinley doesn’t look suspicious (h)

  5. I would fuckin hate to fight against Rick if he’s going to be singin. Especially since HE STARTS ALL OVER WHEN HE’S KOED!!! Oh wait, I can just turn the sound off. Best mindgame ever. Oh wait, now I can’t tell what he’s going to do!

    In all seriousness though, the set is epic, even if it’s not finished.

  6. You know, you may have something solid there, HR – but it WAS MYM 4 at the time, and advanced mindgames weren’t on anybody’s mind at the time (certainly not mine – I was still doing the whole “hide in smoke so they can’t see what you’re doing wa ha ha” thing).

    And there you are, folks. A moveset from me with a bit of – believe it or not – humour! =O Glad you all like it, and thanks for putting it up despite your computer woes, MT; now THAT’S dedication!

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