Posted by: masterwarlord | August 12, 2010

MW Top 13s — Worst Writing Styles

While few would really say I’m qualified to judge something like this, I like to think the writing styles of Kupa and I have vastly improved from back in the day, and I don’t consider Roonahu’s writing styles to be strong points over us. Yes, the Komodo Bros were abominable and I was horrible in the past, but at least the Komodo Bros had an excuse, and I learned a valuable lesson from them in that I shall never attempt a multi set again.

I’m sure a Roonahu list would be vastly different from this, but this is my list, is it not? Rool doesn’t want me to make that many “definitive” lists anyway and prefers more personalized ones, as he said in my top 10 Pokesets list. The closest thing you could really get to “definitive” would be something written by somebody more neutral on the subject such as MT, Khold, or Agi.

13 – JOE!


And our first contestant is JOE!, who’s most notable examples of bad writing style are the Spartan, Salamence, and Mewtwo. While Salamence and Mewtwo are joint sets, DM and HR have much better writing styles solo, making it evident Joe is the primary one to blame. The worst thing about these three sets in particular is how Joe can go on forever describing the simplest of moves, most blatantly showcased in Spartan. Also in Spartan, Joe is shown to regularly go off on a tangent about irrelevant things, and he has a habit of going off on irrelevant tangents that contribute nothing to the moveset. While Forretress and Octillery are massive improvements, they still posses something else that is present in all of Joe’s sets – a somewhat conversational writing style accompanied by chat emotes which make me feel like Joe is proposing a set concept to me in a private chat. Also keep in mind Salamence was posted –after- Octillery and Forretress, so it’s not like what he learned there will necessarily stay.

12 – Jimnymebob


Jimny hasn’t made that many sets, but he has reincarnated over many MYMs with no sign of improvement in his writing style. Ripper Roo and Articuno are still the worst, though, with the usual signs showing up very quickly – he takes forever to describe simplistic moves. Aside from this, Jimny is extremely redundant in his giant blocks of text, stating the obvious uses multiple times and going into significant detail on priority and other generic statistics, yet he still states them at the start of the move to make them even longer. Aside from this, Jimny somehow manages to be unable to mention range in his massive priority list – priority is clearly much more important, as BKupa once thought.

11 – Junahu

By far, the most controversial choice on the list. Junahu’s writing style is very easy to read, through, yes. . .But this is partially because Junahu intentionally omits one of the most essential possible things to omit – how the moves link together and how to generally use them at all, which is what makes the difference between a moveset and a random move collection. While Joy, one of my favorite Jun sets, has this information, it’s all hidden away at the end and you’re getting mass interactions stuffed down your throat at once after you’ve long forgotten the moves rather than having them paced at a healthy rate. No, I will not hold Cutesy against Junahu seeing the actual –writing- there was fine, but Team Rocket is another story. . .

10 – SmashDaddy

Smady’s only decent written set is Von Kaiser, and that’s pretty much entirely because Von Kaiser’s moves are so simple it’s hard to not understand them. Even then, though, as far as the set could’ve been written with those moves, it –does- go on for quite a while. Needless to say, Smady’s most recent set in Weezing was critized heavily for writing, and while the moveset is perfectly understandable it is difficult to slog through. The worst of Smady’s writing style undoubtedly comes from Raiden, though, which is a horrific tower of text nobody should of ever had to torture themselves with reading. Smady manages to go on for so long without saying much of anything, being horrificially vague at all times especially in the playstyle section.

9 – Spadefox

It’s rather hard to judge Spadefox’s writing style when most of his recent sets – that is, all of them from MYM 5 – are deleted. However; Soma is still pretty poorly written, so improvement is non-existent. Glancing at Spade’s MYM 4 sets, he can take forever and ever describing very simple moves, and insists that this is for a friendly conversational writing style. Of course, we all know Spadefox’s ways, so we know what he’s really trying to accomplish with this. . .In any case, there is some writing by Spade in MYM 5, as seen in Acid Seaforce’s Neutral and Side Specials, some of his worst moves, which were confirmed to of been written by Spade. While the more creative moves clearly done by HR are very well written, these very simplistic moves are each absolutely monstrous paragraphs.

8 – Plorf

Originally Plorf had a more traditional playstyle in being way too detailed, but now Plorf goes out of his way to not mention absolutely essential details, as seen in Solar Man, Sandshrew, and Onix. Yes, you can breeze through a Plorf set at lightning speed, but that’s only if you don’t plan to take away anything from it or attempt to actually understand it. To actually make a Plorf set anything but utterly forgettable, you will have to read and re-read each and every move in order to figure out how all of the moves and essential mechanics actually work, which Plorf is discreet with as possible. Plorf’s friendly writing style quickly grows stale when you’re re-reading it for the millionth time.

7 – Goldwyvern

Goldwyvern makes very few sets, but he’s so recurring and such a massive chat presence that it’s hard to not consider him perfectly viable for a list like this. Without a doubt, GW’s worst written set is Venom – while Plorf’s sets can have you re-reading moves over and over in order to understand them, Venom forces you to re-read moves over and over and yet you –STILL- don’t understand them after going through all the effort. Not that you’re likely to get that far, with GW’s extremely common typos being a large turn-off and making one want to label the set and throw it into a pile of sets made by noobs. While Arcanine is an improvement and Decoy Octopus is good in terms of this, Decoy Octopus barely has anything for GW to communicate, meaning it doesn’t really speak for his writing style.

6 – dancingfrogman

This contest isn’t entirely determined by tl;dr, but also by writing style. While the tl;dr factor is obvious, especially with several of DFM’s last sets having bullet point lists of details that made things even longer, DFM’s actual writing style is also terrible, particularly with the massive quantity of misspellings and horrible grammar. DFM’s most famous set for bad writing style, though, is most probably Pegasus, where DFM manages to sound even more homosexual and like a pedophile than even Spadefox, calling us all his “little MYM boys”. DFM grew into a conversational style here, but this certainly wasn’t a conversation you wanted to participate in. . .

5 – Cutter

Master Chief which was written way back in the day was ironically Cutter’s best written set. Upon his coming back in MYM 8, he gave us B. B. Hood, which aside from having no flow in her playstyle and generic moves had one of the worst writing styles I’ve ever seen. Aside from the common thing with going on for an eternity about extremely simplistic moves, Cutter goes into extreme details about exact frames and other awkward and irrelevant Smash Mechanics most of MYM has never even heard of. While Jayce improved from B. B. Hood in other ways, it did had several recurring problems in terms of writing style.

4 – Katapultar

Kat’s awkward writing style can be found in any of his sets after Banette, but it show most prominently in the Fierce Diety Link of MYM 8, Jason Voorhees. Kat doesn’t really understand playstyle, and oftentimes tries to create “flow” by simply stating that his moves flow together without any logical reasoning, suggesting that they should go together and that they’re specifically “designed” to work that way for no apparent reason. You really have to go out of your way to stay awake when reading a Katapultar set about this sort of thing, to make sure you don’t trust a single thing he tries to spoon feed you. While you’ll still get through the set fairly easily, by the end of it Katapultar will of forced so much poison down your throat you’ll undoubtedly be at least somewhat corrupted and give the set more credit then it’s worth. A very sneaky form of writing style.

3 – KirbyWizard

It’s absolutely impossible to read any KirbyWizard set with a straight face without bursting out into laughter about how poorly written the set is. The most obvious example is KirbyWizard’s Bear Hugger, where some of the comic gold was removed due to people laughing at it so much. KW’s writing style is readable, certainly, but it makes him sound 11 at best with his horrific grammar and. . .Well. . .Stuff like “Money for the poor: Oliver’s got the bling bling *Rap music plays*” and “I am tree I won’t budge”. Oh Canada what you gonna do. This is exactly what’s wrong with noobish writing styles – it’s absolutely impossible to take movesets seriously when they’re dressed as clowns.

2 – KoppaKirby

KK is an awkward mish mash of the worst of KirbyWizard and Katapultar. While he isn’t as bad as either of them at what they do, this only means he loses KirbyWizard’s quality of “So bad it’s good”. In addition, we can throw Emergency’s emo mentality into the mix as KoppaKirby has a tendancy to very regularly shoot himself in the foot in his movesets. If you have no confidence in your own moveset, why the hell should I? KK’s worst written set is hands down Gruntilda, massively showcasing the emo part especially, though this set –does- have KirbyWizard’s factor of “So bad it’s good”.

1 – Meadow

Meadow has the definition of conversational writing style – while it isn’t trying to rape you like Spadefox or DFM, there’s no actual moveset she’s trying to tell you about during her 2 hour phone calls where she goes on and on about how bad her period is. Her movesets are completely lacking in any form of creativity or playstyle, and the moves are so painfully generic, stacked with so much fluff, and the fact that there’s just so much of this shit to go through means you take away absolutely nothing away from the moveset. Meadow actually got worse and worse as she went on, as while Bard had some of these tendancies there was at least a decent moveset contained in it for the time and the writing style wasn’t as severe. Yes, Meadow is female, and you would realize this too if you had half a functioning brain cell. Would –you- reveal you have boobs in the horny heavyweight male antagonist dominated society of MYM?



    I know, we can just stand like trees and not move.

  2. Have some syrup friend

    I want to make Oliver the most beautiful moveset around 😡

  3. Also, JUNAHU? Really? Junahu adapts his writing style from set to set to give each a distinctive feel without ever making them remotely difficult to read; he’s one of the best writers in MYM, hands down. Your complaint is more an ideological one here.

    But yeah, a fun top 13 in general.

  4. CCCCCCanada combo breaker

  5. *looks above*

    wait, junahu is male?


  7. I hope you are aware of the fact that those 2 special attacks you mention are the two TRADEMARK attacks from Seaforce as they are directly taken from the game, and that I also wrote the FAir, which I thought to be damn creative.
    Stop bashing me, you jerk.

  8. I lol’d pretty hard.

  9. It’s not the relevancy to the playstyle or game he’s criticizing. It’s your shitty writing.

  10. In Spade’s defense, you can’t really talk until you start posting large and fluent pieces of writing on a Russian message board. =/

  11. It seems my nay saying about Spadefox on these lists is the only thing that can bring him out of the closet.

  12. Holy fuck oh my shit was that actually Spadefox.


  13. Glad I’ve only made one set so far. Otherwise I’d probably be on here…<..>

    Also Spade/.joel, your legacy continues throughout the chat. Just sayin’.

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