Posted by: darthmeanie | August 13, 2010

Darth Meanie’s MYM’r Spotlight #4

Pikachu Remix

This is all you'll remember from this post.


This time, the spotlight lands on everyone’s favorite African, Tirkaro! Tirkaro joined MYM with his Robo-Link moveset, a ridiculous fun and somewhat random creation, featuring a sadistic, robotic Link with a myriad of attacks featuring a very dark humor, with some playstyle thrown in. He had a fun mechanic-driven playstyle, using overheating and an army of Mini Links to do his bidding, but lacked the flow or thought that movesets were now focusing on achieving.

He then followed up with Mekuri Master, a moveset with the most brilliant concept I have yet seen. More brilliant than Spy, VideoMan.EXE, Executive Hugo, and Banette all thrown in a blender: skirt flipping. The master makes schoolgirls rain from the sky, and flips their skirts to damage enemies around them. While it seemed to be delightfully entertaining and true the source material, it wasn’t all too well thought out; with him summoning enemies to fight him for little benefit and high risk, and had a number of seemingly random F***KING TORNADOs. This pervert Robin Hood remains one of the most hilarious movesets yet written, but fell flat when it came to actual playability. Regardless, everyone loved it, and it’s sad to see that such a cult classic has fallen back a bit. Remember, the link to the game is right here, if anyone is interested.

After his failure or success in Mekuri Master, which one I’m still not sure, he went back to a good old reliable classic; Robo-Link MK II. This one brought even more random moves, with Excess Electricity and Micro Links at his disposal. It was a classic MYM4 moveset; full of random creativity and many lulz were had. He then went on to make what is perhaps one of his most fondly remembered movesets, Pikachu Remix.

Pikachu Remix was an oddity for mainly one reason; no one was sure if it was a serious moveset or not. Not even Tirkaro himself. The hilarity and random attacks were brought to the highest level yet, with the running joke of a recurring comic panel of a certain character shouting “EVEN SPEEDWAGON IS AFRAID!” This statement quickly cemented itself into MYM lexicon and memes alongside lolchillinz, goo chains, and shotguns. With the reaction to Pikachu Remix behind him, which can only be described as ‘positive but confused’, he then went on to make what he claimed would be his first truly serious set.

Mara was that serious moveset, and it’s only fitting that Tirkaro’s serious moveset would be a giant sentient penis god. Mara retained much of Tirkaro’s own natural dark humor, but this time with a serious attempt at a thought out playstyle, in this case, tankiness. It wasn’t all that great, and Tirk demonstrated a very poor conception of lag time for moves; his smashes had absurdly long charge times, and the Down Special had a special effect that triggered after holding it for a whopping 10 seconds. While it was an overall unexceptional moveset, we were all just excited to see Tirkaro trying to improve his movesets’ mechanics as well as his humor.

However, Tirkaro turned it around with Cirno, the strongest fairy! A projectile spam character, but Tirkaro here used his humor to create one of the most delicious writing styles, making each individual projectile fresh and exciting, and creating an absurd amount of variation for what could have been a very straightforward, boring set. Tirkaro was able to actually create a summary at the end of a move that wasn’t frustrating to read, summarizing the meat of the individual projectiles into bite sized segments for review. He translated the bullet hell boss into smash faithfully and with a lot of fun, and it’s a shame to see such a moveset fell into obscurity by voting time. The playstyle still had some weaknesses; it wasn’t exactly sure whether heaviweights like Bowser were good or bad match ups for Cirno, and was a little contradictory there. Regardless, this was a massive step up for Tirk, and was heralded as one of the signs that MYM7 would be the best MYM yet (lol).

Tirkaro went on to create what was perhaps his best set yet, Tohru Adachi, on one of the most epic pages to yet grace MYM. An absolutely massive undertaking, controlling basically two characters at once, along with summons and stage control. It ended up being a very complete stage control moveset, laying down police lines and cars, but it ended up losing momentum in the aerials; with attacks like hitting the screen to shatter the TV glass or send cords flailing, which, while creative, didn’t exactly fit in with the rest of the moveset. Regardless, it was a strong, serious entry, and a moveset that stood on its own without his wit holding it up.

The last moveset Tirkaro gave us sadly was Cloyster, which was a bit of a mixed bag. Cloyster was a one-day Pokeset, and had the best concept of the entire bunch. Cloyster is incredibly defensive, with his hard shell, but his vulnerable head in the middle caused him to take insane knockback. He also was one of the few characters to have a unique shield, and a well-done one at that. Unfortunately, Cloyster’s brilliance died off after the jab, dropping the brilliant defensive game in favor of generic Pokemon attacks, and later, random Gurren Lagann references. And while I love mechas the size of galaxies as much as the next guy, it brought Cloyster down. At the end of the moveset, he confessed that making a set in one day was too much effort and drained him, and I fear that that may be why he hasn’t made anything new since.

Every single set Tirkaro has pumped out has been a treat for everyone involved thusfar, and he’s been one of the funniest guys to have along in the community. While his contribution has dropped down some, I’m sure everyone would welcome his next creation with open arms and a lot of laughs. He’s hilarious in the thread or on the chat, and it’s a shame that someone as creative and has the potential he does doesn’t post more often. We’re looking forward to your next abomination creation, so dazzle us. If nothing else, I hope that this spotlight reminds everyone just how good (and crazy) your movesets have been, and maybe we can bring some fond memories back.



  1. (clap)

    And fear not, I have yet another disasterpiece in the works, one that will probably be my most zany yet.

    It’ll probably be released alongside the Duke Nukem Forever/Katawa Shojou/Final Fantasy Versus XIII combo pack.

  2. Geez, man, you missed Mario Remix! That’s OUTRAGEOUS! XO

    Also, I think Junahu needs to write a moveset analysis of the Robo-Links to elucidate on the many subtleties that make them clever/subversive/underrated, because I can’t remember the specifics at all but I could have sworn there were some.

    Anyway, great choice of subject, nice length, fun read, keep up the good work.

  3. (D) That is a good idea

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