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MYMer Interviews #4 — TWILTHERO

What do you consider your best moveset and why?
Hmmm…tough choice. For the longest time, my favourite set was Jeff Hardy, because when I was making him, I was like, “Man…I can’t BELIEVE I just made a set for a wrestler.” Right now, my favourite set is Ventus, because I really put some of my hardest effort into him, and it’s basically Ventus from the actual game. Changes all the time really.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
Dang, another tough one. Probably Ryuk by MW. I have some Death Note bias in him, but I really love how Ryuk was implemented into Smash. For other movesets…I can’t remember a Chief Mendez set I disliked. My favourites from him are Mach Rider, Deoxys and Naota. God, I miss that dog. Other than that, some sets that made me burst out laughing would have to be Pikachu remix and Sakurai though.

What do you look for in a moveset?
It’s actually kinda hard for me to describe what I look for in a set. A pretty interesting idea, and at least decent execution for starters. I’d also like to see some cool interactions here and there too, but, like agi, want to see them build up into a very cool playstyle. At the same time though, I wanna see the character…well, in character. It’s alright if you bend the rules a bit to avoid making them boring, but if the character is doing something he would NEVER do…then no. I also don’t wanna see 4 paragraphs just to describe one move. If it’s really important, then okay, but it kinda turns me off from reading it.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
I actually get inspiration for sets depending on what I’m playing/watching at the time. For example, I was watching wrestling when I made Jeff Hardy do those risk taking dives, and was like, “Hey…that’d be pretty cool to see in Smash!” I also made Edgeworth while I was playing Edgeworth’s game, Shiki and Joshua when I was playing TWEWY…you get the picture. Also, I make movesets because I like the character, and wanna do some justice for him/her. Yes MT, I like Near. Sue me.

5. How often do you cut movesets?
Almost never to be honest. Usually, when I’m making a set, I go with one idea, and stick with it, and wanna see the set finished. I almost never say no. When I DO cut a moveset (see Trainer Blue and L), it’s usually because of how high the standards were at the time, and I knew they would get negative reception, no matter what happened. Yes, I cut Blue when he was 2/3rds finished. Good god, what was I thinking.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
I was lurking the SSB4 thread one day, and saw someone posted a moveset for someone (someone from Earthbound I believe). Then this guy suggested that he check out the MYM thread. Then I went into MYM 2 myself (was kinda late for me to enter) and saw these cool movesets by everyone. I wanted to try my own hand at it, so I decided to enter in MYM 3.

Why do I continue? 2 reasons actually. First is that it’s fun to try and get my ideas out, and make movesets for one of my favourite games. Second is that most people like my sets. It just motivates me to want to create more.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

I’m actually a pretty boring guy in real life. As you all know, I’m Canadian, like K.Rool. I’m a typical asian that eats rice/noodles and reads manga. I’m a pretty artsy kinda guy, with me joining the drama and art club, but I’m not all that great. I’m also disorganized as hell in real life. Yeah, you could say I’m pretty boring. People think that I’m a funny guy in real life, but that’s about it. I also live really close to an amusement park called, “Wonderland.” No Sundance. We don’t have maple syrup rides.

What’s the inspiration for your username?
I was playing Twilight Princess the other day (which is one of my favorite Zeldas). I then discovered SWF one day, and wanted to make an account. I then made TWILT, which was short for Twilight for me, and HERO, which was supposed to represent Link. I never bothered using the account until one year after I made it. When I did reenter SWF, I completely forgotten that I actually made an account, but when I tried to make one, it says I already made TWILTHERO. I was then like, “Meh, whatever,” and just rolled with TWILT.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
Tough choice. Of course, everyone that talks to me in the chat is a good friend of mine. Particularly good friends are Silver, agi, MT, Sundance, K.Rool, and Khold. I’ve even gotten to be friends with “chat leeches” like Clownbot and wrk (though the latter is no longer one.) My personal best friend in MYM would have to be emergency. It’s a blast talking with him, and we share a lot of things in common (whether it be music, anime, etc.) He got me to like Wooper as a Pokemon now! Heck, we even jointed a drawing on Doodle once. Man, those were good times. I’m glad I was able to add emergency as a friend on Facebook before he decided to disappear from MYM.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Umbreon hands down. Maybe it’s because Gary Oak uses an Umbreon. Maybe it’s because I have a dark type bias. Umbreon will forever be my favourite Pokemon though. Runner ups would have to be Typhlosion, Honchkrow, Lanturn, and Absol.

Why did you leave at the beginning of MYM5, and why did you eventually return?
Well…I left MYM when I was 14 (I’m 16 now…wow, times have changed). It should be pretty obvious why I left. I already told agi why I left in MYM 5 in Skype, and Sundance already knows. If you really want to know, shoot me a PM, and I’ll tell you why. I guess I came back because of everyone here in MYM. You see, when I left, I was going through a phase. I went on *gasp* Gaiaonline…yeah. I hung around there for 3 months…but I didn’t really get to know anyone. Then, I started missing people like Sundance, and decided to log back into SWF, to find a couple VMs from the date I left. I VMed Sundance, and that’s that. I just wanna say that I’m glad I came back, and I’m glad to have friends here. =)

Where did the fad of you “graping” half_silver28 come from?
Hehe, for those of you who haven’t seen “The Grapist – WKUK,” watch it on Youtube, and you’ll be laughing your *** off. It was all inspired when Khold was “gently fondling” Silver. Sundance I believe happened to be broadcasting the video at the time, and I couldn’t stop laughing at it. I decided to make a joke out of that, and I went “Grapes Silver in the mouth.” I then repeated this everyday, and it soon became a habit everytime Silver’s in the chat. I stopped for a while when my graper was stolen by agi though.

Where did your nickname TWILTREE come from?
Funny story actually. It all happened in MYM 3. Mendez was drafting out the art he was making for the top 4 movesets in action. He then drew a tree, and said that was me. At first, it was just a small joke, and I really really really really really really really hoped that it would soon die out, but everyone started to pick up the nickname, and kept on calling me –THAT- name, just because I was Canadian…my overreaction probably didn’t help my case. A year has passed since anybody called me that name, and I really don’t mind that name as much now, but the day where someone resurrects that meme again, I’m doing everything in my power to cause pain and misery to them.

Why is it that you dislike Final Fantasy games, despite liking RPGs in general?
I don’t really dislike them. It’s more I found the series kinda meh. I was playing Final Fantasy 4 on the DS, which I just downl- I MEAN, bought from my local game store. I turned it on, and played through for about 2 hours…and then this giant monster just kills me out of nowhere. I also felt that the gameplay was…well, boring (I stab the air, and somehow they get hurt), and I didn’t think the story felt all that interesting. Plus, the guys look like girls. I gave Final Fantasy another chance, as I borrowed 12 from my friend. I enjoyed it a bit better than 4, but I just didn’t felt that either game didn’t gave me the enjoyment other RPGs have given me (like TWEWY, Persona 3, Pokemon, etc.) The gold chickens are cool though.

What future moveset plans do you have?
Gah, I feel I have one too many. I’m working on Yuzu, which should be posted along side Wrk’s Amane (they’re both from Devil Survivor on the DS). I also plan on making Zuko from avatar, and Nero from Devil May Cry 4 who both have most of their moves down in my mind. If I’m not lazy, I might resurrect Seto Kaiba, but there are a lot more sets I wanna make too. Oh, and I also have a joint with FlyinFilip.(wary)

They should all be fun making though, and I hope that everyone will like them.



  1. Slightly late interview here because of the original interviewee not replying in time. Thanks to TWILT for being willing to take part in an interview at the literal last minute.

    Also, there won’t be Sundance questions for a while because Sundance is gone, at least until Sundance is back.

  2. We really did leaf the whole Twiltree joke behind, didn’t we? I remember driving yew barking mad with all the puns – good times, bud I suppose it’s silly to pine fir what’s in the past. It was nice to hear about the roots of the joke straight from the horse’s mouth, though (or is that one Plorf?).

  3. Good interview, Wiz. I was hoping for a Sundance question… 😥 DROOGY’S GONE FOREVER

  4. also, (HUG) @ TWILT

  5. Sorry TWILT, I’m currently swamped by band camp, but never fear! (wary)

  6. …(twitch) @ K.Rool

    (hug) @ Khold

    S’all good man. Just let me know when you’re ready again. (wary) @ FF

  7. (h)

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