Posted by: agidius | August 15, 2010

Agi’s Sunday Recap Episode 50

Fsjals are the new big thing in the chat...

Hey there everyone, and welcome to the Sunday Recap’s 50th installment! I’m on a bit of a timer here as I’m leaving to head up to my mountainy recluse in less than an hour at the time I’m writing this, but hey. This week was rather inactive so I should be able to pull it off, with Warlord and Smady’s help!

So, we had a grand total of two movesets this week. Not our best effort but at least it wasn’t as bad as that one week with only Dunsparce! So, starting us off was a moveset from our very own Katapultar: Suzu! This was a remake of a set that he made waaaaaaaay back when, (read as: MYM 6,) and you can really tell that he put a lot of effort into it. Unfortunately, though, the effort that he put in wasn’t where most MYMers would have liked to see it. Suzu had extras we haven’t seen since the days of Cortex and Tiny.

I quite honestly doubt that there’s anyone that’s read Suzu completely from start to finish. And by completely, I mean completely… her 4205-word backstory and all. I myself only read a few moves from the set, and was a bit turned off… the Side Special, for example, reaches 3/4 the way across final destination and can stun foes for 8 seconds. Overall reception was rather mixed, as most people chose to comment on the extras (in particular the Codec) or the organization instead of the moveset itself. However, it certainly carries what Kat thinks is most important in a moveset… it’s FUN and EDUCATIONAL to the extreme!

Now, our second set this week was yet another set from MasterWarlord. It seems that Warlord didn’t want his title of the most sets this contest to have been stolen by TWILTHERO, so he bounced back into the lead with his first Original Character, Rocket Executive Hugo! Hugo was an interesting take on the standard Pokeset, as he is able to have all sixfive of his Pokemon out at once. While this concept had been played around with in Hunter J, Hugo took it to a different extreme.

Each of Hugo’s Pokemon took over one of the five standard move categories, with Golbat covering the aerials, Machamp taking care of grabs, Muk the Smashes, and so on. Golbat’s the only one who’s movement you have direct control over, while the rest are moved through attacks/have set movement patterns. The centerpiece of the moveset, though, is Hypno. Hypno has to be KOed for Hugo to lose a stock, and he’s a constant idle threat that can put the opponent to sleep. This combined with Hugo being able to attack from all sides simultaneously makes him a big threat to face, as Kupa mentioned in his comment on the moveset. However, it’s just as much of a task for Hugo’s controller to make effective use of everything he has at his disposal, making a character with a high learning curve. Hugo was recieved pretty well aside from being consistently called quite overpowered.




  2. This is probably the least enthusiastic, most minimalist recap I’ve ever seen. Good job, folks. 😉

  3. Agi rushed it out due to having to leave and contrary to me “helping” it, he forbid me from doing any writing on it due to bias. I was just the obligatory person to post it.

  4. Y’know, I distinctly remember saying that I hadn’t written the closer… I suppose I should’ve done a better job of saying that someone needed to wrap it up.I didn’t even think I would be writing the Recap until I had all of an hour left to do it… less so, considering I hadn’t packed for my trip. I could have added the flair I was planning on seven days ago if I’d had all of Saturday to do it, as I’d expected.

    …however, I do feel the Recap should be pushed in this direction a bit more; actually saying what the sets were about instead of just saying they exist in an enthusiastic voice. Like MYM’s very own newspaper, y’know?

    And Warlord, I think you took my words a bit harsher than I’d intended. I wasn’t trying to “forbid” you from doing any work on it, just that you can be rather… opinionated at times, and we wouldn’t want to color the minds of anyone who hasn’t read Hugo/Suzu yet. Anything you’d wanted to add would’ve been welcomed with open arms. Also, when you said you’d take care of polls, I’d kind of expected more than one. (wary)

    …but yeah, this was a bad choice on my part. Should’ve let TWILTY cover it.


  6. Good sunday recap Agi (Y)(Y)(Y)

  7. I wrote this before Chuck was even posted, Monkey. You’ll have to take your concerns up with Smady. (chew)

  8. …and I just noticed this, but really? During what part of the exchange did the links to the movesets themselves get removed? :s

  9. I was going to add more polls, but I threw up the recap shortly before I had to go to church, so I was also rushed. (Wary)

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