Posted by: masterwarlord | August 19, 2010

MW Top 10s — MYM 3 Sets

Ah MYM 3. . .When set quality was still ultimately being determined by character bias based off what people read, especially considering the leaders had no power over the top 50.I can openly admit to not reading many decent sets out of character bias in MYM 3, including one on this list. While several were recommended to me, there was only one new addition I hadn’t read previously that managed to make the list. In any case, this list is actually a rare positive one that doesn’t have lots of recurring sets on it, with just a couple of them coming back from the best first sets list and one from numerous lists. Hopefully, this list will provide some actual half-decent insight into some sets.

10 – Squeak Squad by KingK.Rool

The Squeak Squad are the only sets on this list that don’t really have much of playstyles. . .That should say something – there’s only 9 sets with much playstyle in MYM 3, at least ignoring Warlord sets. That said, this is an absolutely perfect set by MYM 3 standards, with a good amount of creativity for the time. Despite being a 3 part multi set, the set also somehow manages to remain very readable, not going into mass unnecessary details like late MYM 3 and 4 sets because of Warlord yelling at people for no reason. Pretty much the best you can get with little to no playstyle. . .

9 – Grim Reaper by KingK.Rool

Now let’s dig into some actual playstyle. Reaper was a very early set of Rool’s, but I feel it’s better than the actually well received Squeak Squad of the time. A weak playstyle is linked together by a mechanic as the Reaper summons Reaplings to aid him, but this is actually better than some of the more generic mechanics of the time in a way because they add to the range of his attacks, being more than standard ammo. While this –is- a more interesting mechanic than others, the attacks that don’t involve the mechanic are painfully dull, and even the attacks that do involve the mechanic don’t take as much advantage of it as they need to in order to make the set interesting by today’s standards.

8 – Shaman by Vaul

Shaman introduced us to the textbook ammo mechanic. While it’s great and all that Shaman invented it, it alone isn’t that interesting. However; it manages to link Shaman’s moves together into a far more competent playstyle then what most of MYM 3 had. Furthermore, the set is actually good by MYM 3 standards, what with there being actual creativity – and it’s not just from manipulating the mechanic, either. The Up Special, Land Bridge, which raises land off from the bottom blast zone for Shaman to stand on, is particularly memorable. Along with Koj, Vaul was one of the people that could’ve become big in MYM if he stuck around longer than MYM 3.

7 – Pidgeot by KingK.Rool

Pidgeot’s playstyle is to get in the air and stay there, and play with all of your various aerial moves. While that’s a pretty weak playstyle premise, it’s actually kind of unique, even if the moveset doesn’t really flow all that well. Either way, though, the moveset gives you more toys to play with in the air with 5 glide attacks – something that still hasn’t been done outside this moveset. Hell, most movesets cop out of glide attacks altogether – my own Skarmory had no glide attack despite being listed as having a glide –and- having situationals for crying out loud. Indeed, this moveset shows its’ age, but compared to the rest of its’ MYM 3 brethren it ages quite well.

6 – Big Daddy and Little Sister by Koj

While I made many, many tag-team movesets in the dark ages of MYM, they rarely took advantage of the potential they had for obvious playstyle purposes, such as one character defending the other or what-not. Big Daddy and Little Sister come before all the rest, and come out with a very natural playstyle that isn’t bogged down with large quantities of the worst MYM 4 inputs – this playstyle is also the definitive one for the characters. This –is- Big Daddy and Little Sister. The only thing holding this back is a lack of flow, quite common considering we were minimally conscious of legitimate playstyle at the time.

5 – Headless Horseman by KingK.Rool

After Dracula’s hype train came to a screeching halt, the Horseman was proclaimed better. . .But after a while has gone by, I consider Dracula superior once again. The Horseman focuses around a mechanic that isn’t an ammo mechanic, but rather one that essentially resembles a moveset centered around Diddy’s Down B via his head. He can throw it, he can plant it on the ground and activate it with his attacks, and he has creativity to boot in his Up Special which I immeditately drooled over and ripped off. Why is Horseman lower than Dracula? Because those creative inputs don’t contribute much to the playstyle. It’s a MYM 4 fan’s dream come true, but that’s not entirely a good thing.

4 – Delibird by Kitsuneko345

And this, if it wasn’t obvious enough, was the set I haven’t previously read that made the cut. Delibird can stuff characters inside his bag, then smack them around against stuff to increase their damage or use the added weight to his bag to smack other characters. In 1v1 he actually has a similar concept to Dark Bowser in damaging the foe while they can’t damage you, but the real meat of his gameplay comes in 2v2s and FFAs, where he has a different and even more unique playstyle, much like our beloved Octillery. Hands down the best aging set in MYM 3.

3 – Dracula by Chief Mendez

Dracula’s playstyle is subtle, but it exists. He simply fights at long range, without being a blatant camper, which is a somewhat unique playstyle that, while simple, has never really been mastered. Unlike pretty much all the other sets on this list, it had no examples to follow for –anything-, Mendez having to teach himself how to make a moveset this good. The inputs are quite memorable despite being simplistic nature, and actually contribute to his spacing nature, unlike Alucard. God forbid, this set even has a move interaction – and it’s a TRAP! Fuck yes. Dracula gets Warlord’s approval.

2 – Bass.EXE by Hyper_Ridley

Bass is one of HR’s many movesets where he struck gold and was the first to discover a playstyle nobody had ever touched, but this was back in prehistoric times before much was discovered. While the camper is more common today, Dracula’s playstyle is only more “unique” because it’s not really that interesting – hence why it hasn’t really been attempted again. Bass also has far more flow than Dracula, and while Dracula has a trap, Bass has –multiple- traps. Indeed, Bass is one of the most blatant examples of a moveset far, far ahead of his time.

1 – Gecko Moria by Koj

The hell with Jafar, Lemmy, whoever else. –This- is the first truly legitimate stage control moveset, and it gushes with such ridiculous creativity it’s hard to not burst into tears of joy at the sight of this brilliant moveset that should’ve won MYM 3 in a heartbeat. Outside some interesting stage control in his specials, Moria mainly manipulates Doppelman, a shadowy version of himself that does his own inputs when Moria does his, which more often than not separates Doppelman from Moria and makes him his own hitbox. From there, Doppelman can be further manipulated. Aside from obvious reasons to do this, your recovery also takes you to wherever Doppelman is, making him quite relevant. Much like the Horseman’s Up B, I drooled over Moria’s uair and ripped it off in Dimentio. This is the only moveset on the list that could actually be posted today and still be considered half-decent. . .Did I mention that -MasterWarlord- is orgasming over a moveset for ONE PIECE here? And he even did so in MYM 3 back when he regularly hated stuff because of it. . .



  1. (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) @ Number 1

  2. 4/10? (Y)

    I still find Enker to be more clever and unusual than Bass.EXE. Yeah, okay, granddaddy of all campers and whatnot; camper-based characters were around as far back as pre-Brawl, the stone age, and hell, Magikoopa is a clumsy one, too. Bass is more polished, but that alone doesn’t help him top Enker’s still-unique (if slightly flawed) concept.

    I can’t believe you hadn’t read Delibird until now. I’m glad it’s a set we agree on.

    Gecko Moria’s alright, but I still think the right set won.

    Nice to finally see this list.

  3. Also, I bet you’d like The Bard if you read it. Meadow hadn’t developed that trademark writing style yet and the set is literally bursting with creativity, even if it’s a bit light on playstyle beyond “long-range”.

  4. Last also – have you read Skull Kid? First summons character ever and it’s pretty clever about it, although its standards are pathetically short. I was SO impressed with that set back in the day… I think I might have SV’d it.

    [Just remembered one more – what gives with the lack of Bill & Lance?]

  5. I came into Make Your Move 3 extremely late, but the feeling in that contest was definitely one of complete tolerance, but the lack of any prejudice – character bias running rampant, with a lot of great movesets pushed aside for being obscure.

    I don’t know if I would put this on the shoulders of the regular membership, though. It really took the leadership’s changing attitudes to swing the rest of the contest in the direction of actually judging sets, rather than celebrating that they know who the character is.

    In some way, it almost appeals to me that the works here were created by authors much more in-tune with what playstyle is than a lot of current moveset makers. Perhaps because they were content at simply making a competent character who would fit into Brawl, rather than trying to hit every possible goalpost while also fluttering ever closer to the sun with game-breaking attributes just thrown in.

    Ultimately, character bias still exists today, though. I feel that most authors would like to post a set of extremely well-known or popular characters, but are afraid to live up to the expectations of others, thus search for a safer idea. In that way, this bias may even be a significant part of Make Your Move, forcing people to focus on the playstyle rather than relying on the bias itself, or gimmicks and references [extras].

    But chyeah, this was a really great list, though it would have been nice to see an analysis on MYMers like Kits or KoJ in any of their submissions’ paragraph; especially as this was when both were most relevant.

  6. I re-looked over Bill & Lance and Naota, Rool, and also took a look at Plusle & Minun who I hadn’t previously. I didn’t really like any of them today.

    I will certainly agree on Bass being arguable, but Moria just stands head and shoulders over everything else in that contest and was disgustingly underrated.

    No, I never actually read Enker or Skull Kid. You’ve only mentioned Enker in passing a few times, and this is the first time I can remember you really talking about Skull Kid.

  7. The thing about Enker, is that while his CONCEPT is awesome, the EXECUTION falls flat. It was pretty much complex creativity for the sake of complex creativity with no real way to figure out which moves counter what, and with that being such an important part of his playstyle but no way of tapping into it, he ends up as a underpowered standard pressure character.

    Bass was much better designed and had a lot more thought put into how his moves function together as a moveset. The fact that he was on my personal top 5 in MYM6 should speak volumes about the set’s quality to this day

  8. All right, Moria! KISHISHISHISHISHI!!

  9. All right, here’s a real comment. Moria was one of the first movesets I ever read, and I loved it. Doppelman was nicely used, especially with the U-air and Moria’s recovery. The zombie versions of characters that help out Moria but are either retarded or useful depending on if they have a shadow in them or not is a decent interaction. And of course, I love Oz (he’s actually named Oars, just so you know). I think Moria should have won.

    Just a question, MW; Do you still have a bias towards One Piece sets?

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