Posted by: The Stadium | August 21, 2010

MYMer Interviews #5 — UserShadow7989

What do you consider your best moveset and why?
Scarmiglione. Everything just fell into place for me when I was writing it. I didn’t make any glaring errors, all the multiple aspects were carried to a reasonable extent, and it gave a new twist to the old self-damaging to become stronger concept. I think we should revisit old ideas and give them new twist every now and then, so I’m happy it worked so well with Scarmiglione.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
That’s a hard one. There are so many sets I love, that I don’t want to narrow it down. There’s Dark Bowser, to start with. Not only is his playstyle out there with all the different ways to trap the opponent in place and grind up their damage while they can’t fight back, each individual move is bristling with a creativity without ever sticking out like a sore thumb.

Then we have Dr. Strangelove from a previous contest. His take on making traps that nobody wants to go off, intimidating the foe into letting him control the match hooked me.

Archie Kraine. I loved how outlandish it was to give a character free flight and make it balanced. She tore away from the normal Standards/Aerials imputs due to her constant flight. Her attacks were crazy and a far cry from normal. And despite all that, she had a playstyle and flow between all of the insanity.

What do you look for in a moveset?
A lot of things. I look for concepts and consistency, but also flavor and… how do I say this? Charm. This is a contest about making sets for characters you love. Both the set’s focus and quality and the representation of the character itself is important. If there’s no character, then it’s just generic person with a theme. At the same time, you should give your all to do the character justice by giving them a well thought out set.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
I just find a character I love or find interesting. Then I take a look at videos, lists of their abilities, and so on until I find something or a few things that make me think ‘hey, that’s pretty cool!’.

How often do you cut movesets?
I used to always finish my sets, but now… there’s like 16 different text documents that are sitting with unfinished and dropped sets, dating back to MYM6. Lesse… Xemnas, Dracula, Usopp, Vulcan Raven, Brad from Sin & Punishment, Snorlax (Circa MYM6, the incomplete version can be seen on my smashboards blog), Cyborg Ninja, New Destroyman, Captain Vladimir, The Mask, X-ATM092, Hammer Bro., Camus the Sable, and two OCs (one without a name, even). That’s just counting stuff I haven’t cleared off yet.

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
I discovered it from ‘s forums. I was talking about AW representation in SSB, when I said I doubted there was any set potential for them. At which point I was linked to the MYM4 Will set by Maryaduke (I can’t even remember how to spell it XD). The level of creativity in a set for someone with so little potential got my creative juices flowing. That creativity and love of the characters drew me in.

I’m still making sets, simply because I want people to know I love these characters, and I want to share my hobbies and fandoms with other people. I want people to have fun, and at the same time advertise characters that don’t get an even break, or simply grab my attention.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?
My real life is boring. No IRL friends because I don’t go out to any social events, and I feel awkward around other people when I don’t have all the time in the world to think up my replies like on message boards. I have a hard time contributing to conversations because I have nothing interesting to say and never want to butt in unless it’s an emergency (where is that guy now, anyways?).

I have a pet cat for company, still live with my parents. I have a vast video game collection for many different consoles.

What’s the inspiration for your username?
It’s the one I’ve had since I was a kid. When I was signing up for AOL 3.0, they wanted a username. I wanted something like ‘shadow’ or ‘the shadow’. After both failed, it suggested UserShadow7989. I took it, and it’s stuck with me.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
That’s a hard one. I’m nearly incapable of connecting with anyone on a level of friendship (let alone something deeper, but that’s not the point), but I feel most comfortable around MarthTrinity, Wizzerd, DarthMeanie, and ChrisLionheart. I have trouble getting along with the big names, simply because I’m afraid of being dog piled if I express an opinion different from theirs, and the others I can’t seem to make any major connections too. I do like all of you guys, though.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?
My favorite has always been Blastoise. Absol is a close second and Gardevoir a distant third. Farfetch’d is another. I love most Dark types in specific, and there’s no Pokémon I really dislike.

Was it discouraging to you to not manage to place in the MYM you debuted in?
That it was. Well, it was a combination of that and the very few comments I received. Other then The Three Stooges, I hadn’t received more then 3 comments (usually 2) for a set. Dr. Wily was the one that ultimately broke the trend, which is why I’m still fond of it to this day despite the glaring flaws.

Where did you get the inspiration for your soon-to-be-remade MYM5 original character, Kira Trine?
The character or the set? For the character, I was looking at how all the RPG main characters I knew up to that point could be sorted into two categories. Generic ‘I wanna help people blah blah blah life is precious blah blah blah I’m reading out of a self help pamphlet blah’ squeaky clean knight in shining armor guy, or ‘angst angst angst whatever angst angst angst leave me alone angst why doesn’t anyone like me angst’ emo teen guy. Female main characters were rare, and even rarer was one that didn’t need some dashing hero guy running to her rescue every three minutes.

I wanted a character to be none of the above. I wanted someone who was at their core a good person, but neither the flawless hero or angsty jerk. So I thought, why not a cowardly hero? I looked around and could only find a few characters like that, Luigi and the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz, neither of which were the leading role. I wanted to build a hero with a realistic view of the danger. Who is scared out of their mind, but does good anyways.

I’ve always been a fan of first-person smartasses, so I made her bitterly sarcastic in her own personal thoughts (certainly not out loud) over how she keeps getting roped into the hero gig by her over eager allies/conscience. I wanted someone who wasn’t the strongest in the world, and had to rely on what was at hand just to keep alive. For her clothes, I wanted something feasible to contrast from the random crap normally slapped on RPG characters in an attempt to be ‘hip’ or ‘unique’. Something that wouldn’t be looked at twice in real life, but detailed enough to stand out from a crowd.

For the original set, I just wanted to make a set for her. I had poorly defined her powers beyond the weaker then normal but generic RPG spell list. The Neutral Special was based on how she would occupy a party buffer/spoony bard position in her traveling party. So she got a mish mash of random abilities held together by needing to keep herself boosted (ironically meaning she was my first non-camper/trap playstyle, since she was started right with the Stooges).

For the remake, I was looking on TvTropes about pallet swaps (Lion! Fire Lion! Dire Lion! Cave Lion! River Lion! Cloud Lion!) and thought I didn’t want to do that in a game. Then I thought, why not make it an ability? Kira was lacking any real defined powers (never bothered to think about it before then), so I gave it to her. So she can apply a template to herself, her allies, or enemies to increase/decrease stats and give/remove certain abilities. The idea stuck. Of course, I don’t want some generic fire/ice/thunder templates, so I thought about common enemy types. Slimes, demons, beasts, and made those into templates instead. I’m still hammering out the details, so she should be ready in… 8 years, 9 years tops.

Why did you post your unfinished Snorlax moveset in a blog rather than completing it and posting it?
I couldn’t bring myself to work on it anymore. What was done was a mess, the contest was nearing it’s end, the whole thing just didn’t sit well with me. At the same time, I didn’t want all the effort to go to waste. So I posted it in the blog so I wouldn’t attract the negative attention after I’d finally gotten some notoriety and respect from the members of the board. Plus, if by some miracle it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was, he would take votes away from Specter.

In your latest Cacturne moveset, you mentioned that you were in a slump before posting it. How did you manage to end it enough to write Cacturne?
I decided I needed to complete a set. That’s why I actually did Cacturne, really. Pokésets are simple, and I wanted something quick and dirty to get it out of my system. Cacturne was the first one that popped into my head, and I forced myself to start writing it down. Houndoom was the same thing to me in the last contest.

What future moveset plans do you have?
There’s my Kira Trine remake, obviously, a Three Stooges remake, and King Tonberry. The two remakes are on the shelve right now, Kira because I’m taking my time to define her abilities carefully, Stooges because I haven’t been motivated enough, and both because they’re going to be behemoths about three times the size of a normal set. King Tonberry is my current work, but I’m stuck since I’ve run out of material to use from the games. Ultimately, I do sets on a whim. There’s no telling what I might pop out next.



  1. Nice choice for an interview, one of the most underrated MYMers. I haven’t seen this abandoned Snorlax, though…

  2. I was scheduled for an interview but unfortunately I was away when it had to be published. Though this is the SECOND one done since I was suppose to have mine– I’d like to know if Wiz wants to schedule that in, or if I should just do it when I want.

  3. @Rool:

    @Plorf: I sent Shadow the interview before I knew you still existed, and since you didn’t reply in time I just put up Shadow’s. It’s not like I wanted to cancel the interview or anything, just reply and I’ll have it put up next =P

  4. Y’know, looking at it now, I never realized that Snorlax only needed the Playing Against, Extras, and Match-ups sections. I thought most of the attacks were still missing. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, about MYM6’s quality even though it was not top 50 material.

    I was also going to make a Nanoha match up with it. No reason to bring that up now, I just pictured Nanoha sleeping on Snorlax’s stomach and thought it was adorable. I was hoping to get feedback when I put it up, but nobody noticed. Even when I posted the link in the chat repeatedly. Should have posted it in the thread and gotten advice there.

    Also, do I make that many typos often? Snorlax is riddled with them. But enough of that. Thanks for this opportunity DM, and for the trip down memory lane with the Snorlax question.

  5. Your welcome Shadow. 😉

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