Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 22, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 51

Howdy hoes and…I’m back! Kinda sorta. So yeah, as y’all know my computer exploded and I went on vacation…but now I’m back from vacation! But my computer is still exploded. Sooo…that’s why I haven’t really been commenting or didn’t announce my return in the thread. But hey! I’m using a borrowed computer and I have enough time to write up the article I love so why the hell not? Here’s the 51st Recap written by the awesomely awesome (and modest) guy who started them in the first place! Let’s talk enthusiastically about sets existing! Fuck yeah!

So first off this week we had a joke set for Chuck Norris by Monkey D. AWESOME. It had one move and was relatively unfunny so it got no replies except one from JOE! saying it was unfunny. MOVING RIGHT ALONG…

Moving right along indeed…following the joke set was a controversy set that I apparently missed all the controversy for; Jecht by Katapultar. So Jecht is apparently some super bro, blitzball playing Final Fantasy hero. In the set, Jecht uses his manly blitzball skills to score “goals” on the opponent…aka, knocking his blitzball off the blastzone they spawn closest to in order to take multiple stock off the foe with one manly KO. Manly. Reception for Jecht seems to have been incredibly, incredibly negative.

So yeah, you read it and you all know the crazy controversy this set caused. Except…I don’t! Funny that I’m the one writing the Recap on a week I wasn’t actually there to witness but…yeah! Here we are! Hopefully someone can explain the drama in full in the comments if they’d be so kind? 😉

Anyway, controversy aside…up next was Cacturne by UserShadow7989. Cacturne’s a real fun one…and by that I mean he’d be the biggest pain in the ass ever to fight. The name of Cacturne’s game appears at first glance to be that of a basic camper, what with his sandstorms, cotton spores, spikes and needles…but really, he’s a close range character who just gets raped without those tools. Well that and he’s a walking cactus that stalks you; how isn’t that cool? Overall reception for Cacturne seemed to be fairly positive; he didn’t get many comments what with the whole Jecht arguement going on (although DM gave him a positive one).

Following Cacturne came Dimitri by MYM’r…you know? The guy we all thought was chased away after the Glameow Apocalypse of 2010? Anyway, this guy’s back and he’s making a moveset for that cool lounge lizard from Sly 2 (love that game by the way). Unfortunately, like Glameow and Paris and London before him, Dimitri doesn’t really have any concrete playstyle or anything. He does however have a taser ring and the ability to make people dance soooo…that’s something to say the least! Dimitri got a few comments, most offering more advice while others said it was an improvement over Glameow.

Suddenly, agidius set! So agi not only covered for me last week with the Recap, he also had time to finish up and post Napalm Man. Pretty swell if you ask me! What makes it even more swell is that it was on his two year MYM anniversary too! Anyway, Napalm Man is one of those dreaded spacing characters, similar to Cacturne in that he’s a wuss up close for the most part but deadly at range. He’s also got an awesomely explosive air game. Basically, it’s another quality Mega Man set we’ve come to expect from agidius. Reception for Napalm Man was quite good; HR liked it but some other people felt it was a step down from his previous Robot Master sets.

After Napalm Man…goodness this was a full week, were you guys all waiting for me to come back? I can’t help but notice there were only two sets posted for the last Recap (WARY)…but anyway, next set is Skeleton by KingK.Rool posted under the alt Axx O Nn who is now banned because he was an alt. I haven’t read Skeleton yet so I can’t give a good analysis yet of it but most people seem to like it…whether it’s because it’s a good “newcomer” set or otherwise…

And finally for this week we have a back to back effort; Amane by wrkngclsshr and Yuzu by TWILTHERO. First up is Amane, the long awaited follow up to wrk’s first set, Gengar. According to wrk himself…Amane is all about grabs and aerials. She also has a “mana mechanic” (aka an ammo bank) that she can spend mana to do her powerful moves or do certain ones to restore the mana. Reception for Amane was pretty decent; DM noted that it was an obvious improvement over Gengar to say the least.

Then we had Yuzu by TWILTHERO. Yuzu is about her summoning of her demon familiars as well as various other traps and such. But, and this seems to be a growing trend of MYM8, Yuzu excels in the art of teamwork via healing, setting up camping positions or just generally screwing the foe over with her traps to keep foes busy. Overall reception for Yuzu was kinda eh. DM criticized it fairly harshly for having a fairly meh playstyle.

And hey! We’re not done! I forgot HeoandReo jumps back into the ring with a new set of his own. For those of you who don’t know, HeoandReo was an old MYM2 vet who was most notable for making that whole big list of all of the sets in the contest. Now he has a set for Strago MagusNot really a whole lot to say about this one. His long departure from MYM kind of shows in his lack of detail/playstyle but…he’s been gone over a year, you can hardly blame the guy!

And that’s all for this week peeps! I apologize if this was a fairly lackluster Recap…please keep in mind that I wasn’t actually -HERE- for most of the week but I wanted to get this out anyway in my own print just because I love y’all so much.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I never knew which game Dimitri came from until you just mentioed it then.

    Eh, even if Skeleton was made my Rool, I won’t discriminate. I still love him, and he’s one of my favouritest sets of MYM8. I can see the proof with rooly’s comment, which was weird itself in the first place.

    The actual set itself (Jecht) or the comment near the end didn’t cause the controversey, I say. Who was the one who replied to what I said? Just to sum it up, I posted the fellow at the bottom of the page. Perhaps I half-expected what I got. But by no means did I EVER reply to anything directed at me.

    Im trying to point out that everyone has their own perspective. To agree or disagree is human. Every comment directed at me was a byproduct of that individual’s own thought put down on paper in hopes of influencing one such as I.

  2. Jeht controversy in a nutshell:

    Kat says he’s just gonna make sets for fun and not worry about making ZOMG PLAYSTYLE CREATIVITY DETAIL sets, which some took offense to.

    Funny enough, Warlord was not one of the people who posted in the thread about the whole thing.

  3. Jecht Controversy in a nutshell:

    Jecht sucked.

  4. Yeah, I guess you could say it’s been quite a long time since I’ve last entered a Make Your Move!! contest. To be honest, I felt a little embarrased after I took a look at the other entries and saw that my old format wasn’t going to fly. It was good back then, though!
    But that was then, and this is now, so I’m struggling to catch up with the newer blood in a short time. I won’t go down without a fight, though. 😛

    Nonetheless, I’ve improved Strago’s format to a more acceptable one, as well as added some things about his playstyle, so if you want to check it out, go ahead. I’ve also posted another moveset just afterwards, one for Kilgore Trout, the great fictional science-fiction writer.
    (Shameless advertising)

  5. Yeah, I guess Chuck Norris really wasn’t that funny.

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