Posted by: masterwarlord | August 23, 2010

Pokemon MYM Version

Pokemon MYM Version

If you’ve been in the chat, it’s been hard to not hear Thrice and I talking about our hacks – and not just the hacks we’re currently working on either. Back in the day we originally were making another more ambitious hack with the very limited knoweledge we had, and it failed horribly as it corrupted in on itself. God forbid, though, after all of the pain, suffering, and tears, I’ve actually got something to show for it.

BKupa's Gym

Pokemon MYM Version is a hack of Fire Red – it’s far from an all-new game completely, but MYMers are implemented into the game, taking up virtually all of the important roles such as the Gym Leaders and Elite Four with custom dialogue/sprites/Pokemon, along with their gyms being completely changed. Of course, there’s far more MYMers then just to fill up those spots, and they’re all scattered throughout Kanto – it’s hard to go on through a route or dungeon without encountering some sort of MYMer. . .Ignoring the Sevii Islands, anyway, which are for the most part unchanged.

Smady's Gym

The difficulty of this hack is through the roof – those 575328709 Hyper Potions and Revives you splurged all your money on and didn’t need? Yeah. You need every last one of those damn things to make it through this hack. Keep in mind if you’re stuck on one of the various bosses that the hack is edited so that you’re allowed to progress without beating them up until the last few bosses – you can come back to fight them later when you’re ready. The various random trainers whos’ dialogue is unedited have different Pokemon so that you can actually get enough experience to make it through the game without excessive grinding. In addition, virtually all of the first 386 Pokemon are in the wild – just make sure you talk to the Kangaskhan in Pallet Town who for whatever reason gives you the National Dex. Without the National Dex, Johto and Hoenn Pokemon can’t evolve. There are probably a couple random Pokemon I forgot to include, of course, but the only ones I’m actually conscious of leaving out are most of the legendaries. . .Lugia and Ho-oh are in the game, though, who are normally inaccessible in Fire Red. In addition, you can also actually evolve your Kadabra and such on the emulator – trade evolutions are replaced with level up evolutions, as well as other evolutions that would be impossible until you beat the game/in Fire Red, such as Sun Stone evolutions and Feebas’ evolution. Two that deserve special mention are Eevee and Scyther – Scyther evolves via Leaf Stone so its’ evolution isn’t forced, while Eevee evolves into Espeon via level-up and Umbreon via Moon Stone.

Warlord's Gym

This hack hasn’t been fully tested, so there’s bound to be some more overlooked bugs, but the hack seems to be in decent working order at this point. Of course, it’d be much appreciated if you could report whatever bugs you find here. . .Yes, I’m aware of some of the custom text going off the side of the dialogue box, but this is very minimal and the dialogue is still very readable, so I’m not terribly concerned and I’ve working on this damn thing enough already. The mug shots of the Elite Four/Champion are also the sprites of the original people, and there’s a. . .Very -interesting- bug with the champion’s title that can’t really be fixed, and I was lucky to find a work-around to get it how it is. There’s also one portion of ground that connects two routes between Fuschia City and Lavender town that freezes the game, but this is blocked off and there are two houses that randomly warp between each other to transverse this ground. Also, if you happen to find a double battle I failed to remove, do not engage. They hate the map for whatever reason. Seeing there are non double battles where 2 separate trainers are standing together though, you may want to just save before you approach such people. No, I had no intention whatsoever of ever editing the Fame Checker.

And finally, here’s an exhaustive list of MYMers that are included in the game. There are also a good chunk of trainers that are turned into various movesets, mostly in the gyms. I’m sorry if I didn’t include your favorite random obscure as hell/old as hell MYMer, but this is a very exhaustive list, and if I edited the game much more it’d probably fall apart. Anyway, the list, for the most part in no particular order:

Darth Meanie
Smash Daddy
Hyper Ridley
Chief Mendez
Chris Lionheart
Commander Blitzkrieg
Sonic the Baron
Iron Thorn
El Duderino
Cheap Josh




  1. Yeah yeah, Warlord got his out first…but I guess it’s not so bad. After all, it isn’t like anyone will/can play both at the same time.

    Keep in mind…mine is not his goddamn hard. It’s actually meant for Nuzlockes.

    It IS harder than any of the normal games though, of course.

    But yeah, I’ll get back to playing this now (WARY)

  2. What Pokemon do I have?

  3. Part one of my lets play of the hack, for anyone who can’t play it themselves.


    I thought I’d also post a link to the playlist for these, as I shall be continuing the series.

  5. level 1 sandshrew ftl

  6. You were lucky to get that, Plorf (D)

  7. That was me, refreshed while writing that then forgot my name >.>

  8. so. Guess who has to start over since he put the file in the wrong place. (NO)

    at least I was only at pewter city <_<

  9. I don’t get it with this whole VBA-save thing you’re all doing. I’m saving normally, in-game, and it seems to be working fine for me.

  10. I’m also doing a let’s play for anyone who’s interested. Naturally I’m speeding through the game much faster than Smady due to making the game, but I’m also constantly going at 350% speed.

    Link to Playlist

  11. Hmm, sounds fun, and I understand why I’ not included given my lurker status for so long (after all, I just eradicated my name from the list of MYMers killed in the line of movesets…). One question, do the trainers have their own characters (at least the Pokemon ones) on their team?

  12. Cool to see you posting here, Twilight Emblem. . .Sorry about your exclusion from the game. Yes, the MYMers in the game generally have their Pokemon movesets as part of their team, though sometimes the type of their gym prevents them from getting the Pokemon. Still, a lot of MYMers have Pokemon they specifically requested in cases where it doesn’t really work out otherwise – the teams of Khold, Wiz, and Silver are entirely by request, for instance.

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