Posted by: The Stadium | August 28, 2010

MYMer Interviews #6 — Hyper_Ridley

What do you consider your best moveset and why?
Axel Gear fo’ sure! This is the set where I finally took the aspects of all the various ideologies of MYM and game-design I’ve seen and combined them in a way built for ME, and not to appeal to any one person or group. He’s got creativity without filling every move with a special effect, his playstyle is layered and deep while remaining focused, he’s really in-character (I’m so glad I decided to do extras for this guy), he’s “powerful” but still pretty well balanced…yeah, he’s just the complete package to me. He’d be the kind of set I’d implement into my own fighting game.

I also want to give a nod to Lemmy Koopa and Dark Gaia, who so far have retained their top 3 placings in my new set rankings, to be posted eventually!

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
Uh oh, that’s a toughie. Sloth is definitely one, he actually is very similar to Axel Gear in making a deep, coherant moveset while remaining overall simple. And plus swinging a boulder around on a chain just sound too darn fun. (h)

Joe Cazalghe is another favorite of mine for basically being the definitive boxing moveset. Sakurai, please give this moveset to Little Mac in SSB4! Speaking of Junahu sets, Doppelori was one of the sets I wanted to win MYM7 since she was posted, for being all-around awesome and having RELEVANT FINAL SMASHES! Oh, and can’t forget Lionheart’s epic Black Knight moveset for having combos I find FUN (horror)! And Strangelove for being Cold War: the moveset, and Romero for by Rool I’ve been fond of for some reason, and..

What do you look for in a moveset?
Simple enough, I look for a set that a) pulls off its concept well, and b) cares about the character it makes the set for. I enjoy Warlord’s “unsmash” sets for being so chaotic and creative that I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like to get the chance to actually play one of them, and I like “insmash” sets like Black Knight for being able to provide a simpler, more controlled expierence that isn’t necessarily uncreative.

At the end of the day, I don’t really like all the insmash vs unsmash arguments cause of my second criteria. Smash Bros and MYM have always been about seeing your favorite characters have fun epic battles, so if the set can give me the impression that you would really enjoy playing this character in Brawl like in the set, then I’m a happy camper.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
Often it’s really based on what game I happen to be playing at the time, lulz. My first set ever (Vulturon) was literally because I was playing him in his game, compared his hover ability to Peach’s float, and started making up more and more Smash Bros inputs for him. That’s how most of my sets get started, I see a character I like in a game and I think of what moves would be cool to transfer to Smash Bros, and then it goes on from there.

How often do you cut movesets?
The only moveset I will officially consider “cut” is the Castlevania 3 Heroes since it was a joint with .Joel and Tanookie…yeah….

Otherwise, I don’t really cancel sets, I mainly get sidetracked with other stuff and then I end up having inspiration to work on some other set. But very often I’ll revisit my incomplete stuff to work on them some more, so there’s always a chance that one of them could be finished. ARMYDILLO WILL BE POSTED SOMEDAY YOU HEAR ME?! (crying)

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
I literally just saw MYM2, went “cool, custom moveset posting thread”, then showed up in MYM3 to post Vulturon. At the time I thought .Joel was some sort of God with how many sets he was posting, so when he praised my set I was like “OMG a celebrity likes me!” So then I struck around and posted more sets and then it spiraled out of control and became the devil worshipping cult it is today. (h)

I make (made?) sets for it because it’s fun to think of movesets for my favorite characters in one of the greatest crossover concepts of all-time. Additionaly since I want to make video games for a living someday, it’s great practice. I actually have made a lot of concept stuff for games throughout my life, including an epic 10-world Mario platformer with an actual plot and the very first OC I ever made. Maybe he should get a set? lol

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?
I go to C.W.Post College, and am a senior heading for a Computer Science degree. Though I think most of you know that, lulz. I also live on LonG Island like Wyvern and even same birthday as him, September 27. We need to have a joint birthday party. (h)

Socially, bleh. I was abused a bit as a child and have a history of “close” friendships that spontaneously end for no good reason, so I tend to not trust anybody until I know them for a stupid-long time. I have one great IRL friend who I love bunches (no homo). And yes MYM is on my trustworthy list (hug)

I have a lot of physical and verbal ticks. King K.Rool looks sane next to me. Hey, maybe that’s why he’s not in DKC Returns, I’m gonna be the finals boss! =O

I like to swim in my in-ground pool, and in my home lives a cat, 3 fish that I swear are immortal, and a tarantula named Critter. :3

What’s the inspiration for your username?
I like Ridley, and “Hyper” was just some obligatory cool-sounding prefix, and I didn’t realize you could do spaces in a username so I used an underscore between the 2 words. lol. My original alias I went by a REALLLLLLLLLY long time ago was “Super Boost Guardian”, named after an infamous boss in Metroid Prime 2. Imagine the brokennes if THAT became my self-insert OC in Playing God. (smirk2)

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
Definitely the unsmash God himself, MasterWarlord. We started out mutually worshippin each others’ MYM3 sets and it only got better (h).

Thanks to the chat I’ve managed to become good friends with people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, such as MT, TWILT, and Chris Lionheart to name a few. Can’t forget Wyvern either of course.

Generally I like most MYMers even if we have fights every now and then, since after the stuff I put up with outside of MYM I try to be more grateful for the moments that are nice.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?
The Sneasel and Gligar lines have a special place in my heart. Come on, Gliscor is a scorpion-bat, how is that not epic!

Every gen managed to have some of my favorites. Gen 1 has Mewtwo, Gen 3 has Salamence, Gen 5 has Zoroark and the Ground/Dark Crododile. Gen 4 also has Lucario as a favorite of mine, which is funny since initially I HATED him and his hype-train for Smash Inclusion…and now he’s on my Diamond version team (wary).

Why do you make joint sets so often?
Joint sets are fun! They’re a nice way to get to know my fellow MYMers together, and it’s nice to have some of the pressure taken off for a set. If I didn’t joint Cortez with Wyvern we wouldn’t be such good friends today. Say, in a month it will be mine and Wyvern’s birthday…

Warlord, we need to revive Dark Fawful! Do you want his throat to dry from screaming DARKNESS so much?

Why do you refuse to play as characters with low viability in fighting games?
I don’t refuse to PLAY them at all, just main them. I suppose you could say it’s just me being a tourney-***, thouh my philosophy is that a good competitive game will have characters below high tier that can still perform respectably, so I don’t really care that my main team in Marvel vs Capcom 2 includes a low tier character (the Marvel vs Capcom games are the Gods of party-game figthers). Smash Bros has the problem of not being fun enough in a casual setting and not balanced enough in a tourney setting so I don’t main anyone.(h)

Also, this only applies to competitive games, single player and co-op games I don’t give a crap about tiers since unless the game is absolutley horendously balanced a “low-tier” character can beat up a bunch of CPU enemies and puzzles just fine. I just lol when people refuse to play Bowser in Super Mario RPG, because the game is so difficult that you need all the top-tier stuff you can afford M I RITE?

How did you first get introduced to Metroid, and how and why did you end up such a big Ridley fan?
I first saw an ad for Metroid 2 way back in the day, and I was like “ZOMG high-tech bounty hunter who has to into an underground maze and kill mutant insect aliens!” However, Halloween was coming, and I really wanted to be Scorption from Mortal Kombat, but in the end, I decided to use my money for Metroid 2. Yes, I remember a halloween costume that competed for my attention, AM I METROID FANATIC ENOUGH?

So I play Metroid 2, play Super Metroid at Toys R us but never make the connection between the games, play Samus in Smash Bros 64 (and this time ctually recognise the character), and then I see an internet article about METROID PRIME. So I’m all, “There’s a sequel to that old Gameboy game! =O” and I get it for Christmas. The rest is history.

Now, I first met Ridley in a Nintendo Power article on Melee, where I thought he was the new boss of classic mode xD. Then I got Kraid’s trophy, and wondered who this “Ridley” being was that was mentioned. So then I get the trophy for the dragon I saw in Nintendo Power who turns out to be Ridley! So I’m like “Space Pirate Dragon! <3” And then in Metroid Prime he became a CYBORG SPACE PIRATE DRAGON WHO HAS LASER BREATH! Sure Sakurai, include normal Ridley as a boss if you must, but you won’t take away my Meta Ridley!

Are you still close to Spadefox/Onishiba/.joel/potato?

Seriously though, we do exchange a few lines every now and then, but yeah, far from the non-ambigouslly gay duo we once were. And to be honest, it left a hole in me that I don’t think will be filled in my lifteime.

Now, Playing God Spadefox on the other hand, I love that guy! He’s actually based on one of my very first OCs, so I can’t hate him. I totally want to make a game starring him.

Why did you retire from the MYM leadership during MYM7?
Despite getting 3 A’s in the previous school semester, 1 C meant that I almost lost my scholarship, so I had to work my *** off in Physics to get my GPA back up (which I did =D). In addition to that, I still wasn’t quite over my falling out with .Joel, and my shoddy performance in MYM6 made me depressed regarding MYM. I didn’t feel that I could make a helpful commitment to the leadership anymore, so I decided to do what most real-world leaders don’t and bow out.



  1. “And to be honest, it left a hole in me that I don’t think will be filled in my lifteime.”


  2. (shifty)

  3. I misread “bow out” as “blow out”, which kinda confused me at first. I was envisionaing HR overinflating and bursting like a tire. (WARY)

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