Posted by: bkupa666 | August 31, 2010

Kupa’s Weekly Retrospective: 8/31

Here we are again, back on the standard Tuesday date.  As summer continues its inevitable march toward school, life gets busier and busier around here.  No matter, your favorite middle-of-the-road MYMer will continue his weekly articles (and bitching on GameFAQs).  This week, we’ve got a high-ranking set from an old MYMer who became the subject of some controversy this week, regarding his activity.  I’ll touch on that a bit more later.  For now, let’s look back on the ninth place finisher of MYM6…

After Arthas was robbed of a Top 10 finish back in MYM5, Chris Lionheart came back full force a contest later, giving us this behemoth.  Black Knight was one of many combo heavyweights that banged the genre to death, but unlike my atrocities, this one actually got quite positive reception.  The primary reason for this was the fresh nuance Black Knight brought to the table, making his combos much more fascinating to set up.

Initial Reception: The nuance I’m referring to is Black Knight’s control over warp powder, of course.  Although Junahu felt that it was unnecessary to dedicate three Specials to the move, I found the approach Chris took to be much more in-character and simple.  Black Knight can use his powder to A, warp himself around to reach a more ideal position for his game, B, warp opponents around to put them in a compromising position, or C, move stage elements around to his liking.  This concept permeated Black Knight’s playstyle to the core, and allowed him to ascend into a rightful placing for Chris in the Top 10.  The major complaint about Black Knight, however, was his balance.  What with how he excels at close range, combined with his massive weight and amazing recovery option, Black Knight seemed to be blatantly overpowered.  Balance issues are easily the least significant when it comes to moveset quality; a few statistical tweaks and the set is scaled down just fine.  Plus, when you take into consideration what squeezed into seventh place, two places above Burger King, he really seems just fine as he is.

Current Reception: Although the name of combo character is mud these days, thanks in part to none other than myself going through MYM adolescence, Black Knight is still remembered to this day.  I’d consider him one of Chris’ top two of all time, alongside Arthas.  After a less-than-impressive MYM7 showing, however, Chris has not been active in MYM8.  It’s clear he has good ideas for sets, but for whatever reason, he hasn’t thrown his hat into the ring yet.  While I wish individuals would be more respectful toward Chris’ decision to remain in the chat, their message is pretty clear: they want to see more from him, because they enjoy what he put out there.  I know I sure do, after being enthralled by Black Knight.

And that’s a wrap for another Weekly Retrospective.  Hopefully you all enjoyed this week’s look back at the best-placing set from one of our oldest veterans.  Next week, the retrospective will fall on my first day back to high school, so if it’s a tad later than usual, you know why.  Here’s hoping for another week of great sets, ala Dr. Tiki.



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