Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 31, 2010

Moveset Graveyard #11

Hello everyone and welcome to the slightly less special than last week but still fairly special edition of the Moveset Graveyard! This week brings us one lost moveset by Koppakirby and one BOSS moveset by Katapultar, good stuff here. So we’ll start off with the moveset by KK, a moveset for Needlous, a random Kirby enemy.



Needlous is an enemy from the Kirby series of Video Games. He curls up into a spiked ball and rolls around at Breakneck speeds. He gives the ability ‘Needle’, and replaces the enemy ‘Togezo’ in Kirby: Nightmare and Dreamland(Remake of Kirby’s Adventure). Needlous is deadly, oh so deadly. His spines cause Kirby much pain. So much pain, that he appeared again in Kirby Canvas Curse. Now he joins the Brawl! Go Needlous, show them your Spiky Power!

Size-Just barely Smaller than Kirby, and a bit wider.
Walking Speed-2/10
Running Speed-6/10
First Jump-6/10
Second Jump-3/10
Footstools-Harm anyone that touches his head/back/spikes.
Wall Jump-Yes
Wall Grab-Yes

Grabs and Throws
Grab-Spike Extend
Needlous extends his Spikes out of his back a great deal, making himself look 2.5 times as big. This extension is rather quick, taking about .7 seconds to execute. The priority is also infinite. The hitbox is Needlous’ entire body. This attack doubles as his shield. As long as the Grab button is held, Needlous will continue this attack.
If anyone is close enough to Needlous when this attack is executed, they’ll be stuck to him. Like, really stuck. Super Stuck. Like, they’ll have to have a Power of 10 to get out of this within 7 seconds(so warlord and kupas chars will have an easy time ololololololololololololololololololoolololololo). He’ll automatically release them of he ceases the move, of course.
If someone runs into Needlous when he is in this mode, they don’t get stuck. They take 10% damage from the spikes and take medium knockback and a tad hitstun instead.

Um, as long as Needlous is holding the opponent, they’ll take constant damage from his spikes. About 4% damage per .6 seconds. So the damage can multiply rather quickly.

Forward Throw-Get right to the good part
Needlous will go into his Neutral Special from this point, read the details there.

Back Throw-Discard
Needlous is bored with this plaything. Like a child, he’ll carelessly toss it behind him, dealing 6% damage and major hitstun. Yeah, the opponent will definitely be stunned. Allowing him to turn around and grab him/her again for chaingrab action! Muwahahahaha! This throw is pretty long actually, about .8 seconds. Still under a second, but still.

Up Throw-Tick
All of Needlous’ spikes will conjoin as one for a second, and then fling the enemy upward a small amount, puncturing them with the single large spike as they come down, dealing 14% damage and medium knockback! The attack is long though. The formation takes .7 seconds, and the toss .2 seconds. Afterwards the spikes will become many again, taking .7 seconds as well.

Down Throw-Pincushion
Needlous will flip onto his back, dealing 6% damage and light knockback to anyone nearby at this flip. He’ll then continue to crush the opponent with his spikes and his weight. Yow. The priority on this one is pretty good, especially sense it deals 3-10 hits of 4% damage over the 1.3 second period the move takes. The move has a couple of invincibility frames, but mainly in the flipping phases. Afterward, Needlous will flip back up, leaving the opponent on the ground, but not stunned, surprisingly.

Neutral Special-Rollout
Needlous makes a small upwards hop for .5 seconds(Dealing 7% damage to anyone nearby, including medium knockback) and then curl up into a ball and start rolling forward. Similar to Yoshi’s…Down Special, he can control is direction with the control stick, not to mention having similar priority with it. FYI, the entering/exiting time of ball mode is .3 seconds.
Anyone hit by Needlous’ rolling form takes 12% damage and heavy knockback that KOs at 150%. This is pretty much his means of KO. Speaking of KO, when this move is initiated by throw, it lasts 3 seconds(Normally it depends on how long you hold the special button) and the opponent is still attached. He takes 4% damage every .5 seconds from this attack, and at the end of the attack takes the same knockback from being hit by the attack.

Side Special-Spike Pull
Needlous emits a magnetic aura that pulls any spikes the he has placed in front of him(Using moves I will go over later) towards him, pulling anyone between him and them towards him. Opponent contact with these spikes does not deal any damage. These spikes will move towards him at the speed of Falco’s Run. These spikes will sink back into the ground once they reach him. The sinking will take 1 second. The summoning of the magnetic field takes .2 seconds, a very quick maneuver.

Down Special-Pin Missile
Needlous will fire up 4 of his 8 spikes up into the air, which will turn around and come falling back down once they reach 1.5 Times Gannondorf’s height, 1 second into their trip. In the remaining .6 seconds of the attack, they’ll come raining down onto the closest opponent to Needlous. This will pin them down into the ground for 3 seconds, allowing Needlous to come in. Now, this attack oddly had very little priority, so Needlous must be careful. The slightest of attacks to the falling needles will knock them off course. After the opponent is pinned, Needlous will regrow his spikes, although not effective the match at all.

Up Special-Convenience
Needlous will fire a translucent line of web upward from one of his spikes. About a Giga Bowser’s height above, a Twizzy(Bird) will fly past. The web(Moving a Sonic’s Run), will catch it. It will then proceed to pull Needlous upward to the bird at Falcon’s run, dropping him when he reaches the top. However, not is all roses. If either the Line or Twizzy take 5% damage, they’ll break/die, and leave Needlous falling, although not in helpless fall. If anyone is hit by Twizzy(Low priority) they take 7% damage and light knockback. If they are hit by the line, it passes through tem and goes for Twizzy. If someone is hit by the raising Needlous, they’ll take 11% damage and high knockback.

A large Spike will appear in front of Needlous, which he’ll proceed to fling around in front of him, dealing medium knockback with medium priority and medium range in front of him. The actual damage and time per slice in this combo would probably be 5% damage and .5 seconds. This attack is more of a keep-away attack more than anything else. Good for Tag mode, yes? (h)

Dash Attack-Somersault
Needlous performs an expert somersault, taking about .7 seconds to do so. This little somersault is spammable, thankfully. It deals 7% damage and medium knockback/medium hitstun. If the Special Button is pressed during this time this attack will transfer into the neutral special with almost no lag.

Forward Tilt-Spike Shot
Needlous rears up suddenly for .6 seconds, and a single needle is shot out in front of him. This Needle will travel the length of 2.5 Bowsers before vanishing without a trace. Now, this Needle will travel for that distance at the speed of Falcon’s Walk. However, the priority is low, so don’t think much of it. Now, the Needle itself will deal several hits of 3% damage, and lots of hitstun. This is a stunning move. This is a stun. Also, these aren’t the spikes I was referring to in the side special.

Up Tilt-Tick 2: Electric Boogaloo
Needlous’ spikes will suddenly conjoin as one, and enlarge to the height of one Stage Builder Block. Anyone who touches this spike during this .8 second attack will be punished! They will suffer great upwards knockback and 9% damage. The priority for this attack is somewhat meh, though. This attack is another one to stun, although it can juggle airborne enemies. Plus you’ll have a harder time using it on ground-bound foes.

Suddenly, in whatever direction Needlous is facing, a Stage-Builder-size deposit of spikes will rise from the ground 3.5 Bowsers away. These spikes rise in .6 seconds, and dealing 13% damage with high upward knockback to anyone who touches their points. After 3 seconds, the spikes will lower back into the Earth. Yes, these are the same spikes I mentioned earlier. You can move them, and 3 seconds does not matter in the Side Special. It automatically becomes longer.


I’m not entirely sure why KK dropped that moveset but…well…there it is! Now the next bit of this Moveset Graveyard is for a boss moveset written up by Katapultar that he submitted to the Graveyard quite a while ago. This boss set is for “Jokeroth” a fusion of…well…yeah, do I really need to explain it?


Behold, The Jokeroth! With Sephiroth’s body and The Joker’s mind and personality, Jokeroth is sure to make that CONTINUE button one hell of an eyesore!
HP: 1500
Stock: Every Character
The epic battle takes place on this stage, where you (and your ally) spawn on the opposite side of Jokeroth. Now before we start, take note of Jokeroth’s sword; where he stands Jokeroth could essentially hit you if you’re sitting in the middle of the stage.
Secondly, take note of the ceiling. It may look like a simple piece of stage, but judging from how low it is characters with good jumps may end up hitting their heads on the walls, resulting in their aerial game being screwed up. Fortunately, like most Final Fantasy games, the wall is an extra target that can be destroyed: having 200HP. The wall may not seem threatening at it’s current stage but that may change….
And finally, Jokeroth actually takes appropriate knockback and hitstun from attacks. He may seem like an easy opponent for this matter, but watch out…

Laughing Cut

  • Condition: Must be in range of Jokeroth’s blade. AUTOMATIC.
  • Forewarning: Jokeroth quickly raises his left hand before performing an overhead slash.
  • Damage: 44% with horizontal knockback that KOs at 90%.
  • Strategy: The execution of this attack is a quick one, but if you choose to run into Jokeroth, you can dodge the incoming blow with a well-timed roll. Jokeroth has a bit of ending lag which can be punished if he misses.
  • Overall: Jokeroth’s basic melee weapon. He’ll only use this attack against you if you come close so you don’t have to worry about it if you’re out of range. Otherwise a rather powerful attack.
Fervent Trial
  • Forewarning: Jokeroth quickly raises his left hand before performing an overhead slash, akin to the pervious move but 3X slower. When Jokeroth slashes, he sends out 2 energy blades that quickly fly forward in the direction of the nearest player. Jokeroth will send 1 extra blade out for every 5 seconds he is not attacked.
  • Damage: 25% with high hitstun for touching energy blades or Jokeroth’s sword.
  • Strategy: Since the animation is similar to Laughing Cut, Jokeroth can kind of mess with your head using this move. There are a few ways to dodge the blades: first off, if you have a reflector or absorber, you can use those to benefit from the attack. Secondly, you can jump to avoid the blades if your character has a quick enough jump like Fox. And finally, if you really want to be cheap, run to the ledge and stay there right at the moment Jokeroth begins the attack since they can’t travel through walls. Don’t bother shielding, as these energy blades bust shields upon contact. If you get hit by 1 blade, you’ll get hit by the rest.
  • Overall: A lot of forewarning, yet a rather tricky attack since Jokeroth can add more blades to the attack. It’s mostly used as a powerful disrupting attack and damage racker, so some player may allow themselves to be hit by the move. It’s actually the weakest of Jokeroth’s moves.

Tricky Conditions

  • Forewarning: Jokeroth raises his left hand while green gas envelops him. After 1.2 seconds, 4 Joker heads that are the size of Pokeballs appear randomly across the stage that float towards you very slowly. They’ll explode upon contact with you, and that’s the only way to destroy them. Oh, and don’t think Jokeroth can’t stack this move on you.
  • Damage: 20% with horizontal knockback that KOs at 60%.
  • Strategy: When you see Jokeroth perform the animation, be sure to get this oppurtunity to attack him, because if you don’t you’ll have on hell of a problem to deal with. A neat strategy otherwise is walking into the bombs to set them off with your respawn invincibility if they KO you.
C4 Lunge Threat
  • Condition: Jokeroth is attacked with a projectile when he is not attacking. OR if Jokeroth is knocked out of the arena but not KOed. AUTOMATIC.
  • Forewarning: Jokeroth cackles creepily before performing a flip into the air that places him on the exact opposite side of the stage.
  • Damage: NONE
  • Strategy: Essentially you can’t hit Jokeroth with projectiles while he’s on ground, as he’ll simply backflip.


You wanna know something? Those above moves are all child’s play. This is the move you’ll want to watch out for. Jokeroth will only use this move when he’s knocked out of the arena and KOed.
And there’s the Jokeroth for you in all of his hideous neon green glory. Sorry if that makes it a tad difficult to read but…I wanted to present it to you the exact way it was presented to me. Kat had this boss set and another (which will be posted later) in the works but ultimately decided against finishing them off.
And there we have it. Another edition of the Moveset Graveyard. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Needlous to say….actually showed some potential. Like MT, I wonder why you dropped it. With some work it could become a very decent set. Maybe you should pick it up again.

    JOKEROTH on the other hand…….
    Strange writing style you picked up here. While it is a deviation of the common writing style, I guess there is a reason why the common writing style is common.
    Jokeroth kinda suffers for being a generic blade character, but then most bosses suffer the same thing as well.

    Also that coloration. Reminds me of puke, and I get nausea looking at it.

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