Posted by: masterwarlord | September 2, 2010

MW Top 10s — Final Smashes

This was a pretty inevitable list after the top 13 worst Final Smashes, although good Final Smashes tend to be a good deal less memorable than bad ones simply because. . .Well. . .Nobody really cares about Final Smashes and your moveset will rarely be praised because of a good one, only picked on if the Final Smash sucks. As such, I inevitably will miss out on a lot of good Final Smashes and there isn’t really much reception that could hope to guide me in creating such a list, so this is far from definitive.

What I believe makes a good Final Smash are ones with lots of flash, but also provide unique gameplay. You also get more points if you include elements of a character you couldn’t in the main set because it’d be too broken (Generally some ultimate form), as well if you somehow manage to make the Final Smashes somehow relevant to the rest of the character’s game. Balance can come into play in judging a Final Smash, but usually only when it’s blatant on something like Burst Man who I forgot to include on my top 13 Worst Final Smashes, where he just gets a guaranteed kill on everybody or in something like Jason Voorhees. While I’ve done a lot of bad Final Smashes in my time as I’ve shown you previously in my last list, I’m also quite proud of some others, most notably Cairne and Dark Bowser, so I feel I’m qualified enough to make a list like this.

As I’ve shown you in the last list with FMA Man, putting too much effort into the Final Smash can be a –bad- thing in many circumstances. While some might see Paper Mario and Mia by Tanookie as having great Final Smashes for the fact that their main moveset helps build a mechanic for one of many Final Smashes, this just makes the Final Smashes tl;dr, and we also get information irrelevant to the main moveset shoved down our throats during the main moveset as they talk about how to build the Final Smash mechanic. Certainly honorable mentions, but the Final Smash should never be something that gets in the way of the main moveset or impedes the reader’s progress.

10 – Lemmy Koopa by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 5


Lemmy’s Final Smash brings out the other six Koopalings + Bowser Jr. to aid him, who all have their own unique ways in how they go about it. While the Final Smash has some tl;dr factor to it (“No, I don’t give a darn if Bowser’s first name is Morton due to the “Jr.” part, just shut up and continue reading this overly long final smash.”), it’s mainly only because of the pictures making the Final Smash much longer than it is and is pretty easy to swallow. While 7 different effects going on in a Final Smash is plenty cool, what really makes this Final Smash stand out is it getting representation for all of the Koopalings which HR correctly predicted they otherwise wouldn’t get. Only Bowser Jr. and Morton ever got movesets out of any of the other Koopalings, and they were simply passable sets, far from reaching Lemmy’s revolutionary level.

9 – Clefable by Junahu – MYM 6


The main part of Clefable’s Final Smash, boltbeam, is definitive Pokemon syndrome and a fairly generic attack. What’s good about the Final Smash? Well, in order to use Boltbeam, Clefable has to star KO herself to reach the moon in order to somehow generate the boltbeam, and she has infinite jumps to do it with but only 7 seconds. The Final Smash doesn’t provide the innovative gameplay, here, it’s how you go about getting the Final Smash. Clefable’s Final Smash makes the frantic struggle for the Smash Ball continue even after it’s been activated.

8 – Mario and Luigi by Darth Meanie – MYM 7


Mario and Luigi have a pair of Final Smashes that play out ridiculously unique in the Jump Helmet for Mario and the Snack Basket for Luigi. For the Jump Helmet, Mario leaps up into the air while Luigi takes out a spring and holds it above his head, while Luigi has to move to catch Mario and build up more momentum for him. For the Snack Basket, Mario takes out the titular basket and throws all of the food it in up into the air, then Luigi moves about to catch it all in his mouth, becoming fatter and fatter. Mario then throws Luigi at the enemy, him doing more damage/knockback based off how fat he is. And what’s really great, these brilliant Final Smashes are taken –directly- from the game! They play –identically-! . . .Yeah, that makes them more true to character, but it also prevents me from calling them the best Final Smashes ever when there’s stuff like what follows in this list. . .

7 – Raiden by SmashDaddy – MYM 5


Yes, yes, I hate the living hell out of Raiden, and the writing in the Final Smash is still ridiculously long and drawn out for no real reason, as with the rest of the moveset. Raiden actually has 2 Final Smashes, and while one of them is just a clone of Snake’s, the other one is essentially the only remotely good thing about the moveset. It brings the enemy players to a stage resembling the Metroid Adventure stage from Melee, with foes starting at the top and having to make their way to the bottom, while Raiden has control of a legion of guards that try to attack foes on their way down, presumably becoming disguised as them as he takes control of them. Raiden’s goal is to alert the other guards of the presence of the enemies so he doesn’t have to micro-manage them all, providing for unique gameplay for both the Raiden player and his enemies. The fact Raiden is on the list for best Final Smashes proves once again how pointless final Smashes really are.

6 – Badman by Junahu – MYM 7


Badman’s Final Smash has the pickaxe cursor from his game appear, which you can use to simply bludgeon the enemy with as you control it like a cursor. . .But the real purpose of the Final Smash is to carve the stage into your liking, again, just like the source material. Aside from being a pretty damn unique Final Smash, it’s actually relevant to Badman’s game without being an elementary mechanic booster – an extreme rarity, as to get the real power of the Final Smash Badman has to redesign the stage in a beneficial way for his minions.

5 – Tingle by Wizzerd – MYM 5


Pretty damn obscure set here, this was before MYM 6 where Bubbles for whatever reason put Wizzerd on the map which for whatever reason got him a leadership position. While this set was one of many in a sea of elementary trap characters in MYM 5, it has a particularly memorable Final Smash – all enemy characters are forced to wear a Tingle Suit, and Rupees rain from the sky. If characters don’t have enough rupees they take damage, and the less they have at the end of the Final Smash the more knockback they take at the end of it. Rupees already function as a sort of mechanic in Tingle’s main set, so he can use his moves to more easily get the Rupees to hog them from everybody else, though he’s immune to the effects of the Final Smash anyway. Very unique Final Smash that’s very true to Rosee Rupee Land (Which my Zelda obsessed friend has forced me to play some of), and above all else. . .It lets us put Ganondorf in a Tingle Suit. Best FS ever.

4 – Little Mac by MarthTrinity – MYM 6


Little Mac’s Final Smash is ridiculously unique, yet perfectly feasible and extremely fitting for the character who has seemingly such little potential. It makes more sense for Mac to have this then any of the other Punch Out boxers as well, but that didn’t stop Bald Bull and Sandman from attempting to rip off this Final Smash, which just literally turns the whole game into bloody Punch Out. While Little Mac was a good cut below the other Punch Out sets of MYM 6, his Final Smash went almost entirely unchallenged.

3 – Miracle Matter by KingK.Rool – MYM 5


Miracle Matter is forced to swap through several movesets which only have a handful of inputs as the match goes on, but when you combine all the inputs of the various movesets it totals up to all the inputs of a standard one. . .But actually, there are a few leftover inputs. . .Rather then showing bias towards just a couple forms and giving them the inputs, Rool decides to put some actual effort into the Final Smash and give Miracle Matter a final form that uses up these final inputs for a very unique gameplay experience and truly makes the set feel complete. . .Even if originally there were two uairs, the former of which Rool changed into a dair at the last second.

2 – Pikachu Remix by Tirkaro – MYM 6




Yes, yes, I only care about gameplay and couldn’t care less about the writing. . .But as proven through my hatred of Raiden despite the great Final Smash, I don’t give a damn about Final Smashes, so I quite honestly am okay with it if a Final Smash just throws gameplay out the window and just makes me laugh my goddamn ass off. While the entirety of the set is like this and isn’t as funny as the Final Smash, that doesn’t detract from the hilarity that is Pikachu Remix’s Final Smash. . .And I will never forget all the weird looks I got as I was cracking up at the computer at this thing. Tirkaro talks in the first person during the Final Smash and describes the attacks as if they’re being fired at him in horror, all the while cursing out Speedwagon who is constantly talking about how afraid he is. If you do not laugh at this Final Smash, you have no soul.

1 – Von Kaiser by SmashDaddy – MYM 6


For what little character Von Kaiser has, Smady squeezed every last goddamn bit out it him with this Final Smash. Von Kaiser’s not just the wuss we see in Contender, getting bullied by children. . .He wants vengeance. In his mind, Von Kaiser wants to utterly destroy everything that has hurt him so, with the backdrop representing his trauma. Did I mention the part where you get to play as VON KAISER THE GREAT CHILD-KILLING DRAGON CHIMERA and it actually –helps- his characterization? I don’t know how Smady pulled this one off, but he fucking did it. Those “dolls” that have the original PO sprites help with the atmosphere more, and despite only having 3 attacks the child-killing dragon chimera manages to offer some pretty unique gameplay to the table. Just be glad Smady gave the finger to Bald Bull and didn’t go along with the Punch-Out sets all having the same Final Smash, or else we’d have lost this treasure of a Final Smash.



  1. Top 10 joint sets would just be 10 HR joints, but top 13 biggest learning curves would be 13 Warlord sets…


  2. Great top ten. Two Daddy sets. (Y)

    I always forget that I made exactly one GOOD Final Smash (although Powers Kirby is pretty creative and Horseman’s mechanic-booster was a total revolution at the time).

    Both subjects sound good for the next one, although the top 13 learning curves has more room for subjectivity and could therefore be a better read. Have there even been a full ten good joint sets? HR has about six… then there’s Mewtwo… and… uh…

  3. YAY, Von Kaiser’s Final Smash comes first. It is the best Final Smash evar, and something we actually agree on. I have been a fan of Raiden’s Final Smash for a long time as well.

    Top 10 joint sets would have to wait for a while methinks. It would be far easier to make a learning curve one.

  4. This really was a very me-orientated list; I very much approve. Finding good final smashes really is difficult – few people try to make them memorable, and I can’t say I like how I personally handled the Gambit super attack of Weezing mechanic booster as much as my other sets.

    I’ve always been a fond of the idea of a final smash, though, in the way of it bringing an element of definition or dominance for the character that would otherwise appear broken or unintuitive. I feel like Dark Bowser was eponymous with bringing forth a new way to present this, but the final smash is, as always, just sitting there waiting to be utilised.

  5. Can I vote for Survivor 2 Day 2 instead? (WARY)

  6. there should be a top 10 best stages made for a character….


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