Posted by: darthmeanie | September 3, 2010

Darth Meanie's MYM'r Spotlight #5

This one goes out to an old hat by the name of UserShadow7989, a long time member of Make Your Move. Around since the beginning of Make Your Move 5, I’ll be commenting on his movesets since Make Your Move 6, since that’s the only point at which I was there to see their reaction develop.

His first two movesets from MYM6 were Servbot and Dr. Wily, two Mega Man movesets. Servbot had an interesting mechanic based around using a whopping six characters at once (one more than the celebrated Rocket Executive Hugo!), all following in line to perform various actions, bring in equipment through drops, and perform synchronized grabs. It was a moveset with a lot of heart, but it lacked the flow of modern movesets, with the various effects being very disjointed, a major complaint of the set. MasterWarlord was also very derogatory of its defensive nair which halved the knockback Servbot took.

Dr. Wily however was considered a turn-around for Shadow after Servbot, who wasn’t that bad to begin with. To date one of the most thoroughly summons oriented movesets made, with practically every move having the good doctor build some sort of device on the field to fight with. Even his throws had summons, which struck with me as an up-and-coming movesetter. UserShadow has always made a habit of making no moves irrelevant, and giving everything plenty of detail.

And that persistence to detail has also been one of his downfalls; his movesets are generally a little stuffy, with some hard to digest long writing and drab organization. Epitomizing this would be his Akira moveset, which managed to take forever to explain moves that were, in the end, fairly barebones when it came to detail. The organization was sparse and difficult to read, all in shades of gray, and the match ups and playstyle were very limp.

Shadow was determined to escape his slump though, and created Specter. Specter was a moveset that went through a lot of edits, after it was posted. UserShadow is one of the few movesetters who will actually change a set he’s posted, and completely altered Specter’s organization and several moves after posting in an attempt to leave it his best set yet. The moveset itself was well-praised, combining attributes of summons, camping, and defensive play with a clever barrier shield as part of his defensive core. It was arguably his most clearly thought out set yet.

This was a turning point for UserShadow’s development as a movesetter. From here on he took every lesson learned from Specter and applied it wholeheartedly, focusing on making his movesets cleaner, crisper, and smoother to read. His decision to take all advice on Specter to heart and apply it wasn’t just to help improve that set, it also helped him more than anything improve his later sets.

Make Your Move 7 came along, and Shadow posted Revolver Ocelot. Ocelot was a moveset I actually really liked. It felt perfectly at home alongside Snake, while developing a playstyle that let the character make decisions on attack based on how many bullets he had left in his revolvers, and whether to reload early or press on. Not only was it incredibly true to character, it made for a strong playstyle as well. Shadow’s match-ups were now some of the best in the game, and his playstyle and writing style had both drastically improved.

In the one-day Pokeset movement, he created Houndoom, a set that made an absolutely brilliant idea of flame hitboxes that gave Houndoom a boost, making him constantly approaching and forcing the opponent to retreat. The only real complaint that could be levied against the set was that it had a few redundant moves and was overpowered, with hideously strong throws that could do upwards of 30%. For a single-day set though, it was very strong, and indicative of Shadow’s growth as a movesetter.

Staring in Make Your Move 8, he has improved further, with Scarmiglione, a moveset that MasterWarlord absolutely loves, and we all know how hard it is to impress him. Scarmiglione was a somewhat weak character, who could transform into a stronger one, if he could just survive long enough. A character who had to survive with tough weight and recovery issues, he used summons, self-damaging attacks, and other tricks to try to get him to last until 125% to activate his true form. His true form used a simply altered form of his regular moveset, but the changes created a completely unique playstyle while still remaining true to the character’s abilities.

And recently, he has posted Cacturne, a miserably underrated moveset so far that has gotten barely a few posts of acknowledgment in the thread. Focusing on pelting a foe from afar, then luring them in to punish their approach, it’s a moveset with a creative playstyle and plenty of flow, as Shadow has become stronger and stronger as a writer and artist. UserShadow movesets, once hard and heavy to read, have become rare treats as he makes flowing, interesting movesets. UserShadow’s story is one of growth as a Make Your Mover, and growth that was intentional and hard fought. He’s become ever stronger as a contender, and all signs show that he’ll only get better with time. While his organization still tends to come off as an eyesore, he’s a good movesetter.

If I must fault him for anything, it’s for his low commenting rate, but that’s a fault 4 out of 5 Make Your Movers can be cited with (myself included from a month ago). To be honest, it wasn’t that long ago that I thought he just came in occasionally with a new set and slipped away, since I was so rarely online at the same time that he was. He’s an amicable fellow though, a good movesetter, and friendly, the kind of person that Make Your Move needs to see more of. He’s humbly determined to do his best, and that’s a trait we can all admire.



  1. Thanks for the glowing review, DM. I’m happy you see me in such a positive light.

    I have to wonder what everyone sees in me. At this rate, my ego’s gonna grow to the size of Texas.

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