Posted by: bkupa666 | September 15, 2010

Kupa's Retrospective: 9/14

In case anyone’s wondering why I removed ‘Weekly’ from the title, I got the feeling it was incredibly superfluous.  I mean, anyone who’s been following the Stadium at all can tell the articles aren’t daily, or bi-weekly.  With that, allow me to kick off yet another look back on the MYMs (MYM6, as of now) of the past.

This Tuesday, we take a glance back on another set that found its place among the 40s in MYM6’s Top 50.  It just so happens to be one of the latter sets comprising the Punch-Out movement…

Mr. Sandman was the third in the trio of Punch-Out sets by MasterWarlord07.  Much like other ‘threequels’, this set had high hopes for success riding on its shoulders, due to the success of its predecessors.  Whether or not it lived up to these expectations, Sandman possesses a moderately engaging combo playstyle, something that couldn’t be said for any of my MYM6 combo sets, sans maybe Disco Kid.

Reception: Sandman’s reception was slightly hindered, due to Kits reposting my Voldemort.  Once he became the subject of attention, however, people seemed to take to him fairly warmly.  Although no one believed for a second that Sandman was superior to Bear Hugger, his nuances to the combo genre were well-received for the most part.  Now, part of this may have simply been relief out of seeing a combo set that didn’t completely blow, but I truthfully believe people enjoyed what he brought to the table.  I think MT put it best when he reflected on hitstun being left in Melee in the tradition to Brawl, in his comment.  Sandman’s hitstun-based combos played a huge factor in rocketing him from garbage tier up to a viable combo heavyweight.

However, the fact that Sandman had a grand total of one option for initiating a combo is one of the reasons he’s seen as fairly mediocre by today’s standards.  As MW diagnosed in his rankings, the combo moves comprising the majority of the set were dull as dishwater.  The only variety Sandman would have depended on whether or not he wanted to KO an opponent.  In a way, Sandman was part of a Punch-Out sandwich, in which the bread was comprised of mediocre sets (Sandman, Disco Kid, and later, Mr. Dream and Aran Ryan), while Super Macho Man filled the delicious role of the meat.

And with that, I’ll bring this Retrospective to an end, before I transform into Fawful, what with the above food metaphor I pulled out of my anal cavity.  With more and more articles of mine coming out, we’re slowly reaching the end of MYM6 sets to look back on.  Soon, we’ll be entering MYM7 territory…be excited!  Until then, this is Kupa, going to get some pizza (and maybe see the alleged Warlord pictures).



  1. Yay! I’m a hinderance!

  2. Godot’s:

    Crustle 2580
    Clefable 3200
    Dusknoir 4500

    Sceptile 4000
    Gengar 4300
    Porygon 2 2310
    Alakazam 4000
    Golduck 2560

  3. Evice’s:

    Machamp 4800
    Hitmonchan 3240
    Conkeldurr 4000
    Hariyama 3680

  4. Clayton’s:

    Feraligatr 4600
    Wargle 2940


    Mamoswine 5000
    Espeon 4400

  5. Rool’s:

    Gengar 3
    Haunter 18
    Gastly 43

  6. Also, I want to see Godot’s Crustle! I guess I’ll just wait for him.

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