Posted by: masterwarlord | September 16, 2010

MW Top 10s — Underrated sets

And here’s the next list – I barely managed to find out 10 sets that I found were underrated, as it’s extremely rare that the Warlord doesn’t get his way with sets he likes. It’s significantly more common for sets the Warlord –dislikes- to do well regardless of the Warlord’s opinion. Most of the sets that –did- make the list simply grew on the Warlord over time, and thus didn’t have his backing when they were first posted and needed his help to be “appropriately” rated rather than underrated.

10 – Burst Man by KoopaKirby – MYM 8


Burst Man isn’t particularly underrated, but for the most part he’s just looked at as a massive improvement from KK’s earlier works, which only Rool supported due to his obligatory trolling in loving sets everyone else hates. True, there’s plenty to dislike here and plenty to tell you it’s just a standard KK set, most obvious in KK’s writing style and the inputs which are just clones of existing ones. Even then, though, the concepts are just brilliant and the set still manages to flow. While I had some concepts in the back of my mind for Dark Bowser before this set, Burst Man helped to bring them to the fore-front once more. Burst Man essentially traps the foe in a bubble prison and pelts them with projectiles while they’re inside, helpless to do anything to him as they try to escape. . .Sound familiar? Granted, Burst Man isn’t just a downgraded version of the Dark Koopa King, his goal is to make the bubbles float up off the top blast zone before the foe escapes them. In addition to other things, Burst Man has ways of raising the stage to be closer to the top blast zone, manipulating something in such a brilliant and relevant way that probably will never be manipulated again.

9 – Hunter J by Katapultar – MYM 7


If you know anything about me or have been following my lists at all, you’d certainly expect to see a Katapultar set on this list, but I doubt you’d expect to see anything other than Banette, much less –multiple- Katapultar sets. Indeed, this is the only other Kat set I’ve ever liked, and unsurprisingly DM is the only other one who really likes it, just like with Banette. The problem here is that DM and I didn’t like the set that much, and thus we didn’t recommend it heartily enough letting it fade off entirely into obscurity – we were literally the only people who voted for the damn thing at all. It seems we should’ve been more adamant in advertising this one, as it’s better then a good chunk of the crap that ended up making the top 50.

Hunter J has an amazing concept that never occurred to me – controlling multiple characters at once by assigning different button inputs to different characters. While the execution was severely lacking in Hunter J, he at least had the common sense to realize to try to make the Pokemon gang up on the victim, which was enough for some semblance of flow. . .Still, the set’s execution was very mediocre what with Kat’s fake flow insiting that everything flowed into the Neutral Special just because he said so, and I immediately wanted to rip the moveset off after finish reading it and do a better version of it. I originally intended to do a Giovanni set with various Pokemon out at once, but it ended up devolving into Golem (Who is still one of my personal favorite sets). The concept was later revived significantly and actually pulled off successfully in Rocket Executive Hugo, so needless to say I’ve been keeping this set that apparently doesn’t exist in the back of my mind for a long time, and without it it’s doubtful Hugo would exist.

8 – Thief by Agidius – MYM 6


I’m appalled at the reasons I spit in the face of Thief back in the day and didn’t give him so much as a weak vote (Not that they existed at the time) – he lacked generic actual attacks. Oh god, how horrible. Thief has a very intriguing mechanic that he manipulates in intriguing ways with practically every new move, with the only flaw that’s still particularly relevant being the proppy character summoning moves that can only be used so many times. Thief brings in all the good mindgames from Count Cannoli and Lunge about getting the foe to use certain moves, but without the luck from the blatantly overrated Count Cannoli or the ridiculous complications from Lunge. Generic attacks still play a part in Thief’s game anyway – after he gets the foe to break a contract, he has access to his smashes which he can just spam mindlessly for the most part.

So how underrated is this very nicely aging set? You’d be impressed. It didn’t make the bloody list at all because the Warlord gave it a negative response for god knows what reason. . .But I’m not the one to blame here. Rool fully recognized how good the set was when it was first posted, after all, he bloody super voted the thing, yet even with said super vote it somehow didn’t make the list. One would think Rool would have the good sense to pick this set that he apparantely loved so much, but the craptastic set that is Mushroom managed to squeak into Rool’s picks instead, showcasing Rool’s blatant inconsistency and is probably his most blatant fuck-up he’s ever done. Everything Rool likes is just a flavor of the month to him.

7 – Bleak by BKupa666 – MYM 6


Bleak didn’t even manage to make it onto the list with a super vote from Hyper Ridley, it was in a gigantic clusterfuck of sets bottlenecked, trying to worm their way into the top 50. Ultimately the mediocre unplayable generic trap character known as Roller Coaster Tycoon got in, while Bleak was left out in the cold – not that he minds that, of course. Thankfully Bleak was brought into the list as one of HR’s picks, but we were still too stupid to shift him up before the list was released. If there was any single change that needed to be done before the list was released, that’d undoubtedly be it. It was almost universally assumed that Bleak would be given an upward shift, but it didn’t happen, and instead Bleak is lift to wander the frozen wasteland of the bottom of the top 50. Despite being an absolutely iconic moveset that symbolizes camping alongside Dingodile and the Great Mighty Poo, he’s right next to such famous movesets as Neku (Despite Apemasta having posted a superior Sho moveset), Mr. Sandman, and god forbid, that horrible abomination known as Mushroom which kept the poor abused Thief from making his way into the top 50.

6 – Vile by Hyper_Ridley and Plorf – MYM 6


Vile is underrated for the simple reason that the timing of his posting was horrible as he was posted in an absolute storm of movesets in a last minute rush – he didn’t make the list, and barely managed to squeak in via a pick from the Warlord – thank god he did –something- right relating to this moveset. But even then, the moveset didn’t have much time to grow on him, and Plorf’s name being tacked onto the set. It really is a shame Vile was so underrated, as he is the peak in quality of the fondly remembered camping sets from MYM 6. While Dingodile has more to him then camping with his suicide kills, what Vile introduces is a spin on camping itself rather than simply adding another element to the playstyle, something that will probably never be accomplished as well. Rather than mindlessly spamming projectiles, Vile fires a variety of projectiles in such clever ways that force the foe to pick between the lesser of two evils – playing against Vile is playing a bullet hell game. The first projectile is merely a means of scaring the foe into the second.

5 – Father Time by KingK.Rool – MYM 5


Now that we’ve given Rool such a hard time, we’re obligated to give him a moment to shine. Even still, Rool himself underrates this moveset, so promoting this one is hardly a favor for him. This is a ridiculously unsmash moveset with a gigantic learning curve, exactly what Rool seems to detest nowadays in movesetting. When Rool and Junahu go against their movesetting tendencies, though, I typically enjoy every last second of it. Father Time doesn’t have his own obligatory mechanic to manipulate, he manipulates every aspect of the match itself – he manipulates time, and for once this is an actual fitting character to touch on an aspect of Smash that’s never been touched on before. If nothing else, Rooligan shows through in this respect. However, he also shows through in his low detail, which hurts this set far more than any of his others what with how insanely complicated it is and how much is left unexplained, left up to the viewer’s imagination. This is the main reason I believe the set is so underrated, as our feeble minds in MYM 5 could barely comprehend it. We were barely beginning to comprehend playstyles, and in MYM 6 we would consider the “discovery” of the camper fresh, so we could hardly appreciate such a unique and intricate playstyle as this back then.

4 – Arbok by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 7


Arbok has identical appeal to Macho Man. . .he explores something entirely unexplored, and manages to make a flowing moveset out of it. In this case, it is attacks that hit the background – something that I introduced but just threw around as a gimmick here and there. I at least used it for pressuring purposes in Ryuk, but after that it was just used as a creativity gimmick in Dingodile. Arbok takes full advantage of it and makes a blatantly aggressive character out of it though. So why was Arbok so underrated while Macho Man got HR 5th place? I pretty much assume it’s mostly because I just didn’t whore him out long enough, and it took a bit for him to grow on me enough to realize he’s just as awesome as Macho Man himself. That, along with the fact Macho Man was exploring an untouched mechanic that was actually in Smash Bros and thus appealed to the in-smash fanatic more while Arbok was exploiting a mechanic MYM introduced but never elaborated on enough. The true reason why Arbok got his mediocre placing, though, was because I was unable to shift him up due to my quantity of shifts being limited thanks to Roonahu going for a blatant power grab to keep their disgusting hold on the MYM 7 top 50 in-tact. Unless I wanted to deal with such abominations as Badman in 11th, I had no shifts to spare for the poor forgotten Arbok. Go figure Macho Man would hog all the glory.

3 – Banette by Katapultar – MYM 6


If you didn’t know this was coming from the moment you clicked on this list, Hunter J telegraphed the inevitable presence of Banette on the list. Banette is the epitome of characters that manipulate their own damage, centering around her ability to trade damage percentages with the foe rather than some silly power-up that makes them get stronger when they have more damage. So. . .What complaints are there? There really isn’t much of anything. . .There’s just the writing style, which I find strange, as this is basically Katapultar’s only moveset where he doesn’t constantly lie to you and tell you moves flow that don’t. There’s props. . .Oh no, Banette uses pins to stab herself like an actual voodoo doll instead of using generic pokemon/magic syndrome from using a ghost. How horrible! I find the complaints thrown at this moveset blatant excuses, and blame the set’s hate –entirely- on the MYMer who made it. . .More than enough reason. I hate Katapultar as much as anybody if not more. I posted Gluttony right after Banette as I spat in the face of it, annoyed at it stealing my page, which also obviously contributed to Banette being ignored. As if that wasn’t enough, Tirkaro decided to wave his gigantic dick on the clusterfuck of a page and post Mara to further blot out Banette. Considering that I, one of the only two people who like this thing, didn’t read it until DM recommended it, it’s pretty easy to assume everyone else just passed it up because Kat was the one who posted it. If you haven’t read this set yet, please give it a read for your sake. If you’re DM, you can simply read the beautiful set below, which is far earlier then your time.

2 – Arthas by Chris Lionheart – MYM 5


It’s a pretty bold statement to place Arthas at 2nd on this list when he placed 11th in MYM 5, a respectable position, certainly. However, Arthas laughs in the face of near every moveset from MYM 5 and still stands up as a perfectly good moveset today with no editing whatsoever – there’s a reason I keep constantly bringing this guy back for match-ups in my sets despite how the moveset is a relic, I just can’t get enough of the damn guy. Arthas was underrated because he was labeled one of many in a gigantic sea of trap characters, despite standing out the most of them by far by the simple fact he just didn’t generically and endlessly set up countless traps in a mindless fashion. The feeble minds of MYM were still taking in the many trap characters and couldn’t tell them apart from one another – somehow, the mediocre trap characters Bowser Jr. and Metal Man both placed above Arthas at 10th and 9th, respectively. Needless to say, this completely outraged Lionheart, justifiably so.

Considering Lionheart was going out of his way to get top 10, though, he might’ve been content had Arthas made it and not given us the glorious Black Knight in MYM 6, so it may very well be a good thing Arthas was looked down upon. Still, the Black Knight is crowned the glory that Arthas worked far harder for. . .Besides, Arthas had no need to settle for a mere position in top 10. Arthas was easily the best moveset in the goddamn contest of MYM 5, hands down. Let’s take a look at the rest of the sets that beat him, shall we?

Metal Man and Bowser Jr. were of course mediocre trap characters at best that simply made it in from no vote split – yes, Arthas had vote split. HR super voted Mustang, who has for the most part been forgotten as of today. The Kid and Alphonse are also fairly elementary trap characters, Alphonse more-so. The Kid has a –bit- to separate him from the pack with him not being immune to his traps and thus having to be more strategic about it, but it pales in comparison to Arthas having to actually sustain and support his troops once they’re out, and how Arthas still can actually fight on his own. Mewthree has some flow, but it’s rather limited, and his playstyle is essentially yet more stage control with a bit of an aerial focus. I’m not even going to bother mentioning the mediocrity of Cutesy and Raiden. . .So what does that leave as competent competition for the winner? Acid Seaforce, Miracle Matter, Ryuk, thus Arthas deserves 4th at the very least. Ryuk is done by me, so it can obviously be excluded. Miracle Matter and Acid Seaforce were still excellent for their time and are still plenty good today, but you can’t claim they age anywhere near as well as Arthas, the true champion of MYM 5.

1 – Gecko Moria by Koj – MYM 3


And for the winner of this list which is quite possibly my longest, we have another moveset which should’ve won its’ MYM. Gecko Moria wasn’t as lucky as Arthas, who managed to at least scrape his way up to 11th – Gecko Moria was left relatively forgotten way back in 20th. Despite Gecko Moria having the most legitimate flow of the MYM 3 front-runners by far and the most interesting playstyle involving stage-control with Doppelman, his shadow, he couldn’t possibly hope to derail Dracula’s hype train. Don’t label Gecko Moria a trap character, he’s still a rather interesting moveset today – of course not as much so as Arthas, but this is MYM 3, for fuck’s sake. Moria uses Doppelman as a puppet, them both responding to your inputs – half the time the focus of the attack is far more so on Moria’s far more powerful shadow then himself.

 So why was Moria robbed and left so far off in the dust? The most obvious reason is because MYM was just barely starting to become competitive, and only was really starting to because the existence of quality was beginning to become acknowledged at all. There were countless sets in MYM 3, so Moria didn’t get as read as the other big names of MYM 3. . .That and the general stupidity of the voters/the lack of requirements to vote also played a large part – Sonic the Baron Super Voted Voldo and didn’t touch Cervantes. Still, looking at the top 4 of MYM 3, they were obviously pretty big names. Warlord, the person who whined and moaned until he got the attention he wanted. Junahu, the person who had posted a set so ridiculously large that it made everyone wet themselves. Then there’s Rool and Mendez, the people who posted some actual half-decent sets at the time, the former being the one who made something that stood far enough atop the steaming pile of shit and made us realize there was something more here. Who was Koj? An almost entirely unknown MYMer who just posted his sets and didn’t stick around the thread long enough to gain any popularity, outside posting some obligatory previews like everyone else. . .Not that anybody paid attention to those, considering that 90% of the previews were never made. Koj left a good bit before the end of MYM 3 and dumped in one final set. Considering he wasn’t even present, he hardly had any star-power, and thus his movesets poofed out of the existence of the average feeble minded MYM 3er. If you take away anything from this list, don’t write off movesets just because of the MYMer who wrote them. I’m more guilty of that then anybody, really, but writing this list has helped me realize what a horrible crime that can be.



  1. I finally made a Top 10 list?


  2. Arthas (ill)

    good list though (Y)

  3. Personally, I don’t think Father Time is really that underrated. Pretty much all the comments on him acknowledged that his time-control stuff was cool but it was confusingly underdetaled and the time-control seemed to devour the entire set.

    Arthas…he does deserve top 10, but I’m not so sure on him winning, he’s basically just a really complicated stage-control summoner character, though he does have more interesting ways of using his minions than most summoning sets for sure.

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