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Moveset Graveyard #14

Howdy hoes and welcome to the 14th Moveset Graveyard. Today we have a moveset by n88_2004, the recent powerhouse who delivered us such movesets as Kamek and Haunter. The moveset we have today is for Spot, a reoccuring Spiderman villain who thinks with portals.


Spot is a recurring villain in the Marvel Universe, specifically opposing Spider-Man, and was formerly a scientist known as Johnathan Ohn. John gained the ability to draw portals from his body after a lab accident he suffered while working for the Kingpin, and decided to use his new powers for evil. Naturally, Spider-Man stepped in (After a good laughing fit at the Spot’s moniker), and Spidey’s had a new sparring partner ever since.



Ground Speed4
Jump Height•4
Air Speed•5
Fall Speed8

All of the Spot’s stats are easy to understand. He’s got a pretty average human build and physique, which is reflected in his largely mediocre numbers.


The Spot’s deadly set-up moves, this section is largely devoted to the attacks that form the core of Spot’s playstyle.

Neutral SpecialPortal
With a flourish, Spot draws a few spots from his body, which form a portal (Just like the ones in the pic) big enough for even fatties like Bowser and Dedede to get through with ease. If the button is tapped, the Spot just hangs it in mid-air in front of him, but holding down the button will make him charge the move, so that he can throw portals farther away from his body. At maximum charge, which takes 1 second to acheive, Spot can throw portals three Battlefield platform-lengths from his body.

When a portal is thrown, it will be thrown forward by default, but if the analog is held after the initial
input, then the Spot will throw his portal in the direction the analog is being held. Portals always stop their movement if they hit the stage, and can become a trap of sorts. Also worth noting that this move has somewhat average lag; it’s not unpunishable, but you shouldn’t have too tough a time throwing it out there.

Now, once a portal has come to rest on the stage or in mid-air, it gains some interesting (If predictable) properties. Anyone who jumps through a portal will randomly be teleported through to any other portal on the stage. It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t wait until the character makes it all the way through for this to happen. If a character is half-way through a portal, then the other half is already sticking out
of another portal somewhere. And it’s not just characters that work this way; items, projectiles, and stage hazards are just as affected. So it’s entirely possible for Spot to throw a portal through a portal and have it come out somewhere else. If there’s only one portal on the stage, it does nothing at all.

Now, there’s two other things you’re going to want to know about the attack. The first is that Spot uses the spots on his skin (Did I mention that? He’s not wearing a costume. That’s what he looks like) to create these portals, so he has a finite amount of them, which happens to be twenty. Spot’s costume will look more and more white as he uses up more portals, and he can’t un-create them. But they do respawn with him, so he’ll have to set them up again for a new stock.
And the second thing you need to know is that portals can only be entered and exited from one side, (You can’t teleport by walking through the back of a portal) which by default faces away from Spot, although if a portal sticks to the stage, it will always move so that the exit/entrance faces away from the stage. (Of course)

Forward SpecialPortal Link
This attack has no visible animation or lag; just the time it takes to press the button. The effect of this is that the next portal Spot throws will form a two-way link with the last portal he created. So instead of those two portals popping you out at a random location, as per the norm, they’ll only teleport you to each other. They’re not marked in any special way, though, so this is something that Spot has to keep track of, and opponents have to discover.

If you want things to get even crazier than the double-link, though, you can always create a triple-link, simply by linking a portal to another portal that’s already been linked. Now you’ve created a triengle; the first portal will always come out to the second’s location, the second to the third, and the third to the first. These aren’t marked, either, so you’re going to have to be paying atention to what you’re doing.

More than three portals cannot be linked together, and once a portal has been linked, it cannot be un-linked. However, the effect can be cancelled with a second input of Side Special, if the portal that was to be linked hasn’t actually been thrown yet.

Down SpecialPortal Counter
Spot stands still and forms the spots on his body into working portals without removing them; if he’s hit by an attack that intersects with one of these portals, the hitbox pops out one of the other portals on the Spot’s body. Whether you manage to land the foe’s own blow on them is a matter of luck, since the exit portal is random, but actually blocking the blow is less about chance and more about how many spots are left on the Spot’s skin. As Spot creates more portals, the number of Spots diminishes, as explained earlier.

When this attack is used, the portals formed by the spots spread themselves out as much as possible, so a Spot that has yet to create a portal has a near-guaranteed defense with this, while a Spot with twenty portals active is completely white, and has no chance to use this successfully.

Up SpecialPortal Dimension
This works much like the Spot’s Forward Special in terms of animation and lag; it doesn’t really have any noticable effects. However, it does affect the nearest portal to Spot, in that it tags the portal for use later. So what the heck does that mean? Well, after Spot’s tagged five portals, he gains access to his Smash Up Special (The attack also requires that Spot can create another portal, so no dice on that if you’ve already got twenty on-stage)

For his Smash Up Special, Spot creates a portal in front of himself and jumps into it. After a moment, Spot’s head protrudes from the first portal that was tagged. In this form, Spot can use any of his
physical attacks, but his liimbs will pop out of the tagged portals when they attack, rather than having Spot punch, kick, or grab out of the main portal. Spot’s right arm corresponds to the second portal tagged, his left arm the third, his right leg the fourth, and his left leg the fifth.

To get a bit more in-depth with the mechanic here, it’s important to note that Spot cannot shield while in this phase. Rather, the Shield button will act as a second Attack button. You can perform any of your Jab or Tilts with either button, but doing so with Shield will cause Spot to use his left arm/leg, while the normal Attack button performs the same function with his right-side limbs. Since the Grab requires that both be pressed at the same time, both arms will go for the grab simultaneously when the input is given.

Now, another thing to note is that the four limbs can attack during the endlag (Or even the actual
attack) of another limb. The limb that attacked always suffers the lag individually. Also, by holding the jump button while attacking, the limbs can perform Spot’s Aerial attacks.

Now. . . exiting the Up Smash Special. All of Spot’s limbs take damage, but just retreat back to their little dimension when hit, so you can’t hit Spot out of this state that way. The torso/head that protrudes from the main portal will take knockback, though (And the rest of his body goes along with him of course), so it is possible to hit Spot out of this state. Spot can also willfully exit it by pressing Up Special again.


Spot’s standard attacks are, for the most part, very simple attacks that are in many ways an extension of his Smash Up Special rather than being moves that the Spot will look to attack with directly.

Spot performs a simple, one-handed blow, dealing 7% damage along with knockback barely more than flinching and very little lag on either end. Regretttably, this is a one-hit deal, as Spot has no Jab Combo.

Forward TiltHigh Kick
Spot kicks forward powerfully at Pikachu’s head-level (Well, it’s powerful for a middle-aged scientist), doling out 9% damage and average knockback. This is comparable in speed to Bowser’s FTilt.

Up Tilt•Uppercut
Spot brings a fist up in a large arc, hitting in front of him within a very small radius, as wel as an arm’s length upwards, dealing 9% damage and low upward knockback. This attack can be cancelled into a Grab


 Unfortunately I don’t have a reason for why n88 canceled this set. I assume it may have been like Black Cat, a moveset done in the past that he managed to dig up. Unlike Black Cat though, you can plainly see that Spot isn’t really finished or close to it.

Anyway, that’s all for this week peeps. Hope you enjoyed!



  1. This got dropped simply due to loss of enthusiasm, and what you see here was written very shortly after Pokey was.

    Also, I should have known this wouldn’t be able to escape a Portal reference.


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