Posted by: masterwarlord | September 23, 2010

MW Top 13s — Remixes

Remixes can mean one of two things – the first thing it can mean is making a moveset for a character that’s already in Smash Bros., with the general intent of making the moves work together and inserting any sense whatsoever of creativity into the set. The second thing a remix can be is a remix of a moveset that user has already made, most commonly because the moveset was made earlier on in the MYMer’s career or just simply because the first set was mediocre for whatever reason. While these are both perfectly sound reasons to remake a moveset and doesn’t really warrant a negative top 13, the vast majority of remixes that have been done have ended up being very bad, in some case worse then the originals themselves. Considering the large quantity of bad remixes, how much Junahu spoke out against them, and how annoying Joe was with reposting the remix que twice every page, remixes for the most part have died out. As far as how this list will be judged, the remixes will be looked at as any other movesets being judged against each other, but you get extra points if your moveset is worse then the original.

13 – Bowser by dancingfrogman – MYM 5


Bowser. . .Is basically a elementary trap character, the big fad from MYM 5. It was praised simply because trap characters were new at the time, as well as the fact that DFM “improved” his writing style with this one. . .Indeed, he went all the way from completely unreadable to barely legible. What an accomplishment, eh? Aside from DFM’s usual problems, many of the moves were burdened with pictures that didn’t describe the move at all and were sometimes even misleading, and Bowser took far too much inspiration from SMRPG. The attacks that weren’t trappy were generally said generic SMRPG attacks, being obscure/unrecognizable as all hell on such a memorable/iconic character.

12 – Robotnik by Spadefox – MYM 5


Robotnik uses all of Robotnik’s various mechs from the Genesis games with pictures of all of them for each move, which while having a very old feel to it is quite good and does wonders for the organization what with Spade’s dry writing style. The problem is that he basically just does direct translations of all the functions of the various mechs as they extend out from his Eggpod, bringing new source material and just letting the moveset entirely write itself. What it results in is a pretty messy moveset, with little to bring it together but a bit of stage control. If nothing else, a large improvement over Spade’s original joint set with Koj.

11 – K. Rool by MasterWarlord – MYM 5


I’ve certainly made worse remixes and this moveset has no playstyle/lots of MYM 4 esque gimmicky effects. . .But it was the very first set posted in MYM 5, so it essentially –is- a MYM 4 set and would be excused entirely if it was. Still, it was posted in MYM 5, and in even early MYM 5 such blatantly gimmicky effects tacked onto every possible move that serve no purpose for no rhyme or reason are completely unacceptable. Still, it at least represents K. Rool well, especially with those alt costumes clones which sadly died out.

10 – Kamek by KingK.Rool – MYM 7


This isn’t a remake of Kamek, oh no. . .It’s a remake of K. Rool’s very first set, Magikoopa, which was far superior for its’ time then this overrated as hell piece of crap. Don’t believe this counts? Rool’s first and last set are Magikoopa/Kamek, Magikoopa is Kamek’s Final Smash, and in Japan Kamek doesn’t exist and all of his appearances are just generic Magikoopas. This fits better then one would think at first, considering Kamek has –nothing- to distinguish him from a Magikoopa.

As far as the quality of the moveset itself, it basically introduces a couple concepts and fails to manipulate them in meaningful ways. While there are interactions, mainly with the minions, these interactions more often then not seem to serve very little purpose, much less when the minions themselves serve very little purpose on their own. It seems reminiscent of a MYM 4 set in many ways, yet it is still praised as one of Rool’s best works somehow.

9 – Mewtwo by Darth Meanie and JOE! – MYM 6


Now I get to make even more friends with this decision. . .But yeah, it’s Mewtwo. Whenever he’s brought up, it’s entirely because of his being so overpowered, much less with how much he blatantly spites some characters. Nobody remembers the actual moveset, and when I –do- bring up back in match-ups it’s hard to generally talk about him that much outside the fact he’s so overpowered just because he’s so forgettable. Mewtwo has little to no playstyle to speak of as his moves rarely contribute to much of a big picture – nothing links to anything in use, meaning you have to remember every move individually to remember this underwhelming moveset. Well, at least it’s in-character, unlike Melee Mewtwo. . .

8 – Envy by MasterWarlord – MYM 6


And seeing I’ve attacked some other beloved sets, it’s now time to attack a Warlordian set. Because Envy is so beloved, am I right? While it’s certainly leagues better then the original, it’s remembered for the same reason as Mewtwo – it’s overpowered as shit due to trying too hard to be in-character. This moveset manages to be more random then Mewtwo as I try to find possible ways to exploit Envy’s massive potential, but it rarely feels that “Envy”ish, and the moveset contradicts its’ playstyle of trying to nab a KO move from the foe by making the whole moveset KO moves. Nice job there, Warlord.

7 – Klump and Krusha by BKupa666 – MYM 6


Seeing Kupa finally got on a positive list last week, it’s about time he gets on a negative list. While my joint set in MYM 4 with Kupa was gimmicky as all hell, this wasn’t anything new for the time. In MYM 6, it sticks out in stark contrast seeing playstyle has been discovered. Aside from being random and all over the place, the main problem with the set is that it reuses too much from the original to the point where you’re questioning if the new moves are old ones or not. While the mass props can be forgiven on account of the characters, it’s still very hard to tell this apart from the original 2 MYMs later.

6 – Jigglypuff by Goldwyvern – MYM 7


Jigglypuff has Goldwyvern’s writing, and while it doesn’t drag out for as long as usual and thus is very stomachable, it’s so short because the moves are all so very basic outside the occasional very awkward one thrown in to try to insert some form of creativity or playstyle that the moveset is constantly begging for. The moves that do manage to be long manage to be as confounded as possible, and without these moves the moveset is barely changed from the regular Jigglypuff at all.

5 – Fatman by MasterWarlord – MYM 5


And now we come to my worst remix, Fatman. In comparison to K. Rool who was made and posted around the same time as Fatman, Fatman fails to do as much justice to the character and has even more pointlessness in his moves, his gimmicks failing to even make him particularly “creative” by MYM 4 standards. The thing that makes this set so much worse then K. Rool, though, is that this was based off Koj’s incomplete MYM 3 set – Koj was actually going somewhere with it and making an interesting trap character even by todady’s standards who ran away as he set up his bombs so he couldn’t just be pressured to death, and then I come in and turn it into a generic trap character with some other gimmicky inputs. Well done, Warlord, pissing on the grave of one of your idols.

4 – Mario by SkylerOcon – MYM 6


Mario fails to change Mario from the source material in any remotely meaningful way or help to bring out his many powers used over the years, even being rather tame with his use of fire. The playstyle Ocon gave Mario was comboing. . .Which is the definitive generic playstyle that he may as well already have in Brawl, failing to capitalize on the one thing that is the essence of Mario in gimping – jumping on foe’s heads. He was originally called Jumpman for fuck’s sake, do more for him then a token mention of footstooling foes doing damage and just reusing the cape and FLUDD. When Ocon does try to represent other stuff Mario’s done, it’s usually done very poorly, most obviously via the infamous jab where Mario pulls a Yoshi Kid out of hammer space to attack the foe then puts it away. I warned Ocon of this when I previewed, but he shrugged it off, and Ocon also gives credit to Mario DDR. Very nice job with this one, Ocon.

3 – Dr. Mario by Koopakirby – MYM 7


Now that we’ve done Mario, let’s do his clone. . .While it’s hard to expect –that- much from a Dr. Mario set, the least you can expect is for Koopakirby to decline the good doc, right? Wrong. Koopakirby mixes and mashes Mario’s existing inputs into different ones and calls it a day, with the only new thing being added being a mechanic where you have to use 3 or so moves in order to help get KOs, with a massive disgusting random factor involved. These attacks are all to Dr. Mario, with the rest of the entire set being blatant filler. Koopakirby goes out of his way to promote these moves, talking about them in the exact same way countless times throughout the set, but this just makes the set redundant.

2 – Metagross by SkylerOcon – MYM 6


Alright. We’ve had Jigglypuff, Mario, and Dr. Mario who all do nothing to improve upon their source material, now we come to Metagross who is WORSE then the original moveset that it was remade from. That’s quite a feat, considering the original Metagross was a 4 way joint set between myself, Hyper Ridley, Lionheart and Ocon made in a matter of days. If nothing else, though, that Metagross actually felt somewhat like Metagross and was halfway decent from a MYM 4 esque perspective, and I was proud of the parts I did when looked at all by themselves. Go figure MT had to overwrite the set and replace it with Ocon’ piece of shit as a joke. Metagross is more flowing then the original set, certainly, but his playstyle is so disgustingly OOC that it makes one want to vomit. Metagross, the bulky heavyweight physical attacking god, is reduced to tacking on status effects like the original mediocre Spadefox moveset. There are far better choices for something like this, and furthermore Metagross was one of the main sets that made us realize how horrible Pokemon Syndrome could be and made us stop doing it. How’s about that thar Rain Dance, Ocon?

1 – Lucario by Wizzerd – MYM 7


Lucario flows better then most of the sets on this list. . .He flows like a goddamn river. He flows so much that you know exactly what move to be used after the last in every possible situation. . .He’s a definitive flowchart, and he reuses a horrible mechanic from a horrible moveset. Essentially, Lucario Remix is Mr. Sandman in furry form. Lucario just uses the concept of stacking hitstun to fuel his moveset and just builds the whole moveset off of generic comboing, and the pokemon syndrome is almost as bad as Metagross with stuff like Dragon Pulse in the SPECIALS. Sandman was bad, but at least he had an excuse in being so generic, while Lucario already has a better mechanic already in Brawl, probably the most unique – Brawl Lucario’s aura that strengthens him as he takes damage has far more potential to be manipulated then this piece of shit aura that just downgrades the fighting genre into a memorization of button presses.



  1. Top 13 leadership fuck-ups sounds lulz.

  2. Kamek is my best set.

    The playstyle is very much focused (without getting too linear), and completely unique in the history of MYM. The interactions are almost all directly linked and make perfect sense if you give the playstyle section more than a cursory skim. The only remotely reasonable complaint you’ve suggested has been that the minions are underpowered and predictable – cough, number tweaking, cough.

    I’d like to hear more about these undeveloped concepts, because it seems to me that every concept – taking advantage of the opponent’s enlarged hurtbox, creating a minion and souping it up, camping from up high, creating an arena match – is about as developed as it could be without taking a central focus.

    I mean, let’s not get obtuse here.

  3. Oh, leadership fuck ups. I wonder who Warlord will bitch about most. I think I have an idea. ¬_¬

    Great list, though.

  4. Top 10 Warlord Lists?

    …it seems you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel there. Most iconic MYMers would just be your Most influential/potato MYMers list all over again. Overrated sets and leadership screw-ups would be my top two.

  5. Damn. I swear I’m the only MYM’er left who hasn’t made it onto one of these lists. It’s a pity the Underpowered Sets List was written before I posted Bob-Omb, or I could have gotten on that one for sure.

    Top 10 Best Represented Series seems boring, because No. 1 is blatantly obvious, and I have to agree with agi on the MYM’er list. Overrated Sets sounds the best, because that’s the kind of thing you really get ranting about, which is always fun to read.

  6. Im EXTREMELY surprised that none of my sets got onto this list. Seriously. My take on Samus should have at least gotten on there as it is that bad.

    Overrated sets sounds awesome, as well as leadership fuck-ups.

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