Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 26, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 56

Sweet holy hell, it’s MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 56 and…we actually have a lot to talk about this week! Surprising, no? I mean hell, we barely got a page and a half in the past three weeks but…we actually had SIX movesets posted this week! Six! I’m as amazed as you are. Many, many thanks to BKupa and Khold for this much needed jolt of activity, we really appreciate it!

So yeah, first off, Kupa made a “remix” of one rather old set of his, Andy’s Toys. Instead of having them all as one set however, Kupa posted them as four seperate sets each with their own unique playstyles. Links to all four sets as well as the matchups/team strategies can be found -HERE-

Anyway, the first of the toys is the children’s classic, Mr. Potato Head. Potato Head is all about his spare parts, using them as ranged hitboxes and as his primary KO method. While he may lack KO moves so to say, his portable shoe hitboxes can certainly make up for it when it comes to offstage gimping and such…that being just one of many examples that Potato Head can do with his various parts. Reception for Mr. Potato Head was pretty good, it was my personal favorite of the group and Warlord gave it some positive remarks as well.

After Mr. Potato Head came Rex, the loveable yet cowardly green dinosaur. Rex fills the roll of the heavyweight character of Andy’s Toys but, unlike most heavyweight male antagonists heavyweight characters, Rex lacks a solid KO move, much like Potato Head. Instead, Rex has to rely on absorbing damage from the opponents’ attacks in order to power up his own. Not only this but he has several ways to force the opponent to attack or ortherwise just mindgame them into attacking such as staying airborne (where Rex also adds damage onto his moves), forcing the foe to either ground Rex and add more damage to his smashes…or let him stay in the air and add more damage to his smashes. Reception for Rex was was overall the worst of the four toys. Warlord, while appreciating the unique playstyle, was underwhelmed by it ultimately and felt to him very forced.

Third up is Slinky, everyone’s favorite slinky dog with a southern drawl. Slink is all about stretching out and circling his foe where he can then bounce them off his springs providing they attack him. He’s also capable of turning his entire spring into a grab hitbox. More or less, Slinky wants to trap them in his springs and then bounce them around using several clever ways to keep them within his grip in case they try and escape. Overall reception for Slinky was pretty positive, he was my second favorite of the group as well as Warlord’s and he’s got some pretty creative stuff in there.

Finally for Andy’s Toys we have Hamm, the wise-cracking piggy bank of the group. Out of the four, Hamm’s playstyle is probably the most out there (for better or worse), resorting to him building towers of blocks, summoning army men, firing coins, taping structures, setting traps, firing missiles…phew, he certainly does a lot. Hell, he even has pogs! Remember Alf? He’s back, in pog form! Like previously mentioned though, the randomness of the playstyle, despite it actually having flow and such turned out to be Hamm’s downfall as the set really didn’t feel much like it was actually for Hamm. Reception for Hamm was mixed, he was my least favorite but Warlord felt he was good outside of the quite obvious OoC-ness of it.

And yeah I know I did Hamm and Slinky out of order but…eh. Not that it really matters.

Next up for this week we had Kholdstare Day! Kinda sorta. Khold’s been having internet problems from what I’ve heard so he unfortunately missed his special day…but he did get up two sets for us!

The first of which being Lakitu, the infamous (read as: pain in the ass) Mario enemy who hangs juuuuuuust out of reach and hurls shit at you. That dick. Anyway that’s kind of how he plays in Brawl. Lakitu wants to hurl as many Spinies on stage as he can, electrically charge them and then roll them into his foes. Alternatively he can also grab them and toss them into his opponents with his fishing pole. And…nobody’s commented Lakitu yet sadly so he, as of right now, has no reception!

Finally we have Concrete Man from Mega Man 9, complete with C.Shot, the most unfortunately named Mega Man weapon ever. Srsly. Anyway, Concrete Man sure loves constructing and destructing the environment. Whether it be making blocks of concrete or tearing out chunks of the stage, Concrete man does it all and is full of exciting options to try out. Want to make a house of death? Go for it. Wanna make a deadly pitfall for your opponent to fall in? Why not? Concrete Man, like Lakitu, hasn’t gotten any comments yet but in MY personal opinion, Concrete Man is a pretty good/awesome read and my favorite of the two Kholdstare Day sets posted so far. Good job there droogy!

And that’s all boys and girls, another Recap comes to a close. We had a surprisingly producting week so give yourselves a pat on the back! Here’s hoping next week will have a nice amount of sets too!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. This is starting to become a real problem.
    When we don’t have sets, noone comments. When we DO have sets… noone comments.

    Is it the sets? Are people just lazy? Or… are comments starting to go the way of the Review?

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