Posted by: agidius | October 17, 2010

agi, TWILTHERO and Thrice's Sunday Recap-ish Thingy

Omnomnom. Sexy audio Recap for you thanks to my good friends listed above. Reason being is that MT is ACTUALLY BUSY FOR ONCE. Lot of college work this weekend including an essay that my teacher demands I email him by tomorrow.

Make sure to give agi lots of YouTube views too!

Oh and on an important note! We’re having a chat transition. Yes, please join us in the new MYM chat COMPLETE WITH ACTUAL OWNERS linked directly below!

Hope you enjoyed~<3



  1. Yep yep, it finally happened. We’ll be having the exact same rankings in the new chat – you may notice that Warlord is currently an owner, but that’s just to mod Kupa, DM, Smady and such when they come in. Within a week or so, things should be back to usual.

  2. What? Audio Recap?

  3. Sundance does actually have access to the chatroom on his owner account, I hope you realise. He came on a couple of days ago and went on that one. Still, not completely informed on what the new chat is all about.

    Kinda okay, very messy audio recap, yet I like the idea of having two MYMers doing it together.

  4. Just for the record, everything bad about this recap (which is pretty much everything), you can blame agi. (wary)

    We might do another one next week, but we’ll see.

  5. you all know water gun is sexy as hell

  6. Don’t forget to update the Stadium chat link right over yonder

  7. ^^

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