Posted by: MarthTrinity | November 7, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 60…ish

Howdy hoes and welcome to the first Sunday Recap in a loooooooong time actually posted and written up by MT! Technically I could’ve written it up last week but the contest was ending that night and there were only two sets then too…figured it could wait until now! So yeah! MT’s Sunday Recap is back and as mediocre as ever!

First off we have MasterSkarmlord by Hyper_Ridley, a moveset made just for MasterWarlord’s very own Skarmory on Pokemon Online. A humerous jokeset for a srs business Skarmory, MasterSkarmlord is a pretty good nomination for best jokeset!

Up next we had a rare treat indeed; a moveset by ChrisLionheart for a character named Urgot, an apparent heavyweight male antagonist from the League of Legends series. Now, if you’re wondering why Urgot looks a tad bit rushed…it’s because he was. Lionheart decided to pull off this set in a short period of time, ultimately spending about three hours on it…but just because it’s rushed doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some cool ideas. With his Up Special, Urgot can freely change his position with a nearby opponent, opening up a ton of doors for mindgames as well as some nifty interactions. Urgot was received pretty well considering the timeframe it was made in.

Following Urgot came VAN Pookin by Plorf. VAN Pookin is a giant pumpkin shaped tank with a silly name from Mega Man 7, acting as the midboss for Shade Man’s stage. In the set, VAN Pookin makes use of his various layers of pumpkin as well as being one of the heaviest/largest characters in Smash. Because of his layer system, VAN Pookin changes drastically depending on how many layers he has exposed. Entirely closed, Pookin acts more or less as the defensive tank he appears to be…whereas opened, he acts as a projectiling spewing offense monster. Being posted on the last day of the contest, Pookin didn’t get many comments…but most people seemed to think it was one of Plorf’s better entries of the contest. DM also poked fun at the fact that “all Plorf sets boil down to combos and projectiles; even VAN Pookin has combos!”

Continuing the last day rush came a ONE HOUR set by n88_2004 for Firebar, a common Mario enemy who is entirely capable of movement outside spinning. Nifty. Unlike your typical Smash characters, Firebar can only be KO’d by throwing the block he’s attached to off the stage, much like my own Ultimate Chimera set back in the day. As such, Firebar wants to protect his base by increasing his size, changing his direction, varying his speed and numerous other tricks. Unless of course he’s playing on Rumble Falls (hippo). People seemed to enjoy Firebar for what he was and was quite a humerous read none the less.

Then Smady posted a whole massive amount of comments, yay Smady.

After that comment wall came a fun little creepypasta “moveset” for Sadako by myself that heavily referenced The Ring and poked some light fun at Sakurai among others. It seemed to work on a few MYMers at least who found it genuinely scary. Others just felt it was pretty well written.

A while later we had The Infected by Kholdstare, yet another perfectly appropriate Hallween set. The Infected act kind of like Hugo in the sense that you’re technically controlling all three Special Infected at once (Hunter, Boomer, Smoker) and can use any of their attacks at any given time, even when you’re not directly controlling them. You also have the ability to summon minor infected to increase your numbers; once all three Special Infected are dead however, you lose a stock. With a special guest appearance by the Tank for the Final Smash, The Infected is a perfect L4D tribute set for a series we’ve strangely seen next to no love for in MYM. Unfortunately, this moveset is direly lacking in the Witch department. Grabbin’ peelz.

Then we had a moveset by darth_meanie! A moveset for TATARI. Or Wallachia. Or Zepia. I have no idea who this guy is and he’s been given like three names, wtf? Anyway, ToWoZ is a character who makes use of shadowy clones of the opponent it seems…but he’s also capable of copying the foes moves and using them against them. He’s also got a rather Sloth/Rider-esque chain-you-to-me back throw in order to pull off these stolen moves. MasterWarlord commented the set negatively, saying that it felt rather boring outside the first two specials which felt like forced creativity. Also random but, remember to tell us where these characters are from; you didn’t even mention it until the Final Smash.

With MYM8 coming to a close, we had not one but -TWO- last minute sets…literally; they were posted with ONE MINUTE left remaining in the contest. The first of which was Raimundo, a joint moveset by flyinfilipino and TWILTHERO. Raimundo makes use of a multitude of wind related moves and Shen Gong Wu including the Eye of Dashi, Sword of the Storm and the Golden Tiger Claws. Using said Shen Gong Wu, Raimundo can create electrified tornados to put a serious hurt on his foes. Despite TWILT’s mention that the set was rushed, it fits together pretty darn well if I do say so myself.

And then…at 11:59pm, the final set of MYM8 was posted, Sir Arthur by MarthTrinity. Pretty awesome feeling to get the last set of the contest in really. Arthur was a last minute moveset decision that came to me (after Khold posted a picture of the OTHER Arthur) in the chat. I decided I should get another set done and, what a better way for me to end MYM than with a Halloween-esque character? Anyway, the set was crazy rushed and, because I didn’t want to cheat, I didn’t go back to edit spelling or anything, so there’s a few typos here and there as well as a laughably short playstyle section.

And that’s all! Well, I suppose we did have both BEN and Dark Dedede by Kholdstare and MasterWarlord respectively after the buzzer…but both were declared jokesets anyway. Either way, give them both a read if you care to.

Now -THAT’S- all. Hope my boring, non-audio Recap wasn’t too dull for everyone. Would like to thank agi and crew once more for filling in for me when I was busy the previous weeks, much appreciated! Make sure you guys are GETTING YOUR ADS IN, ADVERTISING PERIOD IS ALMOST OVER.

Once you’ve got all three ads in, start submitting your votes! This is it guys! The final stretch of MYM8!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. If I knew there was gonna be another recap, I could have gotten agi to make another joint audio recap. (shifty)


  3. It’s not -THAT- bad to be fair…

    jk great as always. I think it could do with re-attaching some of the articles stolen by other leaders, though.

  4. (HIPPO)

  5. (Y)

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