Posted by: Junahu | December 6, 2010

Junahu says stuff and you listen – Commenting

Everyone likes a nice little bit of feedback. It’s the immediate reward we get for posting our hard work, and it inspires us to keep going. With many of us, we make movesets because we want them to be discussed. In a contest where the concept of quality is down to personal preference, comments are monstrously important

So, comments. What are they, how do they work, and why are they so hard to make now? Who knows?

I don’t, that’s for sure. So here’s some generic advice instead 😀

There's a special layer of hell reserved for those who don't comment on what they read, dood.

Something I’ve seen a lot less of recently, is understanding what a MYMer wants out of a comment. There’s not much point in making one, if the MYMer in question ignores it out of hand. Sometimes they just don’t want to be given pseudo criticism about their lacking playstyle, and would rather you talk about what they actually have done. These people spend hours and hours crafting a special mechanic, and you start moaning about their Up-air!? How disheartening must that feel?

The golden rule here is, if you can’t think of anything to actually say about a set, at the very least show that you’ve read it, and understood its intent. It only takes a couple of sentences to parrot a moveset’s mechanic and state the kind of moveset you think it is trying to be. But even those two sentences will mean the world to any MYMer. Movesetters want their ideas to be understood, even if they don’t quite work the way they intended.

Hell, sometimes movesetters just want to find someone else who shares their interest in a character.If you like that character, why not say so? Clearly they do too, otherwise they wouldn’t have made a moveset for them in the first place.

Stand up to bullies dood

Next on my list of points;  Saying “This is good for a Newcomer set” is NOT a compliment, no matter how you phrase it.

It’s horribly patronising to flatly tell the author that you’re not even going to compare their moveset to the ‘Big Boy Sets’ made by the veterans.  If you don’t think it’s up to those standards, don’t try to qualify it by calling them a newcomer. Just be specific with what you liked with their set. If need be, cite specific attacks and details as things you found interesting.

In most cases, a newcomer would prefer more precise praise/advice anyway.

Following on from that, a comment should never be entirely negative in tone. ANY moveset is better than no moveset at all, and every single one has its own goals in mind. I’m not saying we all start lying through our teeth, some movesets really are rough around the edges, but it’s still important to acknowledge the effort that went into making these sets.

If all you’re going to do is bitch, then you may as well head into the MYM chat and bitch at the MYMer directly. Who knows? Maybe you just read the moveset wrong.

All these comments make me want to hurl... a Prinny

Finally, comments in general reflect the moods of the person writing them. If you’re in a bad mood, consider holding off on commenting a moveset. Happy comments make others happy, while angry rants generally do not have the same effect. Attitudes are contagious, so don’t force yourself to do something you truly don’t want to do. Being told your moveset sucks is not very inspirational after all.

You know how games nowadays keep telling you to take 15 minute breaks every hour? That’s not just to stop carpel tunnel. Frequent breaks lets the mind process what it has been doing, and relax. If you’re trying to comment a whole bunch of movesets at once, you’ll definitely burn yourself out and become crabby unless you take breaks.

Seriously, I can’t stress that part enough. Take breaks.

Write anything, comment everything dood

So, what have we learned? … Nothing!? How dare you! I am a god to you!

Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too disheartening. The last thing MYM needs is for people to start worrying about their commentry. Just follow your gut, write whatever you want, and to hell with being insightful! Peace out, dood.



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  3. I am Hyper_Ridley and I approve of this message. (y)

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