Posted by: MarthTrinity | December 19, 2010

MT's Sunday Recap Battle Network 2

Howdy hoes and welcome to yet another edition of MT’s Sunday Recap! It’s the second week of the contest and we’ve slowed down just a little bit but we still have a steady supply of movesets to cover this week; ten in fact! But that wasn’t all we had this week; we also had a ton of entries for our very first MYmini contest which turned out to be very successful! And of course, we also had a healthy amount of comments coming in! All in all, a great second week everyone; let’s see what it had…

First up, we had yet another 5th Gen Pokemon by n88_2004; Aianto, a nifty Steel/Bug type. In the set, Aianto uses dig to create a network of tunnels, much like a real ant. He then uses these tunnels to summon up a new Aianto that you then control (with the previous Aianto becoming a CPU controlled ally). One could also use Insect Opposition to order up their Aiantos into a nice neat line, arranging them via some of your other moves and interacting with numerous other attacks like your grab game  or your Smashes (like Strength). Overall reception for Aianto was mixed. DM claimed that the set, while creative, felt rushed and unfinished (as it was missing a few inputs). Other complaints revolved around the potential broken nature of Aianto’s Swarm move. MasterWarlord however liked the set, stating that because Aianto starts out so vulnerable, he somewhat deserves to be broken after he’s finally set up.

Up next we had Zephyr by ChrisLionheart. Now you may remember Lionheart’s last moveset, Urgot, was posted quite late in the contest, was done in three hours and managed to place on the Top 50. Zephyr however is nothing like Urgot so I have no idea why that was mentioned. MOVING RIGHT ALONG…Zephyr is all about setting up his charges so that he may create miniature cyclones around himself. He’s also able to other such nifty things as create a large air prison that forces the opponent to come in and fight a more aerial fight where Zephyr is far more accustomed to. Lionheart even bothered to give him two unique playstyles that play entirely differently than one another. Overall reception for Zephyr was pretty good. Both Warlord and DM praised the specials but felt the standard moves were a bit bland and could’ve played off of the playstyle slightly more.

Then we had our first MYmini entry; Griswold House by BKupa666. These minis won’t be discussed as much as sets are in the Recap…but I figured they deserve a mention to be sure. Kupa’s stage is based upon the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and comes complete with two stages (both an inside and an outside) and numerous funny hazards.

Then we had Smady’s User Rankings. Pretty nifty stuff here based off of what -YOU- post. So check it out; Smady should be updating it tomorrow.

Junahu gave us a stage from the terribad Christmas movie Jingle All The Way; Festive Floats. Set during the movie’s climatic final scene, this stage features no AHNOLD and, thankfully, features  no annoying ass Sinbad. It does however have festive floats so yay. Also it’s an autoscroll level.

Immediately after Festive Floats came Mall Santa’s Workshop by me! Based on the movie A Christmas Story, this stage is set during the hiarious mall Santa scene. As such, it of course has Santa kicking players down the slide so he can wrap stuff up before the mall closes!

And then another MYmini; Escape Rapist Santa by SmashDaddy.  Basically…you fight on a giant stripping Santa. And potentially get molested by an evil Santa. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…also it’s written entirely in rhyme so…good job with that one dood.

Moving right along, we have TWILTHERO’s Christmas Town stage based off of  Kingdom Hearts 2’s Nightmare Before Christmas stage. Set during the Oogie Boogie boss fight, players fight on a moving conveyor belt which is constantly spewing out presents! Yay!

Another MYmini brought us the return of Kitsuneko345 with his stage for Straight No Chaser! The fighting here takes place entirely upon the top of the ten men pictured in the image! The hazards also are related to whichever song is playing! Great to see you back Kits!

Whoa, we make sets in MYM too? Yep! We have another set by gcubedude for Sanaki from Fire Emblem. Sanaki, much like Micaiah before her has a variety of magics to use in battle, able to control four elements through her various attacks (Fire, Thunder, Wind and Light). Using her specials, she can power up these elements…but this also comes with a downside of not being able to spam her Specials without them backfiring on her. Basically. . .the set is like Micaiah doubled and more focused. Junahu seemed to like this moveset quite a bit whereas DM felt it was fairly middle of the road.

And immediately after; Somber Town by MasterWarlord! Another MYmini entry from a classic Christmas movie (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town). Filled with item burnings and crying children, this stage is sure to make your Christmas holiday depressing as hell! Wait. . .

We then had getocoolaid’s second moveset of the contest; Harvey Volodarskii from the game No More Heroes. Harvey makes use of his magical trick box to capture foes and then beat on them in a slight modification of his ingame attacks. He also has a nifty aerial game that revolves around setting up smoke portals which can transport Harvey (and his foes) to wherever the other portal is located! This can be used just for general confusion as well as luring the opponents into is trap box. Harvey also has a wide variety of mindgame inducing moves suiting of his magician persona. Overall reception for Harvey was fairly mixed to negative. Most of the criticisms came from the fact that the moveset felt unfinished as it was missing numerous inputs as well as a playstyle section.

Up next is the Springfield Tire Fire stage by n88_2004. Based off of the Funzo episode of The Simpsons. Set at the Springfield Tire Fire (who’d have thunk it?), this stage is a very, very steep slope full of fires! There’s also some funny character interactions in the background.

DM shocked us all with a -THIRD- moveset this week, this one for Nrvnqsr Chaos who wins the title for the stupidest fucking name ever award. Srsly. ANYWAY…NRVNQSRASDFJKL is a unique character who does shit like have sharks explode out of his chest. He also does stuff like summon wolves and deer who aggressively attack downed foes. Killed summons can be absorbed by Omgwtfbbq in order to restore health. . .or can be left on stage and formed into one of his greatest killing moves. Overall reception for Nero Chaos was mixed; Junahu seemed to think of it as a very solid summons moveset whereas Warlord was less than impressed.

After DM’s third set came another set by LegendofLink, Pokemon Breeder. Pokemon Breeder consists of three unique Pokemon; Pichu, Igglybuff and Riolu. Pichu is a trickster-esque Pokemon with an emphasis on his grab game; he’s even able to use his Specials whilst grabbing a foe! Igglybuff on the other hand revolves around inflating and deflating at will, increasing her size to change up her playstyle and add some unique effects to her various moves. Riolu, the final of the three is the most close range of the fighters, focusing on attacking hard and counterattacking. Riolu can even use his specials during a roll! Each Pokemon has access to a unique Down Special move that, like Pokemon Trainer, switches to the next Pokemon…but unlike Clefable Pokemon Trainer, each move provides a form of defense before switching and actually contributes to a solid playstyle. Pokemon Breeder was receieved fairly well and was generally considered a great step up from LegendofLink’s previous moveset.

The very next post after Pokemon Breeder came Ludwig Von Koopa by Shy Guy 86; another newcomer yay! Anyway, Ludwig’s main things to note are his unique, yet similar to Yoshi, flutter jumps as well as his Down Special Earthquake which appears to be his main attack. This move allows Ludwig to charge up and hold a powerful earthquake attack that stuns opponents across the stage and seems to be Ludwig’s best KO method. Ludwig only got one or two comments but most of them suggested that Shy Guy 86 focus more on solidifying a playstyle for him.

Marioman19 gave us our  next MYMmini entry; The Most Horrible Xmas Ever based on the cult classic TV series Invader Zim. Filled with elves and Santa Zim, this should be an amusing read for any fan of the series!

Up next we yet another set by SmashDaddy. This one is for Auron, a major character from Final Fantasy X and a minor character from Kingdom Hearts 2. Auron’s main game here lies in his Up Smash; the ability to create tornados. From here, Auron is about managing to force opponents into said tornados. He has several abilities to help him do so both directly and indirectly. His pummel allows him to increase the lag opponents have on their next attack whereas moves like his Down Smash discourage shielding by crushing reducing the duration of his or her shield. Overall reception for Auron was extremely mixed. Junahu claimed it to be one of his favorite sets of the contest so far (of the ones he has read) whereas MasterWarlord claimed it to be the worst moveset of the contest so far. Other comments were far more middle ground.

Next up we had yet another MYmini; The Great Escape by Katapultar. The Great Escape is apparently based upon some holiday themed McDonalds’ commercial…loosely based more appropriately. Essentialy, giant Ronald McDonald of Death is chasing you and you have to book it to McDonalds before he murders you. Yeaaaaaaaaaah…

Thrice gave us a MYmini too; Roving Danger Field based off of the shittacular movie Rover Dangerfield. Being a Delfino Plaza-esque stage, Roving Danger Field transitions between a variety of random locations from the movie! Awesome blossom!

Oh hey! A FOURTH darth meanie set? And a joint with JOE! no less? And it’s Toxicroak, some crazy 4th Gen Pokemon who you find in that terrible marsh! Anyway, Toxicroak is very appropriate for his nature; he’s an aggressive set who focuses on poisoning his foes and never relenting through his unique techchasing game. Toxicroak, of course, has a number of ways to lead into this techchasing game and several other attacks to give him some decent mindgames ranging from his Counter-esque Swagger to his reversing side tilt to his dash attack which heavily resembles his normal roll. Overall reception for Toxicroak was pretty good, Warlord commented it favorably but critcised the throws, feeling that they existed only as filler.

And here’s a rare sight; a post by Darkslash! The Hidden Basement is a stage based off of the casual-friendly (hippo) game Boarderlands. Filled with lots of explosives and plenty of firepower, this stage is sure to house some interesting brawls!

After The Hidden Basement we had Kholdstare’s first moveset of the contest; Gigaiath. Gigaiath is one of those new fangled 5th Gen Pokemon who, according to the Pokedex absorbs energy from the sun and fires beams of death from its mouth. Sounds an awful lot like Solarbeam, huh? Well that’s exactly what Gigaiath’s playstyle is all about! Gigaiath focuses on powering up his Solarbeam attack and then finding various ways to land it on a foe for his primary kill method. Gigaiath does such things as stomping the ground flat and using crystals from his body to reflect the beam in order to land his deadly beam of sun-based death. Overall reception for Gigaiath was fairly decent although his one minute charge time for Solarbeam was deemed unacceptable by all who commented, especially with most of his moves focusing on landing the beam and not charging it undisturbed.

And finally for this week, we had the return of Kris121 who posted out final MYmini; Halloween Town. Based upon the cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, this stage is full of little references for fans of the movie to enjoy from Jack’s love of Christmas to Oogie’s evil ways. Certainly a fun read!

MYmini #2: Christmas Extra

So! Last week we had Christmas Stage as our first MYmini…for this week, we’re going much broader. We want you to make a Christmas Extra for us. And when we say Extra. . .we’re talking stuff like Assist Trophies, regular Trophies, Bosses, Event Matches, Stickers, SSE Levels, Game Modes, Items. . .whatever really! As long as it fits in Smash and is an extra (aka not a stage or a character) it’s good to go! As always, you’ll have until next Saturday to finish this up! Here’s hoping the turnout is as good as next week!

Since there’s a wide variety of extras to choose from. . .we won’t exactly tell you how to lay it out. But you should obviously be descriptive about what you’re making or it might not turn out as good as it could! Our brothers at Mercurious have a good layout for extras and such if you want to take a peek at a general idea of how you -COULD- organize it! Have fun with this guys!

And so, that concludes MT’s Sunday Recap for this week! I hope you enjoyed~<3



  1. Thrice demanded I make that poll.

  2. Excellent recap, and a very good week.

  3. “GIRUGAMESH!! 100% (8 votes)”


    Good recap droogy!

    In selfish news, I fix’d Gigaiath. (H- (COOL)

  4. Also, quick question: do imaginary extras (i.e. fiends) count?

  5. Bah, humbug. Yet another MYmini to do with that Jesus fellows birthday.

  6. Christmas again? Really? (contempt)


    Anyway, I’m pleased someone asked about imaginary extras
    Provided you explain how the imaginary extra works, I don’t see any problem with that.

    oh, and keep on rockin’ MT, you’re awesome!


  9. Who the fuck keeps voting for gurigamesh?

  10. Who are these infidels who vote for things other than Girugamesh?

  11. i am full of hats! hahaha

    also i promise some activity soon

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